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Canadian Holstein Highlights – August 2020

The Covid‐19 pandemic resulted in some degree of service interruption and modification for both milk recordingand type classification starting March 2020. This reality affected the volume of data available for geneticevaluations, which reduced the number of newly proven sires this round, and also increased the intervalbetween test days and classifications for some cows in herds across the country. As a consequence of theseunprecedented circumstances, Lactanet Canada has temporarily relaxed the criteria for affected cows toreceive official production indexes and therefore official LPI and Pro$ values.

“Lambda” is the Sole Newcomer to Penetrate Top 10 for Both LPI and Pro$

Farnear Delta‐Lambda‐ET (Delta x Numero Uno) takes centre stage as the only newly proven sire this round thatachieves Top 10 status for both indexes. For LPI, Lambda grabs #2 spot, behind Peak AltaMarlon (AltaSpring xO‐Style), who holds on to the leader position as #1 LPI sire, and both bulls now share #6 position for Pro$. EDGRubicon‐ET (Mogul x Robust) remains the breed leader for Pro$ and Fat but loses some ground for LPI taking#5 position this round. S‐S‐I Millington Totem‐ET (Millington x Jacey) also remains very strong for bothindexes, staying in #3 LPI position and climbing to #2 Pro$. Although S‐S‐I Kingpin Phantom‐ET (Kingpin xSupersire) experiences some slippage, he maintains Top 10 status for both indexes at #3 Pro$ and #10 LPI (tied #7 Fat, tied #5 Protein). The sixth and final bull that ranks among the Top 10 for both indexes this round isRonelee Midnight Detour‐ET (Midnight x Mogul), who is now at #5 Pro$ while climbing the LPI ladder to grab#7 position.

Three other newly proven sires achieve Top 10 status for either LPI or Pro$. The highest of these is WestcoastGuarantee, who is the first proven son of Boastful in Canada (dam is IHG Tango Gafney‐ET) that lands at #4 Pro$(#58 LPI). S‐S‐I Silver Spike‐ET (Silver x Jacey) also penetrates the Top 10 Pro$ list with his debut at #8 Pro$(tied #21 LPI). On the LPI list, its Kings‐Ransom H Download‐ET that arrives in #8 position (#26 Pro$), who is thehighest of the first three sons of Hotshot now proven in Canada (dam is Kings‐Ransom Doorm Diva‐ET).

For LPI, three previous Top 10 sires maintain this elite status this round, including Stantons Alligator‐ET(Kingboy son out of Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree) at #4 LPI (#82 Pro$, #3 Conformation), WestcoastRandall (Loptimum x Numero Uno) at #6 LPI (#13 Pro$), and Holyland Elite Exactly‐ET (Halogen x Mixer) at #9LPI (#37 Pro$). The same is true for Pro$ as two previous Top 10 sires maintain this status as Peak Hotline‐ETtakes #9 Pro$ (#17 LPI, tied #7 Fat) and EDG AltaYura (Cashcoin x Robust) completes the list at #10 Pro$ (#140LPI, tied #7 Protein).

In addition to the four newly proven sires already mentioned that achieve Top 10 status for at least one index, there’s another group of six newcomers that make their debut this round achieving Top 30 status. Three ofthese bulls achieve this ranking for both LPI and Pro$, namely Peak AltaAmulet‐ET (first proven son of Josuperin Canada, dam is OCD Mogul Abracadabra‐ET) at #18 Pro$ and #19 LPI, S‐S‐I Silver Sonic‐ET (Silver x Multiply)at #12 Pro$ and #24 LPI, and Peak AltaMantra‐ET (Wickham x Supersire) at #20 Pro$ and tied at #29 LPI (tied#9 Fat). For LPI, the two bulls arriving among the Top 30 list with their first official proof are Vekis DG Lockheed‐ET

(AltaSpring x Meridian), who grabs #16 LPI spot (#36 Pro$), and is closely followed by Stantons Galore‐ET(Silver son out of Stantons Crazy 4 Camaro‐ET) at #18 LPI (#31 Pro$). On the Pro$ list, its Claynook C‐Suite(AltaSpring son out of Claynook Colita Bombero, full brother to Claynook Country proven in the US) thatachieves Top 30 status with his arrival in #29 Pro$ position (#64 LPI).

Top GLPI and Pro$ Cow Lists Both Have a New Leader

The highest newly indexed cow this round for both indexes is Benner Salvatore Jamocha as she reaches the #1GLPI summit and also grabs #6 Pro$ position. This outstanding debut means that Jamocha surpasses her dam,Benner Octoberfest Jingko, who maintains her Top 10 status on both lists at #4 GLPI and #5 Pro$ (#10 Milk). On thePro$ side, its Stantons Guarantee Go For Gold (dam is Stantons Bee Desired‐ET) that climbs the list from #8position to now take #1 Pro$ honours (tied #60 GLPI, tied #4 Protein). The former breed leader for both indexes,Midas‐Touch Hot Holy‐ ET (dam is AOT Rubicon Happening‐ET), loses some ground but now ranks #3 for bothGLPI and Pro$ (#5 Fat). The other cow that manages a Top 10 ranking for both lists is Stantons Hot Dollars‐ ET(Helix daughter out of Stantons Real Dollars‐ET) at #2 Pro$ and #7 for GLPI (tied #8 Fat). Three other Helixdaughters with the Stantons prefix also excel for Pro$ this round, namely Stantons Some Helix‐ET at #4 Pro$ (#36GLPI, #4 Fat, dam is Stantons Bee Something‐ET), Stantons Dollar Helix‐ET at #8 Pro$ (tied #20 GLPI, full sisterto Hot Dollars), and Stantons Helix Roll‐ET at #9 Pro$ (#19 GLPI, #1 Fat, dam is Stantons Just Rolling‐ET). Tocomplete the Top 10 Pro$ list this round, Progenesis Detour Kansas stays firm in #7 position (#15 GLPI) whileProgenesis Guarantee Mallow lands at #10 Pro$ (tied #77 GLPI).

Moving up the GLPI list this round to take #2 position is Lindenright Lambda Mocha (#16 Pro$), who is a daughterof the highest newly proven sire, Lambda, out of Lindenright Rubicon Moofia. Three newly indexed cows thisround also manage to penetrate the Top 10 GLPI list, namely Progenesis Imax Perfection at #5 GLPI (#19 Pro$,dam is Synergy Rubicon Perfect‐ET), Benner Salvatore Jamboree at #6 GLPI (#11 Pro$, full sister toJamocha), and Nemesis Zipit Laius at #8 GLPI (#22 Pro$, dam is Dudoc Votto Lacune). The Top 10 GLPI list iscompleted this round with Stantons Adorable Approved at #9 GLPI (#101 Pro$, dam is Stantons DeltaApproved‐ET) and Claynook May Randall in #10 GLPI spot (tied #61 Pro$, dam is Claynook Moxy Silver).

Two other newly indexed cows make an impressive debut by becoming trait leaders among cows qualifying forthe GLPI list, namely Siemers Jedi S‐Roz‐An‐ET (dam is Siemers Ltomx S‐Roz‐An‐ET) who is the new #1 forMilk at +3355 kg, and Blondin Jordy Darla*RW (dam is Hahncrest ATW Danica‐ET*RDC), who is the top cow forConformation at +18.

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