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Canadian Holstein Highlights ‐ Sire Proof Central – August 2022

“Pursuit” Takes Top Honours Among Newcomers Reaching Elite Status for Both LPI and Pro$

Pine‐Tree‐I Pursuit (son of Imax out of Pine‐Tree 9882 Prof 7019‐ET, by Profit) makes an outstanding debutat #4 Pro$ and #6 LPI, which earns him the accolade of being the highest newly proven sire this round. Infact, only four other sires achieve Top 10 status for both national indexes. Two of these split the 1‐2 placing honors as Westcoast Alcove (Duke x MVP) maintains his hold at #1 LPI and #2 Pro$ (#2 Fat, #3 Protein)while Peak AltaHothand‐ET (Hotline x Montross) maintains his hold at #1 Pro$ and climbs a notch to now occupy #2 LPI spot (tied #7 Protein). The final pair of sires achieving double Top 10 status this round includes Boldi V Gymnast (Doorsopen x Jabir) at #4 LPI and #7 Pro$ as well as OCD Bandares Cabernet‐ET (Bandares x Rubicon), who climbs one spot for each index to now reach #3 Pro$ and #5 LPI.

When looking at the Top 10 LPI list, Farnear Delta‐Lambda‐ET (Delta x Numero Uno) moves down one spotto take #3 LPI (#13 Pro$, tied #2 Conformation) and No‐Fla Capital 45499‐ET (Ferdinand x Stoic) also slips slightly from #4 to #7 (#56 Pro$). Two previous Top 10 LPI sires maintain their status this August as StantonsAlligator (Kingboy x McCutchen) occupies #8 LPI position (#105 Pro$, tied #2 Conformation) and Murrayholm Glenhaven Cop‐ET (Emerald x Supersire) lands at #10 LPI (#35 Pro$, #4 Fat). Moving up from ranking #16in April, S‐S‐I La Syracse Alvarez‐ET (Syracuse x Josuper) climbs to #9 LPI (tied #17 Pro$) and completesthe list of Top 10 LPI sires this round.

With an increase of $248, Blumenfeld Gdanc Rumble‐ET (GateDancer x Rubicon) climbs the Pro$ list from #9 to #5 position (#12 LPI). This advancement moves him ahead of Progenesis Montfort (AltaHotrod x Defender) at #6 Pro$ (#23 LPI, #3 Fat, #6 Protein). The Top 10 Pro$ list this August is completed by Aurora AltaAntonio‐ET (Bandares x Commander) at #8 Pro$ (tied #39 LPI), Cal‐ Roy‐Al Yoda‐ET (Jedi x Yoder) at #9 Pro$, up from #42 position (tied #50 LPI), and S‐S‐I Silver Sonic‐ ET (Silver x Multiply) at #10 Pro$ (#20LPI).

In addition to Pursuit as the highest newly proven sire this August, five other newcomers manage to penetrate the Top 35 list for LPI and/or Pro$. The highest of these is Peak AltaLawson‐ET, who is a son ofAltaRobson out of OCD Lavish‐ET that arrives at #11 LPI and #14 Pro$. Peak AltaRuban (son of Bandaresout of Siemers Rubicn M‐Roz‐Mia‐ET) also achieves Top 35 status for both indexes at #27 LPI and #31 Pro$.TJR Duke Dawson (Duke son out of TJR De‐Diamond 31630‐ET, by Draco 15006) makes an impressive debut as he becomes the new breed leader at #1 Milk and #1 Protein, which contributes to his #19 Pro$ ranking (#67 LPI). The two remaining newly proven sires that achieve Top 35 status are MorningviewMarvelous‐ET (son of House out of Morningview Jedi 4869‐ET) at #25 LPI (#43 Pro$) and Progenesis BigPicture (Bandares son out of Progenesis Denver Betsy) at #34 Pro$ (#37 LPI).

Trio of Maternal Sisters Join Their Dam Among Top 10 for GLPI and Pro$

Stantons Bighit Melody*POR climbs both Top 10 lists to grab #2 GLPI and #4 Pro$, thanks to the incredibleachievement of three daughters that are newly indexed this August. These include a pair of full sisters byBundle, namely Stantons Bundle Extra at #2 Pro$ and #3 GLPI and Stantons

What It Takes P*POR at #7 GLPI and #8 Pro$, as well as Stantons Acura Roxie who makes her debut at #5 Pro$ and #6 GLPI. The breed leaders remain unchanged as Benner Alcove Jaynella stays firm at #1 GLPI (#3 Pro$, tied #5 Fat) and Claynook Chris Renegade does the same at #1 Pro$ (#4 GLPI). Two full sisters of Jaynella by Alcove (dam is Benner Eugenio Jaymie at #13 GLPI and #19 Pro$) maintain their Top 10 GLPI status from last round as Benner Alcove Jennifer stays put at #5 GLPI (#13 Pro$) and Benner Alcove Jaydinfollows close behind at #8 GLPI (#12 Pro$). Two additional Alcove daughters complete the Top 10 GLPI list this round as Stantons Alcove Emotion occupies #9 GLPI position (#11 Pro$, #10 Fat) and Westcoast AlcoveRiza 7533 loses some ground but lands at #10 GLPI (#17 Pro$).

In addition to the three aforementioned newly indexed cows that penetrate the Top 10 list for both GLPI andPro$, three other newly indexed cows achieve Top 10 status for Pro$. These include Westcoast Enstn Riz7565 9998 at #7 Pro$ (#14 GLPI, Einstein daughter out of Westcoast Alcove Riza 7565), Vogue LimelightSadie Sea‐P*POC at #9 Pro$ (#38 GLPI, dam is Vogue Spice Sadie‐ PP*POS), and Progenesis RNR Posh at #10 Pro$ (tied #81 GLPI, AltaRNR daughter out of Progenesis Milktime Pinto). The Top 10 Pro$ list iscompleted this August by Claynook Ziva House, who stays firm in #6 Pro$ position (#11 GLPI, #9 Fat).

Wedgwood Sidekick Polly also attracts attention as a newly indexed cow this round that joins a group of five cows sharing the #1 Conformation ranking with +16 (dam is Wedgwood Avalanche Penelope).

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