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Fieldcrest Estate: Hoover Vacuum Company’s Venture into Dairy Farming

Check out this amazing dairy barn in North Canton, Ohio. The Fieldcrest Estate was the dairy barn built by the Hoover family of the Hoover Vacuum Company. The twin silos accompany twin dairy barns in this palace-like farm that is a monument to what the American vision was over a hundred years ago. The silos complete the architecture of this incredible barn which lies quietly on a small 55 acre parcel, no longer being used for anything.

Images of spotless carpets and fast cleaning may spring to mind when one thinks about Hoover, the legendary hoover brand. Few may be aware of the Hoover Vacuum Company’s journey into the realm of dairy farming, a lesser-known chapter in the company’s history. This article delves into the unusual topic of a vacuum cleaner firm diversifying into agriculture and establishing its own dairy farm.

Cleaning Houses to Growing Farms:

William Henry Hoover started the Hoover Vacuum Company in 1908, and the company immediately rose to fame for its inventive and dependable vacuum cleaners. The firm transformed domestic cleaning by making vacuuming more accessible and efficient for millions of people across the globe. However, as the firm expanded, William Hoover sought new ways to broaden his commercial empire and capitalise on his experience in manufacturing and logistics.

The Beginnings of Hoover Dairy Farm:

William Hoover saw the potential in the dairy business in the early 1920s, motivated by his conviction in the need of high-quality dairy products in sustaining good health. He chose to get into dairy farming after being inspired by the concept of offering clients with a comprehensive cleaning and domestic experience. The Hoover Vacuum Company built its own dairy farm, appropriately called Hoover Dairy Farm, with the goal of controlling the whole process from farm to table.

Modernization and Innovation:

True to the Hoover Vacuum Company’s attitude, innovation and modernity were critical to the success of Hoover Dairy Farm. To safeguard the health of its dairy herd and maximise milk output, the firm used cutting-edge technology and practises. The farm used automated feeding systems, cutting-edge milking parlours, and innovative herd management methods, all with the goal of increasing efficiency and maintaining the greatest levels of animal care.

Quality and sustainability are priorities:

Hoover Dairy Farm, a firm known for its dedication to quality, prioritised the production of premium dairy products. The farm was rigorous about its cows’ health and nutrition, establishing sustainable feeding practises and offering large and pleasant living circumstances. As a consequence, milk of outstanding quality was created, with a rich flavour and great nutritional content.

Participation in the community and education:

The Hoover Vacuum Company’s commitment to community involvement extended to their dairy farm. The farm worked together with local schools and organisations, conducting educational programmes and farm visits to teach the public about dairy production and the value of sustainable agriculture. These activities not only increased knowledge of the agricultural process, but also enhanced the link between Hoover Dairy Farm and the surrounding community.

Beyond the Legacy:

While the Hoover Vacuum Company’s foray into dairy farming was an unusual diversification initiative, it ultimately exited the agricultural sector as the company’s emphasis went back to its primary industry of vacuum cleaners. Hoover Dairy Farm’s heritage, on the other hand, remains on as a tribute to the company’s pioneering spirit and readiness to explore new territories.


The foundation of Hoover Dairy Farm, the Hoover Vacuum Company’s excursion into dairy farming, marks an intriguing chapter in the company’s history. This unexpected endeavour exemplified the company’s dedication to innovation, excellence, and community involvement. Though the dairy farm is no longer in business, it stands as a reminder of the entrepreneurial spirit that inspired the Hoover Vacuum Company to explore new sectors and make a lasting effect on the cleaning and agricultural worlds.

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