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Showmanship Judging Video – Your Guide To Judging Dairy Showmanship

Whether you’re a 4-H member, Leader, aspiring judge, or an official judge, this video has tips and advice to help you better assess and compare one show person to another.

Judging Thought Process 

This video covers the thought process a judge should go through as they assess the class.  Including what to look for and how to conduct themselves.

Entering the Ring 

This video covers: head carriage, leads person and animal cadence, halter fit, leadsperson attire, competitor and animal spacing.

Starting and Stopping

This video covers: proper feet placement, distance between the feet, leadsperson distance to calf, when is it appropriate to start and stop and how often.

Technical Analysis 

This video covers: analyzation of leads person upon closer proximity, speed and correctness of setting up feet, right hand on point of shoulder, moves the animal’s head with the judge, head movement when judge pinches the side, straighten head as judge examines from the rear and head.  Holding the dewlap or hand at the point of shoulder?

Pulling Into Line 

This video covers: Forward walk, ability to pull out or walk backwards, rear feet placement – left foot back first animal – other animals, hand at point of shoulder, width of feet, movement of head with the judge.

Official publications have been created with the help of provincial branches and the expertise of official judges and experienced show people, to create excellent manuals for fellow judges and show people across Canada. These publications can be requested in hard copy by contacting Holstein Canada’s Strategic Communications department at 1-855-756-8300 ext. 233 or via email

Alternatively, these publications can be downloaded online:

Produce with the support of:

  • Holstein Ontario,
  • “Expressway to Success” Sales Team
  • Fradon Farms, The Donker Family
  • Val Jones & the Woodstock & Perth Dairy 4-H Members
  • Pro Vitro IVF Services.

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