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XTRA! XTRA! Don’t Miss the Canadian Dairy Xpo!

CDX LOGO - exhibitor“X” marks the spot for dairy lovers this February.  The inaugural Canadian Dairy XPO is being held at the Stratford Rotary Complex on February 6th and 7th, 2013.  CDX is the realization of a dream conceived by CDX founders, Jordon Underhill and Talo Tamminga, who felt passionately about providing a platform for the Canadian dairy industry, its people and its possibilities.

Lineup of “X”perts!

Day one of the two day event starts with Andrew Dellava, Marketing Manager of Hoard’s Dairyman Magazine.  This knowledgeable Master of Ceremonies will welcome everyone to an “x”citing dairy classroom education program, which includes several internationally recognized experts.  The program is designed to give you tons of content you can use from key people in the dairy industry.  This is where you get to have your questions answered on the following topics:

  • Genetic Advancement HIR trait
    • Brad Sayles, Semex Alliance – Canada
    • Dr. Bonnie Mallard, University of Guelph
  • Technology and Social Media
    • Billy Frey, Alltech Ag Network – USA
  • Nutrition
    • Dr. Charles Swab,  University of New Hampshire –USA
  • Global Dairy Summit Meeting
    • 5 dairymen from USA, UK, Hungary, Poland, Brazil and of course Canada
  • Economics and Animal Welfare
    • Joep Driessen, CowSignals, Netherlands
  • Consumer Connection
    • Lynn Crawford, Celebrity Chef Toronto, Ontario

“X”po Recognizes Female “X”pertise

The full spectrum of agricultural opportunities and leadership will be highlighted over the two-day program.  Three women who are making their mark in diverse areas of the dairy business are recognized by CDX.  Vicky Morrison, of Bally Bright Farms in Bright, Ontario is originally from Northern Ireland and now milks around 100 cows with her husband Mark.  They have recently installed two robots and she is keen to share her experiences and says she is “grateful to have worked with some wonderful people in research, extension and practical agriculture.”  Like Vicky, Kathryn Kyle, General Manager of Jersey Canada, encourages “all women passionate about the industry to step forward and take advantage of the countless opportunities our rapidly progressing industry has to offer.”  Kathryn is looking forward to face-to-face time with breeders who visit the exhibition halls.  Dr. Bonnie Mallard, Professor of Immunogenetics at the University of Guelph is one of those who is enjoying a career that grew from her lifelong connection with farming.  Her career journey has provided the opportunity to focus on learning about genetic regulation of the immune system and its impact on dairy health.  Her talks will highlight how these new genetic tools are ways to improve animal health and well-being as well as food quality and safety.

Excited to Explore

From the complimentary pancake breakfast that will start each morning to the demonstrations, exhibitions, genetics showcase, robotic showcase and extensive seminars, there is something for everybody at this showcase of dairy innovation.  Attendees will get to evaluate the latest tools and technology for growing their dairy business.  They will learn about initiatives and all that is dear to the heart of dairy cattle breeders and industry stakeholders.  Three tradeshow halls and the Britespan Cow Coliseum (itself a massive 65 ft x 300 ft structure) will guarantee that everything is bright, light and right at hand for spectators to discover.

Real Know-How and Real X-amples

Everyone knows that the best part of attending seminars is the one-on-one opportunity to ask questions, get answers and learn from the best in the industry.  The opportunity to get up close and personal with the leading technology will be a definite highlight of CDX.  Three demonstrations will be feature twice daily in the Britespan Cow Coliseum.

  • Real Time Somatic Cell Count Testing Using An iPhone
    Milk GuardianTM using patents pending technology From Dairy Quality Inc. will demonstrate how after a sample is drawn, the device scans the milk, an image is captured and analyzed and displayed on the iPhone seconds later.  The cell activity will then be shown to spectators on a TV screen.
  • Live Colostrum Management/Feeding Demo
    The unique aspect of the ColoQuick system is a hygienic way of handling and storing colostrum without de-naturing it.  The demonstrations will show how pasteurized colostrum can be taken from frozen to feeding in less than 15 minutes and immediately fed to newborn calves.
  • Live Demonstration of Tranfaunation Using the Rumen
    Transfaunation involves the removal of rumen fluid from a healthy herd mate that is then drenched into a sick cow.  In addition to treating sick cows, research at Cornell University also shows the benefit of using this rumen fluid to greatly reduce scours in calves’ first 14 days of life.  Should every producer have a healthy fistulated cow on farm?  Come see for yourself!

As well there will be four simulated milking robot demos LIVE under one roof!

Canadian Dairy Xpo

Buildings are already being constructed.

Event organize enthusiastically proclaim that these robot demos are “first for the world!”  As the technology expands CDX is providing a showcase for dairy producers to see and compare the latest in robotic milking excellence.  They report: “In the last 15 years, milking robotics and on-farm automation have gone from expensive curiosities to redefining the dairy industry.  The growing use of robotics on Canadian dairy farms demonstrates that this technology is not only proven, but that there isn’t just one approach to farming anymore.”

X” tras  Make the Xpo Experience “X”ceptional!

It goes without saying that you will want to see Celebrity Chef Lynn Crawford who will be cooking with 4-H kids and photo opportunities with the TV star will be available.

Genervations will be selling tickets on four high genomic Holstein heifers that will be showcased in the Cow Coliseum as part of their dairy daughter showcase.  Not only an eye-full but also potentially a winning opportunity!  Tickets available to 4-H’ers at the XPO and a draw at the end of the XPO where one lucky youth will get choice of the 4 heifers for their 2013 4-H project…WOW!

Dave Carson Auctions will present an Elite Embryo LIVE auction with 100% of the sale commission proceeds going to 4-H. Support for 4-H and our future dairy industry is a recurring theme throughout the event.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

The Canadian Dairy XPO hopes to inspire both the current generation and the tech-savvy next generation.  Of course, the CDX TEAM has put their hearts into this event and are confident in saying to dairy lovers everywhere “We trust you will find this a rewarding experience!”.

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