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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, The Bullvine and The Future of Dairy Media

During the Royal there was certainly a lot of talk about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.  He was the butt of many jokes and, to be frank, the guy is messed up.  If it was not for fact that he has money and family supporting him he would probably have been committed.  He is one-step away from being the sideshow headliner between The Elephant Man and The Bearded Lady.  But instead he is the mayor of the fourth largest city in North America and has become an international sensation.  The same can be said about the Bullvine.  Over the past 2 years we have become the talk of the dairy world and not always in a positive light.

You see, just like Mayor Ford, we strive to make things more interesting.  We have done and said things that no others in our profession would ever touch.  (Legal note:  We have never smoked crack, we don’t have an excessive drinking habit and have not been seen with a prostitute).  However, those things aside we do share some similarities with Mayor Ford.  One of which being that to those from the outside looking in we appear to have gone from being a car crash, to a ten car pile-up, to a scene in a disaster movie where space junk flies out of the sky, crashes into an overpass, it tumbles over, crushes a bus.  Well at least that is what some of our competitors and detractors would like you to think.  (Read more: Supermodels, Show Cows and the Future of Dairy Cattle Breeding, Genomics – Lies, Miss-Truths and False Publications!,  Why I Don’t Care If You Like Me and The Bullvine: Wanted Dead or Alive)

However, what they, and others are missing, is that in less than 2 years we have gone from nothing, to the most read daily dairy media publication in the world.  What producers around the world are saying loud and clear, and what other publications failed to pay attention to is that they would rather read something with an opinion, something that makes them think, than read the same exact story on every website, and then have to read it again a month later in every different magazine.  They are saying that they don’t care if we (mostly me) piss off photographers (Read more: No Cow Is Perfect – Not Even in Pictures, Dairy Cattle Photography: Do You Really Think I am That Stupid?  And Has Photo Enhancement Gone Too Far?) hothouse herds (Read more: Has Genomics Knocked Out the Hot House Herds? And The Hot House Effect on Sire Sampling) and the status quo (Read more: Reality Check – Who is Really Controlling the Dairy Breeding Industry?, Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate the Game! And I’m Sorry, But I’ve Had Just About Enough Of…, as long as you give us something interesting to read.  Unfortunately for Rob Ford, interesting has become outlandish.  There comes a point when the good you do is outweighed by the sheer load of stupidity.  When Ford lost sight of his values and began to believe that the position he held gave him a might-is-right authority, he turned from a front-line city leader to a front-page headline.

Of course there is more than just reading, there are pictures.  Our competitors like to make fun of me laying down in the “piss,” and are not willing to get down in order to get the best picture possible.  They love to make fun of us, but as the viral nature of our pictures on Facebook show, breeders around the world appreciate the effort.  There’s a fine line between laughing stock and picture perfect. Besides I ask you “Don’t real dairy farmers get piss on them every day?”  (Check out more pictures in our gallery, The Royal Flue – Did you catch it? and World Dairy Expo 2013 – Memories to last a Lifetime)

The Bullvine Bottom Line

While many have seen my tactics since launching the Bullvine to be somewhat of a circus act, our readership, the community we have built around the Bullvine is very real.  In the beginning many of our competitors were quick to write us off saying there was no chance we could survive let alone thrive.  They laughed and scoffed at us.  Then slowly but steadily we have gone from the rebel upstart to the source for unique coverage of all things that matter to milk producers around the world.  The key thought for all to remember is “what matters.”  Whether you’re Rob Ford, The Bullvine or a 24-7 dairy producer, you need to keep a clear head about where your priorities are.  Success is built on knowing where you’re going rather than having to defend where you’ve been.  Therefore the Bullvine will continue to provide insight, analysis and perspective on what matters most to people who are passionate about the dairy industry.  That is why we have and will continue to have the largest daily dairy media readership!


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Genomics – Opportunity is Knocking

With less than a week until the December 03 index release day I am thinking what more do I want or need to learn about genomics in the world of dairy cattle breeding. I have friends that entirely use genomic information to breed and market while others are riding along and using higher indexing young sires but otherwise remain in the prove it to me “I am from Missouri camp”.  Here at The Bullvine we have provided thoughts in the past on genomics (Read more: Genomics at Work – August 2013). Today we decided to further document some areas that we feel are important to watch for and questions we are searching for answers to so that you don’t miss this opportunity.


“Does it really work?” is the question most often asked. The verdict is still out for many breeders. (Read more: Is the Genomic System Really Working?, The Truth About Genomic Indexes – “show me” that they work! And What Happens If Genomics Doesn’t Work?)

Except for a few preliminary reports by a couple genetic evaluation centers little has been published verifying that using genomics actually works. Breeders need the truth and nothing but the truth based on scientific analysis. We can likely expect the report to say that it assists with increasing the rate of genetic advancement but that: i) on an individual animal basis it is not as accurate as a 99% reliable daughter proven A.I. bull;  ii) for young bulls, heifers and cows it increases the accuracy of indexes ; iii) for traits for which we have limited farm data it is still too early to make  an accurate assessment; and iv) it is in fact the most important step forward in breeding since we got broadly based proven sires.  The message to our scientist and industry leaders is that breeders need to know the facts. The industry depends on breeders being successful. (Read more: CANADIAN BULL PROOFS – You’ve Got to Prove It to Use It!)

With the indexes of young animals today exceeding their older counterparts by a significant amount, breeders need to know the facts so they can decide on the extent to which they should use genomic information in their breeding plan (Read more: What’s the plan?).

Intensity of Use

It is well known that concern exists among all players, from breeders to scientists, on the increased rate of inbreeding.  (Read more: Twenty Things Every Dairy Breeder Should Know About Inbreeding, 6 Steps to Understanding & Managing Inbreeding in Your Herd and INBREEDING: Does Genomics Affect the Balancing Act?)

A study of the sires of top ranking young animals shows the following:

  • Sires of top fifty August 2013 gTPI young bulls – Mogul (21); Uno (8); Supersire (7); McCutchen (3); Facebook (2); Lithium (2), seven others
  • Sires of top fifty August 2013 NM$ young bulls – Mogul (13); Supersire (10); Uno (8); Robust (3); Shamrock (3); Epic (3); Lithium (2); Facebook (2); six others.
  • Sires of top fifty August 2013 gLPI young bulls – Mogul (17); Supersire (9), McCutchen (5); Bookem (5); Mixer (3); Epic (2); Lexor (2); Iota (2); five others.
  • Sires of top fifty gLPI heifers (Sept-Nov releases) – Supersire (11); McCutchen (6); Enforcer (5); Mogul (5); Liquid Gold (4); Munition (4); Morgan (3); Cashmoney (2); ten others

Even though most of these bulls are not themselves closely related it is concerning that only a few bulls come to the top on all these lists. 66% of the above lists are over 6.0% inbred and only one is below 5.0% inbred. Outcross sires (Read more: 12 Sires to Use in Order to Reduce Inbreeding and GOING OFF THE MAP: 14 Outcross Holstein Sires That Don’t Include GPS) has been recommended as a solution yet Oman, Planet, Shottle and Bolton are prominent is the ancestry of the bulls above. It is time that we stop worrying about inbreeding and start finding practical solutions. Do we need to designate breeding lines and then doing line crossing like is done in crops, poultry and swine?  Why are A.I. organizations not using alternate sires of sons? Is it that those alternates do not come up as high on total merit index ranking lists? If that is the case should total merit index be the criteria used when selecting young bulls to be sampled or marketed. Should the inbreeding coefficient of every bull be a required number to be published?  There are solutions but it takes effort and leadership to stop the runaway train.

Finding the Best

Breeders of very elite indexing animals want to know which bulls will ring the bell for them when they flush their top virgin heifers. Some of those breeders feel that there are certain sires more capable than others at leaving top of the list progeny? Put another way can two bulls be ranked the same for total merit but one leaves progeny that are very consistent for their genomic values while the other bull produces progeny that range more in value. Breeders are willing to gamble and use the bull that appears to be able to produce list toppers. Breeders are asking the question – have our scientists studied this and is their an answer to the question of why some families consistently throw the high outliers?

Which are the Future Parents

As well with more and more emphasis being given to management, health and fertility traits in dairy cattle selection the question becomes which are the young bulls or elite heifers for the future. Could it be that they should be 90%RK for Production and 99%RK for Durability and 99%Rk for Health & Fertility? Attention needs to be given to matter with a view to the needs for the next ten plus years. (Read more: Total Merit Indexes: Are they helping or hurting?, Does Your Breeding Program Save You Labor? and  Are Your Genetics Wasting Feed and Labor?)

Health / Disease Resistance

No doubt we have only scratched the surface on what the DNA profile of an animal can tell use about an animal’s ability to remain healthy and disease free.  Even though breeders would like to have the answers today, the absence of farm data to match to the DNA will likely mean that this area of breeding will be relatively inaccurate for some time into the future. That does not mean that we should not continue to study this area, it is just that we can not expect answers quickly.

Female Fertility

Here again we are dealing with an area where there is limited farm data, or the farm data is not in connected data bases that can be used to correlate female fertility with DNA profiles. Is there farm data out there that tells us when heifers reach puberty? No. Are there genetic differences in when heifers can be first bred? Likely but we do not know. To go even further what about female conception rates? Biologically up to 90% of the time a sperm fertilizes an egg, yet only 65% of heifers and 40% of cows in Holsteins actually become pregnant. The inability of a fertilized egg to implant is significant but knowing the genetics of that is still a long ways off. Maybe there is research in other species that might be useful for linking female fertility with DNA profiles.

Breeders who flush females know that to be financially successful a cow or heifer must give many viable embryos. And that there are differences amongst cow families in how many embryos produced. (Read more: What Comes First The Chicken Or The Egg? And Investing in Dairy Cattle Genetics – Think Outside the Box) One question yet to be answered is by using IVF on poor flushing families are we, in fact, hindering reproduction from a genetic perspective. Yes more questions than answers but remember that the most common reason for cows being culled is infertility. So we do not need bull dams being genetically inferior for reproduction.


With lameness in dairy cattle being targeted as a big time problem in animal care circles, is it time that a mobility index be produced? Can we take our current DNA profiles and calculate such an index? It matters little that we know a host of traits about feet and legs when breeders are most concerned about a cow or heifer’s ability to move freely and comfortably in the environment is which she lives. (Read more: Cow Mobility: One Step Forward or Two Steps Back?)

Getting with the Program

Perhaps some of our ‘thought list’ will be possible in the next year or two. One thing we know is that for traits to be able to be evaluated we need more animals both recorded for performance and DNA profiled.  Of immediate concern is that without broad based field data for calf and heifer performance we are limited in what we can accurately know about this important cost center.  Any breeders not currently DNA profiling all their heifer calves are denying themselves future opportunities to advance their herds. Cost is frequently given as the reason for not DNA profiling, yet the cost is only about equal to officially milk recording a cow for a year. The information obtained can be used early in life including which heifers to keep, how to manage them and which sires to breed them to.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Like almost everything else in genetic advancement, genomics does not have all the answers. It does not have 100% accuracy but it sure does shorten the generation interval in dairy cattle breeding.  Opportunity knocks for the breeders that do profile their animals. And every month with new facts coming out on genomics, the opportunity for greater return on investment increases for participating breeders.

The Dairy Breeders No BS Guide to Genomics


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Supermodels, Show Cows and the Future of Dairy Cattle Breeding

Iman, Giselle, Claudia, Hailey, Frosty, and Charity….What do they all have in common?  Besides that they are all so famous that they are recognizable by just one name, they are also famous for something else …their exceptional beauty.  In the same way that supermodels are perceived to be the “perfect” woman, great show cows are often perceived to be the “ideal” cow.  The problem is that, in the real world that may not be the case and, in fact, might be doing some breeders more harm than good.

You see, when we talk about ideal conformation of a cow, we look for many of the same things that we do in a supermodel.  We want them to be long and skinny, unblemished and perfectly proportioned.  The problem is, when you are looking for the perfect production cow, many of those traits may be detrimental to their ability to be a low maintenance, high performance animal.

The image of an ideal cow was one that was developed for a milk production system that was geared around one on one care of each animal, typically in tie stall.  In that environment, you have the ability to work extensively with each animal and the time to do whatever it takes.  The reality is that 85% of the milk that is produced these days happens in environments that are not able to give that level of individualized care.

The Bullvine Holstein Mature Model Cow

The Bullvine Holstein Mature Model Cow

Tall, long, skinny works great on the runway, but not in a commercial milk production facility.  These girls are high maintenance. They require lots of extra attention in order to look this great.  That is something that milk producers cannot afford when, in reality, they are looking for the exact opposite. (Read more: FACT VS. FANTASY: A Realistic Approach to Sire Selection and  The Perfect Holstein Cow)

The Bullvine Total Performance 2 Yr Old Cow

The Bullvine Total Performance 2 Yr Old Cow

You see each milk producer’s ideal cow will be different.  That is because their production facilities are different and, as a result, the cows that excel in those facilities will be different. (Read more: Are Today’s Holstein Cows Too Tall?) A great example of this is a robotic system versus a tie stall.  While a breeder in a tie stall environment strives for taller, longer and wider, these traits may actually cause problems for some robotic systems.  Sure you can always make the robots bigger, but what happens for those breeders who cannot afford to be continually upgrading?  Instead these producers are more concerned about teat placement, calving ease and temperament.  These traits typically do not find their way onto the radar of breeders who are looking to breed the next World Dairy Expo or Royal Grand Champion.  (Read more: Robotic Milking: More than just automation it’s a new style of herd management)

Significant differences in production environments are   the biggest reason that the gap is widening between what the typical seed stock producer considers the ideal cow and what the commercial producer’s ideal cow looks like.  .  This is occurring despite breed associations’ attempts to narrow the gap.  The reality is there are so many different requirements with each different production environment that one breeder’s definition of the ideal cow can be very different from another’s.  It also begs the question “Is there really such a thing as an ideal cow anymore?”

In fact there are many mindset differences among breeders who derive their revenue from different sources.  You see it’s understandable that producers who make a significant portion of their income from selling seed stock would be more concerned about how the animal looks.  These producers usually have qualifiers like, she has to be over 2 points for type (+10 Conformation in Canada), while many commercial producers could care less about using type as a qualifier for sire selection.  A great example of this is Don Bennink from North Florida Holsteins.  (Read more: NORTH FLORIDA HOLSTEINS. Aggressive, Progressive and Profitable!! ) Don points out that “Bulls with + 3 and + 4 type proofs have daughters that are too big and too sharp for commercial dairymen.  For this reason gTPI or TPI are essentially ignored in bull or female selection.  Net Merit $ has some value.”  The latest correlation of final type score with stature is .77.  Worse yet, the correlation of udder composite with stature is .57.  That means if you breed 100% for udder composite, you will increase stature at more than half the rate that you would if you bred for stature alone.  That is one of the reasons that Don does not even look at conformation when he is making sire selection.  Instead he chooses the following qualifiers: 60 pounds or more of protein; 5 or above for P.L.; 1 or above for DPR; 2.9 or less for SCC; 5. 8 or below for Calving Ease.  Interestingly enough when you apply  these requirements you will find that the top 30 sires that meet them  are between +1.50 and +4.00 for PTAT, have strong udders, positive feet and leg scores, and, probably,  are not as tall or  as wide chested and deep bodied as some of your typical high type sires, but they possess functional type.

Just like super skinny supermodels, when a cow is extremely underweight, it can cause many reproductive issues.  First a cow’s menstrual cycle often stops or becomes irregular when she is too skinny.  While that typically does not cause as many problems in yearlings and 2 year olds, as a cow gets older this can make it harder and harder to get them back in calf.  Not only is it harder for underweight cows to conceive, it’s also harder for them to sustain the pregnancy, as menstrual irregularities affect the uterine lining that supports a fetus.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Great show cows are like having a supermodel on your arm.  They are eye candy pure and simple.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to look at and take photos of a great show cow.  And guess what?  Showing a great show cow makes you look good as well.  It’s not just self-aggrandizement either. There’s no shame in feeling proud of breeding or exhibiting the greatest looking cow at the show.  It takes significant effort to exhibit a great show cow, so when it pays off, more power to you.  The pitfall is that these great cows are also typically high maintenance.  While that may not be an issue for your business, for most commercial producers it simply does not work!


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It’s All Greek to Me! Yogurt Popularity Booms

Culture wars are being waged at a supermarket near you.  Traditional yogurt is under attack from upstart Greek-style brands. For a dairy industry that is starved for product innovation, this could be a great thing. Greek yogurt is leading the charge and winning by far the largest share of the marketplace. When was the last time you talked about your new “healthy snack”?  Greek yogurt which is creamy, thick and slightly tangy is a tasty subject not only in North America but around the world as well.  New brands continue to strive for marketplace position as they try to meet the insatiable appetite for this dairy product.

It could mean the challenge is now to other dairy products.

Over a third of the yogurt in a typical grocery store is now Greek, in varieties from low-fat to fruit-on-the-bottom to tubes for kids.  Because shelf space is limited, the Greek squeeze means consumers have had to say goodbye to some varieties of traditional-style yogurt and more obscure flavors.  In addition pudding cups, margarine and other products with the misfortune of usually sitting near yogurt also are harder to find. This could turn into a civil war where there are losses in other parts of the dairy marketplace.

Global Yogurt Products Set a Good Example

Looking globally Europe has much more choice to entice consumers.  With the North American focus on eating yogurt primarily for breakfast there are still opportunities to expand into the lunch and dinner specific markets.  Marketing that emphasizes the health benefits are also realizing expanded sales. Yogurt is a great addition to the diet to help meet the recommended three servings of low fat and fat free dairy. The reality is that most North Americans are currently consuming only about half of the recommended servings. Here is a ‘better for you’ dairy industry opportunity waiting to happen. If you’re still not convinced, look at the lineup outside the next Yogurt Bar that you pass.

Yogurt consumption around the world, and especially in the U.S., has boomed.

We are decades past the yogurt reputation as an odd hippie concoction.  Today yogurt sits at a North American eating-trend sweet spot.  Today many people are eating fewer sit-down meals and favor hearty snacks on the go. Yogurt provides many options and may come as a drink, frozen product or dessert. Some brands are also fortified with extra vitamins, minerals and fiber. Yogurt is portable, high in protein and consumers often perceive it as healthier than other sweet snacks (though many varieties are high in sugar). On the bright side, this rapidly growing market has room to continue to evolve as emphasis on kid friendly lower sugar snacks are sought out.  (Read more: MILK MARKETING: How “Got Milk?” BECAME “Got Lost” and “Got Milk” is becoming “Got More”)

Riding that healthy wave, Greek products have shown phenomenal growth.

Most yogurt with Greek on the label is strained, making even low-fat varieties dense and creamy.  The process leaves more protein and fewer carbohydrates, making it a hit with the health-conscious crowd. In 2012, Greek yogurt sales were 34 percent of total yogurt dollars and 22.5 percent of total yogurt volume sales. From 2011 to 2012, non-Greek yogurt fell 10 percent by volume while Greek volume rose 71 percent in the same time period. Market analysis indicates that sales were primarily from two types of consumers: women who were already yogurt eaters and men who saw Greek yogurt as a new sports nutrition product. These men were new consumers who were substituting Greek yogurt for other protein supplements. Over half of U.S. households bought Greek over the last 12 months, according to data from retail research firm IRI.

Yogurt Could be Cannibalizing Other Dairy Product Sales

Greek varieties are bringing new customers to the yogurt aisle and driving overall sales.

But what is the cost of this Greek yogurt trend?  It is likely that newer Greek products increased the overall usage of milk. But the product is often touted as a substitute for sour cream, buttermilk, cream or other cooking uses and thus has cannibalized other dairy product sales. Then there is also Greek yogurts dirty little secret.  The production of Greek yogurt creates a nasty byproduct called “acid whey.”

Working on the Downside of Yogurt

Of course, every upside usually is accompanied by a corresponding downside.  In the case of yogurt that downside is the liquid waste by product that can’t be dumped, because it would prove too toxic.  Now yogurt companies and scientists are trying to find some productive — and preferably profitable — use for acid whey.  One scientist wants to extract the small amount of protein to use in infant formula. Other scientists believe they can extract the sugar to be used in other foodstuffs. And one farmer is converting the lactose into electricity generating methane.  One thing for sure is that with the Greek yogurt market now worth $2 billion and still growing, it’s a problem that’s only going to get larger.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

One way to keep both our industry and ourselves healthy and growing is to keep producing new innovative dairy products like Greek Yogurt that taste good and meet healthier diet initiatives at the same time.  There is no question that as an industry we need to get our heads around new product innovation.  From targeting youth in North America with exciting new healthy treats, to getting milk products into the diets of regions around the world that are experiencing massive population growth, milk needs to be the product that is literally on the tip of everyone’s tongue.


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Jeff Nurse: This Dairy Gentleman Walks the Talk

Sometimes when a person is presented with an award in the name of an industry icon, your mind just goes “click” with the realization that he is the perfect fit for what was intended. Such was the case when Alberta Holstein Director, Orville Schmidt, announced the 2013 winner of the Curtis Clarke Achievement Award. “Jeff Nurse of Monteith Holsteins.”  (Read more: Jeff Nurse named 2013 Curtis Clark Achievement Winner) As this quiet dairyman from Georgetown, Ontario took his place as the 27th recipient of the award, the crowd roared their approval.

Jeff Nurse receiving the 2013 Curtis Clark Achievement Award from 2012 Winner Don Schwartz and Orville Schmidt.

Jeff is A Man of Few Words and Many Talents

Although Curtis Clarke was an entertaining story teller, like Jeff Nurse, he preferred to talk about cows, friends and family much more than updated the list of awards and achievements that hard work has earned him.  The Curtis Clarke Achievement Award seeks out those dairymen who possess “the ability, sportsmanship and character necessary to be respected by fellow breeders and showmen.” It was pretty emotional at The Royal. I really didn’t expect to be considered so I was kind of in shock. I had a world of respect for Curtis Clark and for the group of men who made the selection so it made the Award really special.”  In addition to having his name added to the distinctive Clark trophy which bears a bronzed version of one of Curtis Clark’s hats, Nurse also received a gold belt buckle as a personal keepsake of the honour.

Nurse Appreciates a Great Lineup

Whether it’s Holsteins, Ayrshires, Brown Swiss or Jerseys, Jeff has enthusiastically milked, shown and judged them. In fact, his interest in the Royal Brown Swiss Show on November 8th definitely increased the difficulty his family had in getting him to Holstein ringside for the award presentation. Once focused on where he was expected to be, Jeff probably saw moments of his Holstein history playing in his memory. “I grew up with Jerseys and was reluctant to get into Holsteins at first. There were a lot of really great Jersey people in our county at that time. When Kenda and I married, she brought a few Ayrshires with her but I always admired things about Brown Swiss so was interested in working with them too.” Having said that, Jeff saves a special place for the black and white breed. “I’ve never found anything to outshine the Holstein Breed.”

Jeff and wife Kenda and son Lee accepting the 1985 Premier Breeder and Exhibitor award at the Canadian National Exhibition.

Jeff and wife Kenda and son Lee accepting the 1985 Premier Exhibitor award at the Canadian National Exhibition from Joe Snyder. Peter Christie won the Premier Breeder Banner.

Nurse Family Legacy from Rural Roots to Urban Setting

My father gave me the pick of a pen of Nurseland heifer calves when I was 16 to start my own herd and prefix.  Five decades later he milks 40 Holsteins and 4 Brown Swiss and is farming with his own son, Lee. Monteith owns 150 acres and rents another 150 to grow corn, soybeans and wheat. The circle of farm life may see further turns in the future. The time is coming when they hope to relocate to another farm further from urbanization where they can expand and grow their herd and land holdings. Nurse has bred many Excellent and Very Good cows and in 1994 was recognized with a Master Breeder Award from Holstein Canada.


Jeff Nurse and his son Lee farm on 300 acres south of Georgetown Ontario.

 “They Have a Good Mother”

Jeff and Kenda have also grown their family.  “We have four great kids that I`m really proud of.” says Jeff, who can talk much more comfortably about the achievements of Lee, Jodey, Cristy and Troy and two granddaughters then he can about himself.  Of course he credits each one with exceptional talents individually but also knows it takes more than that. In fact he points out, “Number one! They have a good mother.” From the outside looking it is also fairly obvious that both parents encourage and empowerment and utilized their unique talents to achieve their own goals. (Read more: Cristy Nurse: From Show Ring Beauty to World Class Rower and Cristy Nurse – Standing Tall) In talking together after Jeff achieved the Curtis Clarke Award, Kenda reports that some of Jeff’s reminiscences were somewhat unexpected. “He surprised even me and we have been married 33 years!” Together they make a great team with a shared philosophy on child-rearing. “We have tried to give them all a chance to try a lot of different things and support them but not do it for them.”

Jeff is a Man of Many Hats

The iconic Curtis Clarke was recognized everywhere for his hat.  Jeff Nurse also stands above the crowd with his quiet presence.  However, he prefers to wear many hats figuratively speaking. “I enjoy a variety of jobs – not in the barn all the time and not in the field for days on end.” He has seen many changes over the years and sees many of them as good. “Round up ready soybeans have been great! We can have a totally clean crop with just one spraying. We used to plow everything – now minimum tillage on some land works well. On the dairy Theracalcium treatment for fresh cows has worked miracles!!” Jeff knows that each generation faces challenges and knows that the future will have them too. “I hope the next dairy generation can enjoy working with cattle as much as I have – only in a more efficient way.  It may not be efficient but the way Jeff supports and gives back to dairy youth is definitely encouraging. Gives 110% of time effort and farm and calf resources to assist 4-Hers both farm and nonfarm as a leader and role model.  This puts him at ringside at numerous fairs which he professes to be “my idea of a great holiday!

Monteith Shows Their True Colors

Jeff Nurse clipping Nurseland Texal Rose Marie at The CNE 1971

Jeff Nurse clipping Nurseland Texal Rose Marie
at The CNE 1971

Nurse, 67, has shown cattle locally, regionally and at the Royal Winter Fair and World Dairy Expo. My mother and father were great help in getting started. My father would borrow my Uncle’s truck to get our cows to the local fairs before I started hiring a commercial trucker, goose necks were not invented at that time. Monteith Model Lana was a favorite for a lot of reasons. Shown in 71-72, she was a big bodied cow with a great udder, terrific temperament and could really milk with a high test. She was second at The Royal and Reserve All Canadian. I sold a Rowntree Northern Prince daughter to England for $10,000 (a lot of money at the time) that bred really well for David Alford; leaving one of the top bulls in England in Whipton Landlord. Unfortunately, Lana developed a problem in her reproductive tract that prevented a third calf.  Nurse was an Official Judge for many years and in 1987 judged the Royal Winter Fair Holstein Show. In addition to judging many shows across Canada, he has judged internationally in Mexico, the United States, Scotland, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina.  Many things – the level of professional preparation at the cattle shows and the quality of cattle right down to the bottom of the classes…the mixing of the different breeds within the rows….the greater expense of showing cows at the major shows. In 1983, he and his family showed the Grand Champion Ayrshire at the Canadian National Exhibition and today they have a few Brown Swiss animals in the herd, one of which was exhibited at the recent Royal.

Nurses are Always Ready with a Warm Welcome

Whether it’s the cattle business, 4-H, Christmas trees or heavy horses, there are always numerous activities taking place at Monteith and you can always be sure of a warm welcome. This generous spirit was also a character trait of Curtis Clarke who lived large, laughed often and opened his heart and his home without reservation.  If there was any chance you had not yet been bitten by a passion for dairy cattle and Holsteins, Curtis made certain that the oversight was corrected before your visit ended. Jeff Nurse is also obliging and generous with his time, feeling that he benefits the most. “It is really enjoyable because we get to work with a great group of young people. Unlike school, 4-H members are in clubs because they want to be. Their interest and enthusiasm make it fun.” No doubt the interest and enthusiasm that is reflected back from this caring and extremely hard working leader is an inspiration as well. Jeff happily shares advice learned over his career. “Try to find a good balance between getting away and seeing new systems, management styles and different philosophies; and getting things done at home! Some people are on the road too much and others don’t “get away enough”. Jeff is an observer and urges others to keep an open-mind and “Try to reference successful operations whether for nutrition, breeding philosophy or whatever management you need to improve.”

Exhibiting livestock has certainly been a big part of Jeff Nurses life, and he passed that passion on to his children.  Daughters Christi and Jodie (seen here) and son Lee showed their animals at many local and national shows.

Exhibiting livestock has certainly been a big part of Jeff Nurses life, and he passed that passion on to his children. Daughters Cristy and Jodey (seen here) and son Lee showed their animals at many local and national shows.

Great Role Models inspired Jeff’s Enthusiasm for Cattle

Of course every excellent role model will tell you that they had excellent people to learn from as well. “Joe Snyder and Henry Stanley were probably the biggest influence on my ideas about cattle. Joe Snyder was an outstanding fieldman for Holstein Canada and I was fortunate to spend quite a bit of time with him on herd visits in our county, then Judging schools, and later Holstein shows. Joe was a terrific person and a wonderful role model in many ways. Henry Stanley was an exceptional Agricultural Representative in Halton County for many years. He came from Eastern Ontario and had a dairy background but was interested and knowledgeable in all types of livestock. Henry coached The Halton Judging Team when we won at The Royal and I was High Individual. Many other individuals come to mind including staff with The Holstein Association, many Holstein Directors and former Canadian President, Ross Segsworth. I was fortunate to be a neighbor of Claude Picket’s and Claude gave me a chance to show some outstanding cattle and meet a lot of Holstein people.”

Jeff Nurse winning High Individual at The Royal Judging Contest in 1967

Jeff Nurse winning High Individual at The Royal Judging Contest in 1967

Family Man – Gentleman – Man of the World

Forty years ago Curtis Clarke welcomed Murray and I to his farm and home in Carstairs Alberta.  To say he left an impression on both of us would be an understatement. Like Jeff Nurse, if you meet him once, you feel you have known him all your life. The Nurse family shares this hospitable nature with many tours for schools and other groups at their farm and have willingly participated in agricultural education days, loaning animals for displays. “It’s been a lot of fun!” acknowledges Jeff who neatly sidesteps all the hard work that makes such fun possible. The Christmas tree operation is another connection point with dairy and non-dairy friends and neighbors. “People enjoy the animals we have on display- the wagon rides to the field- the bon fires.” It isn’t the least bit surprising that his well mannered gentleman is happy with the response he and his family earn. “We get a lot of ‘Thank yous’. Sharing his passion for dairying is something that comes easily to Jeff whether at home working on numerous dairy committees or visiting or judging in other countries.  It is only slightly surprising that this quiet but respected man has a somewhat unspoken goal.” I would like to learn to speak Spanish. I often wished I could speak to all the breeders when traveling in Mexico and South America judging shows and visiting farms. It’s a beautiful language.” Jeff has happily fulfilled many roles in the dairy industry and sees the future in a positive light. “I hope our family can stay healthy – be more progressive; but most of all I hope they enjoy what they do.”

Jeff and his amazing family at son Lee's wedding.

Jeff and his amazing family at son Lee’s wedding.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Men like Curtis Clarke or Jeff Nurse are men whose actions as they say “speak louder than words”. They are positive ambassadors wherever they go. Congratulations Jeff Nurse on becoming the 2013 Curtis Clarke Award Achievement winner.  Thank you for walking the talk and leaving a country gentleman’s trail for others to follow.  

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Dairy Farming – No Pain No Gain

Every dairy farmer wants to run a carefree dairy operation that has the greatest cows that produce the most milk.  Of course, in addition to that they must also have a great family, lots of money, look perfect and live the good life.  Everybody wants that, but   it’s doing it that’s hard!  It’s easier to lower our sights to a more ordinary level and do what everyone else is doing.

Recently I read an article on Huffington Post about how it is easy to want things, but asks, “What pain are you willing to go through in order to achieve these things?”  Now there is no question that if you have chosen dairy farming as your career path you are unafraid to work.  Otherwise, you would have taken a 9-5 job somewhere else.  But in order to get all these other wants typically means that you are going to have to go through at least an equal amount of pain in order to achieve them.

People want to be rich without the risk and without the delayed gratification necessary to accumulate wealth.  Everyone wants to have a herd that turns visitors green with envy upon visiting your immaculate facilities.  But what level of extra work or pain are you willing to go through in order to achieve this level of success? Everybody wants to have great sex and an awesome relationship — but not everyone is willing to go through the tough communication, the awkward silences, the hurt feelings and the emotional psychodrama to get there.

It’s only natural human behavior, the good feelings we all want are more or less the same. Therefore what we get out of life is not determined by our wants but by rather by the amount what pain we’re willing to sustain. Now we all know that “Nothing good in life comes easily,”

Personally, I have always wanted to have six pack abs.  But I have not been willing to suffer the pain of hour upon hour in the gym, calculating and calibrating the food I eat, planning my life out in tiny plate-sized portions, so as a result I don’t have the  much wanted six pack.

We are all guilty of it.  We see other dairy breeders winning all these awards at the cow shows, or for their outstanding operations, and we think, “Man I could do that.”  But we don’t schedule in the hours of work and attention to details that it takes.  In reality, the devil is in the details.  The details include long hours.  Fewer non-cow related hobbies, sports or holidays.  It means reducing every potential activity down to the effect it will have on your cow focused priorities.  It means hours in the barn.  Hours in the field. Dedication to computer, finances and planning. Otherwise, as the years go by, it starts to turn into “What if?” and What for?” and then before you know it is 20 years later and it’s too late.

Probably the biggest lesson I have learned is that to achieve exceptional dairy success, our passion must raise our pain (and work) threshold up to a point where we don’t even notice the sacrifices anymore.

Every day you have to be willing to go that extra mile that is too hard for many.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Everyone wants something.  We all would love to have the Royal or World Dairy Expo Grand Champion, or the top awards for our dairy operations, but the question is, “What is your plan?  How hard will you work to achieve it?  What sacrifices are worth what you will give up?”  At the end of the day you must be so focused on the gain, that you don’t feel the pain.

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MURRAY REISSNER: The Right Place at the Right Time!

For exhibitors, spectators, photographers and judges — a ring full of dairy cattle can be both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.  Regardless of where you view each class from it is a demanding process. But imagine if you had to be at the show from the time the first exhibitor walks into the ring until the last exhibitor heads back to the barn.  Murray Reissner knows exactly how that feels because he has done it at the Royal every year for the last 20 years!

October 2013 marked the 20th year that Murray Reissner of Woodstock, Ontario expertly discharged his responsibilities as ringmaster at the Royal. (Read more: Canadian National Holstein Show Results and The Royal Flu – Did you catch it?  ) “The exhibitors know I am there to make each and every one of them look good at all times.” Of course, Murray and his show ring peers cannot correct conformation of the animals in the ring. However they can and do make a tremendous difference by making sure they are seen from the best vantage point – whether you’re viewing the spectacle from ringside, on the halter or as the Judge of the show.


The Royal Coliseum: A Fine Place to Start

From the viewpoint of 20 years, Murray recalls how it all got started. “Way back in 1992, I received a call from Jane Whaley from Holstein Canada. As it turned out, the Quebec Holstein Rep who had been the ringman at the Royal for years, had suffered a heart attack in mid October and as such, would not be available for the Royal.” Murray was asked to be a one-time Royal Ringman and, amazed at the opportunity and vowing to do his best, he nervously answered. “Yes!”  Needless to say, Murray survived and learned a lot. “My one time shot was over!”

Reissner’s Place is in the Ring

However as luck and history very rarely come into our lives exactly as we expect them to, Murray’s ring experience was about to change. The next year, Murray was invited to “share the duties”.  The team got along quite well so it wasn’t surprising that Murray received another call the next spring when the ring steward position was open. “The Royal was mine if I wanted it.” Murray recalls. “What an opportunity to be up close and personal with so many great Holstein cows!” Of course the rest, as they say, is history.


Murray Reissner goes that extra mile to make sure every animal looks her best in the ring.

A Place for Everyone.  Everyone in their Place.

Murray has many memories highlighting the special years at the Royal. “Perhaps the greatest memories though are the people in the ring. Just to watch them is a great pleasure. The euphoria of winning, the fist pumps, the hugs and tears. I think of Tom & Kelli Krull this year, that shot of Rob & Brian Eby last year or the tears streaming down Mario Comtois’ cheeks as he leads the Supreme Champion in Madison.”  His enthusiasm for the great moments in the ring is built upon the responsibility he feels when doing his job. “First of all, I have a responsibility to the exhibitors to make their journey into the ring as easy and comfortable as possible. Each and every exhibitor should have the same opportunity to exhibit their animal to the best possible placing.” Undoubtedly this has earned him some respect as well. “Over the years even our seasoned veteran show people are always asking me if they are in the right position or if their cow “looks good back there”.  For the spectators it is obvious to see that Murray’s military-style gets the job done. This friendly drill sergeant has his own way of doing things. “I like strict routine, straight lines, no cutting corners and no stampedes out of the ring. You need to be firm but courteous as well as everyone is under a lot of “stress” on the day”.


Rob & Brian Eby after winning Reserve Grand Champion at the 2012 Royal Winter Fair.

Judges look forward to the Reissner Routine

Murray Reissner has worked with 18 different judges over his 20 years of experience and is emphatic about one thing. “My utmost responsibility is to the Judge.” In addition, his experience as an official judge himself has proven to be an asset in his role as ring steward.  “When I judge, I like to stand well back and get that first panoramic view of the entire class. This can only happen if we get the entire class into the ring quickly. It also serves to help our judges from judging in the corners. We have lots of room so let’s use it to our best advantage.” Obviously seeing the class through the eyes of the judge is a great help. “We like to keep the individuals fairly close together so it cuts down the “steps” for the judge and fills in the gaps. More decisions are made from 30 feet away than from 3 feet. Getting that first panoramic view is a great first look. The other is having all those animals lined up neat and tidy again for that first view from behind. I’m there to look after all the little details like getting the class into the ring quickly, giving them the best possible view of the animals and moving the animals into a line that is easily viewed and ready for their final assessment.” Having said that he knows he has a balancing act to perform. “My other responsibility is to the spectators who travel long miles, spend excessive amount of money (especially in Toronto) and come to the show wanting to see or have the best view possible. The line up needs to give everyone a great view regardless of where they are seated or standing.” A caring drill sergeant indeed!


When Murray Reissner is on the job you can be assured that all the cows will be lined up straight and the judge will get optimal views on all animals.

With Teamwork in Place — Everything Works!

Murray clearly understands that it takes everyone working together to make the National Holstein Show run smoothly. “I am just part of a great team.  Jane Whaley was Team Leader for many years.  Now Christa Crowley is the Team Leader and did a great job her first year on her own.” He gives credit for the work it takes. “Christa is the quarterback who calls the plays and gives us the ball. Our job is to run with it. Whether it’s the guys behind the scene, checking the cows in, Valerie translating or Norm announcing.” Like Murray they care about putting on the best show possible. “I am the ‘fortunate one’ who gets to share centre stage under the bright lights.  For that I am eternally grateful and that’s what gives me the adrenaline rush!”


As the ring steward Murray Reissner knows the importance of working with all the team members to make sure the show goes smoothly and all the cows look their best.

It`s A Multi-Media Show Place

Despite his well-recognized ability to do his job without interfering with the cattle, exhibitors or judge, Murray acknowledges that “You are constantly in the spotlight.” Modern social media has affected his celebrity status in his family as well. “Even my 4 little grandkids who range in age from 3 to 5 were watching “Papa” on the “puter” while he was at the Royal.” Murray enjoys the heartfelt recognition he feels that the focus is best when it’s directed to the cattle. “At the Royal we are showcasing Canada’s best and I want to give every media source the best possibility to get those great shots that go viral in minutes. I want to give every media person the opportunity to get just what they want regardless if its Bullvine, Cowsmopolitan, Holstein World, Holstein International, Holstein Canada or even the fans in the stands who capture some great and unique shots (Carl Saucier – check out some of Carl’s great shots).” For Murray this often means going above and beyond normal ring steward parameters. “I have become more conscience of straight lines, tails set, clean cows, and movement that allows the media to capture this part of history. I guess I’m the only ring steward that makes noise to gets those ears up for those memories in line or the final parade. It’s just my way of making your job easier as a media person covering the National show.” Thanks Murray.

Murray Reissner does not only do a great job assisting the Judge, but he also does amazing work helping the media covering the show get those pictures that breeders around the world love to see.

Murray Reissner does not only do a great job assisting the Judge, but he also does amazing work helping the media covering the show get those pictures that breeders around the world love to see.

The Right Place to Get it in Writing

The ringside is a wonderful place to come up with new and exciting ideas.  Such was the case for Murray Reissner and National and Provincial Holstein association peers, Jane Whaley and Bill Dobbin. At one point the suggestion was made that Murray should compile his experiences into a book. The next thing he knew, he was informed that the two associations were going to split the cost of making this publication so they encouraged him to “get at it”. “After giving it some thought while touring around the countryside in my bull buying capacity, I decided to sequester myself in my office one day and just put down anything that came to mind right from schooling as a judge etc. I started right from the beginning just like I was the judge except that I was the ring steward. I tried to cover everything. If it came to mind, it went on paper. Once I got in the mode, I was full bore until it was done………………22 pages of notes double spaced.” This time he wasn’t only in the right place, he found the write time.  Of course then came the big job. “We had to tear it apart bit by bit, paragraph by paragraph, page by page. Jane and Bill had no idea what I had accumulated in my experiences over the years. “And so “The Dairy Show Ring Steward” became reality. “Little did we know what a “success” this little booklet would be. (Get your copy of The Dairy Show Ring Steward)

The content for this publication was drafted by Murray Reissner,

The content for this publication was drafted by Murray Reissner,

We’ve had a second printing and just may have to print a few more. I receive a lot of nice compliments on the book from right across Canada and some have even been sent around the world or picked up at the Holstein Canada booth the Royal!” Well earned praise for something Murray originally thought was just idle chatter. He has also been on the committee that formulated the publication “You Be The Judge” and the “Leading to Win” video. “What a lot of work that was especially trying to coordinate a book and a video at the same time. I spent hours in Cambridge editing video and sound. All worth it though.”

A Place to Stand A Place to Grow

It’s hard to imagine where Murray finds the time for all the extra-curricular show ring interests he has. He has been on the organizing committee for the 4-H Classic Show at the Royal for over 30 years where he declares. “Over the years we’ve seen it all.” This is Canada’s largest 4-H show and Murray feels it is a great committee that all have the passion and commitment to our youth. “I’m a Gold Sponsor of this event and volunteer my time every year just because it’s so much fun and our kids are just a pleasure to be around.” But there are other youth groups that he finds close to his heart such as the Ontario Inter-Country 4-H judging competition. He points out. “It is so much fun to watch kids succeed.” He outlines the history. “This program has been going for 24 years now with a team going to Madison every year. In the earlier years, we also used to take a team to the North American International Livestock Show in Louisville Kentucky. I had the chance to take every team to Louisville before we discontinued this adventure. Three years ago, I was asked by Jason French to accompany Bertram Stewart with the Ontario Team going to Madison”   While he could never replace the late Hazel Stewart as “4-H Mom” Murray treasures the team experience. “Bertram is a wealth of knowledge and, even at my age, there are still things to be learned from him.”

World Dairy Expo:  A Place Like No Other

Murray is emphatic about what he likes best about World Dairy Expo. “Definitely the best part of being with the Madison team is getting to know the kids. You learn a lot in 10 days on the road. In the few short years, I seen these young people grow and mature and come out of their shell. For many, it’s their first time to World Dairy Expo. I’ve often said that “Madison may not be a life changing experience but, it certainly is life altering” I’m so proud of the young adults that we have sent to Madison. Just to watch them as they step onto the colored shaving is a great feeling.”

The Bottom Line

At the end of every show day, ring stewards are at the hub of the whole experience.  They see what judges, audience and exhibitors see.  They anticipate what is needed before it happens.  When to walk. When to stop.  Where to lineup. They work with recalcitrant calves.  Nervous exhibitors.  They rescue runaways. They build rapport with everybody.

Congratulations to Murray on 20 exemplary years focused on making sure that cattle are seen in the right place at the right time.  For all his family, friends, fans, peers and judges he fulfils the responsible role of Ring Steward to a T…… That’s Reissner Royal-T!!

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Does Your Breeding Program Save You Labor?

In breeding circles we seldom talk about labor costs or how the bulls we use affect the ratio of milk cows to workers. With labor costing between 15% (robotic or very large herds paying minimum wage) to 25% (small show oriented herds with higher skilled staff) of total on-farm costs, we are talking about a cost item that has a moderate to high opportunity for cost savings. So how does genetics factor into those savings? Let’s do some calculating on that and see where we end up.

Have an Open Mind

It likely goes without saying, that as a Bullvine subscriber you are looking for the new and novel. However when it comes to total labor cost, we must all be prepared to change our ways. And the first habit to change could well be how we select the bulls we use. Labor intensive animals or animals that do not fit into group management need not apply for work on bottom line focused farms. If the marketing of show animals is your business then perhaps this article is not for you. However if your business is the efficient production of fat and protein from your farm with perhaps some sale of surplus breeding animals then you are the audience this article is written to stimulate. (Read more: FACT VS. FANTASY: A Realistic Approach to Sire Selection and From Fantasy to Reality – Top sires to address herd culling problems)

Know and Adhere to Minimums

To save time and to achieve your objectives you are advised to have a genetic plan for you herd (Read more: What’s the plan?). Types up your plan as it relates to bulls indexes and post it by your semen / embryo tank. That way you can quickly show any genetic supplier what your requirements are. That way no semen or embryos need to go into your tank that do not follow your plan. Minimums could be something like 40 pounds of fat, 30 pounds of protein, DPR 1.0, UDC 1.0, FLC 1.0, SCS 2.90, PL 4.0, NM$ 650, gTPI 2000,  …etc.  I leave it to you to convert the numbers into your corresponding values should you reside outside the USA.

Determining Your Minimums

Since sires used account for 90% of the genetic advancement in most production focused herd, the following thoughts are provided for readers to apply when considering sire indexes and labor required.  The same rationale applies to embryos and live animals purchases.


Poor reproduction takes a big toll on dairy farms and considerable extra time and effort for difficult calvings, treating metritis cases, breeding more than once, heat checking, treating infertile cows and entering the information into the herd management software. The Bullvine estimates that 10% of the labor force could be tied up with issues relating to poor reproduction. Extensive genetic information is available on sires on calving ease (direct & maternal), daughter pregnancy rates / daughter fertility, and semen conception rate. In a two hundred cow milking herd wouldn’t it be a real profit plus if one worker in ten could be eliminated because the bulls used were genetically superior for reproduction traits?

Some breeders would like it to go even further as they would like to know which sires produce heifers that come into heat by one year of age. But sadly that data, if it exists, does not make it to DPR or DHI and therefore no genetic evaluations can be calculated.


Two primary areas immediately come to mind where genetics affect the labor associated with milking. These are the actual time to milk and the time to treat cows with mastitis. Cows are not uniformly the same. Cows faster than average are no problem but slow cows slow down their side of the parlour or they must take a second turn around the rotary. Of course slow milkers cut back on the number of cows one robot can accommodate. But it does not stop there. Very short teats, rear teats too close, poor milking temperament and overly deep and meaty udders all add to the effort and time that workers must put in at EVERY milking. Two minutes longer to milk every cow in a tie stall barn can almost double the hours to milk and in a parlour the extra two minutes for a portion of the herd can add an hour to each milking. Remember it isn’t only milking speed but it is also getting the milking unit to stay on short teats and the treating of cows with mastitis and having to keep their milk separated. Every worker puts in 2000 hours per year on the job. Sires that produce daughters that take an extra two minutes at each milking in 3x 200 cow herds can require the expense of an extra worker very quickly.


Breeders recognize that lameness is a big expense for their farms as well as being an animal welfare issue that consumers are increasingly aware of.  Part of the increased expense is the extra labor that is required to treat lame animals and move lame animals to and from milking. Feet and pastern strength are not very heritable but if there are enough daughters in a bull’s proof there is very good information to use in selecting sires. Another index that is also useful when selecting bulls to use is rear legs rear view. It is not simple to determine the added hours it takes to deal with lame cows but in some problematic herds it could add up to many hours per week.

Setting Your Minimums

Check the sires you have been using. Do they qualify as labor savers? If they don’t then perhaps the best move to make is to dump their semen and get semen from bulls that qualify as labor savers. To be within the top 17% of the breed for traits that affect labor required, bulls must have the following minimum indexes:

VEAZLAND MARION-ET99329265865-0.42-0.250
FUSTEAD EMORY BLITZ-ET81127601925-0.71-0.538
KELSTEIN OLIVER154926567985-0.16-0.031
ENSENADA TABOO PLANET-ET262526019283-0.01-0.029
MORNINGVIEW-MT-I LAKEVIEW151625916783-0.26-0.031
DE-SU GILLESPY-ET275425577469-0.18-0.1214
B-HIDDENHILLS MAR MARMAX-ET130325574572-0.43-0.1-1
STANTONS SILENT79625313462-0.5-0.17-3
BRAEDALE BIGBEN-1082511737-0.74-0.383
VIORIS SLEEMAN193924807189-0.170.066
DRIFTY-HOLLOW MASTODON138523974455-0.39-0.23
BONTEMPS-I ASHTON145123554957-0.33-0.179
ETAZON ADDISON19122641568-0.61-0.06-5
REGANCREST LONGTIME156522442860-0.47-0.1211
DA-SO-BURN DAMASK-ET10822422438-0.51-0.3-1
FREUREHAVEN NIAGARA2665222693770.110.038
BO-IRISH ALTON-ET191522227177-0.090.031
PETHERTON DARBY53422121141-0.61-0.260
JEWELED-ACRES SHARKY-ET179021847881-0.030.08-3
MAINSTREAM CROWN-ET18721772410-0.48-0.515
GINARY ROCKEFELLER58921654434-0.31-0.316
MR ELITE-ET51521232346-0.5-0.21
MORSAN ROSETTE83021053640-0.37-0.252
DELABERGE LAZARO5372100-540-0.71-0.24-2
MY-JOHN DENBY-ET85020794552-0.27-0.14-3
STANTONS ENTER121220672050-0.5-0.153
CO-OP LONDON COSMO-ET146720611160-0.56-0.070
RICECREST MURPHY-ET150620606065-0.14-0.01-1
RICH-J SOSA-ET40420572035-0.5-0.28-2
SANDY-VALLEY BOLTON-ET216720497358-0.02-0.0710
GEN-I-BEQ LAVAL166320485857-0.14-0.087
COMESTAR EL TOREADOR126120344640-0.26-0.2310
SANDY-VALLEY BRISK-ET21320313341-0.37-0.22-5
LA PRESENTATION CHARLY-55920191042-0.57-0.21-12
GLEN-TOCTIN LASHBAX-ET151220163256-0.38-0.085
COMESTAR LITTORAL8572015442-0.61-0.26
HORSTYLE MAXWELL-ET123820113871-0.310.035
LE-O-LA EMERSON CLASSIC-TW151520062256-0.46-0.085
MY-JOHN ROB-ET130020053578-0.340.092
COMESTAR LOUDANO61220042742-0.41-0.211
EMERALD-ACR-SA T-BAXTER163919996840-0.04-0.227
WELCOME GARTER-ET96219905152-0.19-0.121
COXLYN CAVAN69019902640-0.42-0.213
ALTAPPEL GLENDOR1657197471450.01-0.164
GILLETTE WALLACE143419714344-0.26-0.188
GILLETTE WHITEFACE143419714344-0.26-0.188
PREMIER-G BLACKSMITH-ET158519675454-0.15-0.096
EMERALD-ACR-VR CHASER-ET101919603356-0.34-0.07-7
JNP-ATH-MOR MOSAIC-ET77419454243-0.27-0.181
BENNER JUDO1267194483430.12-0.184
LEHOUX FESTIVAL122619342742-0.41-0.197
SUNNYLODGE SEYMORE33119341329-0.51-0.290
GEPAQUETTE MESQUIN129219314758-0.22-0.053
KARONA FANTASY202119275564-0.120.016
MISTER MADAGASCAR69419273440-0.32-0.21
STANTONS PRONGER-6351912119-0.63-0.370
GILLETTE WINDOVER88218962026-0.44-0.319
RALMA-RH TRUMPET-ET111718945537-0.13-0.225
BEYERCREST JUDD-ET71118882328-0.41-0.292
MOHRFIELD FORM TRADEMARK-ET1341881028-0.61-0.290
LADYS-MANOR LANCE-ET11718781629-0.47-0.28-1
SCHULTZ BIRMAN-ET1058186582500.12-0.09-4
MR MILLION MEGA-MAN-ET73318622425-0.39-0.313
THORNSPYC TOYBOY901857820-0.54-0.354
CRESCENTMEAD-A MOSES-ET-43918521126-0.51-0.29-9
MACO FRED1934184978700.110.071
PINE-SHELTER LARAMEE MOR-ET5041849-540-0.63-0.178
MS POSIBILITY PRODUCER-ET110918454643-0.19-0.153
GILLETTE WOLF71318353021-0.32-0.334
GILLETTE WYMAN71318353021-0.32-0.334
PALMERCREST BLITZ BLADE-ET7381834220-0.57-0.3412
SANDY-VALLEY BLISS-ET129618282343-0.39-0.148
SANDY-VALLEY BAILEY-ET129918215851-0.07-0.086
HA-HO CUBBY MANFRED-ET127518165054-0.16-0.04-7
POLY-KOW ALLTOP-ET165018154649-0.19-0.097
STANTONS SCHOLASTIC123318144662-0.170.011
SPRINGHILL-OH ELLIPSIS-ET36618141022-0.5-0.323
LONG-LANGS OMAN OMAN-ET3461180895940.260.2812
COMESTAR LOHAN108818045132-0.14-0.235
WALLACEVIEW PATTON1443179466430.01-0.144
REGANCREST-JB MONTY-ET7581793729-0.51-0.252
BLOSSOMDAIRY CALVIN50017853737-0.25-0.19-5
JOCKO BESN117017844664-0.180.05-1
LADYS-MANOR AGRESSIVE-ET37317804444-0.18-0.121
ROCKYMOUNTAIN LOCKMASTER137717754834-0.15-0.217
GILLETTE LEWISTON131917754646-0.18-0.1110
SUMMERSHADE ICECOLD80317733945-0.23-0.12-1
BRYHILL LAKDAR1056176868400.04-0.163
PLUSHANSKI FANTOM-ET5731761-1823-0.74-0.297
NEU-WAY ADMAN-ET45317591358-0.450-4
GINARY BRAD179017574447-0.18-0.098
GENO MARITIME1867174567500.04-0.068
GEPAQUETTE CYCLONE26117452526-0.36-0.271
PARADISE-D GILMORE-ET162617425050-0.12-0.067
MORNINGVIEW HASKEL1784172677570.130.015
GILLETTE CARNEGIE14017212645-0.33-0.10
MAINSTREAM MANIFOLD2234172083700.180.122
MAPEL WOOD LAIRD169917205145-0.13-0.14
JEANLU LANIER74117173338-0.26-0.16-3
BO-IRISH FRANKLIN-ET36517171834-0.39-0.191
STANTONS BUBBA69817155944-0.04-0.11-3
GREENLANE SLOAN133617113949-0.21-0.060
PLUSHANSKI ATMEN-ET110717072721-0.33-0.319
BENNER SERGIO50217042536-0.33-0.17-4
PFAFFS SOCCER-ET-8517044549-0.16-0.07-5
MAR-BIL BOLTON GUNFIRE-ET158816995342-0.09-0.127
CREEK DORNE-ET123416984125-0.18-0.266
RALMA FILMSTAR154116904739-0.15-0.155
DUDOC PASTEL-8016901637-0.42-0.16-1
BO-IRISH CHIVE-ET84216892047-0.38-0.071
HONEYCREST ELEGANT-ET166016854846-0.13-0.087
LARCREST CAPTURE-ET60516844744-0.12-0.09-3
SANDY-VALLEY BAUER-ET128016814834-0.12-0.188
BADGER ONESHOT-ET121216802552-0.32-0.021
O-BEE JURYMAN-ET129516796149-0.01-0.053
SILDAHL AIRRAID1831167681400.18-0.137
BENNER JEREMIAD221167462460.01-0.07-4
GENERVATIONS BALANCE1496167165460.05-0.078
HENKESEEN HILLCREST-ET2201669438-0.5-0.141
STANTONS STEWARD106916645750-0.02-0.040
YROLGAULT LUCIUS1353166360270.01-0.249
MARYLINE OGAR-ET8661661-854-0.610-1
HAMMINGVIEW WOLVERINE21616602223-0.34-0.263
ROCKYMOUNTAIN LONGSUIT102416574442-0.14-0.118
GG ADDISON SATIRE124116556061-0.010.061
MICHETTE MEDIEVAL2601654531-0.5-0.24
BRIGEEN GIVENCHY-ET1048165360340-0.170
CHARPENTIER PHARAON86916452034-0.36-0.172
DARITA MIDNIGHT-ET157316443856-0.20.012
WALHOWDON MARSHALL HARRY-ET134416442956-0.280.025
APPLOUIS JET STREAM-ET159916365256-0.070.022
CHARPENTIER ALTAMADARA104316345039-0.08-0.133
RJR CLARITY-ET1151163260350-0.160
GINARY JACOB90816312129-0.35-0.217
BRAEDALE JAFAR89816304748-0.11-0.040
LADYS-MANOR DOMINION81516172838-0.3-0.134
DELABERGE LOGAN37916173452-0.23-0.02-3
SUMMERSHADE ICICLE-1671616-935-0.62-0.16-7
SMITHDEN BUCKSTAR11761615635-0.48-0.166
BUTOISE BAHAMAS210616124869-0.10.137
MR ELLISON138416073744-0.19-0.076
REGANCREST-BH TS DELMIK-ET94316063839-0.19-0.121
CLEROLI ALTALATEX1392160471420.12-0.090
JAUQUET-SOUKUP CONTACT-ET33715981631-0.39-0.19-5
CEDARWAL APTITUDE-715983134-0.25-0.16-1
PLUSHANSKI RASBOI-ET105215942736-0.29-0.146
STANTONS EMAIL100415945138-0.07-0.124
GARONNE LE FORT-4601590-2814-0.77-0.331
WESSELCREST AIRBORNE-ET193915843147-0.23-0.049
FUSTEAD VITAL SIGN-ET-391584146-0.51-0.06-7
ROCKYMOUNTAIN LIMITED9691583142-0.52-0.15
OLMAR B W M JIM47615832426-0.31-0.214
DELABERGE DESPATIE179015823744-0.17-0.0611
VYECROFT OAK CREEK103515803243-0.22-0.079
GOLDEN-OAKS ALTAJAXON-ET137615795577-0.020.21-4
MAGOR ESSENCE-ET68515795255-0.050.02-5
HILLS-END SHOTTLE CHANCE-ET129715771337-0.42-0.126
TESK-HOLM M BLUE-ET-77515722425-0.31-0.23-9
GEPAQUETTE REMBRANT111715701044-0.43-0.074
AMMON FARM DYSON-ET-3315681536-0.38-0.14-1
POTH-ACRES GIBBY-ET136215674954-0.080.026
NOR-BERT CAVENDISH-ET123715674751-0.0905
RICECREST LANTZ-ET19115652257-0.320.06-7
HARTFORD MYRON-ET79815642646-0.27-0.05-1
BRAINWAVE WARNING-18315621229-0.41-0.19-5
DUDOC RADIUS191815574244-0.14-0.066
COMESTAR LAUTHIERY138515554346-0.11-0.058
R-E-W BLOCKBUSTER-ET112815544042-0.15-0.074
MORNINGVIEW JIMMY93015542843-0.27-0.062
GILLETTE WINDSTORM56615541535-0.37-0.137
PENNVIEW INJUSTICE66215532722-0.27-0.253
ROBTHOM MOSCOW-ET10531551829-0.43-0.196
BROWNKING BRADEN-ET69515513453-0.190.02-4
DESLACS MCQUEEN171815495660-0.010.074
GILLETTE COLE41615482918-0.25-0.284
LYLEHAVEN GAYLORD-5961548-1527-0.65-0.21-5
LESPERRON MACLEOD155115455261-0.040.084
TERRICK RAINDROP-ET2841540641-0.46-0.08-1
REGANCREST CHINOOK-ET80315392633-0.28-0.1510
STANTONS SENARIO40715374651-0.10.01-1
DEMARC RANCH186015344555-0.10.045
LYNNCREST HOOVER-ET45615332431-0.29-0.162
PINE-TREE NAPOLEON-ET59215324538-0.1-0.1-2
DELABERGE LABYRINTHE90315291641-0.36-0.086
MORNINGVIEW ERAGON-ET1754152554500-0.016
PINE-TREE KJ SHOLLIE-ET96915254641-0.09-0.093
RICECREST EMMETT-ET134115244171-0.130.180
GILLETTE JENKINS32915213132-0.23-0.15-2
STANTONS LINTEL-2461519-329-0.52-0.18-2
BOSDALE PROMO143015184043-0.14-0.0610
PARADISE-R ROEBUCK2615171318-0.38-0.27-8
O-BEE MANFRED JUSTICE-ET2392151582780.240.25-2
HARTLINE TREY-ET142815143044-0.24-0.066
ALTA SAXON1606151176380.2-0.18
RICHESSE SAP1206151064330.07-0.15-2
GRANDEUR ALTATEBOW-ET169715093641-0.17-0.089
CHASIN-RAINBOWS SEAN-RED-ET-1351507642-0.45-0.06-12
SANDY-VALLEY TOYOTA-ET124515064042-0.15-0.060
VISION-GEN DORION-ET143615045239-0.02-0.097
GILLETTE WIZARD124715023836-0.15-0.116
DIAMOND-OAK FROSTY-ET1925149968560.120.061
WAUREGAN-I C MORRIE2161498842-0.42-0.061
WA-DEL HAYDEN-ET2058149369490.130.017
LANGS-TWIN-B STANLEY-ET107614922147-0.3-0.0211
LYLEHAVEN GODFATHER-ET-6741486-1646-0.64-0.03-8
WOODMARSH GUINESS-ET80714851534-0.38-0.144
B-CREST OMAN STOMPIN-ET107914841451-0.370.026
RICHESSE SOMBRERO-7814841635-0.33-0.12-2
GILLETTE WILDTHING151414833347-0.19-0.029
GILLETTE WILLROCK151414833347-0.19-0.029
KERNDT-PREMIER BUTZE-ET1342148258410.02-0.079
LEXVOLD LUKE HERSHEL-ET21914811436-0.37-0.11-3
LONDONDALE LMAN MAGNUM-ET3581479436-0.45-0.12-4
ALLWICK PARADE-2041479933-0.4-0.13-6
B-Y-U-I ELEVATOR111614761843-0.32-0.057
MR MAILMAN-ET8221475-1323-0.6-0.229
CLAYNOOK KELSO123514743952-0.120.034
RAYPEL NORDIQUE-12151474-1820-0.66-0.25-9
HAMMINGVIEW STINGRAY1289147055450.01-0.038
DONNANDALE LEVI-32514701743-0.35-0.05-13
RONLAND JUNEAU6551469-823-0.56-0.213
CRACKHOLM COMESTAR PAYMASTER-10841468-1829-0.65-0.17-7
B-Y-U MANDEL BOMBAY-ET401467-141-0.51-0.06-6
SILDAHL JETT AIR-ET2269146464320.11-0.1413
UFM-DUBS OLEGANT-ET221314644449-0.090.019
LA PRESENTATION LUXOR16314601037-0.41-0.11
PINE-TREE LIVONIA-ET73814593135-0.19-0.11-3
LADYS-MANOR RIGOROUS-ET64514594828-0.04-0.170
STANTONS VISION124614584939-0.03-0.085
OPSAL SLADE-ET57614583637-0.18-0.09-1
TAILOR MADE INVESTOR8314572523-0.25-0.220
SANDY-VALLEY FIREBACK-ET146614553060-0.210.1112
PINE-TREE MOLINE-ET68414552038-0.3-0.080
HENKESEEN ATTENTION20514552655-0.250.07-4
DE-SU BURNISH-ET1526145377350.21-0.114
BRAEDALE MR GREY CUP45314521237-0.37-0.093
SILDAHL BW DUTCH BOY-ET70014502150-0.30.02-3
CREEK DESTINY-ET103114472841-0.22-0.065
MAPEL WOOD ALTADESTINY89614464850-0.040.031
WILLSONA SHAMUS63914463230-0.19-0.156
ALTA WAND97814452346-0.27-0.015
WESSELCREST ALTAAIRSHOW-ET141414433036-0.21-0.16
CREEK BITES-ET18814431953-0.30.05-7
BDGGENETICS ENCINO-ET1698144056550.040.072
CEDARWAL RAIDER2841439-530-0.52-0.15-1
CLOVERHILLFM LOFTY145914383942-0.14-0.059
MURANDA BWM LEADER-ET1510143759360.06-0.095
GILLETTE WHY NOT1184143771240.16-0.28
OCONNORS JAY2510143567760.130.2411
MR TRI-STAR BOOKER-ET80914343941-0.12-0.056
CLAYNOOK ATOM33114341430-0.34-0.141
REGANCREST-MWS MAGNA-ET66114311222-0.36-0.222
VELTHUIS LOU SPECTRUM105714301639-0.33-0.087
RALMA FLAG-ET90914301232-0.37-0.138
CHASIN-RAINBOWS JADON-ET185214274751-0.040.0411
CANYON-BREEZE HRL ARTIC-ET85614271247-0.370.014
SANDY-VALLEY ALEJANDRO-ET96514232844-0.23-0.026
GILLETTE WELLBRED595142358370.05-0.080
STANTONS SHAVER33014232233-0.28-0.121
ERBCREST BOLTON MONTY1492142267450.15-0.024
GEN-I-BEQ ALTABUZZER2148142175440.22-0.028
DIAMOND-OAK BARTON-ET1621142059470.070.011
R-E-W BUCKEYE-ET114314193337-0.17-0.083
GILLETTE WHATS UP111014194222-0.08-0.215
KRULLCREST-H WOLFGANG-ET111914164841-0.04-0.066
REGANCREST MONTELL-ET71614121527-0.32-0.173
WARGO-ACRES MIRAGE-ET47914122221-0.27-0.211
STANBRO PROGRAM138314091239-0.36-0.066
KERNDTWAY HOWIE-ET69114092026-0.28-0.176
BARNKAMPER ALTABENNIE136714043746-0.1408
WEST PORT MOBY RED816140452460.010-1
LA PRESENTATION SAROIS-24214031946-0.30-10
TSDF FAME-ET68814011616-0.32-0.25-1
CHASIN-RAINBOWS AUDITOR-ET73014003445-0.16-0.01-1
ROCHER SHAKER-RED-ET31914003740-0.14-0.05-3
WAUREGAN-I MAESTRO45113984946-0.010-2
ALPINA REVENUE69513962039-0.27-0.07-4
SKIPWELL COLLIER78113952633-0.21-0.117
COGENT COURIER1041395354-0.440.06-7
STERNDALE LIQUEUR ET142413924542-0.06-0.0310
PENNVIEW INTRUDER-15013922726-0.22-0.171
VELTHUIS S V B SAMPSON160613914351-0.070.042
COMESTAR LITTLE ROCK8681390643-0.42-0.032
MORNINGVIEW SUNFIRE4113891834-0.31-0.11-3
COMESTAR LAUSHERIF-10721389-1319-0.58-0.22-6
END-ROAD PVF BOLIVER-ET142413885056-0.010.092
VELVET-VIEW-KJ SOCRATES-ET1263138860290.08-0.143
STRAUSSDALE SUNDANCE-ET123613883945-0.11-0.016
HARTLINE FOWLER-ET1739138761360.09-0.087
WEST PORT ARRON DOON MALTBY P110913873642-0.13-0.040
MONDIAL BLANCO ET7261386-217-0.48-0.257
WALLACEVIEW ALADDIN1435138566610.150.134
LA PRESENTATION DORILION-68013852035-0.28-0.09-6
KAMPS-HOLLOW CONVCD RSVP-ET1681138388520.340.062
CHARPENTIER NEWPORT1406138354320.03-0.126
MORSAN NOLTON1137137655250.05-0.165
BRAEDALE BUZZLIGHTYEAR-7431375-2523-0.69-0.19-2
GEN-I-BEQ STARMAX101213742940-0.18-0.045
LANG-ENGLAND CAPRI-ET100313732627-0.21-0.153
STOUDER MORTY-ET2701372924-0.37-0.183
ROCKALLI BRADLEY6013722323-0.25-0.191
GILLETTE BRILEA F B I118013693835-0.11-0.098
GEPAQUETTE GANDALF4541369-733-0.52-0.12
SYNERGY WAYNO92713682133-0.27-0.15
MACO PHILOMIN24113682023-0.28-0.18-4
MORNINGVIEW FAKIR88413671921-0.28-0.219
RAYPEL SUMMIT51913672938-0.19-0.061
CROCKETT-ACRES EIGHT-ET2297136673780.210.280
AVERILL FIDEL-ET85613664336-0.05-0.07-1
LOUISELLE EQUINOX76013652330-0.25-0.135
LLOYETTA LONNY58013641426-0.33-0.171
SAVAGE-LEIGH LEITH-ET114213632137-0.29-0.078
DESLACS SATISFACTION1231357138-0.44-0.06-3
BOFRAN LOUISVILLE93213543327-0.14-0.158
KEYSTONE PYREX-ET27213541514-0.32-0.260
STANTONS SVEN112313534555-0.030.090
DUDOC INCARNE5071353-533-0.49-0.10
GEN-I-BEQ CHARTER26913513218-0.16-0.223
LARELEVE DAVIGNON133913482430-0.22-0.128
MEMENTO BENEDICT P10261348-418-0.49-0.2311
COMESTAR LAUTREC2066134776500.240.0510
COMESTAR ATTRACTION4313462817-0.2-0.244
GILLETTE ALTACIA57713443214-0.16-0.266
S-M-E-I TITLE62713433142-0.17-0.03-5
BERRYHOLME FULLFLOW ET49813434419-0.04-0.215
DESLACS LIAISON513432034-0.26-0.09-1
SMITHDEN ACADIAN89613392943-0.17-0.011
MORNINGVIEW DAPPER-ET8381337934-0.36-0.094
FAVREAUTIERE GRIZZLY4881337-611-0.51-0.288
WINDSOR-MANOR ZAREK-ET751133663370.13-0.06-2
STRIPES SKYWAY2441336-1326-0.57-0.150
RAYPEL SUTTON85513351232-0.33-0.19
BOFRAN LYAM53213351927-0.27-0.142
PENNVIEW INVESTMENT1072133460360.12-0.066
MAINSTREAM CONSTABLE-ET95713344327-0.05-0.145
COLDSPRINGS KENYON 9118-ET1772133365440.1506
GEN-I-BEQ TOPSIDE2472133181500.30.0513
BO-IRISH FINE2071331118-0.44-0.227
DOMICOLE CVF SULLIVAN1067133051240.02-0.176
MARINEAU ALTATANGUAY97913304038-0.08-0.058
LYSTEL CHICAGO-10251330-111-0.55-0.36-4
SIR LINERWAY ALTALEX-ET6791329139-0.44-0.04-1
PECK-VALLEY ULYSSES-RED-8391329-3015-0.72-0.24-10
LANG-ENGLAND HARRISON-ET75913282333-0.23-0.082
LINDENRIGHT APPLAUSE4371327128-0.42-0.131
ROBTHOM ROSEWOOD-7411326-611-0.5-0.28-6
MICHERET REDQUILL-RED95513251625-0.29-0.155
HENDEL MINNEAPOLIS-ET79313241133-0.34-0.094
KED JOCK-TW25913223829-0.1-0.12-4
STANTONS BRAKE1187132149450.010.022
BLANCO BIG BILL98413163016-0.16-0.238
BRAEDALE GOLDRUSH112613154843-0.0105
BEAUCOISE CAMAY-3891314-1123-0.54-0.17-6
WILLSONA SURE THING1704131352580.030.131
COMESTAR LUTICA83313132664-0.20.17-2
LARS-ACRES ALTAFLAME-ET1388131152360.04-0.064
PETHERTON ROTHBY1308131051260.02-0.157
JENNY-LOU MARSHALL P149-ET88313092533-0.21-0.096
STANTONS SCANDAL65713093350-0.140.06-3
FREUREHAVEN ROGER76613044229-0.05-0.125
RONLAND JUDAS JONNY58613043036-0.18-0.07-5
QUIETCOVE-RAR M BURTON-ET21813032925-0.17-0.16-4
SANDY-VALLEY BRODERICK-ET65313004231-0.04-0.09-3
KILDARE BLOOPER1711300525-0.38-0.153
RAUSCHER MARS 999-GRAND-ET8841299-527-0.47-0.137
MARYCLERC B SUPERBUCK116712972931-0.17-0.117
MAINSTREAM MOHAWK-ET-2161296-2717-0.69-0.224
DROLIE DEFROST-1931295-1327-0.54-0.13-3
CALBRETT-I H H CHAMPION48312912931-0.17-0.12
PELLERAT MORDICUS-6301288612-0.37-0.26-5
GILLETTE WATCH OUT1936128792440.410.025
PINE-TREE STRAUB-ET38912872526-0.21-0.141
LADYS-MANOR AM TANGLE-ET100612854637-0.02-0.04-3
GOLDEN-OAKS TIMBER-ET-3171284-107-0.52-0.3-2
GENETI-CO APOLLO-ET75712834444-0.030.020
VALLEY-DRIVE ZESTY-ET126912813655-0.090.112
PENN-ENGLAND DELL-ET87612802032-0.24-0.094
WA-DEL BUBBA-ET-3471278914-0.34-0.24-5
OPSAL WILSTAR DORIC-ET73712774626-0.01-0.136
MAINSTREAM PATRICK-ET-1212761330-0.31-0.11-8
LARCREST COMPLEX-ET-3761275-135-0.55-0.315
ROLLING-SPRING ESTHETIC-ET1071273-116-0.43-0.223
SIKKEMA-STAR-W MOSAD-ET-3291272-1136-0.53-0.05-4
WINDY-KNOLL-VIEW PROMAR-ET9491271733-0.35-0.089
DUDOC MR BURNS181812693166-0.130.218
LADYS-MANOR WILDMAN-ET75012692936-0.15-0.055
TI-SUE MAXIMUM-ET68212693816-0.08-0.226
RICHESSE STRASSMAN966126854320.07-0.093
JOLICAP CARRERA17761266454500.0410
VER-HAGES RIGBY-ET341126651230.05-0.16-3
TWINAIRVIEW BULLSEYE971266-1012-0.52-0.256
LITTLE RIVER SHENSTONE-5991265-917-0.5-0.22-9
EXPRESS LESPERRON DAYLIVE-5181263-2417-0.64-0.22
MR MIDNIGHT-ET74012622937-0.17-0.054

The Bullvine Bottom Line

On December 3rd new bull indexes will be released. Life on the farm has the potential to require less labor or fewer labor intensive jobs if you select sires that SAVE LABOR. December 3rd is less than two weeks away. It is time to start re-writing the genetic plan for your herd.

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Dairymen Are Tough But So Is Cancer

There is no question that dairymen are some of the toughest in the world.  Like many tough men, they can often overlook their own health.  Cancer is not something you can afford to overlook.  This November many men a growing mustaches in support of cancer research.  The best time to have started to grow a Movember moustache was at the beginning of the month.  The second best time is right now!  There is no such thing as a bad hair day when it comes to spreading the word about preventing prostate cancer.

Buford, the mascot at Jaylor, even grew a mustache for Movember Dairy. They Jaylor team writes: "Buford is proud to be a part of Dairy Farmer's Cancer network for this year's Movember. The team is ready to grow their 'staches for November 1st."

Buford, the mascot at Jaylor, even grew a mustache for Movember Dairy.

Changing the Face of Dairy Men’s Health

With the high potential of all men being challenged with prostate cancer, the North American dairy farmer is not spared from these statistics.  Perhaps because of the 24/7 nature of dairying, dairy farmers tend to be less aware of the signs and symptoms.  Added to that they may have less frequent medical examinations and are often more focused on the care of their cows and crops than they are on their own health. The good news is that, if prostate cancer is detected early, the cure rate nears 100%.

Movember Dairy

To encourage routine health exams for men in the dairy industry, a small-but-dedicated coalition within the dairy industry developed Movember Dairy, a subset of the national organization called Movember.  With a campaign centered on the mustache, the coalition is joining forces to start the conversation on men’s health through: industry mustache parties, a Facebook page, radio public service announcements – and much more.

A time for Hair Raising Togetherness

Would you be willing to dedicate a blog post to an important dairy industry initiative this month?  The initiative is called “Movember Dairy” and the goal of the movement is to raise awareness of men’s health in the dairy industry. Movember Dairy builds on the tradition of November being recognized as the men’s health awareness month, specifically focused on health challenges facing a high proportion of males – including cancer, and specifically prostate cancer. It is a statistical fact that one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.


From Grass Roots Idea to Global Campaign

Movember founder Garone urges those who may feel that the effort may not be significant enough to “never underestimate a room full of people.  That is how Movember started, there were four of us and we inspired 30 people in 2003. That 30 people grew to 450 and then 10,000 the next year.  We created this movement from a very very grassroots level and grew to the state, then Australia and now it is a global campaign”.  Globally, three million participants have raised more than $446 million to date. You may have missed your moustache growing opportunity but you can donate to the Movember campaign which funds prostate cancer research by visiting the online chapter near you such as  or

This is Where You Blog In!

The Movember Dairy group is asking bloggers in the agricultural community to dedicate at least one blog post to Movember Dairy in November to help raise awareness within the agriculture industry.  There are many ways to show your interest in caring for the health to dairymen, starting with social media.

  • Share how cancer has impacted a family member and your farm Post photos of your family and farm team with fake mustaches – either homemade or digitally added.
  • Find photos of your favorite celebrity mustaches online and create a Pinterest board to share them.
  • Take a picture of your mustache (fake or real) and post it to the Movember Dairy Facebook page.  As part of the Movember Dairy photo contest, you could win a Bonnie Mohr print!

1383407_576751399056978_247407767_n[1]Notes to the Topline Challenged and Moustache Fitters

With less than a month remaining you may not challenge Tom Selleck but, with patience, you can raise awareness and money for dairymen’s health causes.  You won’t need major equipment or “black” but a moustache comb may encourage both you and your new ‘stache.  Back away from the cow clippers or any other electric razor.  They could cause a slip above the lip that might leave you with no growing time at all in November!  Better to be untamed than skinned off!

What if You Have BULD – Bare Upper Lip Disorder?

Not everyone can be successful at growing a moustache and for the female side of the farm they probably would prefer not to.  Having said that, everyone loves a party and where two or three gather together to celebrate Movember there is the possibility of improving the negative statistics that prostate cancer is stacking up.

You may not be able to grow a moustache but you can definitely bake one.

You could offer tasteful support to the cause with November moustache cookies on sticks.  One online blogger provides a recipe, pictures and comments. “These moustache cookies are a lot easier to make than they look, and just take a batch of sugar cookie dough and some chocolate. You can have a fully grown and groomed ‘stache in an hour – way, way less time than it takes to grow one. And you can actually eat these ones.” There are other options as well.  You can always wear a fake moustache, pin, hair ornament or t-shirt. After all, the goal is to start a conversation.  The end result is to have all those men we love and cherish, fully informed and ready to take care of their health. Whichever option you choose, you will be helping our dairy industry raise awareness of men’s health and the importance of early detection of prostate cancer. With your help, we can build support throughout the agriculture industry to help dairy farmers protect themselves against health risks.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Take action.  Contact your local doctor for an annual health screening for yourself or a loved one! Also please like and share this article on Facebook to help get the word out. This cause is worthy of your support.  Be a survivor not a statistic!

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An Insider’s Guide to What Sells at the Big Dairy Cattle Auctions 2013

Breeders often want to know how to price the animals they wish to sell or in order to value their inventory. But it does not stop there. Breeders also use sale prices to determine which sires they should use to generate future revenue from genetic sales. In order to assist breeders The Bullvine has analysed five sales held in Canada between October 24 and November 07, 2013. Those sales are the Genibeq V Sale, the Leading to the Royal Sale, the SnowBiz Dispersal, the Jetstream Global Greatness Sale and the Sale of Stars.


In total 408 live animals, 27 choices and 74 embryos sold for a total sales value of $5,000,045. Heifers averaged $10,280 (338 head), cows $14,290 (70 head), choices $15,922 and embryos $873. Each sale had its own focus for the animals sold and as might be expected the sale averages ranged from $3,500 to over $19,000. Yet the story goes much deeper than simply the averages.

Heifers Sell According to Earning Power

Recently the marketing focus has been on heifers. This was very evident in these sales with heifers being 83% of the live animal sold. Within the heifers there was a considerable price range according to their merit. The averages according to group are as follows:

Analysis by Buying Motivator - Heifers

Table 1 – Analysis by Buying Motivator – Heifers

NameCountrySireMGSBPI (%)

Clearly the heifers in most demand, based on the prices paid, were polled or those with a gLPI over 3300. Six heifers with gLPI over 3300 sold for over $50,000 and three polled heifers sold for over the $50,000 mark. Red Pedigrees had a good average however when the top seller was removed their average dropped to $9391. Top sellers were:

  • Red Families – $195,000  Crasdale TRJ Supersire Aroma  [Supersire from Apple Family] (Sale of Stars)
  • Polled – $200,000  Snowbiz Ladd P Sunshine [Supersire from Splendor Family] (SnowBiz)
  • gLPI over 3300 – $165,000 Coyne-Farms Pdestine May [Predistine with gTPI +2587 (#18), AI contracted] (Global Greatness)
    $100,000 Cookiecutter JC Hawn [Jacey x Halo back to Dellia Family with gTPI +2564] (Global Greatness)
  • gLPI 3000-329 – $100,000 MS Chassity Snow Carrie [Snowman from Barbie Family]  (SnowBiz)
  • 1st Choice – $100,000 1st Choice by Camaro (DGV LPI 3310) or Satisfaction (DGV LPI 3428) from Da-So-Burn Burberry (Uno x Dorcy) gTPI 2648 (Global Greatness)

Although heifers do not usually have a flush history, it was evident from the prices paid that buyers had done their homework when paying top dollars and had selected from families which flush well (Read more: Three Things to Consider When Investing In Genomic Heifers, Informed Heifer Buying – Are you fully prepared? And What Comes First The Chicken Or The Egg?).

Breeders making mating decisions now with the view to selling heifers in the future can expect the market to remain strong for both polled and elite genomically tested heifers from proven cow families.

Unique Brings Top Dollars in Cows

With only 70 cows in total selling in the five sales the averages by grouping were not as broadly based as with the heifers. The groupings for gLPI where changed from the heifers as milking cow gLPIs are lower. The averages according to group are as followsAnalysis by Buying Motivator - Cows

Table 2 – Analysis by Buying Motivator – Cows

LONG-LANGS OMAN OMAN-ET3461180895940.260.2812
DE-SU GILLESPY-ET275425577469-0.18-0.1214
FREUREHAVEN NIAGARA2665222693770.110.038
UFM-DUBS ALTAESQUIRE-ET26451100115670.690.264
ENSENADA TABOO PLANET-ET262526019283-0.01-0.029
GEN-I-BEQ BRAWLER2511122464540.170.1112
OCONNORS JAY2510143567760.130.2411
GEN-I-BEQ TOPSIDE2472133181500.30.0513
CRACKHOLM FEVER242174159240.3016
O-BEE MANFRED JUSTICE-ET2392151582780.240.25-2
LIRR DREW DEMPSEY232335645340.310.216
CROCKETT-ACRES EIGHT-ET2297136673780.210.280
CROCKETT-ACRES OTTO-ET2282126175690.270.232
SILDAHL JETT AIR-ET2269146464320.11-0.1413
MAINSTREAM MANIFOLD2234172083700.180.122
UFM-DUBS OLEGANT-ET221314644449-0.090.019
MAPLE-DOWNS-I G W ATWOOD216953056250.350.0717
SANDY-VALLEY BOLTON-ET216720497358-0.02-0.0710
GEN-I-BEQ ALTABUZZER2148142175440.22-0.028
DOMICOLE CHELIOS211782876400.420.1214
BUTOISE BAHAMAS210616124869-0.10.137
BRAEDALE GOLDWYN210537550300.350.1613
GILLETTE JORDAN2068104756370.170.0212
COMESTAR LAUTREC2066134776500.240.0510
WA-DEL HAYDEN-ET2058149369490.130.017
KARONA FANTASY202119275564-0.120.016
COMESTAR LAUTHORITY201057057260.350.0716
DEWGOOD BENEFIT200180841480.120.198
MORSAN BORIS197164865390.40.1611
GILLETTE WINDBROOK194787960380.260.0715
VIORIS SLEEMAN193924807189-0.170.066
WESSELCREST AIRBORNE-ET193915843147-0.23-0.049
GILLETTE WATCH OUT1936128792440.410.025
MACO FRED1934184978700.110.071
DIAMOND-OAK FROSTY-ET1925149968560.120.061
DUDOC RADIUS191815574244-0.14-0.066
BO-IRISH ALTON-ET191522227177-0.090.031
SMITHDEN ADMIRAL1912102476420.360.087
BRYHILL LOYAL190791555370.20.0612
PINE-TREE MARTHA SHAMPOO-ET1902102777500.360.143
PETHERTON ROX ITAK1890117748510.050.116
PICSTON SHOTTLE-ET1882125549360.03-0.0411
EXPRESS BOLLY186986455400.220.18
GENO MARITIME1867174567500.04-0.068
ALLYNDALE-I ATTICUS18676440180.370.1515
DEMARC RANCH186015344555-0.10.045
GILLETTE CANYON1853117348500.060.110
CHASIN-RAINBOWS JADON-ET185214274751-0.040.0411
VELTHUIS SOLSTICE183915829320.230.249
SILDAHL AIRRAID1831167681400.18-0.137
STANTONS ALTARIC-RED182974069530.40.256
DUDOC MR BURNS181812693166-0.130.218
REGANCREST REGINALD-ET181348043310.250.1414
ARDROSS STERLING1812113473600.30.198
MOON-LINE CRANKY-ET1812775101460.690.182
REGANCREST-PJ MAXLIFE-ET180349170370.490.1910
JEWELED-ACRES SHARKY-ET179021847881-0.030.08-3
GINARY BRAD179017574447-0.18-0.098
DELABERGE DESPATIE179015823744-0.17-0.0611
MORNINGVIEW HASKEL1784172677570.130.015
JOLICAP CARRERA17761266454500.0410
COLDSPRINGS KENYON 9118-ET1772133365440.1506
RIDGE-STAR JAMMER-ET176382656340.240.077
SMITHDEN AARON175984947370.140.0711
MORNINGVIEW ERAGON-ET1754152554500-0.016
CHARITY ALTAGRATIS-ET175477559490.290.219
MICHERET INFRAROUGE175474232290.050.048
GILLETTE STANLEYCUP174362366210.41013
GILLETTE WINDHAMMER174362366210.41013
HARTLINE FOWLER-ET1739138761360.09-0.087
MR MARVELOUS-ET1732107051430.10.0710
HARDWOOD BOSTON-ET172143441380.240.28
DESLACS MCQUEEN171815495660-0.010.074
REGEL BACHELOR170986746370.150.089
FLEURY MATHYS170950452370.310.195
WILLSONA SURE THING1704131352580.030.131
MAPEL WOOD LAIRD169917205145-0.13-0.14
BDGGENETICS ENCINO-ET1698144056550.040.072
GRANDEUR ALTATEBOW-ET169715093641-0.17-0.089
B-CREST SHADOW-ET169468932340.060.1114
CLEAR-ECHO DRISCOLL-ET169472772300.420.075
SUNNYLODGE SHARK1689107657610.170.237
KAMPS-HOLLOW CONVCD RSVP-ET1681138388520.340.062
GEN-I-BEQ LAVAL166320485857-0.14-0.087
HONEYCREST ELEGANT-ET166016854846-0.13-0.087
ALTAPPEL GLENDOR1657197471450.01-0.164
BEAUCOISE CROONER1653101464370.260.045
POLY-KOW ALLTOP-ET165018154649-0.19-0.097
EMERALD-ACR-SA T-BAXTER163919996840-0.04-0.227
R-E-W SEAVER-ET16375151135-0.070.1714
STANTONS DUNDAS163566739410.130.168
SUNNYLODGE STING163344855250.360.0910
PARADISE-D GILMORE-ET162617425050-0.12-0.067
BEAVER RAY MURAL162237149190.330.068
DIAMOND-OAK BARTON-ET1621142059470.070.011
GILLETTE WYCLIFF1614115262410.20.037
COMESTAR LAVANGUARD161466154250.280.0314
LADYS-MANOR DODGE-ET161136459360.430.226
STANTONS SUDIAL160990852630.180.292
VELTHUIS S V B SAMPSON160613914351-0.070.042
ALTA SAXON1606151176380.2-0.18
ERBCREST ROLO160642066140.48013
SANDY-VALLEY DEPUTY-ET16059062436-0.090.066
GILLETTE JUNGLE16048102335-0.050.0712
GEN-I-BEQ BECKER160488262340.290.058
APPLOUIS JET STREAM-ET159916365256-0.070.022
WESSELCREST BAXTER ASHER159820143200.360.1210
DELABERGE SHOCKER159212511840-0.26-0.0113
MAR-BIL BOLTON GUNFIRE-ET158816995342-0.09-0.127
PREMIER-G BLACKSMITH-ET158519675454-0.15-0.096
ALTA TAZO158411333822-0.03-0.139
UFM-DUBS GOLDROY-ET157837465110.49-0.0111
VIDIA MISSILE157757653430.30.218
LADYS-MANOR FALCONRY-ET1575110980500.360.113
ALLYNDALE-I G W ARDEN15752425200.230.1816
DARITA MIDNIGHT-ET157316443856-0.20.012
GLEN-TOCTIN AIR LANDING-ET1572121866460.20.066
REGANCREST LONGTIME156522442860-0.47-0.1211
CRACKHOLM FOCUS1563112742540.010.144
LORKA LUNAIRE156248673320.520.1410
APPLEVUE SHOTBLOCK1561107347450.070.087
COMESTAR LADNER155428244150.320.0511
LESPERRON MACLEOD155115455261-0.040.084
KELSTEIN OLIVER154926567985-0.16-0.031
CLAYNOOK VIGGER154946745380.270.214
CARTERS-CORNER ALLY-ET154484295340.60.06-5
FREUREHAVEN RITTER154320133320.250.235
RALMA FILMSTAR154116904739-0.15-0.155
GREGORI SEQUOIA154140251290.360.1510
NOVA-HD ARDENT-ET153711743033-0.11-0.069
BROAD COVE HARBORMASTER-ET153510103239-0.040.046
GEPAQUETTE F B ROSS153321259290.490.197
LA PRESENTATION SWORD153279950390.20.116
GOLD-N-OAKS M MACE152816654330.470.254
DE-SU BURNISH-ET1526145377350.21-0.114
SHEAROAD BUZZ152643842240.260.099
CANYON-BREEZE ALASKA-ET152337327330.120.188
LADYS-MANOR GORGE-ET1522102645470.080.117
CHARPENTIER MANITOU151810143649-0.020.147
MORNINGVIEW-MT-I LAKEVIEW151625916783-0.26-0.031
LE-O-LA EMERSON CLASSIC-TW151520062256-0.46-0.085
GILLETTE WILDTHING151414833347-0.19-0.029
GILLETTE WILLROCK151414833347-0.19-0.029
KICK-IT-UP ACTIVIST-ET151497678450.390.11-3
KILDARE LAKOTA15148702123-0.09-0.0510
GLEN-TOCTIN LASHBAX-ET151220163256-0.38-0.085
MURANDA BWM LEADER-ET1510143759360.06-0.095
STANTONS STEADY150841765220.470.0711
RICECREST MURPHY-ET150620606065-0.14-0.01-1
WALHOWDON HAILSTORM-ET150658952340.280.132
PEARTOME BULLSEYE150140181380.640.233
SCIENTIFIC DESTRY-ET1501-15712180.180.2211
GENERVATIONS BALANCE1496167165460.05-0.078
ERBCREST BOLTON MONTY1492142267450.15-0.024
STANTONS BUNDY149195568560.30.221
BEAVER RAY GOLDMAX148478948420.190.144
KLOVER-HILL JAVA-ET147953939340.190.1510
GLEN-VALLEY BW CAPTAIN-ET147650743330.240.148
GOLDEN-OAKS ST ALEXANDER-ET147566668190.41-0.029
CO-OP LONDON COSMO-ET146720611160-0.56-0.070
SANDY-VALLEY FIREBACK-ET146614553060-0.210.1112
KELLERCREST LANGDON-ET1466104741400.020.056
RALMA GOLDWYN COACH-ET146144018200.020.0513
CLOVERHILLFM LOFTY145914383942-0.14-0.059
BONTEMPS-I ASHTON145123554957-0.33-0.179
FAVREAUTIERE GAILURON14489683145-0.040.125
MORSAN OMANNY144479731470.020.182
WALLACEVIEW PATTON1443179466430.01-0.144
GILLETTE JERRICK144272741260.140.029
GENERVATIONS LOBO143735943350.280.215
VISION-GEN DORION-ET143615045239-0.02-0.097
BO-IRISH KRUISER-ET1436-1742160.410.1511
WALLACEVIEW ALADDIN1435138566610.150.134
GILLETTE WALLACE143419714344-0.26-0.188
GILLETTE WHITEFACE143419714344-0.26-0.188
MISTY SPRINGS SIRIUS143192850240.16-0.0610
BOSDALE PROMO143015184043-0.14-0.0610
HARTLINE TREY-ET142815143044-0.24-0.066
END-ROAD PVF BOLIVER-ET142413885056-0.010.092
STERNDALE LIQUEUR ET142413924542-0.06-0.0310
FAR-O-LA DEVOTED-ET1418121155540.10.123
MR BTR BOURNE-ET14184941543-0.030.246
MORNINGVIEW ASHLAR-ET141577542270.130.016
WESSELCREST ALTAAIRSHOW-ET141414433036-0.21-0.16
COMESTAR LILLTRUST141251321420.030.236
VELLHAVEN ALTAAPEX141010042528-0.09-0.049
CHARPENTIER NEWPORT1406138354320.03-0.126
PARADISE-DND SPARTA-ET140684341290.090.016
GEN-I-BEQ SHOTGUN140633153210.390.098
WEST PORT ARRON DOON MITEY P139613756230.490.175
SCIENTIFIC SS DUSK-ET139630237180.250.0610
CLAYNOOK TRILIGHT1395116580370.35-0.014
CLEROLI ALTALATEX1392160471420.12-0.090
RUBIS LIFE SAVER139098359220.23-0.098
DIAMOND-OAK SPLENDOR-ET1388116052380.0908
LARS-ACRES ALTAFLAME-ET1388131152360.04-0.064
BREMER RULER-ET138759161350.370.143
DRIFTY-HOLLOW MASTODON138523974455-0.39-0.23
COMESTAR LAUTHIERY138515554346-0.11-0.058
MR ELLISON138416073744-0.19-0.076
STANBRO PROGRAM138314091239-0.36-0.066
GOULDHAVEN HOTBLOOD137712404037-0.04-0.032
ROCKYMOUNTAIN LOCKMASTER137717754834-0.15-0.217
GOLDEN-OAKS ALTAJAXON-ET137615795577-0.020.21-4
MISTY SPRINGS BURMLEY137372641430.140.175
SHADYCREST-H MEGATON-ET137281640420.10.144
REGANCREST GOLD DORAL-ET137132940190.260.077
MS ATLEES SHT AFTERSHOCK-ET13714561940.02-0.118
BARNKAMPER ALTABENNIE136714043746-0.1408
ALTAPPEL ALTAGLOW136525541390.310.277
BREEZE HILL COMPASS136561235310.110.099
COMESTAR LEXACT136391435420.020.113
POTH-ACRES GIBBY-ET136215674954-0.080.026
CANYON-BREEZE ALLEGRO-ET1361121474520.280.11-2
VYECROFT VITTORIO136199251440.140.15
GILLETTE JOB135912942230.350.186
ALLYNDALE-I ATTIC1354-19946170.520.2113
BOFRAN LEONARDO1353123145390-0.016
YROLGAULT LUCIUS1353166360270.01-0.249
DESLACS COLUMBO135280634370.040.088
ACECROFT GOLDWYN ZULU ET134985935230.04-0.0413
WALHOWDON MARSHALL HARRY-ET134416442956-0.280.025
MEIER-MEADOWS MARS NILES-ET13447902136-0.070.085
KERNDT-PREMIER BUTZE-ET1342148258410.02-0.079
RICECREST EMMETT-ET134115244171-0.130.180
LARELEVE DAVIGNON133913482430-0.22-0.128
ERBCREST LYNDON133852564280.420.17
GREENLANE SLOAN133617113949-0.21-0.060
GEN-I-BEQ CHARLESTON133368675280.460.046
SONNEK AMBITIOUS-ET133299947500.090.154
GEN-I-BEQ BOBBY133068431270.060.057
ARCADIA PHASE ONE1329114658420.140.033
DELABERGE LOGIC132947633290.150.128
SANDY-VALLEY TIMING-ET1326830848-0.20.188
PETHERTON DHALMER132616264190.580.135
MR MING-ET132510663236-0.070.013
MORNINGVIEW LANDSLIDE-ET132338855330.390.190
GEN-I-BEQ BALNEAIRE132088340300.0702
LUNCREST T-MAC-ET132083558190.27-0.075
REGAN-ALH DUNSTEN-ET131975732480.030.22
GILLETTE LEWISTON131917754646-0.18-0.1110
ALTA DELWYN131930212190.020.0810
MARBRI BREAKOUT131171243270.160.035
PETHERTON ROTHBY1308131051260.02-0.157
KERNDTWAY HUMMER130711133938-0.020.017
MONUMENT TRELY-ET1307106450290.1-0.067
JENNY-LOU MRSHL TOYSTORY-ET130612053938-0.05-0.025
PINE-TREE SID-ET130653130180.10.0116
JEFFREY-WAY TOPLEVEL-ET130410932335-0.1403
B-HIDDENHILLS MAR MARMAX-ET130325574572-0.43-0.1-1
CROCKETT-ACRES ENVOY-ET13034991634-0.020.167
SHEAROAD BOULEVARD1302124369390.22-0.016
MY-JOHN ROB-ET130020053578-0.340.092
SANDY-VALLEY BAILEY-ET129918215851-0.07-0.086
KERNDT STALLION129945864200.450.047
HILLS-END SHOTTLE CHANCE-ET129715771337-0.42-0.126
SANDY-VALLEY BLISS-ET129618282343-0.39-0.148
O-BEE JURYMAN-ET129516796149-0.01-0.053
CHARPENTIER LFG SPECTRUM129310142122-0.15-0.113
OLMO PRELUDE TUGOLO1293-5173150.740.15-2
GEPAQUETTE MESQUIN129219314758-0.22-0.053
HAMMINGVIEW STINGRAY1289147055450.01-0.038
CLAYNOOK MAP128865845370.20.135
GEN-I-BEQ SEQUENCE128551148340.290.164
ERNEST-ANTHONY AMBITION-ET12835257180.520.1511
SANDY-VALLEY DURRANT-ET128111103031-0.1-0.047
C.M.E. MR SAM TEDDY128054465480.440.275
SANDY-VALLEY BAUER-ET128016814834-0.12-0.188
NEU-WAY ALBERT-ET127960048490.240.25-4
HENKES-BROOK THORNE-ET127833433310.20.182
COMESTAR LOMBARDYS127775748370.20.116
BOSSIDE PS PISTON-ET12767011515-0.11-0.0812
HA-HO CUBBY MANFRED-ET127518165054-0.16-0.04-7
RIETBEN TIDE12728472442-0.060.125
RALINE LAKOTA1271-14633-50.38013
VALLEY-DRIVE ZESTY-ET126912813655-0.090.112
LORKA COGNAC RED126953231280.110.19
PROSPERE VOLT126846986210.660.067
BENNER JUDO1267194483430.12-0.184
VELVET-VIEW-KJ SOCRATES-ET1263138860290.08-0.143
KHW ELM-PARK ACME-ET1263-627210.260.210
JEFFANA MURRAY-ET126280553300.210.036
COMESTAR EL TOREADOR126120344640-0.26-0.2310
DELABERGE LAURAK125411342347-0.190.085
LA PRESENTATION DAMAFRO1254-9044380.470.383
STANTONS LUNCH12549792234-0.130.024
CALBRETT LEWIS1252468024-0.150.088
BRAEDALE GOLDFINGER124961844370.190.156
MY-JOHN KARIK-ET124890438400.040.091
GILLETTE WIZARD124715023836-0.15-0.116
VIEUXSAULE MASTERY12477802634-0.010.075
STANTONS VISION124614584939-0.03-0.085
SANDY-VALLEY TOYOTA-ET124515064042-0.15-0.060
ENGLAND-SCHILL DEANN 58A-ET12436791719-0.06-0.039
LUTZ-BROOKVIEW BURT-ET12429164410.590.352
GG ADDISON SATIRE124116556061-0.010.061
TWO-TOP STREAMER-ET123911832634-0.15-0.047
HORSTYLE MAXWELL-ET123820113871-0.310.035
NOR-BERT CAVENDISH-ET123715674751-0.0905
STRAUSSDALE SUNDANCE-ET123613883945-0.11-0.016
JERLAND DWIGHT-ET123640527240.110.19
WARGO-ACRES MERCURE-ET123672241180.14-0.059
CLAYNOOK KELSO123514743952-0.120.034
CREEK DORNE-ET123416984125-0.18-0.266
STANTONS SCHOLASTIC123318144662-0.170.011
CLOVIS SALSO12339365170.580.136
BOSSIDE GOLDENBOY123048137180.180.026
SHAWNEE ALTASTRATOS-ET1229277-614-0.140.059
HUNSBERGER VINCE122877235210.07-0.049
LEHOUX FESTIVAL122619342742-0.41-0.197
GBM AMAZING-ET122259628260.050.0511
SANDY-VALLEY BLACKJACK-ET122180049300.190.032
WILLSEY KESWICK122017629160.220.0911
DONELEA INSTINCT1219-3460230.590.227
DESLACS DUSTER12195174070.22-0.089
LA PRESENTATION BARLEY121743531350.150.195
RAYPEL SUNSHINE121754331310.130.125
PETHERTON RODNEY121730841160.280.059
DELABERGE LURECK121473337330.10.086
LA PRESENTATION GALANT121379339340.090.073
BADGER ONESHOT-ET121216802552-0.32-0.021
STANTONS ENTER121220672050-0.5-0.153
WABASH-WAY ARBOR-ET121111152916-0.12-0.189
CROCKETT-ACRES-ML MALVIN-ET1210104044420.050.072
DIAMOND-OAK T S RESTLESS-ET120911882844-0.150.032
GEN-MARK STMATIC SANCHEZ12091026024-0.34-0.0815
HUNSBERGER CLAY-ET120711272533-0.16-0.0410
MR MODERN-ET12078722927-0.03-0.017
WINDY-KNOLL-VIEW PILOT-ET1207-2603090.390.178
MISTY SPRINGS SPECIAL1206103853330.15-0.017
RICHESSE SAP1206151064330.07-0.15-2
MESLAND DUPLEX-ET1203639-935-0.310.1316
CROAGH-I SCHILLING1201-39020140.340.2514
MR SCOTTISH-ET120059261370.370.152
SAVAGE-LEIGH GOLDLASER-ET12001144660.410.038
GEN-I-BEQ SPARKLE RED119984835300.060.037
STANHOPE ATLANTIC119814153230.460.165
BENNER JAYDE119889651190.17-0.096
COMESTAR EXPORT119718546170.370.12
RABUR POLITICIAN-ET1195-21136250.420.33
JEANLU CORTLAND1193504927-0.080.0910
BRYHILL LIBERACE119268841340.150.13
HICKORYMEA-I OKA P1192-1547190.460.1810
COMESTAR SCENARIO11904413670.19-0.0710
PASEN MANGO-ET11879812965-0.060.28-3
STANTONS BRAKE1187132149450.010.022
KARONA BONAIR11865491928-0.010.088
VYECROFT LUONGO118493549530.150.27
SMITHDEN ACCENT118498144430.080.096
GILLETTE WHY NOT1184143771240.16-0.28
KLASSIC MERRILL LYNCH-ET118029851390.390.27-4
GILLETTE BRILEA F B I118013693835-0.11-0.098
MISTY SPRINGS LIMELIGHT117873035260.080.029
CROTEAU DOMBY117770941350.140.112
SMITHDEN BUCKSTAR11761615635-0.48-0.166
MY-JOHN BW MARSHALL ACE-ET117510752741-0.110.051
VELTHUIS SONAR117418321280.130.199
VIEUXSAULE DRIVER117237342160.270.039
JOCKO BESN117017844664-0.180.05-1
CLAYNOOK VICTORY117056541380.190.171
DOMICOLE SAMSUNG1169100758330.20.012
MARYCLERC B SUPERBUCK116712972931-0.17-0.117
MR INDIANHEAD ARISTOTLE-ET116570935320.080.0811
GILLETTE ZENON116215923140.170.0712
KERNDTWAY HIGHWAY-ET11579262535-0.070.045
DESLACS SPACE115683437260.07-0.013
WINDY-KNOLL-VIEW PLAID-ET115449830170.130.0110
LA PRESENTATION MERLOT115446034130.16-0.0210
RJR CLARITY-ET1151163260350-0.160
K&C-VIEW ROMANO-ET11518147160.430.116
MR ALTAMAYHEM-ET11452039380.380.359
R-E-W BUCKEYE-ET114314193337-0.17-0.083
TOM-ANNA ALTAPESO114392334260-0.046
SAVAGE-LEIGH LEITH-ET114213632137-0.29-0.078
LADYS-MANOR GIFT-ET1142111653340.13-0.034
MARINEAU TIKKY113912382734-0.17-0.0711
PENNVIEW INNOCENT1139104867260.28-0.076
WINDSOR-MANOR ALTAZAP-ET113882450110.18-0.1510
MORSAN NOLTON1137137655250.05-0.165
KERNDT EDAN-ET113660131290.080.084
J-K-R BW-MARSHLL BILLION-ET11349941044-0.240.111
CLAYNOOK BRICE1134-32833160.450.258
MARGOLD PREVIEW-ET1130117663390.180.017
R-E-W BLOCKBUSTER-ET112815544042-0.15-0.074
BRAEDALE GOLDRUSH112613154843-0.0105
REGANCREST-RB MILES-ET1125-35350.520.055
STANTONS SVEN112313534555-0.030.090
CRACKHOLM DESERT112340847380.310.230
CLAYNOOK BAIT112357424230.040.036
PLAIN-O DURHAM ROSS-331-ET1121-252-129-0.020.1613

The only cow selling for over $100,000 was the show winning Sr 2 Year old Futurecrest Aftershock Tahlia (Aftershock x EX94 All-Canadian Goldwyn daughter). She sold for $150,000 and added $12,499 to the average sale price of her group. She is bred back for the 2014 show season which offers a great opportunity for her purchaser.

As a point of reference, registered purebred first calf heifers, not performance recorded, were selling in Ontario in the range of $1,800 to $2,400 during the time period of these five sales. Definitely performance recorded cows bring higher prices. As well their owners get the benefit of having information for both breeding and management purposes.

Same Time Last Year

Since sales a year ago during Royal Week, when The Bullvine reported on three elite sales (Read more: An Insider’s Guide to What Sells at the Big Dairy Cattle Auctions), there has been a significant drop back in sale prices. Some observations comparing 2013 prices to 2012 prices include:

  • Sale topping prices in 2013 are 50% of those in 2012
  • 2013 sale average prices are about 65-70% of 2012
  • Show and Red pedigree heifers have lost ground in 2013 on prices compared to Polled and elite gLPI heifers
  • Average cow prices in 2013 were 136% of heifers prices compared to 190% in 2012

Throughout 2013 it has been reality check time when it comes to dairy cattle auction sale prices. More and more buyers are placing confidence in genomic information and are willing to pay top prices for the top genomic heifers.

Opportunities Taken

We often hear the comment from the pedigree person – now that was smart buying, after the auctioneer has struck down an animal at a lower than expected sale price.  Opportunities are taken by breeders when a top of the breed animal is purchased with the plan to immediately start flushing, when an outcross but high indexing animal is purchased for a good prices or when a very high genomic heifer that is quite young or needs time to develop is knocked down to the buyer at a lower than expected price. Another scenario is when a young heifer is purchased that becomes a show winner the following year. But that last scenario is a very hard one to identify until the next show season is underway.

Some opportunities taken that the Bullvine saw during these sales include:

  • Dudoc Supersire Orgasme P (Born July 2013, Polled, RDC, DGV LPI +3225, gTPI 2329, PL 4.2, & DPR 0.7, Supersire x Magna P) [$15,200] (Genibeq)
  • Jumau Mascalese Anika (Born June 2013, DVG LPI +3558, CONF +15, %F +0.40, %P +0.18, SCS 2.57. Mascalese x Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) [$7,800] (Genibeq)
  • Quality Windhammer Tally (Born June 2013 Windhammer daughter of the Futurecrest Aftershock Tahlia, the $150,000 show cow) [$8,000] (Leading to Royal)
  • Snowbiz Sympatico Sade (Born July 2013, GTPI 2417, NM$ 809, PL 6.2, DPR 1.2, DGV LPI 3392, CONF 15, a Sympatico from the Splendor Family) [$7,000] (Snowbiz)
  • Legend-Maker Mag Magnificent P (Born March 2011, #1 R&W tested polled cow in Canada, Outcross Polled Pedigree, Magna P from Rita Ranger Family) [$5,100] ( Snowbiz)
  • 1st Choice Female Mardi Gras, gTPI 2505 & NM$ 803, from Butlerview Uno Sho-Off, gTPI 2472, from Adeen Family) [$9,000] (Global Greatness)
  • MS Brocarde Uno Bun (Born October 2012, gTPI 2320, NM$ 719, PL 5.0 DPR 1.0. Uno from Barbie Family) [$4,200] (Sale of Stars)
  • Knonaudale Munition Humor (Born July 2013, DGV LPI 3424, CONF 18, LP 4.1, DPR 1.0, Munition from Shthollerwood from Dellia Family) [$6,000] (Sale of Stars)

Every sale has bargains but, of course, it is only a bargain if the animal fits within a breeder’s breeding or marketing plans (Read more: What’s the plan?, Let’s Talk Mating Strategies and FACT VS. FANTASY: A Realistic Approach to Sire Selection). A sound knowledge of breeding trends and taking time to do one’s homework before attending a sale or signing in to bid on-line are both on the must do list.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

If marketing animals from your herd is an important source of income for your farm, then knowing what buyers are looking for and what they will pay above average prices for is important. The industry has moved to where young high genomic and/or polled heifers are the in demand group.  When planning for future sales take into consideration that health, fertility and longevity traits are gaining in importance. Planning for the future based on sound principles and buyer preference can be rewarding when it comes to selling animals at auction.



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The Royal Flu – Did you catch it?

Every year the week after the Royal Winter Fair, it seems like everyone ends up with “The Royal Flu.”  Now doctors might try to explain it away as the result of being in and out of cold environments, or poor diet combined with lack of sleep, lots of drinking and poor air quality, but I think there is something else to it.  I think the Royal Flu is more likely the result of our bodies mourning the end of what was another amazing show season.

There is no question that for those passionate breeders who love to take cattle out to all the spring, summer and fall shows the grind that it puts on their bodies is insane.  And that does not even factor in the amount of work it takes back home at the farm to have these amazing cattle in show shape.  However, for those of us who appreciate and have been fortunate to attend most of these major shows this year, I want to say thanks to all the breeders and exhibitors who have made this year’s show season so exciting.

Spring show fever

Every year starts with the excitement and promise of what could be.  And while in the heifer and young cow classes this is true, this year we saw RF Goldwyn Hailey, last year’s Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo and The Royal looking probably the best she has ever looked.  This was especially true at the NY Spring Carousel, the “Expo” of the spring shows.  Hailey looked absolutely amazing!  (Read more: RF Goldwyn Hailey Rides to the Top Spot at NY Spring Carousel).

RF Goldwyn Hailey Swept grand champion honors at all 3 major spring shows and looked the best I have ever seen her at NY Spring.

RF Goldwyn Hailey
Swept grand champion honors at all 3 major spring shows and looked the best I have ever seen her at NY Spring Carousel.

It was also at NY Spring show that we started to see Charwill Attic Marcy start to step out of the shadow of R-E-W Happy Go Lucky and show her dominance in the Senior 2 year old class.  Every time I had the opportunity to see Marcy she looked better and better culminating in her dominating wins at both Expo and The Royal.  (Read more: Canadian National Holstein Show Results)  I certainly am excited at the prospect of the two great young cows calving again and going head to head to see just who has the potential to be the next great one.


Charwill Attic Marcy
Winner of both Expo and The Royal – Marcy dominated every show she went to in 2013

Then of course there is always the excitement that builds around which heifers will ring the bell.  And while early winners like Ontario Spring Show Junior Champion Winright Sid Elegance managed to contend all year long, others seemed to peak early and fall off the radar as the year went along.  (Read more: Ontario Spring Discovery – Nothing Slipped Past Judge “Crack” and Quebec Spring Holstein Show Results)

Things start to get hotter in the summer

It was in the summer that we started to see things really start to heat up.  At  the Quebec provincial championship we saw Roquet Jasmine Sanchez upset RF Goldwyn Hailey, though Hailey had been milking over a year at that point (Read more: Expo Provinciale Montmagny – Holstein Show 2013 and RF Goldwyn Hailey Unbeatable?).  It was also at that show that I saw two fairly fresh cows – Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn and Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza.  Here were two cows that I pegged for success at that point and who would certainly make a lot of noise in the fall.


Expo Provincial Montmagny marked the first time in over a year that Hailey had been beat in any form (never in class). It was also where I first discovered that Maya would be a force this year.

Things were also starting to get interesting in Ontario as well.  Calbrett Goldwyn Layla had recently freshened and won grand at Ontario Summer Show and was followed closely behind by the very popular Valleyville Rae Lynn, who had won one of the greatest senior three-year-old classes I have ever seen in my life.  (Read more: Ontario Summer Show Holstein Results).  Layla would sell just a few days later for $125,000 to Comestar Holsteins and Ponderosa Holsteins at the Cormdale Summer Sale.  (Read more: Cormdale Summer Sale 2013 Results)

Valleyville Rae Lynn Dominant early in the year, Rae Lynn is due to calve in time for World Dairy Expo next year!!!!

Valleyville Rae Lynn
Dominant early in the year, Rae Lynn is due to calve in time for World Dairy Expo next year!!!!

It was also at the Summer Show that we got our first glimpses of Futurecrest Aftershock Tahlia the very impressive Aftershock daughter from the All Canadian Salem Goldwyn Theresa EX-94, who would go on to win at the Autumn Opportunity Show (Read more: Autumn Opportunity 2013 Holstein Show) as well as become the 2nd highest seller at the Sale of Stars.  (Read more: Sale of Stars Averages $19,344).

Aftershock daughter from the All Canadian Salem Goldwyn Theresa EX-94

Futurecrest Aftershock Tahlia
Undefeated in 2013 this Aftershock daughter from the All Canadian Salem Goldwyn Theresa EX-94
sold for $150,000 in the Sale of Stars.

It was also late summer/early fall   that we saw another great senior three year old class, with Cowtown Durham Grasshopper upsetting the 2012 All-American and All-Canadian Butz-Butler Gold Barbara at Harrisburg (Read more:  2013 All American Black and White Holstein Show).


If three is one thing we where reminded again and again is that on any given day, even some of the greatest show cows in the world can be beet.

It was also at Harrisburg that Cameron Ridge Atwood Beauty earned her second  of what would be three top show Junior Champion awards for her new owners Chris & Jennifer Hill & Gene Iager, who purchased Beauty in that International Intrigue sale for $62,000.  Beauty would go on to be named Junior Champion at Expo.  (Read more: International Intrigue at Ferme Blondin Sale Results 2013).


Cameron Ridge Atwood Beauty
Was junior champion at three major shows, including Expo, and was purchased mid season for $62,000 at the International Intrigue Sale.

The stars shine bright in the fall

While the spring and summer shows are nice, what really matters are the fall shows.  More specifically Expo and The Royal.  This year we decided to add a little extra excitement to these two big shows with the introduction of our Fantasy Exhibitor Contests.  (Read more:  Fantasy Exhibitor – World Dairy Expo 2013 Edition – The Results!  and Royal Winter Fair Fantasy Exhibitor – The Results)  The response to this competition was amazing.  Expect some new exciting features for 2014.  While Fantasy Exhibitor was great, it could not compare to the shows themselves.  Having been to so many of the spring and fall shows, our expectations were certainly high coming into Expo and as usual the show did not disappoint.  From the outstanding success of the KHW Regiment Apple-Red Family to seeing the living legend Oold Mill E Snickerdoodle OCS, Expo put on a show like none other.  (Read more: KHW Regiment Apple-Red – Beauty, performance, and even more record accomplishments, History Made At the 2013 International Red & White Show and The 12 Greatest North American Colored Breed Show Cattle of All-Time)


KHW Regiment Apple-Red
In combination with her clone (Grand) and her daughter (HM Grand) Apple set a new record of achievement that will probably never be duplicated, by sweeping the top honors at the World Dairy Expo Red & White Show.

The memory that will certainly last a lifetime for me is when Judge Justin Burdette named Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn as Grand Champion.  (Read more:  World Dairy Expo 2013 – Memories to last a Lifetime and World Dairy Expo 2013 Holstein Show Results) That wasn’t just because we had predicted that she would win (Read more: World Dairy Expo 2013 Holstein Show Preview – Everything You Need To Know To Get Ready For the Show).  Having known the Jacobs family for many years, and having always been amazed by their great cattle and extreme passion for the business, it was great to see them win such an honor.  (Read more: FERME JACOBS: SUCCESS IS ALL IN THE FAMILY!)


Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn
After winning Grand Champion at WDE, Maya has pretty much become an overnight sensation. We here at the Bullvine would like to think that we where fans before all this happened.

The stars start to fall

MS Goldwyn Alana

MS Goldwyn Alana
After being 2nd at WDE, Alana went on to be Grand at the Quebec International Show and HM Grand at The Royal.

As we started to enter the home stretch, with only two major shows left, you could certainly start to feel the flu bug starting to set in.  Maybe it was the thousands of miles travelled and the hours of hard work, but the winds of change where blowing.  In what would be a foreshadowing of  the Royal, Judge Adam Little made MS Goldwyn Alana his Grand Champion followed by Robrook Goldwyn Cameron and Maya having to settle for HM Grand Champion honors (Read more:  Expo Internationale Holstein Québec Results).

Aingers Advent Bambi In what was expected to be a two horse race (Rae Lynn and Barbara), Bambi surprised many by winning Intermediate Champion at both Quebec International Show and The Royal.

Aingers Advent Bambi
In what was expected to be a two horse race (Rae Lynn and Barbara), Bambi surprised many by winning Intermediate Champion at both Quebec International Show and The Royal.

Also foreshadowing the Royal were the Intermediate Champion Aingers Advent Bambi, the impressive 3rd calf senior 3 year old and HM Intermediate Champion Charwill Attic Marcy as well as the Junior Champion Fanico Reginald Marty and Reserve Junior Champion Comestar Larion Goldwyn.

Calbrett Goldwyn Layla Layla has a way of surprising people.  She did at Ontario Summer Show and then again at The Royal.  Guess it's genetic, as her dam the great Lila Z was also great at surprising people.

Calbrett Goldwyn Layla
Layla has a way of surprising people. She did at Ontario Summer Show and then again at The Royal.
Guess it’s genetic, as her dam the great Lila Z was also great at surprising people.

With change being the major theme, Judge John Crowley certain kept the momentum going at The Royal.  While the Royal results were not that different than those of Quebec, there was certainly one major change, in that Maya did not only not win Grand, she was also defeated in her own class by Calbrett Goldwyn Layla.  That meant two major upsets this year (Rae Lynn at Summer Show, and Maya at the Royal) by this Goldwyn daughter of the great Lylehaven Lila Z, a cow who in her own right stirred much discussion when she sold for $1.15 million.  (Read more:  Lylehaven Lila Z: Was She Really Worth $1.15 Million?).

Cookview Goldwyn Monique Maybe Monique should be named "The Brides Maid" as she was Reserve Grand Champion at both World Dairy Expo and The Royal.

Cookview Goldwyn Monique
Maybe Monique should be named “The Brides Maid” as she was Reserve Grand Champion
at both World Dairy Expo and The Royal.

Also generating a lot of discussion at the Royal was the naming of Cookview Goldwyn Monique Reserve Grand Champion.  While she certainly did not start the show looking her best, she did come on strong and looked impressive by the time Grand Champion was named.  Her rear udder looked fuller and she moved with great ease. While some would not have even had her in their final parade, by the time it came to name Grand Champion, most at ringside felt that there was no doubt that it would be the two 4 year olds.  Monique earned Reserve and the class winner Robrook Goldwyn Cameron was named Grand Champion.


Robrook Goldwyn Cameron
Stepping out from Monique’s shaddow, Cameron certainly shown bright at The Royal wining Grand Champion honors.

Seeing Tom and Kelli Cull embrace after Cameron was named grand champion certainly epitomizes what is great about the show ring.  Tom and Kelli are great examples of passionate dairy enthusiasts, they show, board and sell great cattle.  They so love the show ring and their passion and dedication is 2nd to none.  Their success is truly a result of having the show “bug” and it was wonderful for them to achieve this amazing honor.

Congratulations to Tom and Kelli Cull.  Your passion and dedication to the show ring is second to none.

Congratulations to Tom and Kelli Cull. Your passion and dedication to the show ring is second to none.

The Bottom Line

Yes, there remains the excitement of the All-Canadian and All-American Awards.  And don’t forget the Breeders Choice Awards which is the only major award where you the dairy enthusiast get to decide who was the best from the past year.  However, the actual shows for the 2013 season are over.

The memories are great and, of course, we will always have the pictures.  There is no question that we feel the letdown as we put away the show halters, boxes and whites for another year.  There is a part of me that once again is suffering from the “Royal Flu” at the end of another exciting show year.  Thanks to all the Breeders, Exhibitors and to you our readers for helping to make this year so exceptional. .  Of course spring shows are just around the corner.

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HELLO! This Is Your Herd Calling. We’re Sick Today!

We are so used to leaving voice messages it can only be a matter of time until you hear.

 “Good morning Boss. I will be away from the milking line today.  If this is an emergency, please check with the veterinarian or better yet – find out why more than eight diseases are going through the barn? Have a great day. Cownt Me Out!

“It’s a Wake-Up Call for the Dairy Industry”

Regardless of how you receive the message about dairy health issues, there is no question that we have already received the wake-up call.  Whenever CowntMEout and her peers are fighting health issues, they are still in the lineup and could be having a negative ripple effect because they are contagious, costing money for treatment and losing money because of lowered production. You may laugh off the “cow calling” app on your smart phone, but disease is no laughing matter.  The incidence of disease in dairy cattle is increasing. So far the only way to tackle it has been through management practices and veterinary inputs. At least that’s where our thinking has been.  It’s time to pick up the phone!

Disease has your barn number. It’s going to call back often!

There is no acceptable level of poor health and, like telemarketing calls, you will receive many visits, at inconvenient times and with increasing frustration.  The higher incidence of health problems has risen side by side with the increase in milk yield, which has been sought after and achieved over several decades. However, along with poor health, increased lactation progress has been accompanied by reproduction problems and declining longevity. As if that wasn’t a big enough hurdle, there is also a genetic one. There is clear evidence that negative genetic correlations exist between milk yield and fertility and between milk yield and production diseases.  In other words, if selection for production continues unchanged, fertility, health and profitability are going to be put “on hold” permanently.

The Health Games.  Sick is costly. Health isn’t free.

As long as our cows continue to function by producing milk, we may be willing to live in denial of health issues.  Unfortunately, the list is growing well beyond the number one which is mastitis and includes: displaced abomasums; ketosis; milk fever; retained placenta; metritis; cystic ovaries; and lameness.  What is the incidence of each of these in your herd?  Do you keep records on all of them? We know from our personal health that you can’t fix what you don’t admit is a problem.  Those tiny signs add up until “out of nowhere” there is a health crisis.  That doesn’t work for people and it doesn’t work for bovines either.

Bad Prescription. “Take 2 Bales of Hay and Call Me in the Morning!!”

Don’t you just hate it when your doctor takes a laid back approach to your serious medical concerns?  Or does that feel like a reprieve?  You don’t have to fix what you don’t acknowledge.  Or does it boil down to who has the best answer?  The vet. The nutritionist.  Your neighbour.  It probably takes all three but we really need to pull back and start answering the questions about improved health even before mating decisions are made. Huge strides have been made in dairy breeding with the implementation of genomics. DNA analysis has only touched the tip of the iceberg for what is possible in analyzing dairy genetics.  This brings your genetics provider (A.I.) onto the health team. All that is needed is the will to change.

What can we do about it? Monitoring. Managing. Action.

You can hire someone to take care of sick animals.  You can pay for medication and extra care. Or you can decide to start with genetics and try to raise the genetic health level of your herd. All of these approaches start with the same first step.  You must monitor your animals and have detailed data on where, what, when and how health issues are affecting your dairy operation.

The hardest concept when dealing with health is that preventive measures are far better and less costly in the long run than the prescription, medicine and professional caregiver route. There needs to be more preventive action taken at the breeding stage.  Here is the first line of defence to reduce the diseases that lurk within genetic code and impact profitability now and for future generations of your herd.

The most crucial first step is to have accurate data. Good complete data that accurately identifies what is happening in the herd.  The information needs to be recorded and accurate before the cow is culled from the herd.  Dr. Kent Weigel, Extension Genetics Specialist, University of Wisconsin notes. “Current reports often don’t provide enough details to identify exact reasons why cows are culled. Animals can be recorded as ‘died,’ ‘sold for dairy,’ or ‘sold for beef,’ because of low production, mastitis infertility and so on. From that data, you might conclude that mastitis and infertility are the most common causes of culling on dairy farms. However, reported reasons for disposal can be misleading when one attempts to compare the management level of various dairy farms or to draw conclusions about the genetic merit of certain animals or sire families. Furthermore, once culled, that animal will no longer contribute information to genetic evaluations.  In effect, by culling time the most important source of health data has been eliminated.”

An ounce of Genetics is Worth Pounds of Cure?

As a result of research he has taken part in, Weigel says producers should not just consider the pounds of milk a cow produces as they weigh their decision about genetic traits.
You want cows that produce a live calf without assistance, cycle normally, show visible heat and conceive when they’re inseminated. Many cows fail to complete these and other important tasks because they have left the herd prematurely.” Weigel went on to say that some animals are culled for “multiple offenses,” such as difficult calving followed by ketosis and a displaced abomasum.  “She may then fail to breed back in a timely manner and be culled when her daily milk production falls below a profitable level,” Weigel says. “The farmer might code here as ‘sold for low production’ or infertility or disease. The reported reason for disposal is often a vague indicator of the actual problem.”

Get the Code – Fill the Prescription

Given the unfavorable genetic relationships between milk production and welfare indicators, the most effective route to stop the decline or even improve dairy cows’ welfare is by developing and adopting a selection index in which welfare related traits are included and appropriately weighted.

At a recent CDN (Canadian Dairy Network) open industry meeting, more than one presenter spoke on the genetics of disease and health. The proposed response to this complex topic is to develop one index that incorporates targeted health indicators.  We see the logic that cattle who have less mastitis or and lower somatic cell scores represent healthier animals in the herd. Until actual DNA snips are identified for specific health issues and diseases, an index that combines  SCC (somatic cell score) with fore udder attachment, udder depth and body condition score to produce the newly developed MRI (Mastitis Resistance Index) will take selection for healthier animals to a higher level.  The quantity and quality of the data contributing to these indices is key to how effectively they will identify sires with the healthiest genetics.  Isn`t it great that breeders, researchers and genetics providers are working together to move beyond the obvious.

Predict the Disease Proof by Building on What We Know Already

DNA markers for economically important traits could quantify the differences and be used to justify selection decisions on young animals with reasonable accuracy.

Short term, breeding organizations are urged to use available records to include fertility, health and longevity in a selection index in which greater emphasis should be placed on all fitness related traits relative to production traits. Genetic evaluations for health should complement and not replace genetic evaluations for yield.

“The udder is always the place to start evaluating a cow,” Weigel says. “Poor udder traits are the biggest problem, followed by poor feet and leg traits. Naturally, cows that avoid mastitis or injury to their udder are going to be in the dairy herd longer.” The major advantages of the genetic improvement for any trait are that changes are cumulative, permanent and cost-effective.

Who Will Answer the Call First?

Ultimately, the successful dairy industry of the future will maintain the gains made in milk production and make equal strides in the identification of healthy cattle. Whether it’s by choice or necessity remains to be seen. It will take everyone contributing accurate data.  The breakthroughs in production were made possible by tremendous amount of supporting data. To make similar progress in fighting dairy diseases, the same cooperation in building a database will be needed. Currently in Canada only 4 in 10 herds are participating in the capture of data on the 8 production limiting diseases.  In some European countries there is a database of mandatory disease recording that spans more than 30 years.

The Bottom Line

Some will write off the concerns raised here as over dramatic.  After all, personifying your cows as phoning in sick is beyond belief.  We all know that 21st Century contented healthy cows won`t phone in. They’ll text: “Guess what Boss? I’m healthy and I’m pregnant!”

The ones who are prepared for that call will be laughing all the way to the bank.


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CASSY KRULL – Success without a Stopwatch.

2013ectHave you ever suddenly realized that your name is being called over a public address system?  Isn’t that the most amazing heart pounding…adrenalin rushing experience? Well, that is exactly what happened to Cassy Krull of Lake Mills Wisconsin at World Dairy Expo when she heard these words.


“The 2013 winner of the Merle Howard Award is Cassy Krull”

Like others in the large crowd, Cassy was trying to figure out whose biography was being read as the 10th winner of the Merle Howard Award. (Read more: Wisconsin’s Cassy Krull Wins 2013 Merle Howard Award)  “I had NO idea I was going to receive this award. My boyfriend Bradley and I went to sit in the top part of the coliseum to be able to view the show ring. Not knowing why he wanted to sit in the lower sections, I insisted on sitting higher. He had gotten a phone call the night before to make sure I would be there for the Four-Year Old class at the International Holstein Show. As they began reading the background, my eyes welled up with tears after realizing it was me that they had selected. I ran down the stairs of the coliseum crying and trying to breathe and get there before they finished the biography. I remember looking into the crowd and hearing the applause and getting goose bumps all over. It was the most amazing feeling ever!”


“I still cannot even believe I was chosen”

Everyone asks Cassy what it feels like and she answers with endearing honesty. ”Winning the Merle Howard Award is by far the most humbling achievement I have received. To receive such an honorable award helps put all the hard work into perspective. I like to watch the presentation every year to see who they recognize. Little did I know I would ever be able to stand next to the other amazing recipients of the Merle Howard Award. I am truly honored and blessed to have been selected for this milestone achievement in my life.”

Special Thanks. Appreciation to Cassy’s Crew.

Cassy feels quite strongly that she has been blessed by the encouragement she is surrounded by.  “I would like to thank my family first for all the support they have given me, and constructive criticism to help push me further.” Breed associations have earned her thanks as well. “The Wisconsin Holstein Association, American Jersey Cattle Association and the Red and White Dairy Cattle Association are important to me for giving me all the opportunities I have had in my time of being a junior member.” There is another group who also rates special Cassy consideration.  “I want to thank my boyfriend Bradley Griswold and his family for supporting me and being there for me through many of my life changing events.” Cassy generously recognizes the importance of others in her life.  “A big thank you to all my friends, supporters, believers, and the people who have told me I couldn’t.  They all helped me push through and succeed. I am truly thankful for everyone who has been there for me and gotten me to where I am today. THANK YOU!”

The Krull Family Circle of Influence

More than most of us realize we are influenced by those around us.  For Cassy Krull those positive experiences in her life started right at home.  “My parents have been the ones who I have looked up to my whole life. My dad, being active in the state and national Holstein Associations, showed me that being involved and good leadership is something that helps you build your time management skills, public speaking, responsibility, and leadership.  Also he showed me how to work hard, as he had an amazing work ethic. We would work hard to make sure we got everything done and would end our days racing back to the house, playing basketball or softball, racing four wheelers, or throwing someone in the pool. My dad showed me the way with a lot of things in life but my mom has been along side helping me as well.”  Cassy explains what her Mom means to her.  “She was the one helping me be on time to events, getting me more involved in 4-H and FFA, and teaching me to never give up on what I want. She has stood by me with my decisions and pushed me to be successful.”

Many Awards. Full Calendar.

cassy krull - jersey queenWe sometimes ask ourselves what is most special about receiving an award.  Is it the award itself… or the recognition for the hard work that earned it? Cassy is no stranger to receiving awards and declares, “This award is definitely a highlight of my career!” for recognizing her abilities in fitting and showing.  Her dairy passion has also led her to success as the 2011-2012 National Jersey Queen, as well as a being a member of the Wisconsin Junior Activities Committee, and being the Junior Chair for the National Red and White Convention in 2014. For Cassy the process is part of what makes the accomplishments so special.  “The National Jersey Queen title was one of my biggest life goals. I ran for the National Jersey Queen title the year before I received it and was not selected, but I wanted it and hoped I could get it if I tried again. I was determined that I was going to represent the breed I fell in love with at age two. The American Jersey Cattle Association has given me numerous opportunities that I have been fortunate to take advantage of.”

Working hard Works for Cassy!

It seems that when “working” is involved in the goal then it’s almost guaranteed that Cassy will be enthusiastic.  She was part of the Wisconsin Holstein Association Junior Activities Committee and explains what it meant to her. “I love working with young people and this title allows me to do just that. I am responsible for the Southeast region of the state, where I travel to shows and other events bringing all Wisconsin Holstein Juniors together.”  Cassy doesn’t set limits on age or organization and gives her best wherever she gets the opportunity.  “I am proud of being the Junior Chair of the National Red and White Cattle Convention in 2014. I am excited to work with the board members and create an amazing convention right in Wisconsin. I enjoyed my time working with the Red and White Association this last summer as the intern and continue to move forward with helping with the convention this coming summer.”

Cassy’s Keys to Success – Do not stop.  Push on.  Keep Trying.

Although her calendar is full, there is no end date determining when Cassy Krull must reach all her goals.  She advises others. “Stay true to what you believe in. If you have a goal in life, go for it and do not stop until you achieve the goal. Push yourself to be what you want to be. Think of my example in wanting to be National Jersey Queen, I did not get it the first time I tried, but I did not give up and I tried again. I have always been told, “If you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life.” To me that is not far from the truth. I love working with good cattle and good people so it is easy to go and do it.”  For the near future, Cassy hopes to find an internship for the summer of 2014.  “I would like to gain more life skills by working away from the farm. Understanding different aspects of agriculture can only provide benefits to my knowledge when farming in the future.”

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Hard work earned Cassy Krull the opportunity to win the Merle Howard Award.  Hearing her name announced was a thrill but long before her name was inscribed on the trophy, she put her own name on the work lists for dairy fitting, showing and passion. The Bullvine and all your friends urge you to keep going and growing and one day you will be the only one surprised – again — to learn that you have arrived at that special dairy place where  “Everybody knows your name” … Cassy Krull!”  Congratulations!


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BUTLERVIEW: The Goals are Simple. The Genetics are Exceptional.

It is absolutely necessary to remain competitive and relevant. That is a business truth, regardless of what part of the dairy industry you operate in today. However, that can be hard to do in a constantly changing marketplace. For Jeff Butler, owner operator of Butlerview Farms, having a steady vision even in turbulent times is important.  To put it simply “At Butlerview our goals are still the same.”

A Worldwide Welcome Awaits at Butlerview


Although the goals may stay the same, they are certainly not insignificant ones.  Jeff describes how success is envisioned at Butlerview. “On a global basis, we want to be a premier stopping place for people who are interested in the top genetics possible, no matter if it is show, type, pedigree or genomics.” In October it was a distinct pleasure for the Bullvine team to be numbered among the many international visitors who have visited Butlerview Farms in Chebanse, Illinois.  We learned from Declan Patten, Sales and Marketing Manager that, during the past two years, over 300 visitors from all over the world have been welcomed to Butlerview around the time of World Dairy Expo. It was easy to share the enthusiasm of the large number of visitors from Japan who were also touring the exceptional facility that sunny afternoon.

Top Show Genetics

Having just left the 2013 World Dairy Expo, the Bullvine team had witnessed firsthand Butlerview’s success in breeding and buying for the show ring. The list of Butlerview success stories was impressive. The winners list included:

Cookview Goldwyn Monique Reserve Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2013

Cookview Goldwyn Monique
Reserve Grand Champion
World Dairy Expo 2013

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara Intermediate Champion  World Dairy Expo 2013

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara
Intermediate Champion
World Dairy Expo 2013

BVK Goldwyn Amenda Reserve Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2013

BVK Goldwyn Amenda
Reserve Intermediate Champion
World Dairy Expo 2013

BVK Atwood Abrianna 2nd Junior 3 yr old World Dairy Expo 2013

BVK Atwood Abrianna
2nd Junior 3 yr old
World Dairy Expo 2013

BVK Atwood Andrea 3rd Junior 3 yr old World Dairy Expo 2013

BVK Atwood Andrea
3rd Junior 3 yr old
World Dairy Expo 2013

MS Goldwyn Alana 2nd 5 yr old World Dairy Expo 2013

MS Goldwyn Alana
2nd 5 yr old
World Dairy Expo 2013

At the 2013 Royal Holstein Show, Butlerview added more wins to the breeding or buying columns.

Cookview Goldwyn Monique Reserve Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2013

Cookview Goldwyn Monique
Reserve Grand Champion
Royal Winter Fair 2013

MS Goldwyn Alana Honorable Mention Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2013

MS Goldwyn Alana
Honorable Mention Grand Champion
Royal Winter Fair 2013

MS Atwood Adrenaline 2nd Milking Yearling Royal Winter Fair 2013

MS Atwood Adrenaline
2nd Milking Yearling
Royal Winter Fair 2013

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara 3rd Senior Three Year Old Royal Winter Fair 2013

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara
3rd Senior Three Year Old
Royal Winter Fair 2013

Vedderlea Goldwyn Esther 4th Senior Three Year Old Royal Winter Fair 2013

Vedderlea Goldwyn Esther
4th Senior Three Year Old
Royal Winter Fair 2013

Top Genomic Genetics

The Genomic side of Butlerview’s unchanging goals has also developed an impressive list of achievements. With justifiable pride Jeff makes reference to a published report he received. “At one point in the summer, we had bred 12 of the top 32 gTPI bulls in the world.”

Teamwork is Tops Too

It takes hard work to ring up such remarkable breeding achievements.  To make them continue and prosper into the future is the goal of the Butlerview team. Jeff gives credit to the support group at Butlerview Farms. “Todd Widholm is the business manager and he does an outstanding job of handling that role.” Jeff knows that it takes exceptional staff to get exceptional results. “Joe and Amber Price are the farm managers and they are extremely talented, dedicated and loyal. I have known Joe and his family for over 30 years.” Declan Patten exhibits the same enthusiasm. Originally from Australia he has earned warm praise as well. “Declan is a tremendous communicator and does an outstanding job with sales and marketing.” Of course handling the animals is a number one priority and the staff meets those challenges too. “Martin Moreno is a terrific calf and heifer manager and Kerry Eiler does a superb job on the reproductive side. Josh Fairbanks is in charge of the show barn and he does a tremendous job.” The immaculate, show ring quality presentation throughout the facility fully supports Jeff’s high praise of the staff.




Monique minutes after getting off the truck from World Dairy Expo

Monique minutes after getting off the truck from World Dairy Expo

Knowing Where You’re Going

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if success just fell into our laps and buying and breeding choices could be a ‘sure thing’ every time?  Of course, that isn’t the way of any business and especially isn’t so in the world of dairy genetics.  It takes a lot of planning, follow-through, adjusting and analysis to keep moving forward. Jeff offers well-considered advice to those contemplating ways to improve their cattle genetics. “I would look to buy the top end and then look closely at things like reproductive or flush history of the individual or family members, maternal line and how widely renowned they are because it is easier to market if the family already has international appeal and acceptance. Make sure to have access to a lot of recipients at the cheapest cost possible to get offspring on the ground.”

Adeen Comes on Strong in the Barn, in the Show Ring and as a Bull Dam

MS Kingstead Chief Adeen

Sometimes the road to success has a few surprises and that keeps the journey from being boring.  Butler recalls the case of Cookview Goldwyn Monique. “When I bought Monique as a Sr 2Yr. Old, I liked her but didn’t imagine she would develop into what she has become today.”  And then he turns the spotlight on Adeen. “Without question the greatest success story of Butlerview breeding would be MS Kingstead Chief Adeen.” Her resume is earning renown and still growing says Jeff. “Of course on the male side she is the 3rd dam of Atwood and Aftershock.  She has had two daughters who have been named All American in milking form.  This year her daughters were 2nd and 3rd Jr 3 Yr olds at World Dairy Expo.  Her full sister Shoremar S Alicia had a daughter that was 2nd Sr 3 Yr old and Reserve Intermediate Champion at World Dairy Expo and Alicia’s clone had a daughter that was 2nd 4 yr old at World Dairy Expo.” Jeff has very definite opinions on what Adeen brings to the genetics table. “I think her tremendous dairy strength combined with a sensational udder provides a perfect foundation to cross with several of the bulls in the breed today.  Overall the breed lacks dairy strength and she has provided some cures for that.”

Butlerview 2 Step Mating Strategy:  Pinpoint the Present.  Predict the Possibilities.

When it comes to mating to produce show cows, the decisions you make are crucial to the success or lack of it that animals will have in the show ring.  Jeff has a system he relies on. “I analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both sides.” says Butler before continuing to explain his protocol. “I then try to come up with a mating that will improve the weaknesses and complement the strengths.” He takes a somewhat unique approach. “I am not afraid of inbreeding and use Atwood on Goldwyns a lot for example because I think it is a good mating.  I think the strength and width of Atwood is a great cross on a lot of the Goldwyns even though Atwood is a Goldwyn son.”

Where Do You Start Building Breeding Success with High Index Cows?

Like many of the elite breeders who generously share their insights, Jeff again emphasizes that the first step in making the right matings for high index cows is always the one of identifying the problem and then choosing the right solution. “I look at what needs to be improved upon and what the strengths are and try to find a good complementary mating.  I do pay much closer attention to inbreeding on the genomic animals however. I always look at type very closely as well as proven established maternal lines, which make me more comfortable to use a bull from since I haven’t seen daughters most of the time.

The Market Likes Butlerview Bulls



Butlerview has had success at breeding bulls for many market needs.  Brokaw (Atwood x Mac) is outstanding at PTAT 4.76 for type.  For breeders wanting polled there is Colt 45 (ColtP x Shottle) and those wanting show type there is Gold Chip (Goldwyn x Shottle).  And recently released is an outstanding all around production, durability and health and fertility sire that has a gTPI of 2505 – his name is Mardi Gras (Mogul x Planet).  This wide range of success stories will remain high on the Butlerview breeding strategy.  “We want to continue breeding males and females that are industry leaders from both a type show side as well as from a genomic side.”  Jeff urges those that might be concerned about the ups and downs of the market to remain calm and focused.  “Have a solid marketing plan and don’t let emotion get in the way of sticking to the plan.” He is very specific.  “Pencil out where you are going to make money or returns on your investment.  It needs to be a detailed forecast and it needs to be followed as closely as possible.” Good advice regardless of what part of the dairy business you are operating in.


The Bullvine Bottom Line

As they consider both sides of each mating and strive to correct the problems, it is obvious that at Butlerview there is tremendous passion for dairy breeding.  Jeff invites those who share that passion for genetic improvement to drop in to the farm in Chebanse. “We have a great team where everyone understands their role and is very committed and dedicated to excellence.”  We wish Butlerview all the best as they face the excitement, challenges and opportunities of holding true to their vision.  Simple goals.  Exceptional genetics.


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Royal Winter Fair Fantasy Exhibitor – The Results

Even though I wrote the Royal Winter Fair Preview Article and titled it “Expect the Unexpected”, I have to admit that even I was shocked at the final results.  Common sense tells us that we should always be prepared for the unusual because it all comes down to how each cow looks on the day and in the Judge’s opinion.  There were just under 4,000 entries for this inaugural Royal Winter Fair Fantasy Exhibitor competition.  Similar to the Holstein Show itself, you could not just pick the winners from Madison and expect to be a winner yourself.

Junior 2 Year Old

Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza  1st place Junior 2 year old Belfast Holsteins & Mary Inn Holsteins, QC

Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza
1st place Junior 2 year old
Belfast Holsteins & Mary Inn Holsteins, QC

After being upset by Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss at Expo International du Holstein Quebec (Read more: Expo Internationale Holstein Québec Results)  Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza regained the top spot. Having said that, Sunkiss did offer a little better value for those who were trying to squeeze in some more expensive older cows (Please note that Sunkiss’s value was set prior to EIHQ).  With almost 70% (36.9% Lasenza, and 32.7% Sunkiss) of the participants and all of the top 40 participants selecting these two cows, it really was a two-cow race.  When Lasenza entered the ring, she looked the best she has yet.  After viewing her strong rear seam, many who were hoping for an upset knew that it would not be happening on this day.  Another great value pick would have been Jacobs Atwood Vedette, who at $120,000 and placing third and earning 10 points could have certainly helped the more than 100 participants that spent just over the $2,500,000 limit.

Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss 2nd place Junior 2 year old Ferme Blondin & Yvon Sicard, QC

Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss
2nd place Junior 2 year old
Ferme Blondin & Yvon Sicard, QC

Senior 2 Year Old


Charwill Attic Marcy
1st place Senior Two Year old, and Reserve Intermediate Champion
Gen-Com Holsteins, QC

On a day that was full of surprises, the one sure thing was Charwill Attic Marcy.  She looked amazing, as she has all year, and easily strolled to the top of the class.  With Marcy also earning Reserve Intermediate Champion, she proved to be a very economical choice as well.  For almost 40% of the participants and all of the top 40 Marcy was a must have in order to contend in this year’s competition.

Junior 3 Year Old

Phoenix Sanchez Geo  1st place Junior 3 year old  Breamont Holsteins, ON

Phoenix Sanchez Geo
1st place Junior 3 year old
Breamont Holsteins, ON

Catching everyone by surprise was Phoenix Sanchez Geo.  With less than 3% of the total competitors picking her and none of the top 40, this was certainly a curve ball that many did not see coming.  With the two most popular picks Ehrhardt Gold Beauty, winner at Expo and the full sisters BVK ATWOOD ABRIANNA and BVK ATWOOD ANDREA not making it to the show, this class was certainly a write off for many competitors.  Geo on a day of upsets turned out to be one of the greatest value picks in the entire competition!

Senior 3 Year Old

Aingers Advent Bambi 1st place Senior 3 year old Ferme Blondin, QC

Aingers Advent Bambi
1st place Senior 3 year old and Intermediate Champion
Ferme Blondin, QC

Talking about upsets. Could there be a bigger upset than seeing Aingers Advent Bambi defeat Valleyville Rae Lynn and Butz-Butler Gold Barbara?  Less than 15% of the competitors even included her on their team.  Rae Lynn and Barbara have been much heralded this year and were expected to have a clash of the titans at the Royal.  However, as Bambi’s upset of Barbara at EIHQ showed us, she is not to be forgotten.  With Bambi winning Intermediate Champion and only costing $125,000, she was easily the greatest value in the whole competition.  While many, including myself, discounted this three calf Senior 3 year old, (actually she has had four calves as there were twin heifers by Atwood), Bambi has certainly thrown her name into the ring.  Even though Rae Lynn did earn honorable mention Intermediate Champion, and did so while milking over a year, at $625,000 in our competition, the price may have been too high for many to choose to include her.  However, the real surprise was Barbara, at $625,000 and no bonus points, her third place finish was a team killer for many.

Valleyville Rae Lynn  2nd place Senior Three Year old and HM Intermediate Champion Quality Holsteins, Ponderosa, Al-Be-Ro Land and Cattle, ON

Valleyville Rae Lynn
2nd place Senior Three Year old and HM Intermediate Champion
Quality Holsteins, Ponderosa, Al-Be-Ro Land and Cattle, ON

4 Year Old

Robrook Goldwyn Cameron  1st place 4 year old and Grand Champion St Jacobs, Clark Woodmansee, Budjon Farms & Peter and Lyn Vale, WI

Robrook Goldwyn Cameron
1st place 4 year old and Grand Champion
St Jacobs, Clark Woodmansee, Budjon Farms & Peter and Lyn Vale, WI

In what was to be a rematch from Expo, where Cookview Goldwyn Monique got the upper hand, on this day it was all about Cameron who caught Judge Crowley’s attention and strolled to a convincing win in her class.  Looking better as the day went along and peaking in the Grand Champion parade, Monique proved to be a pretty good choice as well.  However, in order to contend in this year’s Fantasy Exhibitor Competition, you pretty well needed to choose Cameron.  In fact, 75% of the top 40 competitors and 100% of the top 10 all chose Cameron to anchor their team.

Cookview Goldwyn Monique  2nd place 4 year old and Reserve Grand Champion Jeff Butler and Joe and Amber Price, IL

Cookview Goldwyn Monique
2nd place 4 year old and Reserve Grand Champion
Jeff Butler and Joe and Amber Price, IL

5 Year Old

MS Goldwyn Alana 1st place 5 year old and HM Grand Champion P Boulet, Ferme Fortale, Isabelle Verille, QC

MS Goldwyn Alana
1st place 5 year old and HM Grand Champion
P Boulet, Ferme Fortale, Isabelle Verille, QC

With her dominant class win and Honorable Mention Senior and Grand Champion honors, MS Goldwyn Alana was a great pick for many.  All but 1 of the top 40 competitors and over 40% of all competitors had chosen Alana to win. There were no real surprises in this class.

6+ Year Old Class

Calbrett Goldwyn Layla 1st place Mature Cow Comestar, Speranza Holsteins and Ponderosa, QC

Calbrett Goldwyn Layla
1st place Mature Cow
Comestar, Speranza Holsteins and Ponderosa, QC

When it comes to the biggest shocker of the day, that honor has to go to Calbrett Goldwyn Layla.  After finishing ninth at Expo, no one expected Layla to upset World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion, and 1st place 6 year old from EIHQ, BONACCUEIL MAYA GOLDWYN.  Less than 2% of the competitors even had Layla on their team.  This victory had to be even more shocking than Bambi’s victory in the Senior Three Year Old Class.  For those who had gone all in on Maya, her 2nd place finish and no bonus points in Grand was the biggest team killer in the whole competition.  Maya certainly looked good at the Royal, though she did not fit with the style of cow that Judge Crowley was looking for.

Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn 2nd place Mature Cow Ty-D Holsteins, Ferme Jacobs, Drolet and A & R Boulet, QC

Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn
2nd place Mature Cow
Ty-D Holsteins, Ferme Jacobs, Drolet and A & R Boulet, QC

What had to be a pleasant surprise for many, as well as to us, was Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy winning the longtime production class.  As we were not sure if this former World Dairy Expo and Royal Supreme Champion would be making the trip this year, she was left out of our competition.  Nevertheless, seeing her extreme size and dairyness was certainly exciting for all.

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy 1st place Production Cow Morsan, Van  Runen Dairy, Mark Butz, Gert Andreasen, AM

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy
1st place Production Cow
Morsan, Van Runen Dairy, Mark Butz, Gert Andreasen, AM

The Dream Team

During the team selection period, it was a consistent challenge for many competitors to get all their favorites onto their teams.  Though as it turned out, with the expect the unexpected theme of this year’s competition, the ultimate points team, that would have earned 217 points, would have only cost $2,085,000, almost $500,000 under the $2,500,000 budget.  This team would have been,  Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza, Charwill Attic Marcy, Phoenix Sanchez Geo, Aingers Advent Bambi, Robrook Goldwyn Cameron, Ms Goldwyn Alana and Calbrett Goldwyn Layla.  Yes that is correct, you could have had all the class winners on your team and still had almost a half a million left in your pocket.  It just goes to show, it’s not about how much you spend, but rather how wisely you spend it.

The Winners Are

Colin Uecker of Watertown Wisconsin had the winning team of Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza, Charwill Attic Marcy, Ehrhardt Gold Beauty, Aingers Advent Bambi, Robrook Goldwyn Cameron, Ms Goldwyn Alana and Willowholme Goldwyn Jessica.  Earning 187 out of a possible 217 points.  While a couple of the other top 5 competitors did have higher scoring teams, Colin took full advantage of the bonus points for getting his entry in early to  squeak out the win.  With so many upsets, it is not surprising that no one predicted the exact results.

Place First name Last Name
1 Colin Uecker
2 Ily Genetics
3 Flavio Junqueira Costa
4 Stephen Mast
5 Luke Instone
6 Wayne Houdek
7 Colin Leach
8 Tom Pettit
9 Jean-Philippe Charest
10 Darrel Barkman
11 Kate Cochrane
12 Hannah Roberts
13 Andree Menard
14 Emily Stuff
15 James Woodmansee Sr.
16 Alexandre bapst
17 Gwyn Murray
18 Bryant Hlavaty
19 Maxime Lauzon
20 Austen Schmidt
21 Raphael Chabot
22 Matthew Keffer
23 Allan Merkley
24 Anna Meyer
25 Brett Woker
26 Robin Christman
27 Andy Reynolds
28 Christopher Burne
29 Mireille Cloutier
30 Christian Roberge
31 Olivier Corriveau
32 Cameron Davis
33 Christiaan Viljoen
34 Alana Brown
35 James Whatman
36 Jeff Merkley
37 Genevieve Arbour
38 Brian Coyne
39 Olivier Lapointe
40 Cleocy Mendonça Jr.
41 Susan Armstrong
42 Donna Banowetz
43 Meaghan Thornhill
44 Grant Armstrong
45 Sandy MacGillivary
46 Sean Murray
47 Melissa Marcoux
48 Lysanne Pelletier
49 Fina Martinez
50 Catherine Lauzon
51 Annette Killian
53 Scott Crandlemire
53 Jon Spoelstra
54 Tom Peters
55 Blake Zehr
56 Matt Forestell
57 Nicole Crosbie
58 Adam Nelson
59 Tony Van Lith
60 Sylvain Cormier
61 Mandy Brazil
62 Jacquin Louis
63 James Hoffman
64 Proulx Jean-Philippe
65 Joe Nash
66 Scott Brown
67 Kevin Jacobs
68 Annie Chabot
69 Francis Cournoyer
70 Amelie Poulin
71 Anne-Marie Loranger
72 Burnell Zehr
73 Chris Schulze
74 Chris Steven
75 Shelby Iager
76 Chad Ryan
77 Tom Uber
78 Anthony Brenton-Robert
79 Mike McLaughlin
80 Michael Leclerc
81 Alejo Guichon
82 Max Petitclerc
83 Nathan Ulmer
84 Eric Houdek
85 Jake Dueppengiesser
86 Ashley Knapton
87 Jason Pegg
88 Guillaume Labee
89 Hannah Jackson
90 Chad Popp
91 Ricardo Cuesta
92 Olimar Rupli
93 Kevin Vanzessen
94 Chris Hill
95 Corey Popp
96 Adam Zehr
97 James Woodmansee jr.
98 Deb Knapton
99 Jack Lomeo jr
100 Brent Carmichael

Calculate Your Own Score

Class Name Price Points
Jr 2 year old Beckholm Goldwyn Deelila – $120,000 $120,000 0
Jr 2 year old Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza – $300,000 $300,000 20
Jr 2 year old Comestar Masha Sanchez – $105,000 $105,000 0
Jr 2 year old Dream-Prairie GW Alberta – $135,000 $135,000 0
Jr 2 year old Gen-Com Brett Madison – $105,000 $105,000 0
Jr 2 year old Jacobs Atwood Vedette – $120,000 $120,000 10
Jr 2 year old MS Aubrey Gold Addison – $135,000 $135,000 0
Jr 2 year old Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss – $150,000 $150,000 15
Jr 2 year old RF Duplex Caileigh – $105,000 $105,000 0
Jr 2 year old Weeks Dundee Anika – $225,000 $225,000 6
Sr 2 year olds Arcroix Goldwyn Jamaique-ET – $120,000 $120,000 0
Sr 2 year olds Blondin Goldwyn Bordeau – $150,000 $150,000 0
Sr 2 year olds Charwill Attic Marcy – $300,000 $300,000 28
Sr 2 year olds Jacobs Duplex Anna – $225,000 $225,000 10
Sr 2 year olds Kingsmill Atwood Allison-ET – $135,000 $135,000 0
Sr 2 year olds Pierstein Atwood Rosine – $60,000 $60,000 6
Sr 2 year olds Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn-ET – $105,000 $105,000 0
Sr 2 year olds Starcrest Rhyme Casablanca – $120,000 $120,000 5
Jr 3 year old BVK Atwood Abrianna-ET – $240,000 $240,000 0
Jr 3 year old BVK Atwood Andrea-ET – $180,000 $180,000 0
Jr 3 year old Ehrhardt Gold Beauty-ET – $340,000 $340,000 0
Jr 3 year old Hardy Gold Diamond – $80,000 $80,000 0
Jr 3 year old Jacobs Knowledge Harpe – $180,000 $180,000 10
Jr 3 year old Kingsway Sanchez Arangtang – $140,000 $140,000 9
Jr 3 year old Lindenright Atwood Bounce – $160,000 $160,000 0
Jr 3 year old Ms Ken Dren Sanchez Feather – $100,000 $100,000 5
Jr 3 year old Phoenix Gogo Sanchez – $160,000 $160,000 0
Jr 3 year old Phoenix Sanchez Geo – $160,000 $160,000 20
Jr 3 year old Roquet Jasmine Sanchez – $140,000 $140,000 0
Jr 3 year old Tolamika Dundee Fanta – $120,000 $120,000 3
Sr 3 year old Aingers Advent Bambi – $125,000 $125,000 30
Sr 3 year old Butz-Butler Gold Barbara – $625,000 $625,000 10
Sr 3 year old Cowtown Durham Grasshopper – $200,000 $200,000 0
Sr 3 year old Eastriver Gold Deb 850-ET – $150,000 $150,000 4
Sr 3 year old Ernest-Anthony Allure-ET – $125,000 $125,000 8
Sr 3 year old Kingsway Goldwyn Abba Dabba – $225,000 $225,000 7
Sr 3 year old TC Sanchez Kristina – $75,000 $75,000 3
Sr 3 year old Valleyville Rae Lynn – $625,000 $625,000 21
Sr 3 year old Vioris Alex Pandora – $100,000 $100,000 0
Sr 3 year old Whitake-Kk Goldie Rose – $250,000 $250,000 6
4 year old Cookview Goldwyn Monique – $720,000 $720,000 29
4 year old Craigcrest Rubies Gold Rejoice  $150,000 $150,000 3
4 year old Drumlee Mischief Denison – $240,000 $240,000 10
4 year old Jacobs Goldwyn Valana – $300,000 $300,000 9
4 year old Lampada Goldwyn Katrina – $240,000 $240,000 0
4 year old Ms Pride Gold Invite 761 – $210,000 $210,000 8
4 year old Nordale Goldwyn Ricky – $90,000 $90,000 7
4 year old Quality Gold Danzi – $240,000 $240,000 5
4 year old Robrook Goldwyn Cameron – $570,000 $570,000 40
4 year old RockyMountain Goldwyn Trisha – $240,000 $240,000 0
5 year old Crestomere Lou Victoria – $330,000 $330,000 4
5 year old Gerann Roy Grendel – $330,000 $330,000 15
5 year old Glenwin Goldwyn Calypso – $330,000 $330,000 10
5 year old Ms Goldwyn Alana – $510,000 $510,000 32
5 year old Quality Goldwyn Flinsco – $210,000 $210,000 7
5 year old Rayon D’or Goldwyn Adonial – $240,000 $240,000 5
5 year old Robella Reg Macy – $270,000 $270,000 0
5 year old Rocky Mountain Gold Winter – $240,000 $240,000 0
5 year old Silvermaple Damion Camomile – $210,000 $210,000 0
5 year old Tromley-Dairy Lheros Jewel – $330,000 $330,000 0
6+ year old Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn – $1,000,000 $1,000,000 15
6+ year old Calbrett Goldwyn Layla – $120,000 $120,000 20
6+ year old Cityview Metro Lucy – $210,000 $210,000 0
6+ year old Jacobs Goldwyn Britany – $240,000 $240,000 9
6+ year old Ms Dundee Belinda-ET – $210,000 $210,000 8
6+ year old Pierstein Goldwyn Sunshine – $90,000 $90,000 5
6+ year old Starbrite Lyster Lyndsay – $480,000 $480,000 9
6+ year old Tween Bay Sara Goldwyn – $180,000 $180,000 7
6+ year old Willowholme Goldwyn Jessica – $300,000 $300,000 10

The Bullvine Bottom Line

In a year that was anything but expected, it is not surprising that this year’s results were all over the board.  Congratulations to Colin Uecker !!!  Be sure to watch for next year’s Fantasy Exhibitor.  There will be many new features added to this amazing competition.


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Canadian National Holstein Show Results

LOCATION Royal Winter Fair Grounds, Toronto, ON
JUDGE John Crowley, ON Associate:Don Donnan, ON

Grand Champion - Robrook Goldwyn Cameron

Grand Champion – Robrook Goldwyn Cameron

Grand Champion – Robrook Goldwyn Cameron (Goldwyn), Four Year Old, St Jacobs, Clark Woodmansee, Budjon Farms & Peter and Lyn Vale, WI

Reserve Champion - Cookview Goldwyn Monique

Reserve Champion – Cookview Goldwyn Monique

Reserve Champion – Cookview Goldwyn Monique (Goldwyn), 2nd Four Year Old, Jeff Butler and Joe and Amber Price, IL

HM Champion -  MS Goldwyn Alana

HM Champion – MS Goldwyn Alana

HM Champion –  MS Goldwyn Alana (Goldwyn), Five Year Old, P Boulet, Ferme Fortale, Isabelle Verille, QC

Intermediate Champion - Aingers Advent Bambi

Intermediate Champion – Aingers Advent Bambi

Intermediate Champion – Aingers Advent Bambi (Advent), Senior 3 Year Old, Ferme Blondin, QC

Res Intermediate Champion - Charwill Attic Marcy (Attic)

Res Intermediate Champion – Charwill Attic Marcy (Attic)

Res Intermediate Champion – Charwill Attic Marcy (Attic), Senior 2 Year Old, Gen-Com Holsteins, QC

HM Intermediate Champion - Valleyville Rae Lynn

HM Intermediate Champion – Valleyville Rae Lynn

HM Intermediate Champion – Valleyville Rae Lynn (Sanchez), 2nd Senior 3 Year Old, Quality Holsteins, Ponderosa, Al-Be-Ro Land and Cattle, ON

Junior Champion Fanico Reginald Marty (Reginald) Paige Morrill, PA

Junior Champion Fanico Reginald Marty (Reginald) Paige Morrill, PA

Junior Champion Fanico Reginald Marty (Reginald) Paige Morrill, PA
Reserve Junior Champion Comestar Larion Goldwyn (Goldwyn), R & S Allyn, E & M Ladina, Ferme Jendro and Donald Dubois & France Leumix, QC
Hon. Mention Rotaly Windbrook Hilda (Windbrook), Rock Hebert & Nathalie Du, QC


JM Valley Atwood Agadou (Atwood)
JM Valley Atwood Agadou (Atwood)

Junior Calf (27)

1.  (BO) JM Valley Atwood Agadou (Atwood), Richard W & Shannon Allyn, Ferme Rodemsay & JM Valley Holsteins, CT & QC
2. Sco-Lo-Coons Atii Banshe (Attic), Doeberiener & Bowen & Michael Heath, NY & MD
3. Petitclerc Goldsun Showdown (Goldsun), Ferme Jean-Paul Petitclerc & Fils, QC
4. Mapel Wood Windhammer Elegance (Windhammer), Mapel Wood Farms, ON
5. Jacobs Charlie Drayo (Charlie), Ferme Jacobs Inc., QC
6. (1st 4-H) Sildajak Attic Suger (Attic), Far-Row Holsteins & Sildajak Holstein, ON
7. Dubeau Brokaw Voodoo Child (Brokaw), Velthuis Farms Ltd., ON
8. Fleury Fever Chipmunk (Fever), Fleury Holstein, QC
9. Milibro Sid Roselia (Sid), Ferme Milibro Inc., QC
10. Colstein Goldwyn Umerica (Goldwyn), Jeff Stephens, Blair Weeks & Hi-Calibre Holsteins, ON & PEI

Altona Lea Stanleycup Gretzky (Stanleycup)
Altona Lea Stanleycup Gretzky (Stanleycup)

Intermediate Calf

1. Altona Lea Stanleycup Gretzky (Stanleycup), Chris & Jennifer Hill, Michael Heath & St Jacobs, MD
2. (BO) Rolling-Spring Dami Easy (Damion), Charles Bean & Rolling-Spring & Greg Hardy, MI
3. (1st 4-H) Devans Remark Dempsey (Remark), Robert D MacDonald & Bethany MacDOnald, ON
4. Cobequid Sid Blackberry (Sid), Bernadale Holstein & Cobequid Holstein, NS
5.Aleah Millen Naughtys Secret (Goldwyn), Aleah Farms Ltd., Millen Farms, Matthew & Tyler Yates, ON
6. Jacobs Alexander Eddy (Goldwyn), Ferme Jacobs Inc., QC
7. Petitclerc Alexander Albany (Alexander), Ferme Jean Paul Petitclerc & Fils, QC
8. Sicy Svelte Alexander (Alexander), Jenny Henchoz, Maxime Petitclerc & Eaton Holsteins, QC & NY
9. Favreautiere Kristal (Windhammer), Ferme Favreau & Fils Inc., QC
10. Petitclerc Alexander Access (Alexander), Ferme Jean Paul Petitclerc & Fils, QC

Lylehaven Roy Lari

Comestar Larion Goldwyn

Senior Calf

1. Comestar Larion Goldwyn (Goldwyn), R & S Allyn, E & M Ladina, Ferme Jendro and Donald Dubois & France Leumix, QC
2. Jacobs Alexander Everything (Alexander), Ferme Jacobs, QC
3.  Petitclerc Gold Saltalamacchia (Goldwyn), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
4. Duckett Federal Taz (Federal), Gracehaven and Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON
5. Comestar Larianne Goldwyn (Goldwyn), Comestar Holsteins, QC
6. Jacobs Sid Bamba (Sid), Ferme Jacobs, QC
7. Claircrest Sid Checkers (Sid), Ehrhardt Farms, Joel Phoenix, Gene Iager, ON
8. Eastside Lewisdale Armani (Windhammer), Browntown Farms, ON
9. Vanderhaven Sanchez Showtime (Sanchez), Pierre Boulet, QC
10. Goldenflo Goldchip Kentucky (Goldchip), MacBeath Farms, J.P. Charests, MV Genetica, PE

 Eastside Atwood Glee

Eastside Atwood Glee

Summer Yearling

1. Eastside Atwood Glee (Atwood), R & S Allyn, J. Guy Thompson and Son, Ferme Jendro, D Dubois & F Leumuix
2. Doric Sid Laurianna (Sid), La Ferme Hudon & Fils, QC
3. Grillsdale Workout Dundee (Dundee), Clifford Grills & Kingsway Farms, ON
4. Signature R Katness (Reginald), B. Cates, Glennholme Holsteins, Signatures Holsteins & Seavalley Holsteins, ON
5. Bergeroy Sid Ambio (Sid), JM Valley Holstein & Bergeroy Holsteins, ON
6. Jacobs Sid Glory (Sid), Kevin Agnew & Ferme Jacobs, QC
7. MS Jasper Vicky (Jasper), Belfontaine Genetics, QC
8. Farrow Windbrook Noella (Windbrook), Far-Row Holsteins & Rob Heffernan, ON
9. Pierstein Goldwyn Gabriela (Goldwyn), Pierre Boulet, QC
10. Sunspark Fever Destiny (Fever), Robrook Farms Ltd & Superior Polled Genetics, ON

 Rotaly  Windbrook Hilda

Rotaly Windbrook Hilda

Junior Yearling

1. Rotaly  Windbrook Hilda (Windbrook), Rock Hebert & Nathalie Du, QC
2. Dortholme Goldwyn Deb (Goldwyn), Rob Heffernan, Lookout Holsteins and Crackholm Holsteins, ON
3. Colstein Lauthority Crowne (Lauthority), Blair Weeks, Lookout, Frank& Diane Borba
4. Riault Fever July (Fever), R & S Allyn, Ferme Jedro, D Dubois, JM Valley Holsteins, QC
5. Jacobs Goldwyn Amora (Goldwyn), Ferme Jacobs, QC
6. Benrise Gold Jewellry (Goldwyn), K Doeberiener, OH
7. Kingsway Windbrook A5 35 (Windbrook), Kingsway Farms, ON
8. Phoenix Lauthority Jazz (Lauthority), Vale-O-Skene, Ryla, Gracehaven & Emilane, ON
9. Pierstein Extreme Hannah (Extreme), Isabelle Morin & Max Hebert, QC
10. Kingsway Dempsey Candy (Dempsey), R Canning & T Canning, ON

Cobequid Goldwyn Bayonet

Cobequid Goldwyn Bayonet

Intermediate Yearling (19)

1. Cobequid Goldwyn Bayonet (Goldwyn), P Boulet, Lindsay Bowen, Kevin Doeberiener, QC
2. Winright Sid Elegance (Sid), Brian Enright, ON
3. Aquarel Outboard Obe Tention (Outbound), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
4. Valmar Colton Wendy (Colt), J Stephens and Clarkvalley Holsteins, ON
5. Kingsway Goldwyn Dallas (Goldwyn), Kingsway Farms, Trentward Farms, ON
6. Gen-Com Miss R Goldwyn (Goldwyn), Gen-Com, Ferme Mibelson, Ferme Fortale & Ferme Du Vieux Saule, QC
7. Pierstein Goldwyn Geisha (Goldwyn), Idee Holsteins, PE
8. Peticlerc Goldwyn Silver (Goldwyn), Ferme Peticlerc, QC
9. Old-Acres Gold Sydney (Goldwyn), Velthuis Farms, ON
10. Budjon-JK-Glaz-way Erin (Atwood), Budjon Farms, Glaz-way and F & D Borba, WI

Fanico Reginald Marty

Fanico Reginald Marty

Senior Yearling (8)

1.Fanico Reginald Marty (Reginald) Paige Morrill, PA
2.Idee Goldwyn Livia (Goldwyn) Kingsway Farms, ON
3.(B&O) Peticlerc Goldwyn Anouk (Goldwyn) Ferme Jean-Paul Peticlerc, QC
4.Fusion Passioons Poison (Dempsey) Ferme Jean-Paul Peticlerc, QC
5.Skycrest Seaver Prairie Chick (Seaver) Skycrest Holsteins Ltd, AB
6.Frater Sid Paris (Sid) Ferme Frejour Inc, QC
7.Kaymanor Jersey Devil (Dundee) Peter Leach, ON
8.Toddsdale Sid Ricki (Sid) Armcrest Holsteins, ONJunior Breeders Herd (10)
1.Comestar Holsteins QC
2.Ferme Jacobs, QC
3.Kingsway Farms, ON
4.Ferme Boulet, QC
5.Eastside Holsteins, PEI
6.Ferme Jean-Paul Peticlerc, QC
7.Cobequid Holsteins, PEI
8.Ploegsway Holsteins, ON
9.Claircrest Holsteins,ON
10.Delcreek Holsteins, ON
Junior Premier Breeder Ferme Jacobs, QC
Reserve Junior Premier Breeder Ferme Jean-Paul Peticlerc, QC
Junior Premier Exhibitor Ferme Jean-Paul Peticlerc, QC
Reserve Premier Exhibitor Ferme Jacobs, QC
Combhaven Sid Monica

Combhaven Sid Monica

 Milking Yearling (30):

1.  Combhaven Sid Monica (Pine-Tree Sid-ET), Gen-Com Holstein Ltd.
2. Ms Atwood Adrenaline (Maple-Downs I G Atwood-ET), Jeff Butler
3. Sunnylodge Seaver Samantha (R-E-W Seaver-ET), Sunnylodge Farms, Michael Heath, Jamie & Petra Black
4. Arethusa Fever Almira-ET (Crackholm Fever-ET), Ernest Kueffner
5. Blondin Careyprice Lorena (Blondin Careyprice), Ferme Blondin
6. Lookout Goldwyn Lalia (Braedale Goldwyn), Lookout Holsteins, Eloc Farm
7. Harmill Krown Reann (O-Bee Krown-ET), Pierre Boulet
8. Budjon-Vail Dominique-ET (Scientific Destry), Ferme Arolene Inc., Ferme Irlande, Jean-Phillippe Faucher
9. Blondin Goldwyn Kosta (Braedale Goldwyn), Ferme Blondin, Ercale & Marcello Ladina
10. Bembie Sid Fiona (Pine-Tree Sid), Kingsway Farms, Bembie Holsteins

Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza

Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza

Junior 2 Year Old

1. Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza (Goldwyn), Belfast Holsteins & Mary Inn Holsteins, QC
2. Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss (Sid), Ferme Blondin & Yvon Sicard, QC
3. Jacobs Atwood Vedette (Atwood), Ferme Jacobs, QC
4. Eastside Destry Chanel (Destry), Lewis Bros and J. Guy Thompson & Son, PE
5. Rolling-Spring Schz Ella (Sanchez), Rolling Spring Farm & Charles Bean
6. Blondin Bravest Delice (Bravest), Ferme Blondin, QC
7. Weeks Dundee Anika (Dundee), Milksource, WI
8. Kingsway Tenacious Rochelle (Tenacious), Kingsway Farms & Riverdown Holsteins, ON
9. Routina Dazzler Kelsey (Dazzler), Ferme Blondin, QC
10 . Red Oak Sanchez Odyssey (Sanchez), F & C Borba and F & D Borba, CA

Charwill Attic Marcy

Charwill Attic Marcy

Senior 2 Year Old (16)

1.  (BU) Charwill Attic Marcy (Attic), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
2. (BO) Hodglynn Dynasty Licorice (Sanchez), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
3. Jacobs Duplez Anna (Duplex), Ferme Jacobs, QC
4. Crovalley Knowledge Akika (Knowledge), Arethusa Farm, CT
5. Petitclerc Alexander Amycale (Alexander), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
6. Blondin Supreme Ruby (Supreme), Ferme Blondin, QC
7. Pierstein Atwood Rosine (Atwood), Pierre Boulet, QC
8. Starcrest Rhyme Casablanca (Rhyme), Fornwald, Robella Holsteins and J & K McAoy, SK
9. Beckholm Bolton Trillium (Bolton), Beckholm Holsteins, ON
10. Dougal Lea Goldwyn Danita (Goldwyn), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC

Phoenix Sanchez Geo

Phoenix Sanchez Geo

Junior 3 Year Old

1. (BU) Phoenix Sanchez Geo (Sanchez), Breamont Holsteins, ON
2. Poelman Goldwyn Margo (Goldwyn), Pierre Boulet,  QC
3. (BO)  Jacobs Knowledge Harpe (Knowledge), Ferme Jacobs, QC
4. Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang (Sanchez), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
5. Benrise Duplex Arienne (Duplex), Michael Heath and Triple T Holsteins, OH
6. Cavanaleck Spirte Dell (Spirte), Ferme Blondin, QC
7. Elysa Goldwyn Lady (Goldwyn), Lookout Holsteins & Crackholm Holsteins, QC
8. MS Ken-Dren Sanchez Feather (Sanchez) Milksource Genetics, WI
9. Brookview American Girl (Durham), Quality Farms, ON
10. Tolamika Dundee Fanta (Dundee), C Dewitt Jr. & Skycrest Holsteins, AB

Aingers Advent Bambi

Aingers Advent Bambi

Senior 3 Year Old (20)

1. Aingers Advent Bambi (Advent), Ferme Blondin, QC
2. Valleyville Rae Lynn (Sanchez), Quality Holsteins, Ponderosa, Al-Be-Ro Land and Cattle, ON
3. (BU) Butz-Butler Gold Barbara (Goldwyn), Igaer, Kueffner, River Valley Dairy and St Jacobs, IL
4.  Vedderlea Goldwyn Ester (Goldwyn), Crackholm, QC
5. Ernest-Anthony Allure (Alexander), Arethusa Farms, CT
6. Kingsway Goldwyn Abba Dabba (Goldwyn), Jason Mell and Trent Valley Holsteins, ON
7. Whitaker-KK Goldie Rose (Goldwyn), Gen-Com Holsteins, CT
8. (BO) Raivue Sanchez Pamela (Sanchez), Raivue Farms, Robrook Farms, Superior Polled Genetics, ON
9. Eastriver Gold Deb 850 (Goldwyn), Milk Source, WI
10. TC Sanchez Kristina (Sanchez), J Buckley and Crackholm Holsteins, ON
Robrook Goldwyn Cameron

Robrook Goldwyn Cameron

Four Year Old (18)

1. Robrook Goldwyn Cameron (Goldwyn), St Jacobs, Clark Woodmansee, Budjon Farms & Peter and Lyn Vale, WI
2. Cookview Goldwyn Monique (Goldwyn), Jeff Butler and Joe and Amber Price, IL
3. Drumlee Mischief Denison (Denison), Ferme Blondin and Butz Hill Holsteins, QC
4. (BO) Jacobs Goldwyn Valana (Goldwyn), Ferme Jacobs, QC
5. MS Pride Gold Invite (Goldwyn), Blondin, Crasdale and Ponderosa, QC
6. Nordale Goldwyn Ricky (Goldwyn), Little Star, Hodglynn, Pool and Galton, ON
7. Cobequid Goldwyn Leno ( Goldwyn), Pierre Boulet, Yvon Sicard, G. Demers and Butz Hill, QC
8. Quality Gold Danzi (Goldwyn), Quality Farms, ON
9. Phoenix Golden Ariel (Goldwyn), Hodglynn, Little Star and Schmidt, ON
10. Craigcrest Rubies Golden Rejoice (Goldwyn), Craigcrest Holsteins, ON
MS Goldwyn Alana

MS Goldwyn Alana

Five Year Old (9)

1. (BU) MS Goldwyn Alana (Goldwyn), P Boulet, Ferme Fortale, Isabelle Verille, QC
2. Gerann Roy Grendel (Jordan), Quality Holsteins, ON
3. Glenwin Goldwyn Calypso (Goldwyn), Glenvue Holsteins, Mart Unholzer and Pleasant Nook, ON
4. Caberhill Peach Dolman (Dolman), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
5.  (BO) Antelimarch Lidym Goldwyn (Goldwyn), Ferme Antelimarck, QC
6. Quality Goldwyn Finsco (Goldwyn), Quality Holsteins, ON
7. Pierstein Talent Madisole ( Talent), Pierre Boulet, QC
8. Rayon D’Or Goldwyn Adonial (Goldwyn), Ferme Rayon D’Or, QC
9. Crestmore Lou Victoria (Marshall), Everett Simanton, AB
Calbrett Goldwyn Layla

Calbrett Goldwyn Layla

Mature Cow (8)

1. (BO & BU) Calbrett Goldwyn Layla (Goldwyn), Comestar, Speranza Holsteins and Ponderosa, QC
2. Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn (Goldwyn), Ty-D Holsteins, Ferme Jacobs, Drolet and A & R Boulet, QC
3. Willowholme Goldwyn Jessica (Goldwyn), Ferme Blondin, QC
4. Jacobs Goldwyn Britany (Goldwyn), Ferme Jacobs, QC
5. MS Dundee Belinda (Dundee), Jeff Butler, IL
6. Idee Goldwyn Lulu (Goldwyn), Friscosons Holsteins, ON
7. Robin-Hood Clumbo (Durham), Stanhope-Wedgewood and Morsan, AB
8. Pierstein Goldwyn Sunshine (Goldwyn), Pierre Boulet, QC
Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy

Longtime Production Class ( 7 )

1. (BU) Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy (Goldwyn), Morsan, Van  Runen Dairy, Mark Butz, Gert Andreasen, AM
2.(BO) Ms Exels Dundee Beauty (Dundee), Hank Van Exel, Larry Bennet, Triple T, Pat Conroy, Gord Sharp, ON
3. Idee Goldwyn Lunette (Goldwyn), Idee Holsteins, PE
4. Starbrite Lyster Lyndsay (Lyster), Starbrite Holsteins and Hodglynn Holsteins, ON
5. Quality Blitz Fran (Blitz), Quality Holsteins, ON
6. Tween Bays Sara Goldwyn (Goldwyn), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
7. Kingsway Dundee Deli (Dundee), Kingsway Farms, ON
Senior Breeders Herd
1. Ferme Jacobs
2. Ferme Pierstien
3. Quality Holsteins
Premier Breeder and Exhibitor  – Ferme Jacobs

The TAG GAME PLAN – 5 Years from “Startup” to “Game ON!”

There are very few who have looked at dairying in the first decades of the 21st century and then decided that it was a good time to start something new.  Few or not, that was the decision arrived at by Patrice Simard and Alan Bryson because as they saw it. “Industry priorities seemed outdated for the direction that the international marketplace was heading.”

One Size Didn’t Fit All. For Bryson and Simard It Also Didn’t Fit the Future!

In 2008 Bryson and Simard had the courage of their convictions to make the next move. They formed Trans-America Genetics or TAG as it is widely known five years later.  This new kid on the AI block was different from the others.  “Here was group of forward thinking breeders who were united to become the TAG Partners.  It was formed from an “unusual partnership” rather than the more common coop setup. We would win or lose together.” It was a bold no guts… no glory move but already the founders felt empowered. “Forming the partnership was a big challenge but it also represented the first success for TAG.” Founded on partnership, it isn’t at all surprising that Patrice’s life partner, Natalia Rodrigues, is also a business partner. Indeed the teamwork of the TAG President, Patrice, and Vice-President, Natalia, is the ultimate real-life example that shows how sharing the burdens of business and supporting each other are at the very heart of this new undertaking.

Ready! Set! Start UP!  TAG is into Game Changing!

“TAG was created to provide options that weren’t available in the market”   asserts Patrice who envisioned a framework that would provide realistic opportunities for breeders to make new choices. Today, with five years under its belt, TAG has the perspective to look back and gauge how well that vision has been implemented. “TAG has devoted our attention to helping dairy enterprises become more profitable through genetic selection and focus on quality products.” That attention has been successful for TAG. “Our unique philosophy of partnering for success is the “raison d’être” or reason for being that provides the foundation that Trans-America Genetics is building upon.”

“Success is a Whole Team Relationship”

TAG had a special vision in assembling an exceptional team as well. “It was imperative right from the early stages for the company to surround itself with quality people.” From the outside looking in, the uniqueness of the TAG team is readily apparent. First there are their varied backgrounds including American, Brazilian, French, French Canadian, English Canadian, and Cuban. Then there are the qualities they all possess: energy, passion, enthusiasm and commitment.” The entire team loves to demonstrate those qualities that have grown the vision and makes TAG partnership a reality for each partner, client and staff person!!”  Patrice sums up the learning curve of the first 5 years. “The most important lesson has been the value of relationships. Every success at TAG has been the result of relationships earned throughout life and treating those people with honesty and integrity.”

Seagull-Bay Miss America
One of the early stars of the TAG embryo and female program

The Global Game Starts “Now!”

Whether you’re looking at five years or fifty years, it’s easy to see that progress is not a straight road from start to finish.  When you throw genetics into the mix, you can be sure that there will be ups and down and sometimes even high speed. Patrice confirms how this impacted TAG. “The situation in the international marketplace demonstrated a need for a company with a focus on different priorities.” Having said that and recognizing that profitability is the ultimate goal for everyone regardless of their place in the dairy industry TAG was prepared to evolve into a more fluid business that could include multiple and varied options.  Simard is happy for the success of that model. “The international market ratified the ideals of TAG and demonstrated their support by the speed in which the markets developed and multiplied.”

Moving At the Speed of the Marketplace

The speed of change is the new reality of the dairy industry regardless of what country you are in and it can be a factor affecting everything says Patrice. “Speed has definitely been the biggest surprise!  If we look at the original business plan things have been bigger, better and faster than we ever imagined. The number of bulls we have marketed, the number of distributors in place and international influence achieved, five years in business we are at a very different place than what the original business model projected.”  Being able to evolve was important. “Our growth in developing business plans and financial models has increased exponentially.”  There are new questions and the need for new and better answers on a daily basis! For this young company change is no longer on the horizon it is here!

Putting the Genomics Pedal to the Metal

Nowhere is speed more apparent in the dairy world than in new technologies such as genomics.  TAG feels their growth has been similar. “We have exceeded our goals in every way.  We can look at TAG as the marketing parallel to how genomics has impacted the industry.” Nevertheless he remains clear sighted in his assessment of this new tool. “Genomics has brought many benefits. However, it also brought a current period of instability, due to the speed with which it impacted dairy breeding.” While technology can pave the way, it is not without its speed bumps.


TAG Success Growing by Leaps and Bounds

It is always reassuring when a new company successfully reaches five years. Patrice reports that there are many great successes stories that started right from the beginning. “One big success came with the August ’09 proof round. It was an incredible round for TAG and a turning point for the young company.” If TAG was writing a book about success the title would be “Domain, Domain, and Domain!” Simard explains, “Domain received his first genomic profile and ranked 3rd in the population for GTPI!” From there success continued on the sales front. “Sales have doubled every year for the past three years.  The company has had to expand the management team to respond to the every-increasing interest!” Looking back at goals set by the partnership the glow continues as Patrice points out an exceptional exploit for the young company. “In 2012 the milestone of one million doses of semen produced was reached.”

TAG is All About “Now You See Us!”

In a hugely competitive marketplace, where the danger can be that everyone looks like everyone else, TAG has had success in creating innovative marketing platforms. “TAG has managed or co-managed 4 sales to date for combined gross revenues of over $10 million dollars.” Those were profile raising opportunities to follow Domain’s success.  “The great success with Domain permitted TAG to contract a few more important sires and start moving ahead exploring possibilities abroad.” Of course, whether it’s sales, semen or sires you’ve got to have visibility to the consumer and part of that is in how you brand yourself. Patrice is proud of this growth area as well. “TAG’s distinctive marketing style became quickly recognized. Whether it was modern ideas for ads, clothing or new views for photos, breeders are vocal in their appreciation of TAG’s marketing products.”

TAG Game Plan = Continuous Transparent Collaboration

It doesn’t matter what stage your company is at there is never a time to say, “There! We have done enough!”  For TAG who began with the goal of impacting their partners’ success by providing something different, the challenge is ongoing. “The TAG philosophy means working with farmers to develop profitable genetic strategies for their herds.” In these first years market reaction has been favorable but there is always work to do. “TAG feels that as a company which from the start believed in genomics, they have a responsibility towards dairymen to help them understand the developments and possibilities that genomics bring to them.”  There are always new concerns. “Fertility has become one of the greatest impediments to commercial farm profitability and TAG’s objective is to put the focal point on fertility and health traits.

Wrong Way. Right Turns.  Quick Response

Of course, with growth come both challenges and opportunities.  Looking back is always easier than looking forward. “The original TAG model was based on having products to distribute which never materialized.” This could have meant game over but the TAG partnership is always prepared to respond to new issues. “We had to accelerate the search and development of our own products” Having the flexibility to change proved to be a key. “Change was quickly implemented. The original business model was to grow from a domestic oriented company towards international distribution.”  The speedy success in the international marketplace inspired a new direction.  By continually building on their goal of meeting the needs of particular breeding operations, TAG is confident that they will gain in the Canadian marketplace too. “The domestic market hasn’t been as receptive to the TAG philosophy probably due to the difference in the commercial dairy industry here in Canada.” TAG continues to be unique even when facing challenges. Many start-ups focus intensely on growth, sometimes to a business-ending fault.  “For TAG the focus now and in the future is based on the needs of the customer and then on follow-through. The only thing that will never change at TAG is the core belief of integrity and transparency towards partners and clients.”

The Bullvine Bottom Line

As TAG continues to innovate and make their mark in the dairy genetics industry, they have encouragement for others. “Ideas are important but TAG has learned that courage is the main ingredient for success. The courage to go forward with your ideas, the courage to face adversity, the courage to admit that you need to modify the plan and the courage to launch the next idea.”  Congratulations and High 5s all around. When it comes to dairy passion, enthusiasm and commitment “TAG You’re It!”


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The 2013 Royal Winter Fair Holstein Show Preview – Expect the Un-expected

Most years you can expect the results from the Holstein show at the Royal Winter Fair to be pretty much a repeat from that of World Dairy Expo (Read more: World Dairy Expo 2013 Holstein Show).  But this year is going to be different.  From  cows that were at Expo and won’t  make the trip to Toronto, to cows that have freshened since Expo and have made  the trip, you can certainly expect the results from this year’s show to be very different.

The Judge

Tasked with placing this amazing show will be John Crowley.  John and his supportive wife Cynthia and four kids (who are already achieving great things in their own right) are Master Breeders and milk 75 head in Hastings Ontario.  They currently have 40 Ex – 60 VG – 6 GP.  The herd has garnered over 60 All-Canadian, 100 All-Ontario, and 9 All-American nominations including the recent 2011 Unanimous All-American Junior Best Three Females and First Junior Herd at the 2011 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and World Dairy Expo.  Crovalley is proud to have captured over 100 Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor banners at numerous shows across Canada.

Crowley has also judged in numerous US states and has travelled extensively abroad judging in  South Korea, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Portugal, and Brazil.  In addition, John has had the privilege of judging the Jersey Futurity Class at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.  When asked, “What is the biggest thing you want breeders to say after the show?”  John replied, “Of course I want the breeders to be satisfied with the job I did.  I want people to say that it was a fair job, with no politics involved and that I had a real pattern in selecting my animals.”

Assisting John this year will be Don Donnan.  Don hails from Stirling Ontario.   He and his wife Beverly  own Donnanview farms—an 80 cow Master Breeder herd.  Donnanview is proud to have bred 29 Excellent cows in the past three years and has bred and/or owned several All-Ontario and All-Canadian nominees.  When Judge Crowley was asked  how he selected his associate, he replied, “I wanted a close friend, a friend that sees cows similar to me.  I wanted a person who milked cows and one who, when asked a question,  will give me his honest opinion, while acting  in a supportive role, knowing that this is my show to judge.”  We are sure he will get that and a few much needed tension breakers from Associate Judge Donnan.

Contenders for Junior Champion

Fanico Reginald Marty

Fanico Reginald Marty

Similar to last year the World Dairy Expo Junior Champion will not be making the trip to Toronto, opening the door for some other very worthy candidates.  Leading the way has to be the Reserve Junior Champion, FANICO REGINALD MARTY, who was also Junior Champion at the recent  Expo Internationale Holstein Quebec (Read more: Expo Internationale Holstein Québec Results).  Other contenders to watch for are a pair of Winter Yearlings AQUAREL OUTBOUND OBE TENTION and PETITCLERC GOLDWYN SIDNEY.  Also watch for a very exciting senior calf class that includes three  big time contenders PETITCLERC GOLD SALTALAMACCHIA, COMESTAR LARION GOLDWYN and DUCKETT FEDERAL TAZ.

The Contenders for Intermediate Champion

Nowhere is the competition at the Royal  going to be more intense  than with the cows that have freshened since Expo (or have had just that much more time since freshening to straighten around) or did not make the trip to Expo than in the Milking Yearling through Senior Three year old classes.



In the Milking Yearling class the World Dairy Expo winner, EXTONDALE SID IAMS is at the Royal, but 2nd place from Expo, ARETHUSA FEVER ALMIRA-ET is coming off a big win in Quebec where she earned many fans and is certainly maturing nicely.  Others to watch for include COMESTAR LAUWINNY WINDBROOK and MS ATWOOD ADRENALINE.

Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza

The junior 2-year-old class is certainly heating up to be quite a  battle.  With the extremely popular and Expo Champion BELFAST GOLDWYN LASENZA getting beat by Expo 3rd place PETITCLERC SID SUNKISS in Quebec, it certainly reminds us that any cow can be beaten on any given day.  Others to watch for include WEEKS DUNDEE ANIKA and DREAM-PRAIRIE GW ALBERTA.



Probably the one junior cow class that seems to be the most cut and dried is  the Senior 2 year old class.  CHARWILL ATTIC MARCY has been dominant all year and looked great at both Expo and in Quebec.  However, as we all know there are always contenders and they include FUTURECREST AFTERSHOCK TAHLIA who sells at lot 1 in the Sale of Stars, as well as JACOBS DUPLEX ANNA, JACOBS ALEXANDER BLACKY and HODGLYNN DYNASTY LICORICE.


In the Junior Three Year old class there will be the Expo winner, EHRHARDT GOLD BEAUTY, but gunning for her will be a pair of full sisters, BVK ATWOOD ABRIANNA and BVK ATWOOD ANDREA, and the recent show winners PHOENIX GOGO SANCHEZ and PHOENIX SANCHEZ GEO.  Of course we cannot leave out Jacobs Knowledge Harpe  who is a very popular pick in The 2013 Royal Fantasy Exhibitor Contest (Read more: Fantasy Exhibitor – Royal Winter Fair 2013)

Valleyville Rae Lynn

Probably one of the most interesting twists coming out of Quebec is that, instead of it being a two cow race for the Senior Three year old class, between Expo winner BUTZ-BUTLER GOLD BARBARA and the extremely popular VALLYVILLE RAE LYNN, a third cow AINGERS ADVENT BAMBI has thrown herself into the mix after defeating Barbara in Quebec.  Each one of these cows is very different from the others.  Bambi is a very strong powerful cow, Barbara is extremely dairy, something that may just give her the edge over Rae Lynn who has been milking for over a year.  The other interesting side story to this class is that the owners of each of these animals represent some of the greatest dairymen in the breed today (Read more: KUEFFNER DAIRY TEAMWORK “2 Dream the Impossible Dream!”,and Quality Holsteins – Well-deserved Congratulations).  For me that is what makes picking a winner in this class  very hard.  On each of these cow’s best days, I would say that the win would have to go to  Rae Lynn, but she has been milking over a year, and while the Quality team has done an amazing job, I wonder if that is enough to get around Barbara who is  yet to be- defeated at Expo or the Royal.  And she did defeat Rae Lynn at last year’s Royal.  While I have loads of respect for Bambi, I just wonder if she is  too  different in her style and makeup to win.  You either  have  to win with her or place her 3rd as the other two type in much better together.  If you are looking for a dark horse, keep your eyes open for KINGSWAY GOLDWYN ABBA DABBA grand champion at the recent Autumn Opportunity Show in Ontario.  (Read more: Autumn Opportunity 2013 Holstein Show )  One thing is definite. This  will probably be one of the most watched classes of the day with the winner more than likely  going on to do battle with Marcy for Intermediate Champion.

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara-ET

The Contenders for Senior Champion



Continuing the theme of epic battles, there is the re-match of the four old class from Expo.  At Expo COOKVIEW GOLDWYN MONIQUE got the upper hand on ROBROOK GOLDWYN CAMERON.  However, Cameron made the trip to Quebec and certainly impressed many with her big win and Reserve Champion honors.  Others to watch for include ROCKYMOUNTAIN GOLDWYN TRISHA, JACOBS GOLDWYN VALANA, DRUMLEE MISCHIEF DENISON , MS PRIDE GOLD INVITE 761 and QUALITY GOLD DANZI.


With Expo winner ROSEDALE LEXINGTON opting not to make the trip and rematch with MS GOLDWYN ALANA, the win in the class has pretty much been handed  to Alana.  Having said that, there are  many, especially those who were in Quebec where Alana was Grand Champion, who think even if Lexington had made the trip she may not have come away with the victory.  While I totally agree that Lexington deserved to win at Expo, Alana looked much better in Quebec than she did at Expo and would certainly have made things very interesting.  Others to watch for in this class include GLENWIN GOLDWYN CALYPSO, CAVERHILL PEACH DOLMAN and QUALITY GOLDWYN FLINSCO.

Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn

Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn

While I certainly expect BONACCUEIL MAYA GOLDWYN to dominate the mature cow class, as Judge Liddle reminded us in Quebec, you cannot just expect to roll to victory.  Adding an interesting twist to this class is the fact that one cow that has been coming on strong, especially since Expo as the truck ride home helped her peel off some weight, is WILLOWHOLME GOLDWYN JESSICA.  Others to watch for include CITYVIEW METRO LUCY, GERANN ROY GRENDEL and TWEEN BAYS SARA GOLDWYN.

In one of the most interesting battles of the day we will see the legend STARBRITE LYSTER LYNDSAY go against a  Royal Winter Fair and World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion, EASTSIDE LEWISDALE GOLD MISSY.  Yep that is correct Missy is in Toronto.  I took a quick look after the long trip from the west and Missy will certainly impress many of her fans.  The question remains, “Will she be able to relive former glory or not?” The answer to  that question is ultimately up to Judge Crowley.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

There is no question that this year’s Royal is going to be a great one.  With so many great cows and passionate breeders the show is sure to make history.  As a passionate dairy enthusiast, I can’t wait to get this show on the road, because I am already expecting the un-expected.


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Foundations for a Bright Future

IMG_0041Last night and today there are some big events for our family.  No it’s not the Royal Winter Fair Holstein Show or some big sale.  No, no one is having a baby. Those days are behind us now.  What is happening is that my older brother is judging Canada’s national 4-H, The TD Canadian Classic 4-H Dairy Show, with  350 young dairy enthusiasts competing to see who is Canada`s  best!

From the age of 11 till I was 22 I competed in the then named Scotiabank Hays Classic.  Watching my brother in the center of the ring brought  back many emotions from those wonderful years.  Many lessons that I learned during those years  are the foundation for what  I do to this day.


Our family farm was located such that the schools we attended were mostly populated by urban kids.  When I told them that I had to miss a week of school for a cow show, or that I was heading away to t “clip” cows, this made many laugh.  But now much older in life and with children who also live an urban lifestyle, I am finding that some of the best lessons I learned were thanks to my rural upbringing.  Growing up I had the opportunity to do many different things.  I played competitive hockey, and was very involved in the local community, but it’s the lessons I learned in 4-H that stand out as the biggest influence on my life today.

When I was in 4-H the “Hays”, as we called it then, was the culmination of a year of hard work.  At that time only a limited number of kids could attend so to even be selected was a big deal.  Then  competing with the best from across Canada meant you had to work hard to achieve success.  For our family, this was one of the biggest events of the year.


My older brother, this year’s judge, my sister and I were extremely competitive..   This event combined two of our greatest loves, the thrill of competition and dairy cattle.  Dear brother  once stuck a pitchfork in my butt for not doing things as quickly as he wanted one year at this competition. Point taken! But that was just one of many opportunities to learn  new things while learning from and competing with new people. Thanks to this competition, we all made friendships that will last us a lifetime.  We also learned about how to push ourselves to higher levels.  It was not unusual to have family debates about who was the better showperson.  One goal I sought and achieved was placing in the top 10 every year for 10 years. Each of us raised our benchmark every year. But more importantly those early efforts and successes   fueled the  passion for the dairy industry that all three of us  have to this day!

The Bullvine Bottom Line

As I look out into the ring at the 4-H Dairy Classic  and see my brother standing in the center, I think  about life coming full circle.  Paul has been very successful in his career and his family life.  As COO of Alta Genetics, he  has to do public speaking all the time and makes judgment calls on a daily basis, yet before he was set to judge these amazing kids, Paul admitted to nerves!.  We all know he will do a great job.  The nerves come from feeling the responsibility and remembering how much this competition  meant to him,  He knows how much it helped provide him with the foundation for  the success he has achieved. Now, as he watches today`s youth present their best efforts, he is seeing the bright future of our next generation of master breeders, agriculture executives and leaders of tomorrow. Fearsome and awesome —together again — in the dairy ring and in life!


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Expo Internationale Holstein Québec Results

DATE Nov 2, 2013
LOCATION St Hyacinthe, QC
JUDGE Adam Liddle, NY

For more pictures click here


Grand Champion
MS Goldwyn Alana (Goldwyn) Pierre Boulet, Ferme Fortale & Isabelle Verville, QC
Reserve Champion
Roodbrook Goldwyn Cameron (Goldwyn) Budjon Farm, Peter & Lyn Vail, St-Jacobs & Woodmansee, WI
HM Grand Champion
Bonacueille Maya Goldwyn (Goldwyn) Ferme Jacobs, Ty-D Holstein, A & R Boulet & Drolie, QC


Intermediate Champion
Aingers Advent Bambi (Advent) Ferme Blondin, QC
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Butz-Butler Gold Barbara (Goldwyn) M. Iager, E. Kueffner, River Valley & St-Jacobs, IL
HM Intermediate Champion
Charwill Attic Marcy (Attic) Gen-Com Genetics Ltd, QC


Fanico Reginald Marty (Reginald) Eaton Holsteins, Pat Conroy, Co-Vale Holsteins, Posada, Morrill, Garcia, NY
Reserve Junior Champion
Comestar Larion Goldwyn (Goldwyn) JM Valley Holstein, Ferme Jendro, D. Dubois, F. Lemieux, R&S Allyn, M.E.Dal, QC
HM Junior Champion
Riault Fever July (Fever) JM Valley Holstein, Ferme Jendro, D. Dubois, F. Lemieux, R&S Allyn, QC

Summer Calf


  2. PETITCLERC WINDBROOK FANDY Propriété Élevé Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc & Fils Inc.
  3. CHAFRA CONTRAST MARILOU Francis Chartrand Et Mario Urbain
  4. JM VALLEY ATWOOD ANANAS JM Valley Holstein Et Ferme Rodemsay, R-S Allyn
  5. SAV AMARULA GOLDWYN Martin Blanchette Et Ferme Thériault, Bureau Veterinaire De La Vallée
  6. BELFONTAINE AMAZING DEENA Belfontaine Genetics
  8. JEANLU WMC GOLDWYN ALBANY Ferme J. P. Poulin & Fils Et Willy Mckay
  10. MARIE MCCUTCHEN CHANEL Ferme Maryclerc Et Ferme Lefleuron
  11. CAMPHOLS FEVER BRITTANY Ferme L. Campbell & Fils Inc.
  12. LACWILLIAM DEMPSEY RIHANA Ferme Clément Marcoux & Fils
  13. BEAUCOISE BRAXTON DOWNY Les Fermes Turmel Inc.

Junior Calf


  1. SCO-LO-COONS ATT BANSHE Kevin Doeberiener, Lindsay Bowen & Michael Heath
  2. RICAGRI EXTREME KELSY Propriété Élevé Ferme Ricagri
  3. JACOBS CHARLIE DRAYO Ferme Jacobs Inc.
  5. SICY BALLET ATWOOD Yvon Sicard Et Ghyslain Demers
  6. JM VALLEY ATWOOD AGADOU JM Valley Holstein & Jendro, Ferme Rodemsay, R-S Allyn
  7. IDEE WINDBROOK LYUBA Idee Holsteins
  8. MILIBRO SID ROSELIA Ferme Milibro
  9. COLSTEIN GOLDWYN UMERICA Blair Weeks & Jeff Stephens, Hi-Calibre Holsteins
  10. JACOBS ALEXANDER BUCKLE Kevin Gagnon & Real-It Holstein
  11. RIVERDOWN MCCUTCHEN ABBA Riverdown Holsteins
  13. COBEQUID ATTIC AFFICTIVE Blair Weeks & Lookout Holsteins, Countryfied Clothing Inc
  14. Jacobs Goldwyn Aliza Ferme Jacobs Inc.
  15. VAL D ESPOIR SID HOLLANDE Ferme Val D-Espoir
  17. FLEURY FEVER CHIPMUNK Fleury Holstein
  18. PIERSTEIN GOLDWYN LILY Ferme Mibelson Inc
  19. JEANLU GOLDWYN GINGER Ferme J. P. Poulin Et Fils
  20. BELDAVID GOLDWYN INDIE Ferme Favreau Et Fils Inc.
  21. PETITCLERC SID SNOWFLAKE Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc Et Fils Inc.
  22. PETITCLERC GOLDSUN SHOWDOWN Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc Et Fils Inc.
  23. MILIBRO GLAUCO ROSELAYZE Ferme Milibro & Ferme Du Biron, Maxime Montplaisir
  26. IDEE TH DALYA Idee Holsteins
  27. KAMLAKE ALEXIA Ferme Kamlake
  28. COTOPIERRE FEVER FLOSANE Ferme St-Pierre Et Fils Enr.
  29. CAMPHOLS TRIUMPH BIKINI Ferme L. Campbell Et Fils Inc.

Intermediate Calf


  1. JACOBS ALEXANDER EDDY Propriété Élevé Ferme Jacobs Inc.
  3. ROLLING-SPRING DAMI EASY-ET Rolling Spring Farms
  5. SICY SVELTE ALEXANDER Jenny Henchoz – Maxime Petitclerc – Eaton Holstein
  6. PETITCLERC ALEXANDER ALBANY Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc Et Fils Inc.
  7. COBEQUID SID BLACKBERRY Kevin Doeberiener, Lindsay Bowen & Bernadale Holstein, Cobequid Holsteins
  8. PETITCLERC ALEXANDER ACCESS Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc Et Fils Inc.
  11. ROUTINA ZELGADIS PAIGE Lookout Holsteins & Crackholm Holsteins
  13. BATA LAUTHORITY LIANE Ferme Des Sauges SENC & Francis Chartrand, Ferme Glauser – Fils Inc.
  14. CLAIRBOIS LEXICON JOHAN Ferme Clairbois Inc.
  16. ROGGUA FEVER BELLYA Ferme Roggua Enr.
  17. FAVREAUTIERE KRISTAL Ferme Favreau Et Fils Inc.
  18. MASSICO SANCHEZ CORIDA Massicotte, B. Paquet S. Rodrigue J. Rodrigue JP M
  19. NICETPIC ARMADA CONTRAST Ferme Yvan Beausoleil
  21. BELFAST GOLDWYN LACE Mary-Inn Holstein & Belfast Holstein
  23. RICAGRI EXTREME LANA Ferme Ricagri
  25. A M I S SID TIFANY Ferme Amis Desroches & Rémi Leroux
  26. LACWILLIAM LAVANGUARD BEVERLY Ferme Clément Marcoux -Fils
  27. COTOPIERRE SANCHEZ FLORALE Ferme St-Pierre Et Fils Enr.
  28. DROLIE SID FATISIMA Drolet Et Fils

Senior Calf


  1. COMESTAR LARION GOLDWYN JM Valley Holstein & D. Dubois – F. Lemieux, Jendro, R-S Allyn,M.E.DAL
  2. PETITCLERC GOLD SALTALAMACCHIA Propriété Élevé Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc Et Fils Inc.
  4. EASTSIDE BRADY CARAMEL J. Guy Thompson – Son
  6. GOLDENFLO GOLDCHIP KENTUCKY Macbeath Farms & Jean-Philippe Charest, MV Genetics, Cabanha DMG
  7. JACOBS SID BAMBA Ferme Jacobs Inc. & Martin Veilleux
  8. LIDDLEHOLME TIFFANY Jenny Henchoz – Maxime Petitclerc – Eaton Holstein
  10. CRATER MOON SHINE SID Velthuis Farms Ltd
  12. SELEXIE RYNE ALEXANDER Michel Larrivée
  13. LOOKOUT SID ROSITA Ferme Beldavid Inc
  14. JACOBS ATWOOD LAURALEE Ferme Beldavid Inc
  15. B- ENTERPRISE LILAC SID Ferme Maho, Expectations Holsteins,Véronique Maheu
  17. PAULO SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Ferme Paul-Aime Vermette Et Fils Inc.
  18. JACOBS SID BRIE Ferme Jacobs Inc.
  21. LYLEHAVEN GWD LARIA-ET Real-It Holstein & Jean-Philippe Charest, Lylehaven
  23. FLEURY GOLDWYN ANKA Fleury Holstein
  25. LEACHLAND CINDERS Ferme Drouin Et Fils
  26. VIEUXSAULE GOLDWIN SHERLY Ferme Du Vieux Saule & Ferme Michette

Summer Yearling


  1. JACOBS SID GLORY Propriété Élevé Ferme Jacobs Inc. & Kevin Agnew
  2. MILKSOURCE G CHIP JACKIE-ET Lookout Holsteins & Blair Weeks, MB LuckyLady
  3. MS JASPER VICKY Belfontaine Genetics
  4. DORIC SID LAURIANNA La Ferme Hudon Et Fils Inc.
  7. EASTSIDE ATWOOD GLEE J. Guy Thompson – Son & Rick Et Shannon Allyn, Donald Dubois Et France Lemieux, Ferme Jendro, JM Valley Holstein
  8. BERGEROY SID AMBIO Bergeroy Holstein Inc.
  9. EXTONDALE GOLDWYN KRINKLE Extondale Farms & Weeks Holsteins
  10. PETITCLERC WINDBROOK ALIBABA Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc Et Fils Inc.
  11. SELEXIE MAMIA FEVER Michel Larrivée
  13. BENRISE DUDE BONITA Pierre Boulet & Purple Fever Holsteins
  14. RAYON DOR WINDBROOK QUACK Georges Bertrand
  15. INSTINCT GOLD FLASH Instinct Holstein & Ferme Lambert

Junior Yearling


  1. RIAULT FEVER JULY JM Valley Holstein & R- S Allyn, Jendro, Donald Dubois – France Lemieux
  2. BENRISE GOLD JEWELRY Kevin Doeberiener, Lindsay Bowen & Lucas Ayars
  3. DORTHOLME GOLDWYN ALEXIS Lookout Holsteins & Crackholm Holsteins, Rob Heffernan & Barclay Phoenix
  4. JACOBS GOLDWYN AMORA Propriété Élevé Ferme Jacobs Inc.
  5. COLSTEIN LAUTHORITY CROWME Blair Weeks & Lookout Holsteins, Frank – Diane Borba
  7. DAMESTAR SID SHOWGIRL Damestar Holstein
  8. MABEL REGINALD LITINOU Ferme Maguy Normandin Inc.
  9. BIRKENTREE DH REGINALD ERIN Blair Weeks & Extondale Farms
  10. COBEQUID GOLDWYN DANNY Velthuis Farms Ltd,
  11. ROTALY WINDBROOK HILDA Rock Hébert Et Nathalie Dumais
  12. FAMIPAGE JASPER MIA Ferme Famipage Inc.
  13. GILPERRO AMILI FEVER Gilles Perreault & Real-IT Holstein
  14. CAMPHOLS BRAXTON MARGARITA Ferme L. Campbell Et Fils Inc.
  15. CAMPHOLS WINBROOK THERESA Ferme L. Campbell Et Fils Inc.
  16. PIERSTEIN EXTREME HANNAH Isabelle Morin & Maxime Hébert
  17. LUGINIERE VENISE Ferme Milibro & Frédéric Dubois, Ferme Luga Senc
  18. MASSICO BRAXTON CASSY Massicotte Holstein & Ferme Boulet

Intermediate Yearling


  1. AQUAREL OUTBOUND OBE TENTION Ferme Lévesque Holstein
  2. PETITCLERC GOLDWYN SIDNEY Propriété Élevé Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc Et Fils Inc.
  3. GEN-COM MISS R GOLDWYN Gen-Com Holstein LTD & Ferme Fortale, Ferme DuVieuxSaule, Ferme Mibelson
  4. MASSICO WINBROOK CHARLY Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc Et Fils Inc.
  5. PETITCLERC GOLDWYN SILVER Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc Et Fils Inc.
  6. OLD-ACRES GOLD SIDNEY-ET Velthuis Farms Ltd,
  7. BUDJON-JK-GLAZ-WAY ERIN-ET Budjon Farms & Glaz-Way, MD Luckylady
  8. Bofran Goldwyn Rosany Ferme Blondin, Crasdale Farms
  9. LANORMANDE ALEXANDER BELINDA Normluck Holstein & Ferme Lanormande
  10. RIETBEN B SASSY Ferme Drouin Et Fils
  11. BELLE-RIVIERE SID BONNY Ferme Drouin Et Fils
  13. MAHEUFILS JASPER JERIKA Réjean Maheu – Rich Land Inc.
  16. GILLETTE ATTIC SALEM Ferme Maryclerc & Sébastien Moffet
  17. CAMPHOLS TENACIOUS ROZ Ferme L. Campbell Et Fils Inc.

Senior Yearling


  1. FANICO REGINALD MARTY Aaron Eaton & Co-Vale Holsteins-Pat Conroy-Posada-Morrill-Garcia
  2. FUSION PASSIONS POISON Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc Et Fils Inc.
  3. PETITCLERC GOLDWYN ANOUK Propriété Élevé Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc Et Fils Inc.
  4. RICAGRI SID LASIK Ferme Ricagri
  5. FRATER SID PARIS Ferme Fréjour Inc.
  7. FRATER SID PEARL Ferme Fréjour Inc.
  8. PIERSTEIN BRAXTON ROXY Ferme Boulet Inc. & Taillage Sabot GF, Ferme Yveclair, L-Empress Ho.

Milking Yearling


  1. ARETHUSA FEVER ALMIRA Ernest Kueffner
  2. DESNETTE LARANA FEVER Propriété Élevé Desnette Holstein
  3. HARMILL KROWN REANN Pierre Boulet
  4. PETITCLERC GOLDWYN ANNABEL Meilleur Pis Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc Et Fils Inc.
  6. DAPPLEVIEW ALLIE ATWOOD Ferme Yvon Sicard & Jim Phoenix
  7. BLONDIN GOLDWYN COSTA Ferme Blondin & Ercole – Marcello Ladina
  9. BLONDIN SID JASMINE Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc Et Fils Inc.
  10. GEN-COM ATWOOD LYSE Gen-Com Holstein LTD
  11. MASSICO GOLDWYN AMBER Massicotte Holstein
  14. DESNETTE DELBY SID Desnette Holstein
  15. JACOBS JORDAN BABE Ferme Jacobs Inc.
  17. BUDJON-VAIL DOMINIQUE-ET Ferme Arolène Inc. & Ferme Irlande, Jean-Philippe Faucher

Junior 2 Yr Old


  1. PETITCLERC SID SUNKISS Meilleur Pis Yvon Sicard Et Ferme Blondin
  2. BELFAST GOLDWYN LASENZA Propriété Élevé Mary-Inn Holstein & Belfast Holstein Enr.
  4. JACOBS SID MIKA Ferme Jacobs Inc. & Ty-D Holsteins
  7. JACOBS ATWOOD VEDETTE Ferme Jacobs Inc.
  8. BLONDIN GOLDWYN KAMIKAZE Ferme Des Sauges SENC & Ferme Glauser – Fils Inc
  9. EASTSIDE DESTRY CHANEL J. Guy Thompson – Son & Lewis Bros
  10. DROLIE SID EXTASE Drolet Et Fils
  11. MS AUBREYS GOLD ADDISON-ET Ferme Blondin & David R Dyment, Jeff Stephens
  14. OLIVI DOLFINNE Ferme Bersol Stephi SENC.
  17. COTOPIERRE FEVER FLOEE Ferme St-Pierre & Fils Enr.

Senior 2 year old


  1. CHARWILL ATTIC MARCY Meilleur Pis Gen-Com Holstein LTD
  2. JACOBS DUPLEX ANNA Propriété Élevé Ferme Jacobs Inc.
  5. MORSAN GOLDWYN TERROR Ferme Lévesque Holstein Inc.
  8. PETITCLERC ALEXANDER AMYCALE Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc & Fils Inc.
  12. FERRE BOLTON MATINALE Ferme Laitière Rayon D’Or Inc. & Ferme H.P. Gagnon
  13. FAMIPAGE REMEDY CHEESE Ferme Famipage Inc.
    Ferme Maroch & Fils
    Ferme L. Campbell & Fils Inc.
    Ferme Blondin & Ferme Mystique
    Ferme Des Sauges SENC & Ferme Glauser – Fils Inc
    Ferme Philidor Inc.

Junior 3 year old


  1. POELMAN GOLDWYN MARGO Meilleur Pis Pierre Boulet
  2. JACOBS KNOWLEDGE HARPE Propriété Élevé Ferme Jacobs Inc.
  8. JOLIBOIS LUCINDA SANCHEZ Ferme Rolandale Enr.
  9. MEL-ROB SANCHEZ MILLY Gen-Com Holstein Ltd
  10. HARDY GOLD DIAMOND JM Valley Holstein & Jendro, Donald Dubois – France Lemieux, Pat Conroy
  15. MIDLEE ATWOOD CLAIRE Belfast Holstein & Ferme De La Cavée Inc.
  17. MAROCH BOHEME SHOTTLE Ferme Maroch – Fils

Senior 3 year old


  1. AINGERS ADVENT BAMBI Meilleur Pis Ferme Blondin
  2. BUTZ-BUTLER GOLD BARBARA M Iager, E Kueffner, River Valley – St Jacobs
  4. EASTRIVER A SHOCK NETTIE Ferme Jacobs Inc. & Nelson Eduardo Ziehlsdorff – Claudio Aragon
  5. VIORIS ALEX PANDORA Gen-Com Holstein Ltd
  6. CRATER INDIANA GOLDWYN Gen-Com Holstein Ltd
  7. IDEE GOLDWYN LUCIA Propriété Élevé Idee Holsteins
  8. NATHPORT TIDAL GOLDWYN SEREAL Ferme Des Sauges SENC – Ferme Glauser & Fils Inc
  10. BURN DENISON ALLISON Joëlle Paradis Et Éric Hétu, Ferme ABG Blackburn
  11. TC SANCHEZ KRISTINA Crackholm Holsteins & John W Buckley, Barclay Phoenix
  14. DESNETTE ALEXIA ROSEPLEX Yvon Sicard, Desnette Holstein
  15. ARNITA MAJA GOLDWYN Ferme Blondin
  16. LUCK-E BALTIMOR MAJITO-ET Ferme Blondin & Butz-Hill Holstein, Westcoast Holsteins
  17. PINACLE SIMY SHOTTLE Ferme Lévesque Holstein Inc.
  18. BOULET SANCHEZ CARAIBE Ferme Boulet Inc.

4yr Old


  1. ROBROOK GOLDWYN CAMERON Meilleur Pis Budjon Farms, Peter – Lyn Vail & St-Jacobs, Woodmansee
  2. JACOBS GOLDWYN VALANA Propriété Élevé Ferme Jacobs Inc.
  3. DRUMLEE MISCHIEF DENISON Ferme Blondin & Butz-Hill Holsteins
  4. MS PRIDE GOLD INVITE 761-ET Ferme Blondin & Crasdale Farms – Ponderosa Holsteins
  5. COBEQUID GOLDWYN LENO Ferme Yvon Sicard & Ghyslain Demers, Pierre Boulet, Butz-Hill Holstein
  6. BELDAVID GOLDWYN RUBY Gerald – Gerald Todd, JR
  7. PETITCLERC GOLDWYN ALEX Ferme J.-P. Petitclerc & Fils Inc.
  8. ROQUET CARMEINA BOLIVIA Barbara Paquet Et Sylvio Rodrigue
  9. BLONDIN GOLDWYN SPLASH Ferme Mongrain – Ass.
  10. RF BLACKFOREST BGJ MELINDA Ferme Laitière Rayon D’Or Inc. & JM Valley, Ferme Jendro
  12. TRIANGLEDOR MINISTER DAYS Ferme Des Sauges SENC & Ferme Glauser – Fils Inc.
  13. COTI GOLDWYN CAMAY Pierre Boulet

5yr old


  1. MS GOLDWYN ALANA-ET Meilleur Pis Pierre Boulet & Ferme Fortale Holstein – Isabelle Verville
  2. ANTELIMARCK LIDYM GOLDWYN Propriété Élevé Ferme Antélimarck
  3. CAVERHILL PEACH DOLMAN Gen-Com Holstein Ltd
  4. RAYON DOR GOLDWYN ADONIAL Ferme Laitière Rayon D’Or Inc.
  8. JACOBS POWER ELODIE Ferme Jacobs Inc.

Mature Cow


  1. BONACCUEIL MAYA GOLDWYN Propriété Élevé Meilleur Pis Ferme Jacobs Inc. & Ty-D Holsteins, Drolet – Fils, A.-R. Boulet Inc.
  4. TWEEN BAYS SARA GOLDWYN Gen-Com Holstein Ltd
  5. WINDYBROOK BLITZ EGG Ferme Lévesque Holstein

Breeder Herd (4)
1. Jacobs
2. Petitclerc
3. Pierstein
4. Blondin

Progeny of Dam (2)
Petitclerc Storm Amy
Premier Exhibitor
Gen-Com Ltd
Runner up
BlondinPremier Breeder
Runner up


Expo Internationale Holstein Québec Red & White Results

November 2, 2013 at St-Hyacinthe, Que.
Judge: Pierre Boulet, Montmagny, Que.
92 Head

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MS Candy Apple Red Grand Champion

MS Candy Apple Red
Grand Champion


Bergeroy Sterling Dalico Intermediate Champion

Bergeroy Sterling Dalico
Intermediate Champion

Summer Calf (10)

Montdale Kennedy Red

Montdale Kennedy Red

1. Montdale Kennedy Red (Redwyn), Montdale Holsteins & Mountain Echo Holsteins, PE
2. Kamlake Ladd Tanya (Ladd), Ferme Kamlake, QC
3. Michel Bright Suza (Bright), Michel Maurice, QC

Junior Calf (17)

Deslacs Hvezda Arianne Red

Deslacs Hvezda Arianne Red

1. Deslacs Hvezda Arianne Red (Hvezda) Deslacs Holsteins, QC
2. Vioris Laurelee (Reality) Ferme Larochelle SENC, QC
3. LacWilliams RC Lilas Red (Clover) Ferme Clement Marcoux & Fils, QC

Intermediate Calf (12)

Sejane Camden Vania

Sejane Camden Vania

1. Sejane Camden Vania (Camden) Michel Larrivee & Ferme Sejane, QC
2. Drolie Redliner Tamara (Redliner) Drolet & Fils, QC
3. Vioris Paisley (Red Rock) Ferme Larochelle, QC

Senior Calf (9)

Jolibois Flora Contende

Jolibois Flora Contende

1. Jolibois Flora Contender (Contender) Ferme Rolandale Enr, QC
2. Jolibois Flore Contender (Contender) Ferme Rolandale Enr, QC
3. Jolibois Floria Contender (Contender) K.Moffet, M. Coulombe, J. Morin, P-E Hudon & C.Dubois, QC

Summer Yrlg (5)

Lookout Elmbridge Lil Red

Lookout Elmbridge Lil Red

1. Lookout Elmbridge Lil Red (Spectrum) Lookout Holstein, P. Tuyler Jr, F. & D. Borba, QC
2. Milibro Barbwire Laurence (Barbwire) Ferme Milibro, Ferme Ricagri, M.Rodrigue & I. Duval, QC
3. MalicRedliner Nelly (Redliner) Ferme Larochelle SENC, QC

Junior Yearling (4)

Lamaria Madison Hvezda

Lamaria Madison Hvezda

1.  Lamaria Madison Hvezda (Hvezda) Delapointe Inc., QC
2. Kamlake Galor Rose (Camden) Ferme Kamlake, R. Pelletier & M. Lavoie, QC
3. Nicetpic Camden Julia RED (Camden) Ferme Frejour inc., QC

Intermediate Yearling (4)

Carhol Camden Rosye

Carhol Camden Rosye

1. Carhol Camden Rosye (Camden) Andre Carbonneau, QC
2. Carhol Redliner Kassyppe-RED (Redliner) K. Doeberiener, l. Bowen & D. Davis, OH
3. Deslacs Contender Antille RED (Contender) Deslacs Holstein Ltee, QC

Senior Yrlg

Carhols Redliner Kasy

Carhols Redliner Kasy

1. Carhols Redliner Kasy (Redliner) Andre Carbonneau, QC
2. Jolibois Contender Feather RED (Contender) Ferme Rolandale Enr, QC
3. Cyrmo Empire Rang Red (Empire) James St-Cyr, QC

Junior Herd (6)

1. Carhols
2. Jolibois
3. Fleury

Exhibitors Jr Banner

1. Ferme Larochelle, QC
2. Ferme Rolandale, QC
3. Deslacs Holstein Ltee, QC

Breeder Jr Banner

1. Jolibois
2. Deslacs
3. Larochelle / Carhols

Senior Yrlg in Milk (5)

Deslacs Contender Amy RED

Deslacs Contender Amy RED

1. (BU) Deslacs Contender Amy RED (Contender) Deslacs Holstein Ltee, QC
2. BBM CPCandy Red ET (Colt)Crasdale Farm,H. & J. Van Der Linden, PEI
3. Cyrmo Frontrunner Rude Red (Frontrunner) James St-Cyr, QC

Junior 2 Yr old (9)

Bergeroy Sterling Dalico

Bergeroy Sterling Dalico

1. (BU) Bergeroy Sterling Dalico (Sterling) Bergeroy Holstein, QC
2. Deslacs Kite Gee Red (Kite) Deslacs Holstein Ltee, QC
3. Jolibois Fanny Contender (Contender) FermeRolandale enr, QC

Senior 2 Yr old (2)

Deslacs Touchdown Em Red

Deslacs Touchdown Em Red

1. (BU) Deslacs Touchdown Em Red (Touchdown) Ferme Marny & Ferme M. and N. Piche inc. QC
2. Noterra Dusk Evalyn Red (Dusk) Elise Sawyer, QC

Junior 3 Yr Old (1)

Nottera Chaos Olakala

Nottera Chaos Olakala

1. (BU) Nottera Chaos Olakala RED (Chaos) Elise Sawyer, QC

Senior 3 Year Old (2)

Micheret Jennyear Bolly Red

Micheret Jennyear Bolly Red

1. (BU) Micheret Jennyear Bolly Red (Bolly) Ferme Micheret Inc., QC
2. Noterra Burmley Katouchka, (Burmley) Elise Sawyer, QC

4 year old

Deslacs Glacier Alika Red

Deslacs Glacier Alika Red

1. (BU) Deslacs Glacier Alika Red (Glacier) Fleury Holstein & Deslacs Holstein Ltee, QC
2. Cotopierre Burns Flair (MrBurns) Ferme St-Pierre & Fils, QC
3. Noterra Shaquille Emelyn Red(Shaquille) Elise Sawyer, QC

5 Yr Old

 MS Candy Apple Red

MS Candy Apple Red

1. (BU) MS Candy Apple Red (Talent) F. & D. Borba,F.& C. Borba, US
2. Sunnylodge M B Gabrielle (MrBurns) Deslacs Holstein Ltee & Fleury Holstein, QC
3. Claustein Lucifer Risky Red, Deslacs Holstein Ltee, QC

Mature Cow (2)

Micheret Lancia Houston Red

Micheret Lancia Houston Red

1. (BU) Micheret Lancia Houston Red (Houston) Ferme Micheret Inc. QC


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