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The 2014 Royal Winter Fair Holstein Show Preview

Could this be the show where RF Goldwyn Hailey makes her claim to be one of the greatest show cows of all time?  Will a new star emerge to dethrone her?  These are the questions that Judge Donald Dubois will have the task of answering at the 2014 Royal Winter Fair Holstein Show.

The Judge

1052776_10151698487174390_1115917840_o[1]Donald Dubois started his judging career 18 years ago at a 4-H show in his home county of St. Patrice Quebec.. Since then he has judged all across Canada as well as in the US, Brazil, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.   He has judged at the Royal three times before.  The R&W in 2010, TD Classic Dairy in 2012, and Ayrshire in 2009.  He has also judged the Ontario Spring and Summer Shows, Quebec Spring Show in 2011, and the Eastern and Western Fall National Shows in the US. Donald comments that he will be looking for heifers with dairy femininity, dairy strength and good feet and legs.  For cows he looks for balance, a excellent udder, dairiness and comfortable on the walk in the ring.

Donald grew up on a family farm in Quebec and has worked as a district sales manager for Alta Genetics for the past 11 years.  He has been married to his wife France Lemieux for 14 years.  They have two children, Audrey Ann who is 19 and Anthony who is 21, and another son Carl, who is 21 and very involved in the dairy industry and show cow business.  France and Donald own 15 head in partnership with many prominent breeders, and have had many All-Canadian and All-American nominations.

Donald gives credit to Yvon Chabot, the 2002 Royal Winter Fair Holstein Judge, for first identifying Carl’s talent back in 1989 when he hired Donald to prep cattle for Cormdale Genetics and Dupasquier Holsteins.  The two have gone on to manage several successful sales together. Donald also gives credit to Dan Doner for mentoring him.  They traveled the Ontario roads searching for show cattle and Donald credits Dan for helping him find the best ones available.

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy 1st place Production Cow Morsan, Van  Runen Dairy, Mark Butz, Gert Andreasen, AM

Donald leading Eastside Goldwyn Missy at the 2013 Royal Winter Fair

Donald has had a significant amount of success himself at the Royal Winter Fair.  Most notable was in 2011 when he had the opportunity to lead Blondin Redman Seisme, the Grand Champion in the R&W show that year, as well as Eastside Goldwyn Missy, who was the Holstein Grand Champion also that year. But that was not Donald’s first taste of Royal success. That came 20 years before when Donald had the opportunity to work with Dupasquiers when Dupasquier Starb Winnie was Grand Champion in the Holstein Show and her daughter Dupasquier Black Winnie was Junior Champion.  That was the only time in history when a dam and daughter have taken such honors at a major Holstein show.

10497513_10152344052044652_3439307241141500711_o[1]Assisting Donald will be one of his best friends and a very talented young judge, Joel Lepage.  Recently Joel judged the Red & White Show at the inaugural Supreme Laitier Show (Read more: Supreme Dairy Show – Suprême laitier – Red & White Show Results 2014).  Donald chose Joel because he wanted an associate that he could trust all the time on his judging and integrity before, during and after the show.  Donald comments that he and Joel see cattle similarly and has this led to them owning several animals in partnership together.

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Contenders for Junior Champion


Comestar Larion Goldwyn

For the first time in three years the Junior Champion from the World Dairy Expo, Comestar Larion Goldwyn, will be making the trip to The Royal.  (Read more: International Holstein Show – World Dairy Expo 2014).  Though she may have tough competition in trying to duplicate her Expo success since one of the biggest challengers will be her own sister Comestar Larianne Goldwyn.  Larianne Goldwyn has cleaned off significantly since Expo losing over 200lbs, and was named Junior Champion at Le Supreme Laitier show this past weekend.  (Read more: Supreme Dairy Show – Suprême laitier – Holstein Show Results 2014).  With  four of the class winners from the heifer show at World Dairy Expo not attending Toronto this year, and considering how much heifers change over this period, we are certain to see many new animals rise to the top at this year’s Royal.


Comestar Larianne Goldwyn

The Contenders for Intermediate Champion

With so many young cows freshening since Expo and many more who have had more time to develop since then,  we are certain to see changes in the Intermediate cow classes.  Combine this with the Milking Yearling, Jr 2, and Sr class winners from Expo are most likely not making the trip to the Royal and we will certainly see new class winners in these classes.

Bernadale Goldwyn Ability

Certainly a class where change  will be most evident will be in the Milking Yearling class.  Bernadale Goldwyn Ability will be looking to improve on her 4th place finish at World Dairy Expo.  Standing in her way will be Beauvair Rosalie Sid who topped her at the recent show in Quebec.  A couple of other young cows to watch for will be Kingsway Windhammer Alga and AHD Sid Zumba who sat 1st and 2nd at the Autumn Opportunity show a couple of weeks ago.  (Read more: Autumn Opportunity Holstein Show 2014).

Bosdale Gold Luster

Probably the most notable young cow that was not at World Dairy Expo, Bosdale Gold Luster, will make her debut at a major show.  Luster has been either Grand, or Reserve Grand at the two shows she has been to this year.  Pretty impressive for a Junior 2 year old.  The winning Junior 2 year old from the recent Quebec Show, Winterbay Windbrook Apple, may not be there are she is owned by the Associate Judge, though the 2nd place junior 2 year old Grillsdale Workout Dundee as well as the 3rd place Jacobs Sid Glory will certainly represent Quebec well.  Also making it tough for Luster will be the 3rd place Junior 2 year old from Expo, Walk-Era Dundee Annelise, and 4th place, Gaemenchet Sid Katia.  The 1st and 2nd place Junior 2 Year Olds from Expo will most likely not be making the trip to the Royal.

Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk

Unfortunately we will not be seeing the battle between the winning Senior 2 year old from Expo, Arethusa Fever Almira and Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk that we have all been anticipating this year.  Anouk did not make the trip to Expo and Almira will not be making the trip to the Royal.  Battling at this year’s Royal with Anouk will be the winners from Quebec, Jacobs Fever Cael and Micheret Amazone Windbrook, as well as 2nd place from Expo Lottos Atwood Lizette.   Please note that Anouk did not show in Quebec as her breeder/owner was the Judge of that show.


Jacobs Atwood Vedette

The first World Dairy Expo milking class winner that is most likely to continue her  hot streak is Jacobs Atwood Vedette.  Since winning the Junior 3 class at Expo, Vedette has continued to develop and was also the winner at Le Supreme Laitier.  Others to watch for in this class include: Crasdale Atwood Enertia, Winterbay Fever Legacy, Harvue Atwood Drift,  Kingsway Dundee Pauly D and Kingsay Tenacious Rochelle.

Charwill Attic Marcy

Charwill Attic Marcy has dominated at every show she has been to this year, taking home Intermediate Champion honors at all of them.  Though she has been milking over a year, those who saw her at Le Supreme Laitier know that she still looks amazing and should continue her winning ways.   Certainly here is a cow who, with another calf,  could take the next step to being the 2015 Royal Winter Fair Grand Champion.  Giving Marcy a strong run at Le Supreme Laitier was Laitxpert Goldwyn, who sells in the Sale of Stars, and was in full bloom in Quebec and certainly made the judge take a 2nd look at his placings.  An “X” factor in this class is Brookvilla Goldwyn Brooks who was not in Quebec but certainly gave Marcy a run for her money at Expo.

Contenders for Grand Champion


There won’t be a repeat of  last year’s 4 year old class that continued the epic battle between Cookview Goldwyn Monique and Robrook Goldwyn Cameron. This year’s 4 year old class is wide open.   Last year’s 3yr old class winner, Butz-Butler Gold Barbara will not be making the trip to the Royal, so doing battle this year will be 3rd place from Expo, Ms Atwood Madison, Quebec winner Whitaker-KK Goldie Rose, and Autumn Opportunity winner, Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang.


Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha

Probably one of the greatest battles in the cow class on Friday will come in the 5 year old class. Expo winner Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha will go head to head again with Jacobs Goldwyn Valana who is coming off a win in Quebec and has continued to develop very well.  Also adding her name to the mix in this class is Drumlee Mischief Denison who finished 2nd in Quebec. Other cows to watch for in this class are Eastside Gold Offering, Milibro Goldwyn Roselilace and Boulet Goldwyn Chaly Rose.

RF Goldwyn Hailey

The battle between RF Goldwyn Hailey and Boulet Goldwyn Chalou has been a great one to watch all year.  The trend of Hailey coming out on top should continue at the Royal in the mature cow cow class.  Glenwin Goldwyn Calypso who looked very impressive winning Grand at the Autumn Opportunity show, will certainly want to throw her name into the mix.  The 2nd place 5 year old plus from Expo, Loyalyn Goldwyn June, qualifies for the production cow class at the Royal and should be the favorite there.  Other cows to watch for in the Production Cow class include: Meadow Green Jeany Outside, Roggua Dundee Evelyne, Caverhill Peach Dolman and Idee Goldwyn Lunette.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

As is always the case, the show is sure to be a great one.  With so many great cows attending it’s sure to rise to the next level of – and be amazing! .  Judge Donald Dubois will do a great job sorting them out, and the exhibitors are sure to have all these cows banging on the day.

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