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US August 2014 Holstein Genetic Evaluation Highlights

Facebook debuts at #1 edging out Dorcy for the top spot on the official US Proven Sires list in August 2014.  Dorcy increases 51 points to +2318 TPI. With the addition of 240 daughters, his production proof moves ahead of former #1 Robust, who also increased 23 points to 2347, with the addition of 81 daughters in his production proof.   Also showing a significant increase, with additional daughter information, was AltaGreatest, who moves into the #4 proven TPI sire position at +2330.  Bookem holds steady at #5 with 859 more daughters added to his production proof and a TPI of +2319.  The biggest surprise, AltaFairway, comes in at +2263, 149 points higher than his genomic proof to take the #6 proven sire ranking. Making the jump from #16 in April to #7 this proof round is Myrle, with the addition of 24 daughters in his production proof and 86 daughters in his type evaluation. Myrle now stands at +2251 TPI. Junior is a relatively unexpected sire who debuts at #8, with a TPI of +2243.  Although Massey has remained in the top 10 proven TPI sires for over two years now, he drops from the #4 spot to #9.  Rounding out the top 10 proven sires is another new release sire, Grafeeti, his TPI is +2226.

RankNameSire StackGTPIPTATCow FamilyA.I. Station
1BUTZ-HILL SUPERSIRE 1757-ETSupersire x Man-O-Man x Dolman26073.17Eastside Lewisdale Gold MissyJetstream
2ZAHBULLS UNO GULLIVERNumero Uno x Dorcy x Toystory25973.63Johnan Toystory GlitterAlta
3EDG RUBY MOGUL 1336-ETMogul x Robust x Planet25772.76Snow-N Denises DelliaJetstream
4VIEUXSAULE FLAME-ETNumero Uno x Freddie x Bolton25612.91Vieuxsaule Allen DragonflySemex
5VIEW-HOME MONTEREY-ETMcCutchen x Robust x Zenith25473.67Wesswood-HC Rudy MissyABS
6COOKIECUTTER PETRON HALOGENPetrone x Man O Man x Goldwyn25462.86Snow-N Denises DelliaSelect
7MORNINGVIEW MCC KINGBOY-ETMcCutchen x Super x Shottle25453.95Whittier-Farms Lead MaeSelect
8COYNE-FARMS JABIR-ETFacebook x Freddie x Ramos25312.63Coyne-Farms Ramos JellySemex
9BACON-HILL MONTROSS-ETMogul x Bolton x Rolex25253.05Pasen Mascot MarbleSelect
10S-S-I SUPERSIRE MAGICDAY-ETSupersire x Shamrock x Shottle25232.83Lynmead Celsius MinnowSelect
11DE-SU SS HONEYBEE 11569-ETSupersire x Bookem x Shottle25223.07Sully Shottle MaySelect
12S-S-I MAURICE HEADWAY-ETMaurice x Man O Man x Goldwyn25213.23Snow-N Denises DelliaSelect
13MATT-DARI MOGUL PAYTON-ETMogul x Man O Man x Shottle25132.69Straussdale Blackstar PansyAcceler
14RICHMOND-FD EL BOMBERO-ETNumero Uno x Super x Baxter25133.15Richmond-FD BarbieSemex
15LARCREST COMMANDER-ETMogul x Observer x Ramos25103.54Larcrest CosmpolitanABS
16DE-SU SHAN VOTTO 11607-ETMan-O-Shan x Meteor x Oman25083.53Wa-Del RC Blckstar MollySelect
17MR MOVIESTAR MARDI GRAS-ETMogul x Planet x Shottle25052.88Wesswood-HC Rudy MissyJetstream
18COYNE-FARMS JETSET-ETFacebook x Freddie x Ramos25012.36Coyne-Farms Ramos JellySemex
19S-S-I MOGUL REFLECTORMogul x Super x Ramos25002.99Clear-Echo Hershl D-Rac 822Select
20MR WELCOME SSI UNO TATUM-ETNumero Uno x Colby x FBI24993.05Clear-Echo 2635 Bol 1204Select
21CLEAR-ECHO LEXOR RACER-ETLexor x Observer x Ramos24972.94Clear-Echo Hershl D-Rac 822Acceler
22SANDY-VALLEY SS DETER-ETSupersire x Meteor x Sandy24963.34Snow-N Denises DelliaSelect
23FARNEAR FREEDOM FOOLS-ETSupersire x Freddie x Shottle24952.11Ms Kingstead Chief AdeenSelect
24SIEMERS MOGUL REAL-SEAL-ETMogul x Observer x Ramos24923.28Clear-Echo Hershl D-Rac 822Select
25EDG GEN SS 1418-ETSupersire x Freddie x Jetstream24922.76Morningview Converse JudyJetstream
26SANDY-VALLEY CASPIAN-ETSupersire x Man O Man x Mac24882.4Ralma Juror FaithSelect
27MELARRY NUMERO UNO MATT-ETNumero Uno x Explode x Baxter24883.34Happke Explode MallyAlta
28COYNE-FARMS JACEY CRI-ETIota x Massey x Ramos24872.74Coyne-Farms Ramos JellyGenex
29DE-SU LTM PONDER 11345-ETLithium x Russel x Wizard24872.33Pen-Col Mascot DeannaSelect
30DE-SU NOMINEE-ETNumero Uno x Massey x Ramos24872.37Coyne-Farms Ramos JellySemex
31L-L-M-DAIRY PRESIDENT-ETNumero Uno x Million x Jetstream24863.07L-L-M-Diary Rudolph PilgrimSemex
32S-S-I MOGUL DEFENDER-ETMogul x Man O Man x Durham24853.55Windsor-Manor Rud ZipSelect
33SIEMERS MOGUL PETYMogul x Explode x Mac24853.65Welcome Goldwyn PenyaSelect
34DE-SU 11620 NIRVANA-ETMogul x Planet x Shottle24852.8De-Su Marshal GeorgiaABS
35EILDON-TWEED CHOPS-ETMogul x Man O Man x Mac24843.58Tidy-Brook Sally Ned BoyAcceler
36DE-SU LTM RODGERS 11379-ETLithium x Russel x Wizard24831.92Pen-Col Mascot DeannaSelect
37WINNING-WAY MOONRAKERMogul x Baxter x Oman24742.49Peticote Mascot MaydayABS
38DE-SU MG DAVINCI 11288-ETMogul x Watson x Oman24732.91Wesswood-HC Rudy MissySelect
39ZIMMERVIEW MOGUL BUTLER-ETMogul x Planet x Lynch24732.77Pen-Col Mascot DeannaSelect
40WA-DEL MOGUL BRYANT-ETMogul x Super x Shottle24713.84Locker-Lane Rulph BrittanySemex
41COOL-LAWN MIXER KUHN-ETMogul x Man O Man x BWM Leader24682.98Morningview Rudy PintailAcceler
42KERNDTWAY KINGPIN-ETMcCutchen x Observer x Shottle24673.76Kerndtway Jolt DaisySelect
43MR NUMERO UNO ST-LOUIS-ETNumero Uno x Shot Al x Ramos24653.17Beachlawn Bell Cleitus ProSelect
44SEAGULL-BAY SUPERSIRE-ETRobust x Planet x Shottle24642.37Wesswood-HC Rudy MissySelect
45DE-SU 11491 FOSTER-TWMogul x Ramos x Shottle24632.51De-Su Marshal GeorgiaABS
46KELLERCREST LANCOME-ETEpic x Man O Man x Toystory24633.18Kellercrest Winken LynnAcceler
47MR WELCOME HILL TANGO-ETHill x Colby x FBI24623.16Clear-Echo 2635 Bol 1204Genex
48NORTH-ECHO NUMERO UNITE-ETNumero Uno x Bookem x Form Bret24612.33Pen-Col Mascot DeannaSelect
49FARNEAR-BH MR MCGIRT-ETMogul x Domain x Shottle24582.9Sully Shottle MaySelect
50CLEAR-ECHO ALTAPRIMO-ETNumero Uno x Man O Man x Laudan24572.49Clear-Echo Hershl D-Rac 822Alta


With four new release sires in the top 10, it certainly confirms that the rate of genetic advancement is continuing at a record pace.

Notable New Proven Sires:

Marbri Facebook - Aug 2014Facebook

Marbri Facebook
Man-O-Man x Airraid x Shottle

Sire: Long-Langs Oman Oman VG-86
Dam: Serenityhill Airraid Fawn
MGS: Sildahl Airraid EX-94
MGD: Marbri Shottle Fiona-Ets
MGGS: Picston Shottle EX-95
MGGD: Gleneil Finley Fair Isle

Debuting at #1 on the proven sires list is Marbri Facebook.  Facebook actually increased his numbers from his last genomic proof increasing 78 TPI points to +2356.  With 172 pounds of fat and protein, he stands out as a production improver. The area demonstrating the greatest improvement over his genomic numbers is his feet and legs with an increase from +0.39 to +2.09 FLC.  Though there are only 39 classified daughters in 26 herds, they seem to be delivering as expected.  Facebook daughters are tall and dairy with adequate strength and body depth.  He will need to be protected on pins as his genomic test, sire stack and daughter information all confirm his high pins.  Heavily used as a sire of sons, Facebook’s most-notable sons are MR Lookout P Enforcer (Read more: The 12 Holstein Sires to Maximize Genetic Gain), Coyne-Farms Jabir and Wind-N-Tail FB Dalton.

Opsal Altafairway - aug 2014AltaFairway

Opsal Altafairway
Planet x O Man x Morty

Sire: Ensenada Taboo Planet EX-90
Dam: Opsal O Man Fantasy EX-93 GMD DOM
MGS: O-Bee Manfred Justice EX-94
MGD: Opsal Morty Fantasia EX-92
MGGS: Stouder Morty GM
MGGD: Opsal Winchester Faith EX-90 GMD

With no sons at any A.I. units currently, it’s easy to say that no one was expecting AltaFairway to make it into the top 10 proven sires.  This Planet son out of Opsal O Man Fantasy 2E-93, one of the three highest classified O Man daughters, is now over 215,000 lifetime.  With 107 daughters in 49 herds in his type proof and 302 daughters in 71 herds in his production proof, AltaFairway can be expected to hold on to these substantial numbers since  his current evaluation is 11% higher than his DGV’s.  AltaFairway is a high fertility, production specialist that will sire strong mammary systems and functional conformation.   He will certainly need protected on his Feet & Legs, specifically his foot angle and leg curvature.

Ovina Juletta Junior - aug 2014Junior

Ovina Juletta Junior
Freddie x Toystory x Boliver

Sire: Badger-Bluff Fanny Freddie
Dam: Co-Op Tstory Julettarose VG-85
MGS: Jenny-Lou Mrshl Toystory
MGD: Ridge-Heights Evelyn Cri EX-90 DOM
MGGS: End-Road PVF Boliver EX-95
MGGD: Ridge-Heights Entry EX-90 GMD DOM

Another relatively unexpected sire, based on his initial genomic proof at +2143 TPI, Junior comes up big at +2243. TPI, with 135 daughters in his production proof and 78 in his type proof. His official proof is 5% higher than his genomic proof. With very few progeny genomically tested, it is easy to say that this sire was missed, even though he was part of the Co-op breeding program at Genex.  At over 2500 lbs of milk and 114 lbs of combined fat and protein, Junior is certainly a production sire who also transmits significant udder improvement.  Junior will need to be protected on his Feet & Legs, specifically his foot angle, his angularity and his high pins.

Ladys-Manor Rd Grafeeti - aug 2014Grafeeti

Ladys-Manor Rd Grafeeti
Freddie x Goldwyn x Debut

Sire: Badger-Bluff Fanny Freddie
Dam: Ladys-Manor Ruby D Grace EX-92
MGS: Braedale Goldwyn GP-84
MGD: Ladys-Manor Ruby D EX-90 GMD DOM
MGGS: Rickland Mandel Debut
MGGD: Ladys-Manor Ruby Jen EX-94 2E GMD DOM

From the Ladys-Manor Ruby Jen TV EX-94 2E GMD DOM family and three generations in a row of EX high production cows, Grafeeti is not a surprise at the top of the lists.  With many sons and daughters already testing high and well above parent average, Grafeeti’s debut near the top of the charts was expected.  Another early Freddie son, Grafeeti is from the same family that produced Shamrock.  While, unlike AltaFairway and Junior, who exceeded their initial genomic tests, Grafeeti’s extremely high parent average had him at +2316 TPI back in August of 2011. He now finds himself at +2226 with 261 daughters in his production proof and 82 daughters in his type evaluation.   Typical Grafeeti daughters have high components but not necessarily high milk.  They have an extremely strong mammary systems, with good feet and legs that can be a touch straight.  He will need protecting on his overall body depth and stature.

Genomic News

The genomic TPI list introduces a totally new top 10…



Since these sires are all under a year of age, they have yet to have semen available.  The following would be the top 10 genomic sires with either semen available or available shortly.

HerdCountDGV vs. OfficialPA vs. OfficialGPA Vs. Official


Notable Genomic Sires:

SEAGULL-BAY SILVER - aug 2014Silver


Sire: Mountfield Ssi Dcy Mogul
Dam: Seagull-Bay Snow Darling
MGS: Flevo Genetics Snowman
MGD: Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG-87
MGGS: Ensenada Taboo PlanetEX-90
MGGD: Pine-Tree Martha Sheen VG-86 DOM

Since Supersire put Seagull-Bay on the map (Read more: Charting the Right Course at Seagull Bay Dairy), everyone has been watching to see just who would be the next impact sire from this genomically gifted Rudy Missy family.  Now comes Silver who might have an even greater impact than Supersire has had.  Silver is a Mogul from the Snowman sister to Supersire.  Like Supersire, Silver has the ability to leave extreme production.  Moreover, just like Supersire, he will have a significant impact as a sire of sons as well.  Ranking in the top 1% of the breed for Milk, Fat, Protein, Type, and Udders tells you that Silver is going to make a lot of noise before everything is said and done.

COGENT SUPERSHOT - aug 2014Supershot


Sire: Seagull-Bay Supersire
Dam: Super-Classic Shot VG-86
MGS: Charlesdale Superstition
MGD: Classicshot VG-87
MGGS: Picston Shottle EX-95
MGGD: Clas Touch VG-86

Looking for a shot of production?  Then Supershot will score well for you.  The pedigree behind Supershot is certainly not well known among breeders, since the last 5 of his eight generations come from Dutch breeding.  Behind that is the US cow family at Vir-Clar Holsteins, tracing through the highly acclaimed Tirsvad Patron Claire EX92.  He hails from the same line as the famous Koepon Classy’s and Anderstrup Claire family, known worldwide for its ability to breed high-ranking females and bulls on numerous different bases.  Supershot has an extremely high genomic test, and his pedigree indicates that he should be able to sire those extreme production daughters many breeders are looking for.  Supershot should be protected on milking speed and dairy strength.

MR Delicious Coin 15006 - aug 2014Draco 15006

MR Delicious Coin 15006
Cashcoin x Robust x Planet

Sire: Farnear-Tbr-Bh Cashcoin
Dam: Miss Ocd Robst Delicious VG-86 DOM
MGS: Roylane Socra Robus
MGD: OCD Planet Danica EX-93 DOM
MGGS: Ensenada Taboo Planet EX-90
MGGD: Miss Elegant Delight-ET VG-88 DOM

Draco 15006 is and early Cashcoin son from Miss OCD Robst Delicious-ET VG-86 the former No.1 cow on the Locator List.  Even with an outstanding parent average, Draco 15006 DGV’s exceed his parent average by almost 10%. Something unheard of for a sire at this level.  Also, it is interesting to note that, though many genomic young sires from top TPI females get the majority of their genetics from their maternal line, Draco 15006 actually gets a larger contribution from his sire than from his dam. This is a strong indicator of sires that  hold their numbers (Read more: The 12 Genomic Sires Most Likely to Top the Proven TPI List in April 2016 and The Genomic Roller Coaster – Hold on it’s going to be a bumpy).  Look for Draco 15006 to sire extreme production, with strong type and solid health and fertility.  He will need to be protected on his feet & legs, specifically his foot angle and heal depth, as well as on his dairy strength/body depth.

Mr Mogul Delta 1427Delta

Mr Mogul Delta 1427
Mogul x Robust x Planet

Sire: Mountfield Ssi Dcy Mogul
Dam: Miss Ocd Robst Delicious VG-86 DOM
MGS: Roylane Socra Robust
MGD: OCD Planet Danica EX-93 DOM
MGGS: Ensenada Taboo Planet EX-90
MGGD: Miss Elegant Delight-ET VG-88 DOM

Delta is a Mogul brother to Draco and is from the WINDSOR-MANOR RUD ZIP-ET 3E 95 GMD DOM family.  Delta offers extreme health and fertility traits with solid type and substantial production.  Breeders who are looking for tall framey two-year-olds will certainly not want to use Delta, but he does offer significant udder improvement.  Delta is among the breed leaders for productive life.


Check out our Genetic Evaluations Section for more proof info

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