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Canadian – August 2016 Genetic Evaluations Highlights

Brewmaster: Master of LPI, Pro$ and Fat

Since first proven in April 2015, Mapel Wood Brewmaster has led the breed for both LPI and Fat. He adds to his list of credentials as an elite sire by regaining the #1 position for Pro$ this round. Four other bulls rank among the Top 10 for both LPI and Pro$, including two sires that took a nice jump up in rank for LPI. Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET (#8 Pro$) and AJDH AltaAgency (#9 Pro$) are the new #2 and #3 bulls for LPI, previously ranking #8 and #10, respectively. Minnigan-Hills Day-ET (#5 LPI, #6 Pro$) and OCD Stargazer-ET (#6 LPI, #4 Pro$) also hold  onto positions among the Top 10 for both national indexes.

After each adding hundreds of new daughters since April for both production and type, Coyne- Farms Dorcy-ET (#4 LPI, #17 Pro$) and De-Su Bkm McCutchen 1174-ET (#7 LPI, #83 Pro$) manage to penetrate the Top 10 LPI list this round. Dymentholm S Sympatico also remains among the Top 10 LPI (#6 LPI, #13 Pro$) along with Val-Bisson Doorman (#9 LPI, #174 Pro$) and Chartoise Smurf (#10 LPI, #12 Pro$), who drops from #1 LPI position last round but remains among the elite Top 10 group.

Looking at the Top 10 Pro$ list, following Brewmaster’s lead is newcomer Sully Munition-ET (Robust x Sully Planet Manitoba-ET) at #2 Pro$ (tied #10 Protein, #21 LPI), who also sires three of the Top 10 cows for Pro$. Apina AltaEmbassy (#3 Pro$, tied #80 LPI) and Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (#5 Pro$, #44 LPI) move up in rank for Pro$, allowing them to maintain positions among the Top 10 for this index. The second highest newly proven sire this round is De-Su AltaGilcrest-ET (AltaGreatest x Goldwyn), who debuts at #7 Pro$ and #4 Protein (tied #49 LPI), while Cangen Pinkman stays strong, now at #10 Pro$ and #11 LPI.

Interesting Arrivals Among Breed Leaders for LPI and Pro$

In total, 115 genomic young sires receive their first official progeny proof this August, including four sets of identical brothers. The highest newly proven bull for LPI is Sully McCord 269-ET grabbing #12 position (#15 Pro$), who is sired by Ladys-Manor RD Grafeeti-ET and is  a maternal brother to Munition as the highest newcomer for Pro$ in #2 spot (#21 LPI). A pair of identical brothers are the second highest newcomers for LPI as Gillette Mr Johnson and Gillette January (Snowman sons out of Gillette Goldwyn Jenny) share #17 LPI (#35 Pro$). Roylane Socra Robust ET sires three of the newly proven bulls ranked within the Top 40 LPI, despite not yet having an official proof himself. These include the aforementioned Sully Munition-ET (#21)  as well as De-Su RB Montreal 11043-ET at #26 LPI (#85 Pro$, dam is Sully Planet Montana-ET) and Co-Op Cabriolet-ET at #38 LPI (#41 Pro$, dam is Co-Op Planet Classy-ET). Alna Sevenday makes his debut at #29 LPI and #33 Pro$, making him the highest ranking son of Gerard (dam  is Gen-I-Beq Bolton Season.

In addition to Munition and AltaGilcrest as the highest ranking new arrivals for Pro$, nine other bulls achieve progeny proven status among the Top 35 rankings for Pro$. OCD Snowman Downtown-ET (Snowman x Planet) has an impressive start at #14 Pro$, #2 Protein and #5 Milk (#40 LPI) and is immediately followed by Sully McCord 269-ET at #15 Pro$ (#12 LPI). Taking

#23 Pro$ is Gen-Com Blizzard (Snowman x Shottle, #56 LPI), with two Freddie sons not far behind as Morningview Marcelon CRI-ET and Verkis Chevrolet debut at #28 and #31 Pro$, respectively. Other new arrivals among the Top 35 Pro$ are OConnors Busch (AltaIota out of Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi) at #32 Pro$ (#37 LPI) as well as the twins, Gillette Mr Johnson and Gillette January at #35 Pro$ (#17 LPI). A final noteworthy newcomer is Broeks Danton-ET (Snowman x Toystory), who becomes the new #1 Milk bull in the breed.

Three Newly Indexed Cows Enter Top 10 Rankings with Highest New LPI being Polled

The list of Top 10 cows for GLPI and Pro$ both include three new additions, including the polled, Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P (dam is Dudoc Magna Requiem P) who debuts tied at #4 GLPI alongside View-Home McC Found-ET. The next highest newly indexed cows for GLPI are Silverridge V McCut Entranced (McCutchen x Velthuis SG Snow Evening) and Stantons Camaro Crystal-ET (dam is Rockymountain Uno Cheyanne), who rank #6 and #7 GLPI, respectively. Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree (dam is Stantons Observer Extreme) recaptures the #1 GLPI status she held a year ago, just five points ahead of Gillette Mogul Carrel (dam is Gillette Iota Carmen), who gains 109 points and climbs from #11 to #2 GLPI (tied #9 Fat). Although Snowbiz Brewmaster Swan*RDC experiences little change this round she is forced out of her previous #1 position into #3 GLPI spot. The Top 10 GLPI list is completed by Silverridge V McCut Elicia staying firm in #8 spot, Stantons Mogul Evaporater at #9 (up from #29 last round) and Elicia’s maternal sister, Silverridge V Munition Earwig in #10 GLPI (#8 Milk).

When looking at Pro$, however, it is Silverridge V Munition Earwig that maintains her position as breed leader in #1 position and it’s her full sister, Silverridge V Munition Evalyn, that now occupies #2 Pro$ (tied #9 Protein, #12 GLPI) making her the highest newly indexed cow for  Pro$ this round. The two other newly indexed cows that penetrate the Top 10 Pro$ list are Ste Odile Munition Elsa at #6 Pro$ (#44 GLPI, dam is Ste Odile Snowman Mod Emeraude) and Stantons Anton Classic at #8 Pro$ (#29 GLPI), who is one of 15 daughters of Stantons Freddie Cameo among the Top 1000 cows for Pro$ this round. Gillette Epic Jingle, Ri-Val-Re Num Uno Bee-ET and Gillette Mogul Carrel take positions 5 to 7 for Pro$ this round, in that order. The Top 10 Pro$ list is completed by Bofran Brewmaster Faby, staying firm in #7 position (tied #7 Fat), as well as Silverrridge Epic Comet (#9) and Woodcrest Mogul Anna-ET at #10 Pro$, up from #16 position.

Two other newly indexed cows the become chart toppers are Bluenose Dorcey Detroit (Dorcy x Planet), who reaches #2 Milk this round and Ulmar Doorman Elmie, who becomes tied at #2 Conformation with +18.

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