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Why Robotic Calf Feeding? – Video

Many people today work very hard to improve their genetics.  However, the end result of expression of the genetics through milk production, fertility and health is strongly influenced by their environment.  To receive the benefit of higher milk production with each generation it is very important to support them with a nutrition program that allows them to express their genetic potential.  In the process we look for more labour efficient ways to achieve this provided we design housing that allows them to stay healthy.  Watch this video to see how robotic feeding can play a significant role and learn how to avoid decisions that can set you up for health challenges.

About the presenter

Nancy CharltonNancy Charlton graduated from the University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College in 1993.  Animals, science, travel and agriculture make up a large part of what she is passionate about.  She has worked in Western Canada, China, Southwestern Ontario, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Middle East, all in an effort to help the dairy cow and calf.

In 2010 she joined DeLaval Canada as a Herd Management Specialist and in her role helps to bridge the gap between technology and products with on farm herd management results.  Herd Navigator was introduced in 2011, it is an on-farm laboratory for Dairy cattle and she has worked with an amazing team to introduce a high level of technology.

Her first love was horses; her second love was math and now is a vet travelling across Canada supporting technology!

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