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Genetic Evaluations – August 2012

With some countries not releasing proofs till next week, here is a break down of the North American Proofs for August.


  • Massey Jumps to #1
    Moving up from his debut at #3 in April is Co-Op Bosside Massey. With an increase in his production ratings as well as all major conformation composites Massey passes the well respected Man-O-Man (now #2).
  • Dorcy New #3
    Debuting at the #3 spot is the popular genomic sire Coyne-Farms Dorcy.  Siring outstanding udders and feet and legs with strong production, Dorcy is ideal for commercial environments. While needing to be protected on strength traits, Dorcy excels in herd life and calving ease.
  • Freddie Drops to #4
    While actually increasing his TPI by 6 points, Freddie drops in ranking to the #4 spot.
  • Three New Cows in the Top GTPI ranks
    Moving into the top 10 is MS PRIDE PLNT TASKET 788 (#3) and SEAGULL-BAY OMAN MIRROR (#9). Tasket is from the Genesis breeding program and has been a breed leader for Lifetime Net Merit, but now joins the top GTPI cattle as well.  Mirror is the granddaughter of the brood cow extraordinaire Lynmead Celcius Minnow-ET EX-91 GMD DOM and moves up from her #11 spot in April. Debuting in the top 10 is COOKIECUTTER MOM HALO (#4).  Hola is the maternal sister to Heineken at ABS and Henry at Accelerated as well as full sister  to Hefty at Semex. Her Epic daughter topped the National Convention Sales at $76,000.


  • Plant Drops but still maintains #1 Spot
    Although Esenada Taboo Planet loses 216 LPI points this round, he retains his stronghold as #1 LPI with a lead of 363 points.
  • Top New Release & #2 LPI– Gen-I-Beq Brawler
    Gen-I-Beq Brawler is the highest among the first group of Baxter sons progeny proven in Canada and is also the oldest of 50 registered progeny of his outstanding dam, Gen-I-Beq Shottle Barbi, a  granddaughter of Braedale Baler Twine. Brawler’s LPI is over 600 points above his parent average but within 30 points of his DGV. Since Brawler was popular as a genomic young sire and already has over 2,200 registered daughters in Canada.
  • Other Top Newcomers – Jay & Boris
    Coming in at #6 LPI and the #2 new release sire is OConnors Jay. Jay is a Bolton from an EX 6* Durham and then a EX 2E Marcis Marvelous. An extreme feet and leg improver, Jay is almost 600 points over his parent average but only 33 points over his DGV’s. Following Jay as the #3 new release sire and the #10 LPI sire is Morsan Boris.  Boris is also a Bolton x Durham cross, coming from the world renowned Ocean-View Durham Doris. Much like many of the descendants of Snow-N Denises Dellia, Boris sires outstanding conformation with strong components and herd life.   Boris is just 100 LPI points over his PA and 36 points below his DGV.
  • Those Heading In The Wrong Direction
    High ranking active sires that lose ground include Butoise Bahamas (from #4 to #13 LPI), UFM-DUBS Olegant-ET (from #6 to #29 LPI), Kilobyte (from #7 to #19 LPI), Velthuis Solstice (from #18 to #52 LPI) and B-Crest Shadow-ET (from #24 to #93 LPI).
  • New #1 LPI Cow
    With her first official GLPI, OConnors Planet Lucia is crowned Queen of the Breed at #1 GLPI combining high yields and components with desired conformation (#1 Protein, tied #10  conformation). Lucia is a daughter of Comestar Goldwyn Lilac (#29 GLPI) and granddaughter of the famous Lylehaven Lila Z. As is consistent in this family, Lucia is well above her outstanding parent average by over 800 points, and is also over 300 LPI points above her DGV. Lucia sells in the upcoming Genetics by Design Sale on November 6th.
  • Two New Top 10 LPI descendants from Crockett-Acres Mtot Elly
    The dam of the #8 LPI sires (Eight) also has 2 new descendants on the top cow list. The first is Calbrett Planet Eve debuting tied at #7 GLPI (maternal line is Wabash-Way Evett-ET by Shottle x Crockett-Acres Elita-ET x Elly). The second is the only of the three cows who are entering the Top 10 GLPI that is not a Planet daughter, namely Stantons Manoman Ezra at #10 spot (her dam is Crockett-Acres Echo- ET, a daughter of Elly by Outside).

For more information check out our Genetic Evaluation Resource Center.

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