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Lindenright Morty Delicio: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

Lindenright Morty Delicio: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

Naming offspring of great cow families is partly marketing, partly alphabetical and often quite fun. When Lindenright Holsteins of Antigonish, Nova Scotia was faced with naming a heifer from the influential Daurel family, they foresaw great things ahead and chose the uniquely descriptive name “Delicio”.

Delicio and Goldwyn Are the Lindenright Recipe for Success

Lindenright Morty Delicio EX-93-2E-CAN 8* never disappointed owner Jason Van der Linden when it came to successful breeding. “Like most cows of this decade, Goldwyn daughters have been the best from Delicio.  They are her highest scoring daughters and also her highest ranking daughters on the GLPI list.” He adds, “We also really like the Toystorys.  They are her best producing daughters.”



Stirring Things Up with Delicio

It is always a good idea to push the envelope and Lindenright Holsteins are up for that too. “We use a wide range of bulls on the Delicio family.  We are trying to develop branches with different and/or unique sire stacks.  We typically use more genomic bulls then proven bulls and try to do only one or two flushes with any one genomic bull.”

Delicio Brings Genomic Ranking to the Table

Lindenright watches the changing cattle industry.  Jason notes. “With the introduction of genomics it seems the higher the GLPI, the higher the demand for sons/ eggs.” Says Jason. He points out. “Goldwyn’s have been very popular along with Lindenright Toystory Destiny VG-97-4YR-CAN.  This past year granddaughters like Lindenright Baxter Delish VG-86-2yr-CAN, Lindenright Planet Discovery VG-86-2yr-CAN, Lindenright Manifold Delighted, and Lindenright Super Dedicated have been creating interest.”  The process is ongoing. “Beacon Discover, a daughter of Planet Discovery is our next Delicio to work with.” Jason’s confidence is born out by the statistics. Delicio and her descendants have risen high on the genomic charts.  With twelve daughters in the top 1000 on the GLPI list, Delicio is tied for second for most daughters. Delicio herself is the highest ranking nine year old with her position at #253.



Delicio is Heating Up on World Markets

Change happens all the time and Van der Linden has welcomed this latest development in Delicio’s career. “Being nominated for 2011 Cow of the Year has brought global and national recognition to Delicio and her descendants.” That’s pretty great on its own Jason admits but he goes on to say, “It has also raised the popularity of the La Presnetation Daurel 55* family.  Canada’s all-time leading star brood cow.” Business thrives on word of mouth and it is working for Lindenright Holsteins. “Initially we sold some Goldwyn embryos to Quebec and marketed some bulls to Semex.  In the past year we have sold some family members in the Maritimes and are beginning to market eggs internationally.  In the beginning of developing the family we held on to members of the family to create branches at home.  Now that the family is gaining popularity and size we are selling members and eggs.”



Delicio’s Got Milk

Attention for your great cow families is highly sought after by dairy breeders.  However the bottom line always comes back to producing milk.  Jason is more than pleased with Delicio in this area. “Delicio produces incredible volumes of milk.  She does it consistently and easily in our free-stall set up.  She is a dream to work with herself and she is transmitting her abilities to her offspring.”

Delicio Daughters are Chart Toppers



Delicio Delivers the Complete Package

Jason points with pride to her achievements. “Delicio has excelled at everything measurable.  She has calved 4 times and is scored Ex-93-2E. In 2010 She was the honor role leader for six year old cows in Canada, for total performance.  She is top cow in Canada for most daughters in the top 1000 on the GPLI list.” For him the proof is in her perfection “We think that Delicio is one of the most complete cows ever to be nominated for Canadian Cow of the Year.”

Make Your Vote Count

Over the next few days we will be profiling the nominees and encourage you to get your vote in before Fridays deadline.  There are 4 ways of voting— Voting options include mail in ballot; faxing your ballot; emailing your vote to; or voting online through your Holstein Canada account.  Check out the other nominees; Stadacona Outside Abel, Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind and Smithden Allen Alison.

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