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Canadian Holstein Highlights – December 2015 – Brewmaster Still Leads with Pressure from Impressive Newcomers!

Securing the #1 position for LPI and Pro$ for the second round in a row is Mapel Wood Brewmaster (Garrett x Shottle) with the exact same LPI of 3199 and a Pro$ change of only $67. Brewmaster also maintains his dominance as the #1 bull in the breed for Fat while the breed welcomes several impressive newly proven sires. Ranking #4 for both national indexes, and highest newcomer, is Chartroise Smurf (#9 Milk, tied #9 Protein), who is among the first group of Snowman sons proven in Canada and out of Chartroise- I Planet Safron. A second newly proven sire that penetrates the Top 10 list for both LPI (tied #7) and Pro$ (#8) is Roylane Boxer Punch 4311-ET, who is a Boxer son out of the prolific Seagull-Bay OMan Mirror-ET and is therefore a maternal brother to Roylane Socra Robust-ET. Five other sires rank among the Top 10 for both LPI and Pro$. These include the full brother Freddie sons out of the well-known Ammon-Peachy Shauna-ET, namely Seagull-Bay Shaw-ET (#2 Pro$, #9 LPI, #1 Milk, #1 Protein) and Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (#3 Pro$, #10 LPI, #5 Milk). After adding over 130 daughters to his production proof and 120 classified daughters, Minnigan-Hills Day-ET (Super x Bolton) takes a significant jump up for both LPI and Pro$, now ranking #5 (from #27) and #10 (from #30), respectively. OCD Stargazer-ET (Super x Elegant, #6 LPI, #6 Pro$, #4 Milk) and Rosylane-LLC AltaLeo-ET (AltaMeteor x Nifty, tied #7 LPI, #9 Pro$) complete the list bulls ranking in the Top 10 for both national indexes.

Two sires that excel for LPI this round are De-Su McCutchen 1174-ET (Bookem son out of Sully Shottle May-TW) in #2 position (#19 Pro$), and Amighetti Numero Uno ET at #3 LPI (Man-O-Man x Shottle, #11 Pro$). From the other perspective, two sires perform stronger for Pro$ than LPI, including Cangen Pinkman at #4 Pro$ (Super x Baxter, #11 LPI) and the highly anticipated newly proven sire Seagull-Bay Supersire-ET at #7 Pro$ (#21 LPI, tied #6 Protein, #9 Fat), who is a Robust son and maternal brother to Shaw and Sargeant. Among the breed leaders in August, Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET loses ground and slips from #3 for both LPI and Pro$ to land in #20 and #16 spot this round, respectively.

Other newly proven bulls this round that reach Top 25 status for LPI or Pro$ include Sandy-Valley Saloon-ET at #12 LPI (AltaIota x Planet, #23 Pro$, #3 Protein), De-Su AltaLaker-ET at #13 LPI and #13 Pro$ (Bowser x Planet), Willem’s Hoeve W-H Rup at #12 Pro$ (Super x Goldwyn, #34 LPI), Wargo-Acres Merritte-ET at #17 LPI (Bookem x Bolton, #76 Pro$), Velthuis Alpine at #24 LPI (Snowman x Planet, #46 Pro$) and Dymentholm S Sympatico at #25 LPI (Snowman x Planet, #40 Pro$). This brings a total of eight newly proven bulls entering the Top 25 for LPI and six entering the Top 25 for Pro$.

Newly Indexed Cows from “Silverridge” Prefix Top Charts

Silverridge V Munition Earwig is the highest newly indexed cow, impressively claiming the #1 spot for both GLPI and Pro$ (#9 Milk). Five other cows rank among the Top 10 for GLPI and Pro$ this round. These include newly indexed red-carrier Snowbiz Uno Enya at #6 for both indexes, Ri-Val-Re Num Uno Bee-ET (newly indexed) at #2 Pro$ and #7 GLPI, Sully Numero Uno Maribel-ET (#7 GLPI, #8 Pro$) and Bofran Brewmaster Fab (#3 Pro$, #9 GLPI, #5 Fat).

Two other cows carrying the Silverridge prefix land in the Top 10 for GLPI after attaining official status this round. Silverridge V Doorman Ensure ranks #2 for GLPI (#22 Pro$, tied #8 Conformation), making her the highest GLPI daughter of Val-Bisson Doorman (#2 MACE LPI), while Silverridge V McCut Elicia ranks #5 for GLPI (#29 Pro$, tied #8 Conformation). Ensure, Elicia and the previously mentioned double chart-topper, Earwig, trace back to a common maternal grand dam, Calbrett Planet Eve. At #3 GLPI this round is the previous #1 cow, Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree, who ranks #13 Pro$. Rounding out this illustrious group for GLPI is the well-known Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir, who falls from #3 to #9 GLPI (#27 Pro$).

Four cows not yet mentioned rank among the Top 10 Pro$ this round. At #5 Pro$ is Sully Robust 720-ET (#12 GLPI), who is a maternal sister to Maribel (#7 GLPI, #8 Pro$). Newly indexed this round, Stantons Supersire Eleyah, takes #8 Pro$ and is tied at #9 Protein, while her herdmate, Stantons Epic Caramel, follows being tied at #9 Pro$ with another newly indexed cow, Monbriant Shaw Genes (#24 GLPI, tied #6 Protein). Also noteworthy is newly indexed Dudoc McCutchen Regret P, who is the highest ranking polled cow for GLPI tied in #66 position.

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