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Holstein Highlights – December 2014 – Canada “Likes” Facebook!

Narrowly missing an official proof in August, Marbri Facebook (Man-O-Man x Airraid) starts his proven career this December at the top of the LPI list. Facebook already has nearly 300 production and 120 classified daughters in his Canadian proof. De-Su Gillespy-ET (Bolton x Shottle) moves up in rank to #2 LPI, while former breed leader, Mel-Crest AltaRazor (AltaBaxter x Goldwyn), falls 76 points landing him at #3 LPI. Previous #2 LPI, Regancrest AltaIota-ET (O Man X Ito), falls 130 points now ranking #16 LPI. Quebec-bred bull from the La Presentation Daurel family, Pellerat Planet Lego (Planet x Goldwyn), follows next in line at #4 LPI making him the second highest newly proven sire this round. Tied at #5 LPI are Mainstream Manifold (O Man x BW Marshall) and VA-Early-Dawn Sudan CRI-ET (Jammer x Sailor). Manifold added over 750 daughters to his production proof and 650 daughters to his type proof since August. As a result, his LPI increased, boosting him up from his previous position at #9. Sudan also took a jump up the list from his former position at #17 LPI, thanks to an extra 100 points gained this round. The final new entrant to debut on the Top 10 LPI list is another Canadian-bred bull, Mapel Wood Boulder (Man-O-Man x Shottle, #7 LPI) from Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi. Following next is Lake-Effect AltaCaliber-ET (Goldwyn x Shottle), who also increased roughly 100 points since last round, leading him to a substantial leap from #26 to #8 LPI. Rounding out the Top 10 LPI are well-known sires, Man-O-Man at #9 and Freddie at #10.

A New #1 Conformation Sire in the Top 50 LPI

December sees 97 young sires graduate to proven status as well as a first domestic LPI for 24 sires initially progeny proven outside of Canada. Man-O-Man sired 23 of the newly proven bulls in Canada this round, for a current total of 26 proven sons (averaging 2606 LPI), of which 14 are among the Top 100 LPI. Planet also has a huge influence with 17 of his 57 proven sons occupying positions in the Top 100 LPI. Beyond the three new entrants into the Top 10 LPI mentioned above, the Top 50 acquires seven newly proven sires, the highest of which is Gibbs M-M Denalli-ET (Man-O-Man x Bolton) who ranks #11 LPI. At #21 LPI, Regancrest-GV S Bradnick-ET (Sanchez x Shottle) is the next highest newly proven sire. Bradnick also becomes the new #1 Conformation sire at +20, taking the title from Lirr Drew Dempsey who now ties for second at +19 Conformation with Mr Chassity Gold Chip-ET and another newcomer, Gibbs-I Claynook Dude (Atwood x Bolton, maternal brother to Denalli). Following on the heels of Bradnick are three Man-O-Man sons, namely Welcome Powerbroker-ET (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) at #23 LPI, Ralma-RH AltaCello-ET (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) at #24 LPI and Dykster AltaOmis (Man-O-Man x Shottle) at #25 LPI. Other newly proven bulls to penetrate the Top 50 LPI this round include Genervations Energy (Planet x O Man) at #34 LPI and Siemers Toys Hero 9710-ET (Toystory x Durham) at #44 LPI. Another popular genomic young bull of interest that receives his first official proof is Genervations Epic (Superstition x AltaBaxter), landing at #51 LPI with 300 production daughters and 165 classified daughters.

Five Newly Indexed Cows Infiltrate the Top 10 GLPI!

Fending off the strong competition, Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir hangs on tight to her position at #1 GLPI for the fifth consecutive proof release. The highest newly indexed cow this round is Sully Robust 720-ET (Robust x Planet), who comes in at #2 GLPI and is tied at #1 Protein with Tannahill Man O Man Sandy. Larcrest Cinergy-ET maintains her position at #3 GLPI but falls to #2 Fat, being surpassed by the new breed leader Lindenright Brewmaster Dollars (Brewmaster x Manifold). Following next are two cows carrying the “Velthuis” prefix, namely Velthuis S G Snow Evening at #4 GLPI and Velthuis Supersonic Alyssa at #5 GLPI (dam is Velthuis SG MOM Alesia), making her the second highest newly indexed cow this December. Ste Odile Manoman Mod Plantine (full sister to Saphir) and MS Lookout Pesc Bkm Bria-ET both change rank, but maintain a place among the Top 10 GLPI at #6 and #7, respectively. Two of the three cows that complete the Top 10 GLPI this round carry the “Ste Odile” prefix and are daughters of Saphir (#1 GLPI), leading to an impressive total of four out of the Top 10 GLPI from this herd. Ste Odile Sudan Model Venus ranks #8 GLPI and Ste Odile Moon Model Luna ranks #10 GLPI, both receiving their first official index this December. Lindenright Bradnick Moovin On is also newly indexed this round, arriving at #9 GLPI and becomes new #1 Conformation cow with +21.

Source Canadian Dairy Network

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