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Canadian Holstein Highlights – August 2015

Cheers to Pro$, an updated LPI and to “Brewmaster” topping them both!

For the first time, Canadian producers will be able to use one of two national indexes, each tailored to different goals, to help make their selection decisions. The updated LPI (Lifetime Performance index) was designed to produce a balanced response for Production, Durability and Health & Fertility, with weights of 40%, 40% and 20% on these components, respectively. The new selection index, Pro$, is a tool designed for herds with a main goal of profit from milk sales. Pro$ maximizes genetic response for profitability over several lactations, leading to realized daughter profit on farm. Some bulls will be in common among the top lists for each index, while others may rank better for one index than the other. Of the Top 10 bulls for LPI and the Top 10 for Pro$, there are six in common for this first release of Pro$.

This August, not only does Mapel Wood Brewmaster (Garret son out of Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi) hang onto his #1 position for LPI, he also tops the chart for Pro$ and maintains #1 Fat. Two other bulls that rank extremely well for both LPI and Pro$ are Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul (Dorcy x Marsh) and Amighetti Numero Uno ET (Man-O-Man x Shottle). Both of these bulls tripled the number of classified daughters in their type proofs, and as a result, their Conformation proofs increased significantly since April. Mogul took a jump up four points for Conformation to +12 and takes the #3 position for both LPI and Pro$. Numero Uno gained over 250 LPI points since April, now ranking him #2 for LPI (#4 Pro$). Receiving his first official proof this round as the highest young sire graduate for Pro$ at #2, Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (Freddie son out of Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET, by Planet) also ranks very well for LPI in #6 position (#3 Milk, tied #4 Protein). The final two bulls that rank among the Top 10 for both indexes are De-Su Gillespy-ET (Bolton x Shottle, #6 Pro$, #8 LPI) and De-Su Bkm McCutchen 1174-ET (among the first two Bookem sons proven in Canada, dam is Sully Shottle May-TW), who is the highest newly proven sire for LPI this round at #4, the third highest newcomer for Pro$ in #10 spot and is tied at #7  conformation with +15.

Marbri Facebook (Man-O-Man x Airraid, #5 LPI, #11 Pro$), Pellerat Planet Lego (Planet x Goldwyn, #7 LPI, tied #21 Pro$), OCD Stargazer (Super x Elegant, #9 LPI, tied #13 Pro$) and Sildahl Jett Air-ET (AltaBaxter x BW Marshall, #10 LPI, #18 Pro$) are the remaining sires among the Top 10 LPI this round. Seagull-Bay Shaw-ET (Freddie x Planet, full brother to Sargeant), debuts with his first official proof at #5 Pro$ (#16 LPI, tied #1 Milk, #2 Protein) making him the second highest newcomer for Pro$. Familiar names among the Top 10 for Pro$ include Badger-Bluff Fanny Freddie (O Man x Die Hard, #7 Pro$, tied #42 LPI), Cangen Pinkman (Super x AltaBaxter, #8 Pro$, #19 LPI) and Mainstream Manifold (O Man x BW Marshall, #9 Pro$, #41 LPI). Manifold now has over 8000 daughters in his production proof – more than double the number of daughters of all the other Top 10 Pro$ sires combined!

Dulet Kingdom (AltaIota x Bonair, #13 LPI), Sully Hart Meridian-ET (Domain x Planet, #18 LPI), and Rosy-Lane AltaLeo-ET (AltaMeteor x Nifty, #25 LPI) all fare well on the top list for LPI as newcomers this August. Likewise, De-Su Freddie Denim 646-ET (Freddie x Wizard, #17 Pro$), Stantons Pilgrim (Freddie x Shottle, tied #21 Pro$) and again, Rosy-Lane AltaLeo (tied #21 Pro$), graduate with their first official proof among the Top 25 for Pro$. In general, among the 126 sires to first achieve official proof status this round, 27 land among the Top 100 LPI while 30 penetrate the Top 100 Pro$ list this round.

“Stantons” Cows Lead both GLPI and Pro$ Lists

Impressively, the Top 10 lists for both GLPI and Pro$ are headed by two different cows carrying the “Stantons” prefix. Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree (dam is Stantons Observer Extreme) comes in at #1 GLPI, making her the highest newly index cow for GLPI this round, and she also debuts at #4 Pro$. Stantons Uno Enya takes the honour of being the first #1 Pro$ cow (dam is Stantons Super Elda), who also takes a big jump up the GLPI list from #24 to #2 position. Two other cows rank among the Top 10 for both GLPI and Pro$ this round, namely Velthuis Supersonic Alyssa (tied for #5 Pro$, tied for #9 GLPI) and Bofran Brewmaster Faby who receives her first official index and takes #9 spot for both GLPI and Pro$.

When looking at the breed leaders of GLPI, Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir is forced into #3 GLPI position (#30 Pro$) after holding on tight at #1 GLPI for an amazing five consecutive rounds. Snowbiz N Uno Lena (first daughter of Freurehaven FGS Lucy) and Rockymountain Uno Cheyanne (dam is Larcrest Chevelle-ET) each receive their first official indexes this round with an impressive start at #4 (#11 Pro$) and #8 GLPI (#24 Pro$), respectively. Other veteran cows among Top 10 GLPI that maintain this elite status include Maryclerc Snowman Crystal (#5 GLPI, tied #12 Pro$, dam is R-Z Baxter Caramel-ET), Velthuis S G Snow Evening (#6 GLPI, #16 Pro$, dam is Calbrett Planet Eve) and Sully Numero Uno Maribel-ET at #7 GLPI (#21 Pro$), who is a maternal sister to newly proven Sully Hart Meridian-ET at #18 LPI (dam is Sully Planet Manitoba-ET).

For the Top 10 Pro$ list, following Stantons Uno Enya at #1 is Sully Robust 720-ET in #2 spot, who is maternal sister to Maribel and Meridian mentioned above. A maternal sister to Enya, namely Stantons Supersire Envelope, is the highest ranking cow for Pro$ among those reaching official status this round, arriving in #3 position. In addition to Stantons Supersire Envelope and the previously mentioned cows, Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree (#4 Pro$) and Bofran Brewmaster Faby (#9 Pro$), three other newly indexed cows this round infiltrate the Top 10 Pro$ list, including Silverridge Supersire Elated (tied #5 Pro$), Stantons Mogul Eloise (#7 Pro$, maternal sister to Enya and Envelope), Alexerin Supersire 1343 (#8 Pro$, dam is Alexerin OMan 993), while Snowbiz N Uno Lena (#4 GLPI) just misses the cut at #11 Pro$. The Top 10 Pro$ list is rounded out by a fifth cow with the “Stantons” prefix, namely Stantons Epic Caramel at #10 Pro$ (dam is Stantons Freddie Cameo, tied at #12 Pro$).

Also noteworthy are two cows that reach official status this round and become new breed leaders for Milk and Protein. Domicole CVF Seashell is newly indexed this round at #1 Milk with 3179 kg and is a daughter of Sandy-Valley Saloon-ET out of Domicole Baxter Shellane. Also impressive is the arrival of Alexerin Supersire 1334 as the new breed leader for Protein with 99 kg, who is one of several outstanding daughters of Alexerin OMan 993.

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