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Video: Robot/Feeding Signals – Canadian Dairy Xpo 2015

Dr. Joep Driessen, founder of CowSignals, speaking on Robot/Feeding Signals. From the Canadian Dairy Xpo, Joep Driessen explains how body language can tell you about a cow’s health and well-being.

“If you’re running 43km in one run, that’s the same amount of energy that a cow needs to produce 30L of milk. So what’s the difference between a cow and a marathon runner? Well, the cow is running that marathon every single day.”

That’s why it’s important to be able to assess their comfort through body language, says the Luxembourg-born veterinarian and founder of CowSignals. And, improving producers’ knowledge of body language is just what the many books and videos CowSignals distributes aims to do.

In this video Joep leads discussion on Robot/Feeding Signals at the 2015 Canadian Dairy Xpo. Joep is passionate about improving the herd’s life in order to improve farmer prosperity. CowSignals is an internationally recognized package of knowledge, tried and tested lectures and practical training course. Joep has worked on several projects in the past including: disease prevention, pharmaceutical research and cow fertility.

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