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Smithden Allen Alison: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

There was a time when certain dynasties were described as empires on which the sun never sets. It works for special cow family’s too especially if they are led by Smithden Allen Alison VG-88-5YR-CAN 17*. The matriarch of this dynasty is still active in the Smithden herd, owned by Jim, Pat, Jeff and Sarah Smith of Woodstock, Ontario and continues to extend her global reach. “Generation after generation of this family produces extremely well.” says Jim Smith naming just a few of the countries that they have sold Alison’s genetics too. “Breeders from Italy, Argentina, Spain, Estonia, France and Germany have all been satisfied customers.”  Smith takes pride in the excellent product that has made Alison so sought after. “Everyone has benefited because of this family’s ability to transmit quality udders and correct structure in their feet & legs.”

Alison’s Daughters are Also Rising Stars



Popular daughters include Smithden Goldwyn Alexandra (VG-89-5yr-2*), a Goldwyn full sister to Admiral and Aaron. Alexandra is the dam of Smithden Bolton Alexandria (VG-86-2yr) —the #3 GLPI cow in April 2011. Alison also has milking daughters by Titanic, Modest, Pagewire, Shottle, Goldwyn and Salto including a VG-88 Shottle in Germany. Alison’s daughter Dairyno Royal Goldwyn Pinta (VG-89-3yr-ITA) has become a prominent bull mother in Italy!



Alison Shines as a Star Brood Cow

It is great when you have the right product and she’s a great producer too! Jim looks back at some of Alison’s achievements. “In her first two lactations she averaged 12 embryos per flush.  To date, she is a 7th generation star brood cow all with the Smithden prefix.” The list goes on as her daughters and granddaughters are consistently proving themselves with the attributes of top genomics, type and performance.  “She has 17 brood stars and has proven that she knows how to work.  In three lactations, Alison has produced more than 74,556 kgs of milk with a 4.0% F and 3.6% P. with two Superior lactations.” Alison is obviously built to last and has transmitted these qualities to her offspring.  “Alison has 20 daughters with an ME average over 14,873 kgs of milk.” That’s great. “Fourteen of the twenty daughters, score VG or EX.” That’s awesome Alison all right!

Alison Sons Also Shine

Alison has four sons in AI with a total of six VG at 2 years old. Smithden Admiral (VG-88-5yr EXTRA’11) was the #1 LPI sire in August 2011 and continues to rank high in the LPI chart, along with Smithden Aaron (EX-91 SP’11), who ranked #18 on the December 2011 LPI listing. The Smith family is justifiably proud. “These Goldwyn sons have now become sires of sons — proving what was transmitted from Alison will now be passed on to further descendants of her offspring.”

 Alison Strikes Gold with Goldwyn



The accolades for Alison continue when you consider the bulls she has worked well with. “The best mating on Alison” says Jim “has been undoubtedly Goldwyn. That mating resulted in three 89 point 3 year olds, an 89 point 2 year old in Italy,  three more 2 year olds that have scored 87, 86, 85, and two more 2 year olds that are 84, 83.  Admiral and Aaron are VG and EX Goldwyn sons respectively.” For offspring of Alison the Smith family have several they’re working with. “We are currently using Sudan, Snowman, Mural, Numero Uno, Artes, Windbrook, Stanleycup.” Demand for this family his high. “At Smithden the largest demand is for Alison’s daughter, Smithden Goldwyn Allegra, and her granddaughters, Smithden Shottle Autumn, Blondin Planet Arcadia, and Blondin Planet Alexandria. They are driving the largest demand these days.” Jim highlights a growing list. “Other popular donors are Alison’s daughter Smithden Goldwyn Alexandra at Blondin, granddaughter Smithden Bolton Alexandria at Zimmers and daughter Smithden Goldwyn Ashley at Hanalee.”



Award Winner Alison Also Lights up the Marketplace

The Smith family who earned their second Master Breeder shield in 2010 give a good share of the credit to the success of Alison and her family members. “She has had a tremendous impact on our herd in terms of genetic advancement and the attention that the herd has received both domestically and internationally.” Jim is happy to add, “She is doing it again with her nomination for Cow of the Year!”

Alison Puts the Spotlight on the Canadian Kind

Smithden Holsteins recognize that Alison’s achievements go well beyond Woodstock, Ontario. Jim describes her far-reaching impact. “It still surprises us how many International people come to Smithden to see Alison.  Many times they want to get in the pen with her and have their picture taken with her.  With her width of chest, depth of rib and femininity, she has been referred to as a truly “Canadian Cow”!  She has become an international star and an ambassador for Canada and the Canadian Holstein.”


Make Your Vote Count

Over the next few days we will be profiling the nominees and encourage you to get your vote in before Fridays deadline.  There are 4 ways of voting— Voting options include mail in ballot; faxing your ballot; emailing your vote to; or voting online through your Holstein Canada account.  Check out the other nominees; Stadacona Outside Abel, Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind and Lindenright Morty Delicio.

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