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2017 Royal Winter Fair Holstein Show Preview

Every year we ask ourselves will the Royal end up with the same winners as World Dairy Expo?  Well this year, I can easily say most likely not.  With so many great cows not making the trip to the World Dairy Expo this year and a Judge who certainly has definite opinions about conformation for age, there is one thing for sure…..every class will be up for grabs.  With that in mind let’s take a close look at this year’s show.

The Judges

LOYALYN GOLDWYN JUNE (1st place Production Cow RWF 2015)

Perhaps no other dairyman in the world has owned or developed more EX-97 cows than this year’s Holstein Show Judge, Pierre Boulet.  Born on his families dairy farm, Ferme Boulet in St. Francois-de-Riviere du Sud in Quebec, the Boulet family is well known in breeder circles around the world.  Pierre started early in life buying and selling cows.  At 15 he purchased his first cow a VG-87 Lynmack with three generations VG or EX, which ended up producing 25 and 30 embryos in her first flushes.  That trend has continued as Pierre has shown an eye for finding the diamonds in the rough.  Probably the most notables are Howes BC Sassy whom he purchased as a bred heifer in 1993, who would go on to be Honorable Mention Grand at the 1995 Royal.  It was also in 1993 when Pierre first established his herd, Ferme Pierre Boulet with 30 head in Montmagny Quebec.  Since then the herd has grown to over 400 head mostly Holstein with some select Jerseys.  Of course, those who know Pierre also know that he loves to buy and sell cows.  The farm usually sells around 1500 head a year, Pierre, as well, is part owner of Les Encans Boulet with his father and sister.  Ferme Pierre Boulet has won Premier Breeder or Exhibitor at the Royal and World Dairy Expo eight times, with such notable cows as Beaverbrock Magic Petunia, Thrulane James Rose, Pierstein Goldwyn Sunshine, Loyalyn Goldwyn June, MS Goldwyn Alana along with many others.   The farm has had over 100 All-Canadian and/or All-American nominations.


There is a saying that behind every great man is a great woman.  In Pierre’s case, there are several.  In addition to his wife Katie, and sister Joanne, who is one of the partners in the sale business, there is his sister Melanie, who will serve as his associate judge. Melanie is an accomplished judge in her own right having served as the 2013 Quebec Provincial Show Judge in Montmagny when Roquet Jasmine Sanchez bested RF Goldwyn Hailey and Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn who would go on to be named Grand Champion at World Dairy Expo that year. There is no question that Melanie will keep Pierre focused on task and at the top of his game at this year’s Royal.

 Heifer Show Highlights

If last week’s Le Supreme Laitier Show, showed us anything, its that each show comes down to that judge’s opinion on that day.   With that, I am sure we will see some different placings in the heifer classes than at World Dairy Expo.  Probably more than cows, heifers can change significantly in the one month between Expo and the Royal. 

MS AOL DB RASPBERRY-RED Junior Champion 2017 Le Supreme Laitier Holstein Show

Some notable animals that did not show at Expo to watch for at the Royal include:

  • VERTDOR JACOBY ALTITUDE, a Summer Yearling, coming off wins at Le Supreme Laitier and Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec Championship show.
  • QUALITY SOLOMON LUST, the 2016 All-Canadian Winter Calf has not been shown in 2017 but should be making an appearance at the Royal
  • MS AOL DB RASPBERRY-RED, she showed in the Red & White Show at World Dairy Expo, but coming off her Junior Championship win in the open Holstein Show at the Le Supreme Laitier, will she be in the main stage at the Royal in the Coliseum? Look for her to be a strong contender.

Intermediate Show Highlights

Predicting who will win the Milking Yearling and Junior Two-Year-Old Classes can be extremely hard to do, something that the competitors in the incredibly popular Fantasy Exhibitor Contest have learned. 

This year’s World Dairy Expo Milking Yearling class winner, Rosedale Achieverslegacy most likely will not be at the Royal.  So that leaves the door wide open.  Picking just who may win will be tricky. Winners from the Autumn shows, like JACREST DOORMAN LIVEWIRE who won the Autumn Opportunity Show may not even be the best intermediate age animal in their own string at the Royal.  Young recently calved milking yearlings can change a considerable amount in 6-8 weeks. Livewire’s herdmate FLORBIL DOORMAN LILLY may have already surpassed her.   Keep an eye out for DAMESTAR DOORMAN BRANDY and MARANIE GRACY ELUDE who topped the class at Le Supreme Laitier, but those looking for the winners from Western Canada will be disappointed as it appears no cattle from the west have made the journey to the Royal this year.


The same goes for the Junior Two-year-olds. The Expo winner, R-M ATWOOD BRENDA will see some stiff competition. ERBACRES SNAPPLE SHAKIRA, is coming off a big Intermediate Champion win at Le Supreme Laitier and don’t forget the 2nd place from Expo, UNIQUE DEMPSEY CHEERS who did not show at Le Supreme Laitier as Ferme Blondin was moving into their new barn this past week.


Another class that will see a new winner will be the Senior Two-Year-Olds. Expo winner, Ms Goldwyn Saturday, will not be making the trip to the Royal.  In her place watch for EMBRDALE EXQUISITE LAUTHORITY who looked very impressive in being named Reserve Grand Champion at the Autumn Opportunity Show.  Also, keep an eye out for the those Milking Yearlings from 2016 that have now calved for the second time, notably VALLEYVILLE GOLDWYN BISSY.


If there is one class where I would expect the Expo winner to hold true, it is in the Junior Three Year Olds, TREFLE CHASSEP DOORMAN, has yet to be defeated in milking form.  Having said that IDEE WINDBROOK LYNZI, has matched her step for step, and could the 2017 Royal be her show?


JACOBS WINDBROOK AIMO, won Expo and then again top the class at Le Supreme Laiter, but judge Pat “Cowboy” Conroy almost put her 2nd to herdmate PIERSTEIN CICERO TIME OUT.  Also, keep an eye out for SKYCREST MINCIO PRICKLES who was not at Le Supreme Laiter but certainly would fit the style of cow that Royal Judge Pierre Boulet has won with in the past.

Senior Show Highlights

Co-Vale Dempsy Dina 4270-ET

The Four-Year-Old class could be a horse race between Dina and the tandem from Budjon, AROLENE GOLDWYN DIVINE & MILLBROOKE ATWOOD OOH LA LA. Keep in mind that if 2016 tells us anything, Dina loves the Royal. Definitely, the Four-Year-Old that comes out on the money will take the red ribbon.

TK-Plain-View Ripley

Over the past few years, there has not been a more consistent cow than Expo Five-Year-old winner, TK-PLAIN-VIEW RIPLEY. But no cow is unbeatable, so keep an eye out for CAVANALECK BG BRUIN as well as the Grand Champion from Le Supreme Laitier, JACOBS LAUTHORITY LOANA , who will certainly be looking to dethrone Ripley. Those looking for an X-factor cow need look no further than the winning four-year-old from last year’s Royal, BOSEDALE GOLD LUSTRE.  Lustre has yet to be defeated at the Royal and is looking to continue that record.

Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn-ET

ROSIERS BLEXY GOLDWYN sent a very clear message with her Supreme Champion title from World Dairy Expo, ‘never underestimate me’. Having said that, she is not a guaranteed winner at the Royal, so watch for JACOBS GOLDWYN VALANA and BRACKLEYFARM CHELIOS CHEERIO, who would love to repeat her win from last year at the Royal.


Not to be forgotten are a few champions from top shows from previous years. This year’s Production Cow class should come down to a battle between BLONDIN GOLDWYN SUBLIMINAL, LOVHILL GOLDWYN KATRYSHA and  JACOBS GOLDWYN LISAMAREE.  Who will win?  At this point, I would say it’s a coin flip.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Unlike some years where there are expected winners in nearly every class, this year there are no real “guaranteed” winners. Judge Pierre Boulet will have his work cut out for him.  There is no doubt he will be up to the task and will leave his stamp on the Royal.  His decisions will have us all talking for years to come.

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