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Canadian Holstein Highlights December 2021 – “Seabiscuit” Attracts Interest as the Highest Newly Proven Sire at #6 for Both LPI and Pro$

The top 10 bull lists for LPI and Pro$ both welcome two newly proven sires with the highest entrant being OCD Rambo Seabiscuit‐ET, who makes his debut at #6 for both national indexes. Seabiscuit is the highest of the first two Rambo sons proven in Canada and his dam is OCD Silver Soprano 33394‐ET. The second highest newcomer this round for LPI is Cherry‐Lily Zip Luster‐PET* POC (Zipit‐P son out of Cherry‐Lor Kboy Loma‐ET, by Kingboy) as he takes #8 LPI position (#12 Pro$). For Pro$, the second highest new arrival is Blumenfeld Gdanc Rumble‐ET (GateDancer x Rubicon) in #9 spot (#33 LPI). After his outstanding debut last round, Westcoast Alcove (Duke x MVP) stays strong holding on to his #1 position for LPI, Pro$ and Fat (#7 Protein). While he is still followed by Progenesis Montfort (AltaHotrod x Defender), who maintains his #2 Pro$ position (#16 LPI, #3 Fat, tied #5 Protein), its Farnear Delta‐Lambda‐ET (Delta x Numero Uno) who climbs the LPI list to grab #2 position (#27 Pro$, tied #2 Conformation). In addition to Alcove and Seabiscuit, there are three other sires that manage Top 10 status for both LPI and Pro$. The highest of these is Boldi V Gymnast (Doorsopen x Jabir) at #3 Pro$ and #4 LPI, and he is immediately followed for Pro$ by S‐S‐I Silver Sonic‐ET (Silver x Multiply) at #4 Pro$ (#10 LPI) and De‐Su Altne Jarvis 13598‐ET (Alltime x Montross) at #5 Pro$ (#7 LPI). Rounding out the Top 10 Pro$ list is Progenesis Seducer (maternal brother to Montfort by Supershot) in #7 position (#11 LPI), Bomaz AltaTopshot‐ET (Supershot x AltaEmbassy) at #8 Pro$ (tied #38 LPI, #3 Protein), and Peak Hotline‐ET (AltaHotrod x Mogul) in #10 Pro$ spot (#21 LPI, tied #6 Fat). The three sires that complete the Top 10 LPI list this December are No‐Fla Capital 45499‐ET (Ferdinand x Stoic) in #3 position (#23 Pro$), Stantons Alligator (Kingboy x McCutchen) at #5 LPI (#45 Pro$, tied #2 Conformation), and EDG Rubicon‐ET (Mogul x Robust) at #9 LPI (#11 Pro$, tied #9 Fat).

A total of 68 genomic young bulls born in 2016 or 2017 achieve proven status in Canada this December. In addition to Seabiscuit, Luster‐P and Rumble previously mentioned, who achieve Top 10 status for at least one national index, there are five more newcomers that manage to penetrate the Top 30 list for LPI and/or Pro$. The highest of these is Siemers Darwin‐ET, who is among the first group of nine Superhero sons proven in Canada (dam is Siemers Silver D‐Rozza‐ET) and makes his debut at #21 Pro$ and #28 LPI. Following right behind for Pro$, in #22 spot, is Progenesis Bermuda (tied #50 LPI), who is the second Crackshot son proven in Canada (dam is England‐Ammon MT Barbara‐ET). Also excelling for Pro$, are Hendel AltaExpat‐ET, who is an Expresso son that arrives at #26 Pro$ (#60 LPI, tied #5 Protein, dam is Hendel Montross Brice 4094), and Sandy‐Valley Challenger‐ET at #30 Pro$ (#71 LPI), who is a Superhero son out of Sandy‐Valley Cokisncream‐ET. The final newly proven sire that achieves Top 30 status for at least one of the national indexes is S‐S‐I La Syracse Alvarez‐ET, who is a Syracuse son out of S‐S‐I Josupr Topaz 11382‐ET that makes his debut at #30 LPI (#38 Pro$).

Two other sires receive their first official progeny proof in Canada and achieve Top 10 status for Milk. With only an official production proof this December, Progenesis AltaHidalgo (Montross son out of T‐Gen‐Ac Supersire Ruth‐ET) becomes the new breed leader for Milk with +3235 kg. Ste Odile Milktime is a newly proven Duke son out of Ste Odile Supershot Electra that grabs #6 position for Milk (tied #9 Protein), two spots ahead of his full brother, Ste Odile Odyssey (#8 Milk). A Tsunami of “Alcove” Daughters Storm the Top 10 GLPI and Pro$ Lists Including a New #1 Newly proven in August, Westcoast Alcove (#1 for both LPI and Pro$) continues to add outstanding daughters to his credentials. In fact, there are four newly indexed Alcove daughters that invade the Top 10 list for both GLPI and Pro$. Benner Alcove Jaynella heads this elite group of cows as she becomes the new breed leader at #1 for both GLPI and Pro$ (tied #7 Fat). A full sister to Jaynella, namely Benner Alcove Jennifer, also makes an impressive debut at #3 GLPI and #5 Pro$, landing ahead of their dam, Benner Eugenio Jaymie at #7 Pro$ and #9 GLPI. The former breed leader for both lists, Stantons Alcove Emotion, follows Jaynella by one LPI point and now occupies #2 position for both GLPI and Pro$ (#3 Fat). Another full sister pair are the two remaining newly indexed Alcove daughters that make the Top 10 list for both national indexes. Westcoast Alcove Riza 7533 and Westcoast Alcove Riza 7512 arrive at #4 GLPI (#4 Pro$) and #6 GLPI (#10 Pro$), respectively, and their dam is Westcoast Montana Riza 4700.

A total of six newly indexed cows penetrate the Top 10 GLPI list this December. In addition to the Alcove daughters previously mentioned, these include Claynook Ziva House at #5 GLPI and #3 Pro$ (dam is Morningview Duke Zip, #1 Fat), as well as Claynook Fareena Renegade at #8 GLPI (#15 Pro$, dam is Claynook Felizia Fortune). Another pair of herd mates complete the Top 10 GLPI list as Stantons Bighit

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