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US Holstein Genetic Evaluation Highlights – August 2015

While some would say the switch to weekly genomic evaluations has taken the importance of the 3 time a year official releases, but with proven sire proofs only coming out with the three official releases and complete genomic lists coming out at the same time, there is still significant importance to these releases.  The August 2015 US genetic evaluations had no shortage of highlights, here are the most noteworthy.

Proven Sires

  • Supersire shows why he is a once in a generation sire
    Seagull-Bay Supersire-ET TY , 007HO11351, Robust x Planet x Shottle
    While the magic cross of Robust x Planet has produced 5 of the top 6 proven sires in the US, there is no question that Supersire stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Since first proven sire evaluation last round, and from his genomic test promise Supersire has increased his already breed leading TPI by over 100 points to 2613.   He is also the #1 NM$ proven sire by over 100 points (over his sire Robust) and the #1 proven feed efficiency sire. (Read more: Seagull-Bay Supersire)
  • Select Sires has the top 7 proven TPI sires and 8 of the top 10
    The genetic juggernaut that is the Select Sires Holstein program, continues to display its dominance in the proven TPI rankings. While market share demands that they need a significant portion of the top sires to fill demand this level of dominance is almost insane. Supersire at 1, Mogul at 2, Donatello at 3, Headliner at 4, Sterling at 5, Robust at 6, Mccutchen at 7 and Mixer at 10 is an awesome group that covers a broad spectrum. (Read more: STUD WARS EPISODE III – THE CONFLICT FOR CONTROL)
  • Donatello debuts at #3 TPI & #3 NM$
    Mr OCD Robust Donatello-ET TY, 007HO11525, Robust x Planet x Elegant
    While the 2nd Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is not due till 2016, Donatello is delivering early as the top new release sire this round.  His dam OCD Planet Danica-ET EX-93 DOM has proven herself as a genomic producing machine with many sons over 2300 gTPI and her daughter Miss OCD Robst Delicious-ET   VG-86 DOM producing three sons over 2700 gTPI.  Donatello evaluations exhibit that he is a very balanced sire.  With over 130 lbs. of combined fat and protein, 1.57 PTAT, and 6.93 PL, Donatello daughters will last a long while in your herd while producing strong component results.  Donatello will need to protected on his frame and chest width.
  • Headliner catches everyone attention coming out at #4 TPI
    Seagull-Bay Headliner-ET TY, 007HO11419, Robust x Planet x Shottle
    While his full brother Supersire and half-brother Silver seem to get all the headlines, Headliner is certainly a sire that should catch everyone’s  This Robust from the recently fresh breeding machine, Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET VG-87 GMD DOM has higher type numbers than his full brother, with stronger udder and feet and leg improvement.  (Read more: FROM FANTASY TO REALITY – TOP SIRES TO ADDRESS HERD CULLING PROBLEMS) Headliner will need to be protected on his SCS.
  • Sterling is a pretty jewel debuting at #5 TPI
    Sandy-Valley Sterling-ET TY, 007HO11585, Robust x Planet x Bolton
    Proving that the Robust x Plant cross loves the TPI list, the exquisite jewel, Sandy-Valley Plane Sapphire TY VG-87 GMD delivers her Robust son to the top lists.  The Robust x Planet cross seems to produce very balanced sires, and Sterling is no different.  He has high production, functional type, and decent health traits.  He will need to be protected on his SCS as well as high pins.  Also concerning to me about Sterling is that so far he has only been able to produce a very limited number of sons and daughters that outperform their expected parent averages.
  • No Changes in the Top PTAT Lists
    Atwood, Airlift, and Brady continue to be the top three proven sires for type. Though type breeders looking for production should look at Mccutchen, who has the highest NM$ of the top 10 proven PTAT sires with over 80 lbs. of combined fat and protein.  The much talked about Sully Hart Meridian debuts in the US at #11 at 2.87 PTAT slightly above his expected values.

Genomic Sires

  • Modesty is always a desirable attribute when breeding top cattle
    Bacon-Hill Pety Modesty-ET TY 007HO12600, Pety x Supersire x Bolton
    Modesty is a Siemers Mogul Pety son from Bacon-Hill Suprs Modesty-ET VG-85.  There is nothing modest about his numbers though, at 158 lbs of combined fat and protein, over 2 points on all type composites, and +8.8 PL and +2.7 DPR. His numbers are off the charts.  He is also the #1 NM$ sire in the world at +1001. Though you may want to protect him on high SCS cows.  With a balanced contribution from both his parents, Modesty should be a sire that holds and delivers the next generation of breed leading
  • A New Flagship for the ART Program at SSI
    S-S-I 1stClass Flagship-ET, 007HO13373, Alta1stClass x Supersire x Bookem
    Though semen will not be available for a little bit, Flagship is certainly a sire that will be in high demand. A product of the SSI breeding program at Select Sires, Flagship is a 3rd generation in the program going back to Roylane Shot Mindy 2079-ET VG-86, the dam of such Select sires as Beachhead, Morgan, and Mystic. Flagship is 134 lbs of combined fat and protein, over 2 points on all type composites and high PL and low SCS, though he will need to be protected on his overall dairy strength, especially body depth.  While Flagships genomic values are higher than his already high parent average, I have concerns about his ability to be the next generation of impact sire as a significant portion of his genetics come from his maternal side, a fact that has proven in the past to be an indicator of sires who are not able to produce that next generation of impact sires.
  • Return of the Jedi
    S-S-I Montross Jedi-ET, 507HO13250, Montross x Supersire x Bookem
    When it comes to the stud wars, it appears like the Select Empire also has the Jedi’s on their side, specifically S-S-I Montross Jedi. Another product of the ART program, Jedi is a Montross from a Robust that also goes back to Roylane Shot Mindy 2079-ET VG-86.  Though a little different genomic evaluation than Flagship, Jedi is 164 lbs of combined fat & protein, and over 2 points for PTAT and FLC but only 1.40 for UDC, specifically close teat placements and moderate udder cleft.  Similar to Flagship I have my concerns about Jedi’s ability to produce the next generation of impact sires, based on the portion of his genetics that come from his maternal side vs. sire side.
  • Never hurts to have charisma
    Seagull-Bay Charismatic-ET TY, 513HO03092, Catalyst x Mogul x Robust
    A little charisma can go a long way and a lot of Charismatic could prove momentous in your breeding program.  Charismatic is a Stantons Catalyst (Shamrock x Freddie x Lucky Star) from the Sandy-Valley Plane Sapphire TY VG-87 GMD family, the dam of the #5 proven TPI sire Sterling. His 2nd dam Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby-ET VG-87 is the dam of such high genomic sires as EDG Rubicon, EDG Mogul Ruger, and EDG Mogul Rowdy.  Look for Charismatic to deliver outstanding components with solid type and healthy long lived cows.  He will need protected on his close teat placement as well as udder cleft.  Charismatic should prove to be an impact sire as a significant portion of his genetics come from his sire.
  • Byway moves ahead of Archrival for #1 gPTAT sire.
    Oh-River-Syc Byway-ET TR TY, 200HO10036, Meridian x Atwood x Shottle
    As a result of Meridian moving up in his PTAT scores, Byway moves up to the #1 genomic PTAT sire available in the world. Expect Byway to deliver outstanding type improvement, especially his mammary systems where his udder texture and median suspensory should be outstanding. Like most high type sires he will need to be protected on his pins rumps and thurl location.  Byway should deliver show winning daughters with a stature score of +15 in Canada, although he should be protected for body depth, by show standards.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

There are also some trends that breeders should be keeping not of.  Specifically the fact that Robust x Planet has proven to be a magic cross, but with so many top sires having these bulls in their pedigrees, inbreeding is going to be a significant issue going forward.

It was certainly a banner day for Select Sires in the US Holstein Genetic evaluations with eight of the top 10 proven sires, and five of the top ten genomic sires over 10 months of age.  While there certainly not that same hype around official release dates as there was 10 years ago, there certainly is significant importance to the official release dates, due to the introduction of genomics.  Also thanks to the introduction of genomics we don’t see the significant changes in proven sires rankings as we once did.  Stability and predictability are great for the dairy breeding industry.

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