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US December 2018 Genetic Evaluations – Highlights

For most breeders, finding all the different lists, and having the time to sort out what’s what is just not something you have time for.  That is why we here at the Bullvine have done the work for you.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Genomic Sires >12 Months
    • PINE-TREE LEGACY (Frazzled x Yoder x Liquid Gold) from the Coyne-Farms Yelena Cri-ET family (Dam of Co-Op Bosside Massey) LEGACY holds on to the #1 position at +2949. He is +172 for combined Fat and Protein and over 1 point for PTAT and UDC. He is also the #1 NM sire over 12 months of age.
    • MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE (Dynasty x Nominee x Robust) grandson of Miss Ocd Robst Delicious-ET VG-87 GMD DOM (Dam of Mega-Duke, Delta, Denver, Draco, Delco and more) remains the #2 sire at +2944. Over +2000 lbs of milk, positive components and type scores.
    • New to the top 5 sires at +2919 is OCD PINNACLE DIESEL (Pinnacle x Draco x McCutchen) from the Windsor-Manor Rud Zip TV TL EX-95 3E GMD DOM cow family. Diesel is positive components with high type and good fertility.
    • OUR-FAVORITE UPGRADE (Crush x Atwood x Shottle) is the #1 PTAT sire over 1 year of age at +4.59. From the Our-Favorite Conceited TV TL EX-92 3E GMD DOM cow family UPGRADE is over 2 points on all composites and positive components, DPR and PL.
    • BOMAZ ALTADELSON P (AltaRobson x Delta x Numer Uno) from the Bomaz Garter 2796-ET TL VG-88 GMD DOM cow family is the #1 polled sire over 1 year of age in the world at +2801.
  • Proven Sires
    • EDG RUBICON (Mogul x Robust x Planet) remains the #1 proven sire at +2824. His dam is Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby-ET (EX-90), a 7th gen VG/EX from the EX-95 Dellia family. He is the #1 for FAT sire (+121), and #2 NM sire (+972) and #2 Grazing Merit sire (+890) and is +2.13T. RUBICON is one of four Mogul sons in the Top 10 and has 6 sons himself over +2800G. Of interesting note is that in the Top 10 proven TPI sires, Robust x Planet appears 4 times in the MGS x MGGS column – but Rubicon is the only one not from Robst Delicious.
    • MR MCCUT DANTE 1407 (McCutchen x Robust x Planet) moves ahead of UECKER SUPERSIRE JOSUPER (Supersire x Beacon x Jango) for the #2 spot. DANTE is a McCutchen brother to Delta & Denver from Robst Delicious. He is also the highest ranked A2A2 bull available, with Denver being the only other A2A2 bull in the Top 10.
    • S-S-I MONTROSS DUKE (Montross x Supersire x Snowman) from the Roylane Shot Mindy 2079-ET VG-86 DOM, DUKE is the highest newly proven sire at +2747 and #5 on the high ranking sire report.
    • DYMENTHOLM MR APPLES AVALANCHE (McCutchen x Regiment-Red x Durham) from the Apple clone is now the #1 proven type sire.
    • VIEW-HOME POWERBALL-P (Earnhardt x Robust x Zenith) remains the #1 proven polled sire in the world at +2494.

US Genetic Evaluation Lists

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