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“Delta” Tops the List for Both Pro$ and LPI – Canadian Genetic Evaluation Highlights 08/18

Mr Mogul Delta 1427

Previously proven in April of this year, Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET (Mogul son out of Miss OCD Robst Delicious-ET) now takes the #1 place for both Pro$ and LPI (#5 Fat). For newly proven bulls this round, three rank among the Top 10 for Pro$. Glen-D-Haven AltaHotrod (Jerod son out of Glen-D-Haven Iota Bambi-ET) makes an outstanding arrival as the highest newcomer for both Pro$ and LPI, ranking #4 and #3 for these indexes, respectively. Another newly proven bull among the Top 10 for Pro$ is Mr America Surfer-ET, who is a Shan son out of Seagull-Bay Miss America-ET by Robust that comes in at #6 Pro$ (#45 LPI, #3 Fat). EDG AltaYura-ET is the third high-ranking newcomer at #10 Pro$ (#52 LPI) and he is a Cashcoin son out of Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby-ET, making him a maternal brother to EDG Rubicon (#6 LPI from #60 last round, #31 Pro$, #2 Fat). In addition to Delta and AltaHotrod, the only other sire to rank among the Top 10 for both indexes this round is Coyne-Farms Jacey-CRI-ET (#2 Pro$, #9 LPI), who was #1 for Pro$ in April.

No stranger to the Top 10 Pro$ list, Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (Freddie x Planet) ranks #3 for both Pro$ and Milk (#126 LPI). Mr Coin Draco 15006-ET catapults from #52 to #5 Pro$ (#37 LPI) and he is a Cashcoin son that is a maternal brother to the breed leader, Delta, as well as Mr Shot Dozer 1491-ET (#20 Pro$, #29 LPI, Shotglass x Robust). Similarly, Lactomont Launch Mogul (dam is Summerliz Man O Man Lausy) also takes a nice jump up the Pro$ list this August landing at #8 (from #29) among the Top 10 Pro$ (#16 LPI). RH Superman-ET and View-Home Day Missouri-ET round out the Top 10 Pro$ list, ranking #7 Pro$ (#63 LPI, #2 Protein) and #9 Pro$ (#28 LPI, #9 Milk, tied #6 Protein), respectively.

After being surpassed by Delta, former #1 LPI, Comestar Lautrust, slips in rank to #2 LPI (#15 Pro$) even with a slight gain in LPI points this August. Sires maintaining their status among the Top 10 LPI, but changing slightly in rank include Mapel Wood Brewmaster (#4 LPI, #12 Pro$, #1 Fat), Larcrest Commander-ET (#5 LPI, #11 Pro$), Westenrade AltaSpring (#7 LPI, #25 Pro$) and Ste Odile Oceanic (#10 LPI, #87 Pro$, tied #5 Conformation). Gillette Byroad completes the Top 10 LPI list this round in #8 position (#52 Pro$), up from #35 LPI in April.

Newly Proven Bulls in the Top 25 and the Influence of Mogul

A total of 110 genomic young bulls born since 2012 receive their first official progeny proof this round. Mogul is the sire of nine of these newcomers and he now has an impressive 20 sons among the Top 100 LPI and 14 among the Top 100 Pro$. McCutchen also has eight newly proven sons while several sires, including Munition, Cashcoin, Enforcer and Shotglass, each have a handful of their first sons achieve proven status this round.

Outside of the newly proven sires already mentioned, there are other noteworthy newcomers among the Top 30 for LPI and/or Pro$. Co-Op UPD Hunter Salvino (Hunter x Massey) debuts at #14 LPI and #22 Pro$, while Co-Op Renegade-ET (McCutchen x G W Atwood) follows right behind at #15 LPI (#92 Pro$). Lindenright Megawatt is one of three newly proven Enforcer sons (dam is Lindenright Bradnick Moovin On) and takes #19 LPI (#122 Pro$). Similarly, Silverridge V East is the highest of five newly proven Munition sons (dam is Vethuis SG Snow Event) at #22 LPI and #55 Pro$. Mr America Chacal-ET is among the first Cashmoney sons proven in Canada arriving at #18 Pro$ (#108 LPI) and is a maternal brother to Surfer. De-Su 12147 Allstar-ET (Balisto x Numero Uno) has a balanced start this round as he takes #27 Pro$ and #30 LPI. Mr Sunview Coin Sunfish-ET*RDC (Cashcoin son out of Dymentholm Sunview Sunday) is also of
interest as he grabs #30 Pro$ and #49 LPI.

Both Top GLPI and Pro$ Lists Welcome Three Newly Indexed Cows

This August three cows enter the Top 10 for GLPI while receiving their first official index, and two previously indexed cows increase in rank to place them among the Top 10. The highest newcomer for GLPI is Wisselview Doorsopen Dixie (dam is Wisselview Enforcer Dixie), who debuts at #7 GLPI (#71 Pro$). Also new this round, Stantons Silver Emoticon-ET (#8 GLPI, #19 Pro$, dam is Stantons Camaro Emulate-ET), joins five other cows carrying the “Stantons” prefix among the Top 10 GLPI. The third newly indexed cow to join this elite group is Claynook Clarissa AltaSpring (dam is Claynook Colita Bombero) at #10 GLPI (#40 Pro$).

The Pro$ list also sees three newly indexed cows enter the Top 10 led by Benner Octoberfest Jingko (dam is Benner Shotglass Javabeans) who makes an impressive start a #4 Pro$ (#16 GLPI). The second newly indexed cow to enter the Top 10 Pro$ list is Dudoc Missouri Menace P*POR at #8 Pro$ and #17 GLPI, making her the highest polled cow for Pro$ and second for GLPI, behind her dam, Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P*POC (tied #11 GLPI, #37 Pro$). Menace*POR is a maternal sister to fellow high ranking cows Dudoc Silver Sarcasme (#3 GLPI up from #15, #5 Pro$) and Dudoc Superman Somnanbule-ET (#5 GLPI, #6 Pro$) as well as the full-sister pair of Dudoc Boastful Blaspheme (#9 Pro$, #15 GLPI) and Dudoc Boastful Baliverne (#13 GLPI, #41 Pro$). Westcoast Spring Babydust 3120 (AltaSpring x AltaJackman) lands at #10 Pro$ and #11 GLPI, making her the third newly indexed cow to penetrate the Top 10 Pro$ list.

All of the remaining cows among the Top 10 lists for GLPI and Pro$ carry the “Stantons” prefix. Stantons Does Appear-ET moves up to take #1 GLPI (#7 Pro$) while her full sister, Stantons Delta Approved-ET, also climbs the ladder to take #4 GLPI (#3 Pro$). Stantons Bee Desired-ET retains her #1 position for Pro$, moves to #2 for GLPI, is tied at #9 Fat and is also tied at #4 Protein, while full sister, Stantons Bee Daisy-ET holds on to #2 Pro$ position (#6 GLPI). Stantons Real Dollars-ET, sired by EDG Rubicon-ET, moves up into the Top 10 to #9 GLPI (#12 Pro$) and is one of two cows, out of six with the “Stantons” prefix among the Top 10 for GLPI and/or Pro$ that are not sired by Delta.


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