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MD DELIGHT DURHAM ATLEE – 2012 Golden Dam Finalist

The first achievement of MD-DELIGHT DURHAM ATLEE EX-92-4YR-USA DOM GMD 2* was when she caught the attention of good cattle men. She was purchased by Fosters (North Carolina) as a young calf at the Maryland Convention Sale.  That is where eventual owner, Mike Heath of Heath Holsteins, first saw her and couldn’t get her out of his mind. He bought her the following year.

The Right Heifer – The Right Pedigree – The Right Partnership



For $20,000 Heath was able to work with Atlee.  The first step in the process was taken when she classified Very Good-85 as a two-year old. The partnership of Heath, Jason Lloyd and Rick Allyn got together to see if they could make money marketing and showing Atlee. She didn`t disappoint when she won her class in the Massachusetts State show.  At Madison she placed 15th in the senior two-year-old class and then, less than a week after calving as a three year old, MD-Delight Durham Atlee was named Reserve Intermediate Champion of the 2005 International Holstein Show.

Atlee Makes a Name for Herself with the help of Her Team

It was that great start in the showring that kick-started Atlee to international recognition. Heath, Allyn and Lloyd pulled together and their teamwork saw her through calving, show preparation and the rise to stardom at Madison. It`s not difficult to imagine the enthusiasm these cow men had for this descendant of the Adeen family.

Atlee`s Pedigree is Showy and Productive


MS KINGSTEAD CHIEF ADEEN EX-94-2E-USA DOM 2* – 2nd dam of Atlee

Show type is written all over Atlee`s pedigree. Her granddam (MS KINGSTEAD CHIEF ADEEN EX-94-2E-USA DOM 2*), great aunt (SHOREMARE S ALICA EX-97-3E-USA 6*) and great granddam (AITKENBRAE STARBUCK ADAEX-94-2E-USA DOM 4*) all have been All-American, All-Canadian or Grand Champion at Major Shows. Her dam was not shown but classified Very Good 88 during her first lactation. Additionally Atlee`s sire stack Goldwyn x Storm x Skychief x Starbuck has very high conformation numbers and above average production.

Atlee’s Stats Add Up

Most notable is that Atlee was Reserve Intermediate Champion at the 2005 International Holstein Show. A great follow up to placing 15th as a Senior Two Year Old in 2004. In her second lactation Atlee scored Excellent-92. That is the maximum score achievable for a second lactation cow. In two lactations she produced 35,265 kgs of milk, 5.0% Fat and 3.3% protein.

Atlee Goes Beyond Pure Gold to Simply Magical 

Lafontaine Aftershock Arrie – Junior Champion World Dairy Expo 2012

Lafontaine AFTERSHOCK Arrie – Junior Champion World Dairy Expo 2012

The magical cross – often referred to as “golden” is the one to Braedale Goldwyn because it resulted in many sons and daughters who are making significant contributions to the breed. That golden Goldwyn flush not only resulted in the current number one proven type sire , Atwood (PTAT 4.16) but also produced Alta Amazing (PTAT 3.77 ), Avalanche (PTAT 3.48) and Atlantic (PTAT 3.02) in the USA. Four sons above 3.0 PTAT.  This is a “first” ever group. In Canada the flush produced Atticus (CONF +14) and Attic (CONF+11) both awarded Superior Type in 2012. Atlee’s Shottle son, Aftershock, is now officially proven in Canada at CONF +16 and he sired the Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion at the International Holstein Show 2012. Yet another Goldwyn son, Ridgefield Delete (PTAT 3.52) is superior proven in Spain. Genomic evaluations for type have played a significant role in Atlee’s sons being used extensively. Before being proven, Atwood was the number one genomically tested bull for type.

Atlee’s Daughters Rise to the Top Everywhere

MS ATLEES GOLDWYN ARIEL EX-92 EX-MS - daughter of Atlee

MS ATLEES GOLDWYN ARIEL EX-92 EX-MS – daughter of Atlee

Atlee’s Goldwyn daughters are also outstanding. In the USA Ariel EX92 was Reserve All-American Junior 2 yr old in 2009 and subsequently sold for $1.5 million dollars for her, eleven daughters, six sons and four pregnancies.  Abigail EX91 has had many daughters sell for high prices. Arista VG88 has had daughters top many sales.  Avery VG87 2yr has many daughters and granddaughters near the top of the index lists. Ava VG88 2yr is on an extensive flushing program.  In Canada Albany VG87 2yrs, already has four VG two year olds.  In the UK, Golden Atlee VG87 and Gold Atlee VG88 are the foundation for new cow families in that country.


MS ATLEES SHOTTLE AUBRY VG-88 EX-MS- daughter of Atlee

Other high Atlee daughters include Aubry, her only Shottle daughter, who has many high genomic sons and daughters. Arlene VG86 (Adam) is a foundation for a new family at Reagancrest, Farnear and Siemers. Autumn (Roy) was the winning fall calf at the 2007 International Holstein Show and All-American Fall Calf and in 2008 was the All-American Milking Fall Yearling.


BVK ATWOOD ABRIANNA VG-89-2YR – 1st Jr. 2yr WDE 2012

BVK Atwood Ariana VG89-2yr is an Atwood daughter with a double dose of Adeen genetics. Recently she placed first in the Junior 2yr old class at the 2012 International Holstein Show after being Intermediate Champion at the 2012 Illinois State Holstein Show.

Atlee Had A Short Career But is Making A Colossal Impact

Unfortunately cancer claimed Atlee early in life but not before she had been flushed extensively. Her offspring, both sons and daughters, continue to build the outstanding legacy of this Golden Dam Finalist.

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