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Why do I need to brand? – Canadian Dairy Xpo 2017

What do consumers think of Canadian farmers? Recent studies tell us that consumers appreciate and respect farmers’ efforts to produce healthy, affordable, safe food for Canadians. But to maintain the strength of the Canadian farm brand and consumers’ trust, farmers must continue to be brand champions for their own farms and their industry, says Len Kahn, CEO of Guelph, Ontario-based Kahntact Marketing. In this presentation, Kahn discusses the important roll individual dairy farmers play in creating and supporting the Canadian dairy brand and shaping consumer perceptions of dairy products. Kahn also addresses the controversy surrounding the new Dairy Farmers of Canada brand campaign. Many farmers have expressed displeasure with new television commercials as well as the reduced emphasis on the traditional “Blue Cow” imagery. Kahn notes that television commercials and logos do not constitute a brand. What farmers actually do on their farms is more important – everything from how clean your barn is, to your involvement in the local community, and the farm sign at the end of the laneway plays a significant role in shaping consumer attitudes.

This video was recorded as part of the Tactical Business Workshop: Dairy Producer during the 2017 Canadian Dairy Xpo.

About the Presenter

Len Kahn, Managing Director of Kahntact Marketing From a solid start on his family’s Ontario dairy farm and cattle export operation, Len took his passion for farming to the business world. Moving quickly from a valued employee for agri-businesses such as Chase Econometrics, Cyanamid Canada and Ginty Jocius and Associates, Len started Kahntact Marketing in 1994 and grew the business to 20 people and $5 million in annual revenue. After a merger with AdFarm Len brought Kahntact back to the agricultural marketplace and has developed strategic marketing plans for Agricorp, Bayer Animal Health, Bayer CropScience, DFO, DuPont and others. Len has been active in the autism community in Guelph, and has served on several Board of Directors.

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