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Holstein Canada 2022 Master Breeders Announced

In an engaging and well-organized online event presented on Saturday evening, January 14th, Holstein Canada announced 20 breeders from Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta that earned a Master Breeder Shield for 2022!  They will be further celebrated at the Master Breeder Gala on April 15th in Montreal, which will be the final celebration at the 2023 National Convention. Congratulations to all of the following breeders on this tremendous accomplishment!

Aquarel – St. Lazare, Quebec
Arcroix – St. Michel, Quebec (2nd Master Breeder Shield)
Belmoral – Teeswater, Ontario (2nd Master Breeder Shield)
Breezy – Brussels, Ontario
Christhill – Tara, Ontario
Elm Bend – Brantford, Ontario (2nd Master Breeder Shield)
Havenvalley – Wallenstein, Ontario (2nd Master Breeder Shield)
Jeanlu – St. Georges, Quebec
Lauzonniere – St. Pierre Les Becquets, Quebec
Louidgi – St. Joseph Beauce, Quebec
Magami – Ange Gardien, Quebec
Mirabel – Mirabel, Quebec (2nd Master Breeder Shield)
Parkhurst – St. Patrice De Beaurivage, Quebec
Pellerat – St. Roch Des Aulnaies, Quebec
RJF – Corbyville, Ontario
Rubis – Lochaber Ouest, Quebec (3rd Master Breeder Shield)
Spruce Lawn – Drayton, Ontario
Vriesdale – Mountain, Ontario
Wendon – Innisfail. Alberta (3rd Master Breeder Shield)
Yorellea – St. Eugene, Ontario

The Master Breeder Award is the most prestigious accolade awarded by Holstein Canada. Each year, since 1929, the association has recognized breeders among the membership for their cumulative breeding efforts. This award is the pinnacle of success for any Holstein Canada member. Since its inception, over 1,000 Master Breeder shields have been bestowed to Holstein Canada members. These “Master” breeders are recognized for having the best ratio for breeding cows that possess the complete package— high production and outstanding conformation, with high proficiency in reproduction, health, and longevity.

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