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Fantasy Exhibitor – World Dairy Expo 2013 Edition – The Results!

2013ecttop13of2013The competition that took the show scene by storm is now complete.  With  5293 entries, the inaugural Fantasy Exhibitor© competition far surpassed our expectations.  While there were definitely  some learning curves, the competition went quite  smoothly.  We sincerely thank all those  who participated. (Click here for show results)

As many contestants found out you could not  simply check in  and pick all the favorites. You had to be on the ball to stay under the allotted $1,500,000 budget.  It also took an individual who had the smarts to know what cows would be attending and showing in the Holstein Show and not the Red & White Show.

Junior 2 year olds

Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza_

Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza

In the Junior 2 year old class one of the early favorites, Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza, proved to be well worth her pre-billing, as she earned top honors in the class and also offered the greatest value in the class.  This class had many animals that had not yet shown at other shows as they may not have  calved yet.  It took a keen eye to know just what ones would be at Expo and which ones could stand at the top of the class.  For many of the finalists it was how they placed the two 2 year old classes that determined their final ranking.

Senior 2 year olds

Charwill Attic Marcy

Charwill Attic Marcy

With the favorites in the Senior 2 class Duckett D Layla not at the show and Claquato-RH Elicit who placed 3rd, it was those who took slight underdogs Charwill Attic Marcy and Jacobs Duplex Anna that got the greatest value for the points their choices  earned.  Many of the top finalists took  value picks here in order to stay under budget.

Junior 3 year olds

Jacobs Knowledge Harpe

Jacobs Knowledge Harpe

With the Junior 3 year old winner Ehrhardt Gold Beauty not even on our list, this class really had some interesting results.   Many of the top finalists found  it challenging to pick a winner in this class so most just went for a value pick.  Ultimately, the greatest value in this class was Jacobs Knowledge Harpe. Although she placed 4th at the show, at $100,000 she was indeed a great value pick.

Senior 3 year olds

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara

In the Senior 3 Class those that thought Butz-Butler Gold Barbara could bounce back from her defeat at the All-American show were well rewarded.  While she was one the favorites coming in to Expo, her win as Intermediate Champion and the bonus points that came with that certainly made her a great value pick.  A sneakier pick that very few contestants caught  was the ultimate Reserve Intermediate Champion, BKB Goldwyn Amenda who also offered one  of the top 5 value picks in the whole competition.

4 year olds

Robrook Goldwyn Cameron

Robrook Goldwyn Cameron

The 4-year-old class seemed to be the class that really help sorted out the winners in this contest from those that finished further down the line.  While many had picked Cookview Goldwyn Monique to win, and she did, and thus also earned many extra points for being Reserve Grand Champion, it was those that went with the unbelievable value pick Robrook Goldwyn Cameron that ultimately rose  to the top.  At only $150,000 and earning 27 points, Cameron was the greatest value pick in the whole contest.

5 year olds

Rosedale Lexington

If the 4yr year old class helped sort this out, there is no question that the 5-year-old class was a must to earn high ranking.  In the end,  all the top 20 contestants selected Rosedale Lexington.  Even though she was not at any shows this year, the fact that there had not been any dominant 5yr old this year and with the  extra promotion by her breeders,  Lexington was a must pick in order to contend in the finals.

Mature Cows

Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn

Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn

With Eastside Lewisdale Goldwyn Missy not getting on the truck to head to Madison, it was ultimately those that chose co-favorite Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn that reaped  the most reward.  While Maya came with a hefty   $400,000 price tag as we had picked her to win it all, the shear amount of points she earned made her a value pick.  Some budget conscious exhibitors went with Whitaker Stormatic Rae and Savage-Leigh Leona who also offered some great value as they earned top points in their respective classes.

The Dream Team

It’s always easy to play armchair quarterback after the competition is over.  But it is also fun to do so while the competition is still up for grabs.   The maximum scoring team would have been, Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza, Charwill Attic Marcy, Jacobs Knowledge Harpe, Butz-Butler Gold Barbara, Robrook Goldwyn Cameron, Rosedale Lexington, and Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn.  This team would have earned an outstanding 186 points and would have come in under budget ($1,315,000).

The Winners are

  1. Tina Culbertson
  2. Colin Meulendyk
  3. Jessica Telgmann
  4. Ian Crosbie
  5. Ben Willenborg
  6. Marie-Christine Parent
  7. Josiane Chabot
  8. Johanne Gravel
  9. Kevin Jacobs
  10. Travis Syme
  11. Kent Underwood
  12. Luke Mclellan
  13. Jordan Konkel
  14. Ysabel Jacobs
  15. Brett Woker
  16. Shannon Endvick
  17. Hilton Ribeiro
  18. Mathieu Jalbert
  19. Cowcrazy Crew Genetics
  20. Sam Wake
  21. Flavio Junqueira Costa
  22. John Werry
  23. Alexandre G. Vincent
  24. Kevin Sundborg
  25. Tyler Buckley
  26. Olimar Rupli
  27. Ray Adams
  28. Cole Theede
  29. Christopher Burne
  30. Izzy Whittaker
  31. Martin Belmare
  32. Andrew Holliday
  33. Jerry Mclaughlin  Sr.
  34. Kyle Reid
  35. Jerry Mclaughlin
  36. Jerome Fillion
  37. Matthew Evangelo
  38. Sylvain Cormier
  39. JP Lamontagne
  40. Austen Schmidt
  41. Sylvain Carbonneau
  42. Max Petitclerc
  43. Jon Raymond Dykstra
  44. Steven Fincutter
  45. Scott Davenport
  46. Colin Uecker
  47. Aaron Eaton
  48. Donovan Hollingsworth
  49. Tim Mclaughlin
  50. Steve Pavelski
  51. Matthew Iager
  52. Janelle Hoffman
  53. Mike Iager
  54. Scott Brown
  55. Kevin Krejci
  56. Tyler Otte
  57. Sandy Cole
  58. Darlene Zehr
  59. Joe Nash
  60. Jamie Black
  61. Tom Pearce
  62. Brent Carmichael
  63. Randy Paul
  64. Blake Zehr
  65. Blake Sheeley
  66. Max Davies
  67. Darrel Barkman
  68. Matt Forestell
  69. Turner Swartz
  70. Olivier Corriveau
  71. Dave Johnston
  72. Dusty Young
  73. Kasilyn Meadows
  74. Frederic Dubois
  75. Don Simpson
  76. Britney Hill
  77. Aimee Woolf
  78. Jeronimo Ribeiro
  79. Donald Dubois
  80. Sean Murray
  81. Franceois Vermette
  82. Ed Facer
  83. Jason Ness
  84. Arjan Van Der Vlis
  85. Edward O’Connor
  86. Craig Betcher
  87. Martin Jean-Yves
  88. Chad Popp
  89. Matthew Keffer
  90. Anthony Kessler
  91. Ian Cole
  92. Stefen Robinson
  93. Augie Muesegades
  94. Dylan Reed
  95. Austin Yoder
  96. Brady Core
  97. Justin Velthuis
  98. Sarah Poulin
  99. Marco Vanzetti
  100. Yohan Decarite

Tina Culbertson had a winning team of Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza, Claquato-RH Elicit, Roquet Jasmine Sanchez, Butz-Butler Gold Barbara, Robrook Goldwyn Cameron, Rosedale Lexington and Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn that earned her 172 out of a possible 186 points.

Calculate Your Own Score

The following are the official values for each cow in the contest.

RankNameSire StackGPA-LPICow FamilyOwner
1Claynook Dawnette HunterHUNTER x PLANET x ELEGANT3643Windsor-Manor Rud ZipClaynook Farms Ltd.
2Velthuis Fernand LeolaFERNAND x PLANET x SHOTTLE3614Lylehaven Lila ZVelthus Farms Ltd and Boldi Inc.
3Boldi V Sudan AlectoSUDAN x MAN-O-MAN x GOLDWYN3599Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen-ETVelthus Farms Ltd and Boldi Inc.
4Stantons Lexor EvaLEXOR x FREDDIE x SHOTTLE3484Whittier-Farms Lead Mae-ETStanton Bros Ltd.
5Benner Fernand JoraFERNAND x PLANET x GOLDWYN3472Benner Luke JeanBenner Holsteins Ltd.
6Calbrett Brewmaster SassyBREWMASTER x MAN-O-MAN x SHOTTLE3454Glen Drummond SplendorCormdale Genetics Inc.
7La Seigneurie Emryse LexorLEXOR x BRONCO x BAXTER3408Whittier-Farms Lead Mae-ETFerme Jolicap Inc and Ferme Seigneuriale Gagne Inc
8Claynook Divina HeftyHEFTY x PLANET x ELEGANT3405Windsor-Manor Rud ZipClaynook Farms Ltd.
9Velthuis Supersonic AlyssaSUPERSONIC x MAN-O-MAN x GOLDWYN3399Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen-ETBoldi Inc.
10Claynook Dianthus HunterHUNTER x PLANET x ELEGANT3395Windsor-Manor Rud ZipClaynook Farms Ltd.
11Leothe Epic DelphaEPIC x MAN-O-MAN x BAXTER3385Yvenoit Yvonne VolcanFerme Leothe Inc.
12Zimmer Lexor AzureLEXOR x BOLTON x GOLDWYN3359Smithden Sheik WandaRockymountain Holsteins
13Gillette SGO Mogul MerrillMOGUL x PLANET x BOLTON3352Hendel Durham Mitzi 1390Ferme Gillette Inc., O'Connor Land & Cattle Co., Genervations Inc., Silvercap Holsteins
14Stantons Uno EnyaNUMERO UNO x SUPER x SHOTTLE3349Whittier-Farms Lead Mae-ETStanton Bros Ltd.
15Zimmer Lexor AvionLEXOR x BOLTON x GOLDWYN3340Smithden Sheik WandaDuane G. Zimmer
16Zimmer Lexor AbigailLEXOR x BOLTON x GOLDWYN3330Smithden Sheik WandaDuane G. Zimmer
17Stantons Epic ChloeEPIC x FREDDIE x LUCKY3315Sher-Est S-Wind Saturday-ETStanton Bros Ltd.
18Stantons Uno EddyNUMERO UNO x OBSERVER x BOLTON3221Whittier-Farms Lead Mae-ETStanton Bros Ltd.
19Gillette SGO Mogul MelancholyMOGUL x PLANET x BOLTON3219Hendel Durham Mitzi 1390Ferme Gillette Inc., O'Connor Land & Cattle Co., Genervations Inc., Silvercap Holsteins
20Gillette SGO Mogul MellowMOGUL x PLANET x BOLTON3219Hendel Durham Mitzi 1390Ferme Gillette Inc., O'Connor Land & Cattle Co., Genervations Inc., Silvercap Holsteins
21Rockymountain Epic DreamEPIC x MAN-O-MAN x GOLDWYN3212Ronelee Outside Dabble-ETRockymountain Holsteins
22Gillette SGG Mogul MelanyMOGUL x PLANET x BOLTON3203Hendel Durham Mitzi 1390Ferme Gillette Inc., O'Connor Land & Cattle Co., Genervations Inc., Silvercap Holsteins
23Stantons Uno EyoreNUMERO UNO x OBSERVER x BOLTON3202Whittier-Farms Lead Mae-ETStanton Bros Ltd.
24Ebybrook Sauder Holme LaqueshaLEXOR x SUPER x TALENT3197Comestar Laurie Sheik-ETEbybrook Holsteins and Murrel & Martha Sauder
25Stantons Uno ErikaNUMERO UNO x OBSERVER x BOLTON3196Whittier-Farms Lead Mae-ETStanton Bros Ltd.


The Bullvine Bottom Line

On behalf of the whole team here at the Bullvine, we want to thank each and every one of you  who participated.  This contest far outperformed our wildest  expectations. We will for sure be doing it again at the Royal.  Congratulations to our winner, Tina Culbertson!!!


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