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Dairymen Are Tough But So Is Cancer

There is no question that dairymen are some of the toughest in the world.  Like many tough men, they can often overlook their own health.  Cancer is not something you can afford to overlook.  This November many men a growing mustaches in support of cancer research.  The best time to have started to grow a Movember moustache was at the beginning of the month.  The second best time is right now!  There is no such thing as a bad hair day when it comes to spreading the word about preventing prostate cancer.

Buford, the mascot at Jaylor, even grew a mustache for Movember Dairy. They Jaylor team writes: "Buford is proud to be a part of Dairy Farmer's Cancer network for this year's Movember. The team is ready to grow their 'staches for November 1st."

Buford, the mascot at Jaylor, even grew a mustache for Movember Dairy.

Changing the Face of Dairy Men’s Health

With the high potential of all men being challenged with prostate cancer, the North American dairy farmer is not spared from these statistics.  Perhaps because of the 24/7 nature of dairying, dairy farmers tend to be less aware of the signs and symptoms.  Added to that they may have less frequent medical examinations and are often more focused on the care of their cows and crops than they are on their own health. The good news is that, if prostate cancer is detected early, the cure rate nears 100%.

Movember Dairy

To encourage routine health exams for men in the dairy industry, a small-but-dedicated coalition within the dairy industry developed Movember Dairy, a subset of the national organization called Movember.  With a campaign centered on the mustache, the coalition is joining forces to start the conversation on men’s health through: industry mustache parties, a Facebook page, radio public service announcements – and much more.

A time for Hair Raising Togetherness

Would you be willing to dedicate a blog post to an important dairy industry initiative this month?  The initiative is called “Movember Dairy” and the goal of the movement is to raise awareness of men’s health in the dairy industry. Movember Dairy builds on the tradition of November being recognized as the men’s health awareness month, specifically focused on health challenges facing a high proportion of males – including cancer, and specifically prostate cancer. It is a statistical fact that one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.


From Grass Roots Idea to Global Campaign

Movember founder Garone urges those who may feel that the effort may not be significant enough to “never underestimate a room full of people.  That is how Movember started, there were four of us and we inspired 30 people in 2003. That 30 people grew to 450 and then 10,000 the next year.  We created this movement from a very very grassroots level and grew to the state, then Australia and now it is a global campaign”.  Globally, three million participants have raised more than $446 million to date. You may have missed your moustache growing opportunity but you can donate to the Movember campaign which funds prostate cancer research by visiting the online chapter near you such as  or

This is Where You Blog In!

The Movember Dairy group is asking bloggers in the agricultural community to dedicate at least one blog post to Movember Dairy in November to help raise awareness within the agriculture industry.  There are many ways to show your interest in caring for the health to dairymen, starting with social media.

  • Share how cancer has impacted a family member and your farm Post photos of your family and farm team with fake mustaches – either homemade or digitally added.
  • Find photos of your favorite celebrity mustaches online and create a Pinterest board to share them.
  • Take a picture of your mustache (fake or real) and post it to the Movember Dairy Facebook page.  As part of the Movember Dairy photo contest, you could win a Bonnie Mohr print!

1383407_576751399056978_247407767_n[1]Notes to the Topline Challenged and Moustache Fitters

With less than a month remaining you may not challenge Tom Selleck but, with patience, you can raise awareness and money for dairymen’s health causes.  You won’t need major equipment or “black” but a moustache comb may encourage both you and your new ‘stache.  Back away from the cow clippers or any other electric razor.  They could cause a slip above the lip that might leave you with no growing time at all in November!  Better to be untamed than skinned off!

What if You Have BULD – Bare Upper Lip Disorder?

Not everyone can be successful at growing a moustache and for the female side of the farm they probably would prefer not to.  Having said that, everyone loves a party and where two or three gather together to celebrate Movember there is the possibility of improving the negative statistics that prostate cancer is stacking up.

You may not be able to grow a moustache but you can definitely bake one.

You could offer tasteful support to the cause with November moustache cookies on sticks.  One online blogger provides a recipe, pictures and comments. “These moustache cookies are a lot easier to make than they look, and just take a batch of sugar cookie dough and some chocolate. You can have a fully grown and groomed ‘stache in an hour – way, way less time than it takes to grow one. And you can actually eat these ones.” There are other options as well.  You can always wear a fake moustache, pin, hair ornament or t-shirt. After all, the goal is to start a conversation.  The end result is to have all those men we love and cherish, fully informed and ready to take care of their health. Whichever option you choose, you will be helping our dairy industry raise awareness of men’s health and the importance of early detection of prostate cancer. With your help, we can build support throughout the agriculture industry to help dairy farmers protect themselves against health risks.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Take action.  Contact your local doctor for an annual health screening for yourself or a loved one! Also please like and share this article on Facebook to help get the word out. This cause is worthy of your support.  Be a survivor not a statistic!

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