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Canadian Holstein Highlights – April 2021

 In addition to the usual annual update of the genetic base and the Pro$ formula, more variation in genetic evaluations is experienced this round due to the implementation of composite indexes for the four majorscorecard traits and Conformation, which can also affect LPI and Pro$ values.

New Pro$ Champion and Three Other Newly Proven Sires Among Top 10 Rankings

Progenesis Montfort hits the scene as the highest newly proven sire this round becoming the new championfor Pro$ and Fat (tied #6 Protein) and grabs the #4 LPI position. Montfort is a son of AltaHotrod out of the prolific Woodcrest Def Manhattan‐ET, by Defender, and becomes the highest of six maternal brothers on each of the Top 100 LPI and Pro$ lists. His maternal brother by Supershot, namely Progenesis Seducer,maintains his Top 10 status for both indexes landing at #8 Pro$ and #9 LPI, while another maternal brother by Doorsopen, namely Progenesis Dockside, just misses the Top 10 list at #11 Pro$ (#19 LPI). Two other newcomers this round penetrate the Top 10 LPI list. Leaninghouse Helix 22137‐ET (known as “House”), is the highest of the first three sons of Hang‐Time now officially proven in Canada (dam is Blondin Butz JaceyMistress) as he makes his debut at #5 LPI (#29 Pro$). Similarly, Westcoast Ardor is the first proven son of Draftpick in Canada (dam is Gold‐N‐Oaks MVP Aria 2815‐ET) and he also achieves Top 10 status as he arrives in the #10 LPI position (#20 Pro$, maternal brother to Westcoast Alcove, by Duke, at #1 for MACELPI). After Montfort, the second highest newly proven sire for Pro$ is De‐ Su Altme Jarvis 13598‐ET at #9 Pro$ (#16 LPI), who is also the first proven son in Canada of his sire, Alltime (dam is De‐Su Montross 4011‐ET).

There are four previously proven sires that now achieve the elite status of Top 10 for both LPI and Pro$. Farnear Delta‐Lambda‐ET (Delta x Numero Uno) holds on to his #1 LPI position with exactly 3600 points and climbs the Pro$ list from #7 to take #4 position this April (tied #2 Conformation). After receiving his first official proof in December, Melarry Fuel‐ET (Duke x Kingboy) gains ground for both indexes to reach #2 LPIand #3 Pro$ this round, as well as #2 Fat. EDG Rubicon‐ET (Mogul x Robust) maintains his Top 10 standingfor both indexes, now at #5 Pro$ and #7 LPI (tied #6 Fat). Boldi V Gymnast (Doorsopen x Jabir) increases for both indexes and lands at #6 LPI and #7 Pro$ this round. The Top 10 LPI list is completed by StantonsAlligator (Kingboy x McCutchen), who maintains his #3 ranking (#42 Pro$, tied #2 Conformation, highest of 7 maternal brothers in Top 100 LPI), and Peak AltaMarlon (AltaSpring x O‐Style, maternal brother to AltaMitchum), who grabs #8 LPI position this round (#23 Pro$). For the Top 10 Pro$ list, the three remaining sires are Peak Hotline‐ET (AltaHotrod x Mogul), who climbs two rungs up the Pro$ ladder to take #2 position(#18 LPI, tied #6 Fat, #9 Protein), S‐S‐I Penley All Star‐ET (Penley x Lucid), who moves up to #6 Pro$ position (#13 LPI) and S‐S‐I Silver Sonic‐ET (Silver x Multiply), who also advances up the list from #16 to #10Pro$ (#23 LPI).

Among the list of 88 sires born in 2015 or 2016 that receive their first complete official progeny proof in Canada this April, there are six not previously mentioned that rank among the Top 50 for at least one of thenational indexes. The most balanced of these between the two indexes is

Endco Superhero‐ET at #33 LPI and #36 Pro$, who is a son of Supershot out of De‐Su Uno 3081‐ ET. De‐Su 13050 Spectre‐ET (Yoder son out of De‐Su Supersire 3349‐ET, maternal brother to Silverado) makes his debut at #26 Pro$ (tied #66 LPI, tied #4 Fat). Two other newly proven Pro$ specialists include Progenesis Cameron (Penmanship son out of Welcome Yoder Callo‐ET) at #33 Pro$ (#89 LPI, #8 Protein) and Progenesis Guitar (Brodie son out of Woodcrest Def Manhattan‐ ET, maternal brother to Montfort, Seducerand Dockside mentioned earlier) at #45 Pro$. After receiving his first official Conformation proof in December,for which he has maintained his #1 standing at +19, Walnutlawn Sidekick (Abbott son out of Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer) now achieves official proof status for production as well and lands tied at #39 LPI. Stantons Defiance‐ ET is the final newcomer entering the Top 50 list as he arrives at #50 LPI and #51 Pro$ (Silver son out of Stantons Day Danica, full brother to Display).

“Stantons” Cows Shake Up the Top 10 Lists for GLPI and Pro$

A group of outstanding young cows from the Stantons breeding program dominate the lists of newly indexed cows for both GLPI and Pro$ this round with multiple stars making the Top 10 lists. Lindenright Lambda Mocha (Lambda x Rubicon) manages to defend the #1 GLPI title she earned last December (#12 Pro$) butonly with a margin of four LPI points over a trio of promising new arrivals from Stantons. The highest of theseis Stantons Alcove Admit at #2 GLPI and #2 Pro$, who is a daughter of Alcove (#1 MACE LPI sire) out ofStantons Fortune Fifty. She is closely followed by Stantons Positive Merci (dam is Stantons Alligator Merci) at #3 GLPI and #5 Pro$, and then Stantons Challenger Cheerio (dam is Stantons E Meeting‐ET, by Modesty) at #4 GLPI (#10 Pro$). The fourth highest newly indexed cow this round for each national index is Stantons Bighit Melody*POR at #7 GLPI and #15 Pro$, who is a daughter of Bighit*POC out of Stantons VeryMountain, by Montana.

Members of two “Benner” cow families complete the rest of the Top 10 GLPI list. One family includes BennerOctoberfest Jingko at #8 GLPI (#4 Pro$) and two of her daughters, namely Benner Eugenio Jaymie at #5 GLPI (#7 Pro$) and Benner Salvatore Jamocha at #6 GLPI (#8 Pro$). The second family includes a pair of full sisters that land tied at #9 GLPI, namely Benner Chief Bellita and Benner Chief Beejay, who are daughters of Stantons Chief‐ET out of Benner Bookel Burlap (tied #40 GLPI).

For the Top 10 Pro$ list, Progenesis Guarant Millions catapults from her debut in #8 position last December right to the top at #1 Pro$ this round (tied #34 GLPI, dam is Progenesis Duke Moldavite). Even after experiencing a Pro$ increase, the former breed leader, Midas‐Touch Hot Holy‐ET (Hotline x Rubicon), isforced to accept the #3 Pro$ spot this round (#13 GLPI, #3 Fat). The Top 10 Pro$ list is completed this round by Morningview Duke Zip at #6 Pro$ (#11 GLPI, #1 Fat) and Lindenright Adagio Sunwing (dam is Lindenright Jedi Savior P*POC), who climbs from #26 to take #9 Pro$ (#17 GLPI).

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