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RALMA CHRISTMAS FUDGE – 2012 Golden Dam Finalist

Ralma Christmas Fudge was a special 2001 Christmas Day gift for Ralma Holsteins.  With consistently high indexing progeny and as a 2012 Golden Dam contender is the gift that keeps on giving.



Christmas Fudge Starts with Ralma Recipe for Success

The foundation cow behind Fudge, Yendora Jaque Pioneer, was purchased as a heifer in the 1970’s by Mark Schmitt and his father for $890.  The Schmitt family, owners of Ralma Holsteins achieved an EX score on Pioneer and by constructive breeding moved her family into elite status.

RALMA JUROR FAITH EX91 - dam of Fudge

RALMA JUROR FAITH EX91 – dam of Fudge

Christmas Fudge’s dam, RALMA JUROR FAITH EX91, significantly moved the family ahead.  In addition to Christmas Fudge, there were two other Durham daughters, Frisky VG88 2 yrs, 13,109 kg in 305 days, 4.5%F and 3.5%P and Fireball EX92 2yrs 13,032 kg in 305 days, 4.0% F and 3.3 %P. Both of these cows have established strong cow families with progeny selling for high prices and embryos sold globally. Juror Faith is applauded for her dairy frame, sound mammary system and an ability to produce high volumes of milk over 4.3% F.”

Christmas Fudge Shares Great Ingredients

Fudge’s immediate sire stack is Durham x Juror x Leadman x Melwood.  Each of these sires adds their own specialities to the mix that produced Fudge: show type, longevity, high utility and high fat yields. Christmas Fudge classified VG88 in her first lactation and produced 12,433kg in 305 days, 4.1% F and 3.2% P.

Fudge flushed very well for Ralma produced many progeny and embryos were sold to eager buyers wishing to be part of this great cow.  Shema Holsteins have owned Fudge recently and by IVF have produced many daughters yet to be heard from by many popular bulls, including Atwood, Goldwyn, Mac, Alexander and Big Apple-Red.

The Best of Christmas Fudge

To date Fudge has produced seven Excellent daughters.  Quite likely there are more to come because there are some that are VG87 and 88 that are under three years of age.



One of her daughters, RALMA CHRISTMAS COOKIE VG-89-3YR-USA DOM  is hailed by many as Oman’s best conformation daughter.  Cookie definitely serves up the best of Oman, Fudge and Durham. She scored VG89 in her first lactation and produced 11,0222 kg in 305 days, 4.5%F and 3.3.% P. Cookie has three Goldwyn daughters scored Ex93, VG88 and VG88 in their first lactations they averaged 12,680 kg in 305 days, 4.5% Fand 3.4% P.  As well there three Goldwyn sons were sampled at Select Sires and Alta Genetics.


RALMA-RH MANOMAN BANJO VG-88-2YR-CAN – grand daughter of Fudge

Fudge’s daughter Goldwyn Clarinet is EX90 as a 4 year old produced 15,694 kg in 305 days, 4.4% F and 3.3% P.  Clarinet’s Man-O-Man daughter, RALMA-RH MANOMAN BANJO recently classified VG88 at 2yrs and topped the September 2012 Gillette Visions Sale at $131,000 (Read – Gillette Visions 2012 Sale – Great People, Great Cattle = Great Results).

Fudge’s offspring incorporate another popular genetic variation in the form of her great grandson, Sandy-Valley Colt P-Red, who traces back to Fudge through his Bolton dam Crystal and Sept Storm granddam, Crimson. Fudge’s other Excellent daughters are by Goldwyn, Finley, Sept Storm and Shottle.  One EX Finley daughter produced Shottle Camouflage VG88 who topped a Planet Sale at $101,000.

Male Line from Fudge Gets Sweeter All the Time

Fudge has had many sons enter A.I. Three Oman sons (full brothers to Cookie) are high ranking in the Netherlands (Cricket) and United States (Focus & Crest). In addition her Goldwyn son, Confirm, also ranks well in the United States.

It appears that grandsons of Fudge, from Fudge daughters, are going to make a major impact in the world of Holstein breeding.  Many are ranked high genomically.  Some of these grandsons include Gold Crown, Goldwyn Coach, Shottle Chariot and (Ramos) Cassino.  As mentioned previously, Colt P-Red is getting considerable use as a sire of sons to produce red and polled progeny.

Fudge and Her Daughters Consistently Serve Up the Best

When you look at the numbers you see that Fudge and many of her family, not just one or two of them, are unique in the way that they are consistently high for type, milk yield, components and functional traits. Christmas Fudge is indeed a prolific and gifted contender for the title of 2012 Golden Dam.

Do you think Fudge deserves to win our 2012 Golden Dam Contest?  Let us know. Your vote counts.


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