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US Holstein Highlights – August 2020

14HO07770 HELIX holds on to the top spot on the list of GTPI Proven Bulls during the August index run with +2942GTPI and +775 NM$. Followed by Pine-Tree BURLEY +2917 GTPI, S-S-I Josuper ROCKETFIRE +2917 GTPI, Welcome Silver GRIFF +2864 GTPI and ABS ACHIEVER +2839 GTPI (Read more – Top 100 TPI® International Bulls – August 2020 Sire Proof Central) Catching the attention of many was Woodcrest King Doc after he added more daughters with a significant improvement this round in his production numbers.

Topping the list of GTPI young bulls (with NAAB code) is 29HO19555 Hercules with a GTPI of +3065 and NM$ of +948. Hercules is a Heroic son with ABS Global. Following 5 points behind is with 7HO15167 Gameday at +3060 GTPI. Then it is Winstar MENDEL P +3060 GTPI and the #1 polled sire in the world, then Pine-Tree GARDNER +3041 GTPI and rounding out the top five is Genosource CAPTAIN +3036 GTPI who ranks high on many lists around the world. (Read more – High Ranking TPI® Genomic Young Bulls – August 2020 Sire Proof Central)  Highest Red Carrier bull is Seaver *RC (Perk x Wings), while Hoogerhorst DG OH Rubles-Red is still at the #1 spot for Red bulls over a year of age. Rubels is an Argo son from a Rubicon dam that goes back to Rainyridge Tony Beauty.

The highest available type sire is Eclipse Milio at +3.94PTAT, he is from the Windy-Knoll-View Pledge cow family. The highest newcomer is Ayden, with +3.57 PTA Type, he is the Undenied brother to popular sires like Aristocrat and Arrow. Also catching a lot of attention is Siemers Have it All at +3.42 PTA Type, he is an Excalibur son that also has a +2841 GTPI, making him one of the hottest type sires on the planet. Avalanche is still the #1 type sire on the R&W / RC type sires list who is accompanied by several of his sons like Moovin and Warrior-Red.

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