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US Holstein Highlights – April 2019

Don’t have the time to study each line of each bulls proof shoot… The Bullvine has you covered.  Here are the highlights from April 2019 Holstein Genetic Evaluations.

Proven Sires

While there were not many new names to the list with four of the top five bulls remaining the same, the rankings of certainly changed with the April 2019 – Holstein USA Top Sires In fact 35 bulls in the Top 100 International TPI Bulls List and High Ranking Sire Report are the same this time around. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Dante Now #1 Proven Sire
    203HO1513 Mr Mccut Dante 1407-ET: With the addition of 283 daughters Dante improves to +2825 GTPI +950NM and takes over the #1 position. He is a McCutchen brother to Delta & Denver from Robst Delicious. He is A2A2 and is the highest Type sire available in the Top 12 at +2.30T. He is also the #2 (tie) Daughter Proven RZG bull in Germany at +155.
  • Rowdy Debuts at #2 Proven Sire
    29HO17947 ABS Rowdy-ET: Newly proven at #2 is Rowdy actually outperforms his genomic predictions at +2802G. He is a Josuper x No-Fla Mogul Rylea 33992-ET VG-87. He is +115F +86P +266FE +7.1PL, but only 0.92UDC.
  • Rubicon Now #3 Proven Sire
    151HO00681 EDG Rubicon-ET: After ranking #1 the last few rounds, Rubicon falls to the #3. He is +2794G after adding over 1000 daughters to his production proof, and nearly 300 daughters to his type proof and is the #1 99% Rel sire in the world.

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Genomic Sires

While many names may appear to be new, and well some don’t even have names, when you filter the Top GTPI Bulls List by sires over 1 year of age you start to see some stability. 

  • Topping the list of sires over year of age is Denovo 2800 Prince (s. Yoda). At +2965 gTPI who excels at +1094 NM$ (#2 NM$ sire) // >1000 Milk // 0.29% Fat // +2.5 DPR and 2.66 SCS.
  • Prince is closely followed by Pine-Tree Herioc (s. Achiever), at +2963 gTPI and also is the #1 NM$ bull with +1149 Net Merit.

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Top Ranking Lists:

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