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The 2017 Royal Winter Fair – Where Legends Were Made

It was a year where almost every class was up for grabs.  With no past Legends in the Holstein Show coming back to add to their list of accomplishments, it’s no surprise that the 2017 Royal Holstein Show created many new legends. (Click here for more pictures and results)

Judge Pierre Boulet and his associate, his sister Melanie, did an impressive job swiftly placing many huge classes and making sure to give each animal their chance.  As is always the case, Pierre added his own style and even a little suspense in naming the champions. Pierre will indeed be deserving of judging many of the other great shows around the world.

Junior Show

Junior CHampion 2017 Canadian National Holstein Show
Kingsway & Straitside

As always the heifer show contained many surprises. The biggest was probably the Junior Champion, KINGSWAY SOLOMAN GORGEOUS who, since winning her class at The Ontario Summer Show, she had not been exhibited at World Dairy Expo or even at the Ontario Autumn Opportunity Show.  Also of note is the fact this makes the first time one of the great showman of our generation, Roger Turner, has had the opportunity to lead a Junior Champion at either Expo or the Royal. 

JM VALLEY DOORMAN LEXIE 1st place Junior Yearling 2017 Canadian National Holstein Show Vogue, Patience, and Silvercap

Coming off her Reserve Junior Champion Victory at the Le Supreme Laitier, JM VALLEY DOORMAN LEXIE, was again Reserve Junior Champion for her new owners, Vogue Cattle Co., Silvercap Holsteins and Patience Holsteins.

RIDGE-FIELD ATLANTA 1st place Intermediate Yearling 2017 Canadian National Holstein Show Glamourview, Joel Phoenix, Werrhurst

Rounding out the Junior Champions as Honourable Mention is another heifer, RIDGE-FIELD ATLANTA,  who since winning the Winter Yearling Class at Ontario Summer Show, reappeared on the radar, though she did finish 6th at World Dairy Expo.  

Intermediate Show

1st Place Milking Yearling

As expected, the Milking Yearling classes are always full of surprises.  These heifers can change so much in a matter of days.  The can  look quite different in a few weeks, as they start to body down and get more bloom to their udders.  For that reason, it was not a shocker when FLORBIL DOORMAN LILLY, who had placed third just a few weeks earlier, had developed significantly and now topped the class.  Also looking very impressive in this class was MS APPLE ANDRINGA-RED, who had won in the Red & White show the day before. She was able to come out and impress in the Black and White Show and finish 2nd

ERBACRES SNAPPLE SHAKIRA 1st place Junior Two Year Old 2017 Canadian National Holstein Show Antelimark, Jacobs, Theraulaz, TY-D

Building off her impressive Intermediate Champion win at Le Supreme Laitier, ERBACRES SNAPPLE SHAKIRA won the Junior Two-Year-old class in remarkable fashion.  Also standing out was another Red Cow, KAWARTHA ARMANI MEMORY, who had finished 3rd in the Red Show the day before. This time she proved she could hang with the Black and Whites as well. She finished 3rd again.

ARETHUSA DARYL SIENNA 1st place Senior Two Year Old 2017 Canadian National Holstein Show Milksource

With Expo Champion, Ms. Goldwyn Saturday, not exhibiting at the Royal, ARETHUSA DARYL SIENNA stepped up and threw her name in for consideration as the best Senior Two-Year-Old in North America.  She is young cow with a very bright future and she just keeps getting better and better as she matures.

IDEE WINBROOK LYNZI 1st place Junior Three Year Old 2017 Canadian National Holstein Show Borba, JM Valley, Allyn, Gendreau

In what had to be one of the toughest classes of the day for Judge Boulet, the Junior Three Year Old class was full of drama and suspense.  For the past two years TREFLE CHASSEP DOORMAN has dominated her class and again came out looking very impressive.  However, on this day, Judge Boulet had another cow catch his eye just a little bit more.  This cow first caught his eye back in the spring of 2016, when he made her Grand Champion at the Quebec Spring Show.  IDEE WINDBROOK LYNZI has been a perennial campainer going to many shows across North America. Previously, she always finished 2nd to CHASSEP at both Expo and the Royal. But not on this day.  Judge Boulet named her, not only the winner of this class, but also made her the Intermediate Champion, with Chassep being Honourable Mention Intermediate Champion. 

JACOBS WINDBROOK AIMO Bred and Owned Grand Champion 2017 Canadian National Holstein Show Ferme Jacobs

Rounding out the Intermediate Class winners and completing the North American Sweep, was the winning Senior Three Year Old. JACOBS WINDBROOK AIMO.  In a close battle within the class, she defeated herdmate PIERSTEIN CICERO TIME OUT.  AIMO would go on to be named the Reserve Intermediate Champion. AIMO went on to be named the Grand Champion Bred & Owned, earning that honour for Jacobs at both shows with two different cows.

Senior Cow Classes

CO-VALE DEMPSEY DINA 4270-ET 1st place Four Year Old 2017 Canadian National Holstein Show MILK SOURCE LLC & RANSOM RAIL FARMS INC

TK-PLAIN-VIEW RIPLEY 1st place Five Year Old 2017 Canadian National Holstein Show MILK SOURCE LLC


The Senior Cow classes continued according to Expo form.  Expo winner CO-VALE DEMPSEY DINA 4270, won the Four Year Old Class.  The winning five-year-old from Expo, TK-PLAIN-VIEW RIPLEY and then the winning Mature cow and Expo Supreme Champion, ROSIERS BLEXY GOLDWYN, continued the trend.  JACOBS GOLDWYN LISAMAREE, the only non 2017 Expo winner, was the senior cow winner at the Royal. 

CO-VALE DEMPSEY DINA 4270-ET Grand Champion 2017 Canadian National Holstein Show MilkSource Genetics LLC & RANSOM RAIL FARMS INC

The change from Expo came was when Judge Boulet named his Grand Champions.  He selected CO-VALE DEMPSEY DINA 4270 as his Grand and TK-PLAIN-VIEW RIPLEY as his Reserve.

Fantasy Exhibitor

It was certainly a big week for Jared Dueppengiesser, not only did he exhibit the Grand Champion, but he is also our 2017 Royal Winter Fair Fantasy Exhibitor Winner.  While it’s no Surprise he had CO-VALE DEMPSEY DINA 4270 on his team, other members include PETITCLERC SOLOMON ANNICE, JM VALLEY ATWOOD ALY, MILKSOURCE GLDNDRM ASSET, PETITCLERC ATWOOD SPOUTNIK, UNIQUE GOLDEN RING, ROSEDALE CATCH A GLIMPSE, ERBACRES SNAPPLE SHAKIRA, ARETHUSA DARYL SIENNA, IDEE WINDBROOK LYNZI, JACOBS WINDBROOK AIMO, TK-PLAIN-VIEW RIPLEY & ROSIERS BLEXY GOLDWYN with a total budget of $986,000 and earning him 244 plus 30 bonus points for getting his entry in early.  The ultimate team would have been FLEURY DOUGLAS LISALY, BONNIE BRAE APE QUINN, LELLAVAN, AVALANCHE FUJI, FARAWAY DOORMAN MISSY, JM VALLEY DOORMAN LEXIE, BROWNTOWN MARIO MARLO, ERBACRES SNAPPLE SHAKIRA, ARETHUSA DARYL SIENNA, IDEE WINDBROOK LYNZI, JACOBS WINDBROOK AIMO, CO-VALE DEMPSY DINA 4270, TK-PLAIN-VIEW RIPLEY & JACOBS GOLDWYN LISAMAREE.  That team would have cost $941,000 and would earn 262 points with no bonus points.

The top 10 finishers are:

  1. Jared Dueppengiesser
  2. Chad Ryan
  3. Sylvain Cormier
  4. Jerry McLaughlin Sr
  5. Jim Adams
  6. Terry McLaughlin
  7. Tom Weimer
  8. Alberto Medina
  9. Aaron Eaton
  10. Thiago Pinto

Special Awards


Dominic Fortier winner of the 2017 Donald Dubois Showmanship Award.

Chad Crest – 2017 Andrea Crowe Achievement Award Winner


The Bullvine Bottom Line

MUSQIE IATOLA MARTHA Qaulity Seeds Supreme Champion 2017 The Royal Winter Fair MilkSource Genetics and Fernado Jorquin, Kaukauna, Wis.

In a year where new legends were made and new champions came to the top, there was one consistent and recurring result at the 2017 Royal Winter Fair and that was MUSQIE IATOLA MARTHA.  This Jersey Legend is now the three time Royal Jersey Show Grand Champion, and now stands alone as the three time Quality Seeds Supreme Champion for MilkSource Genetics and new partner Fernado Jorquin. Amazing.

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