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One on One With Sexing Technologies – Video Interview

Sexing Technologies is the fastest growing company in the dairy genetics industry.  Through the acquisition of semen sexing patents as well as their own research, Sexing Technologies has become the major player in the marketplace.  Now Sexing Technologies has it sights on becoming a significant player in the artificial insemination industry.  Through the purchase of companies like TAG and Taurus and investments in AI companies in Europe, Sexing Technologies has been making waves in the dairy industry, with the potential for more to come.  Recently they have had the #1 proven TPI sire in the world and have been very aggressive in acquiring top genomic males and females around the world. To learn more about this aggressive company, The Bullvine sat down with Sexing Technologies CEO Juan Moreno and the head of dairy programs Dan Carroll to find out the secret to their success and what the future holds.

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