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USA Holstein Highlights – Sire Poof Central August 2019

Proven Sires

Like Saturday at the Masters, this proof round was moving day with the four of the top five proven sires moving up or down by more than 3 spots. 

  1. AOT Silver Helix-ET — 14HO07770 — Silver x Cookiecutter Sire Has-ET (VG-88 DOM). Now at +2811G, Helix jumps an unbelievable 16 spots from the April run to rank #1, while adding 9 times as many daughters to his proven proof.
  2. S-S-I Montross Duke-ET — 250HO13267 — Montross x VG-85 DOM Supersire x GP-80 DOM Snowman x Roylane Shot Mindy 2079-ET (VG-86 DOM). Duke is another big mover jumping 5 spots to #2 and is +2758G.
  3. EDG Rubicon-ET — 151HO00681 — Mogul x EX-90 Robust x VG-87 Planet. Rubicon remains a stalwart and stays at the #3 spot and is +2755G.
  4. Melarry Josuper Frazzled — 7HO12788 — Josuper x EX-90 Shotglass x VG-85 DOM Robust. The highest newly proven sire, Frazzled at #4. He is +2731G and has the lowest SCS (2.46) and is#3 for PL (+7.9) in the Top 100.
  5. ABS Rowdy-ET — 29HO17947 — Josuper x VG-87 DOM Mogul x VG-85 Karsten. Dropping 3 spots to #5, Rowdy is +2730G.

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Genomic Sires

On the genomic sire lists Prince is the #1 GTPI Genomic bull in the August ’19 index run over 12 months of age. He notes +2940 GTPI in combination with +1094 NM$. He is followed by Pine-Tree Heroic with +2928 GTPI, who is also the #1 >12 months of age NM$ sire. New in the top 5 is Bomaz Fastball a Topnotch son with +2901 GTPI.  See the complete list of Top 100 Genomic TPI Sires Over 1 year of age, as well as the Top 100 Genomic Net Merit Sires Over 1 Year of Age

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