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Top 7 Editor’s Choice Articles from The Bullvine 2017

“New insights.  Best practices. Getting Ready for the Future!”

As 2017 draws to a close, we at The Bullvine enjoy the opportunity to put together an Editor’s Choice List. Throughout the year we are able to delve into all aspects of the dairy industry to find articles that will serve the goals of our readers. This year we are choosing seven articles that we think were the most informative and essential to our readers in the dairy community.  We hope you will take a look to see if any of your favorites made the list.

Let’s get this countdown started.

#7 Use of Activity Monitoring for Identification of Dairy Cows with Health Disorders

Because this is a relatively short list, it was obvious to start with articles that relate to the industry’s primary producer – the cow.  The Bullvine always encourages dairy breeders to look at the dairy cow from new perspectives.  This popular webinar-video gives dairy breeders the opportunity to benefit from change-making information. The analysis of rumination and activity monitoring as a means to identify health issues delivered a pro-active point of view and provided breeders with valuable insight and information in taking every opportunity to improve their profit margins.

#6 Are You Breeding for the Correct Conformation to Produce the Greatest Lifetime Profit?

Here at The Bullvine we are in the privileged position of being able to take part in ongoing discussions of the problems and issues facing the dairy industry. We receive questions from our readers and sometime we are in the position of posing questions that we think our readers should consider.  Such is the case with our sixth place Editor’s Choice.

This article displays ideal cow models from Canada and USA and discusses the relationships between body parts and longevity. Three well-respected commercial dairy breeders explain what they see as classification standards that need to be applied in the future.

#5 SHOWMANSHIP JUDGING VIDEO – Your Guide to Judging Dairy Showmanship

The Editor’s Choice for 2017 continues to branch out beyond the written word.  Videos, live interviews and webinars have become very popular with industry followers who many not have time to attend events and seminars or spend time reading multiple articles at a time. This showmanship video provides in-depth and valuable training children, judges and others who connect with the show ring.  This is a one-stop opportunity to learn from the live discussion and actual footage of what to look for.  The judge talks about what is happening and what he’s looking for.  He explains his thought processes. Entering the Ring. Stop and Start.  Technical analysis and Pulling into line.

#4 GENETIC EVALUATION REVIEWS: Timely and Informative Analysis

Proof release articles published by The Bullvine are the best ones to read If you’re looking to be part of dairy genetic advancements. Successful dairy breeders understand the importance of keeping in touch with the way ever-advancing genetics is affecting production and profitability.  The Bullvine evaluation review articles are published to coincide in a timely way with Proof Releases in April, August and December. The Bullvine cover everything you need to know with the right amount of detail to make it comprehensible without being overwhelming.  The carefully considered analysis offers actionable insights and what to watch for with each bull that is being discussed.  The Bullvine Genetic Evaluation Reviews are a go-to for breeders looking to deepen their knowledge and find ways to integrate top genetics into their own breeding programs. Here is a one stop year end listing for you to review with the improved clarity provided by passage of time.  Be sure to check out sire proof central for all the timely and imofrative analysis.

#3 10 Ways to Cope with the Stress of Dairy Farming

At first glance this article on coping with stress may seem to be an over-simplified listing but the real value lies in the fact that the insights and suggestions were provided by members of The Milkhouse. With ten actual examples the contributors encourage keeping friends close, regularly looking for and expressing gratitude and finding ways to channel anxiety. This articles recognizes that nothing goes forward if stress gains the upper hand.  As dairy farm families face the emotional and financial stress of modern dairy farming, it is important to find positive ways to deal with the grim realities of the situation.  It can’t be denied that some think about ending it all.  Doing nothing can also be fatal to the business. Coping can start with these ten tested and shared methods.

#2 Epigenetics will be a Driver for Future Successful Dairying

The Bullvine always works with the goal of providing real value for our readers.  Epigenetics, robotic milking and advancements in health and nutrition have all sparked reader interest in 2017.  This article on epigenetics is an insightful and clearly explained discussion of the science behind epigenetics and what it will mean for the dairy industry.  Articles like this one don’t only discuss what is current but they provide a forecast for several years ahead. 

#1 Pat “Cowboy” Conroy – Shooting Straight and Straight Shooting

An easy choice for us to place in the number one position are those that provide insights. The industry is focused on cows but people make the difference. Readers of The Bullvine look forward to gaining valuable knowledge from professionals such as Pat Conroy – world respected Judge from Indiana USA.  This article was authored by Australian Dianna Malcolm for her publication Crazy Cow. Readers enjoyed the open sharing by Judge Conroy regarding his thoughts, opinions and concerns about the future of the dairy show ring.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

At The Bullvine we take pride in our work and enjoy discussing all of the different topics that shape the dairy industry.  Thanks for joining us in looking at our top seven choices from 2017.  We look forward to continuing to make connections with you in the coming year. All the best to you and yours as we do our best to ensure that you find it all at The Bullvine in 2018.


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