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Spring Show Madness – The 2012 Show Season is HERE!

Let the insanity begin!  With the BC Spring show starting today, the 2012 show season officially begins.  While everyone gets really excited about spring shows and finding that diamond in the rough 47-inch summer yearling.  I find myself asking, “Does spring show really matter that much?”

To find answers to this question I checked out the results of the 2011 All-Canadian contest to see which animals were exhibited at spring shows last year:

A Closer Look

Therefore, thirteen of twenty-eight, or forty-six percent (46%) were at spring shows.  Let’s take a closer look.  Consider that, other than 2 year olds and milking yearlings, most cattle that were exhibited were well-established show cows.  The ones that were not were either too late in their last lactation or calving in the summer for the fall show season.  In addition, most 2 year olds and for sure milking yearlings have not calved yet.  These facts make it’s hard to consider the cow classes as an indicator of the relevance of spring shows.

By far the most interesting result is that of the 12 All-Canadian or reserve heifers 9 of them were exhibited at a spring show.  That’s 75% of them that were found by spring show time.  Most people think that the great show heifers are found as diamonds in the rough through the summer and the county fair show season, While I am sure the guys that run the roads looking for that next great one are looking just as hard all year long, it goes to show that by spring show time, many of the great show calves have already been found!

The Bullvine Bottom Line

As you head out to the spring shows, keep a close eye on the heifer classes.  Chances are you will see many of the same animals at the top of the class come Expo and Royal time!

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