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$125,000 for a Bourbon from Seagull-Bay Tops Pinnacle of Peak

Alta Genetic’s PEAK program held it’s first live auction sale, “Pinnacle of Peak” this past weekend in Madison WI. 5 of the 65 Holsteins offered sold for more than $50,000, with the sale topper, Seagull-Bay Beholder, going for $125,000.  She is the #1 Bourbon daughter in the world for TPI at 2860. Beholder traces back to the great Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror cow family through Roylane Shot Mindy.  Her dam is a +2545GTPI Troy daughter who is just fresh. Beholder was purchased by Alta Genetic’s Peak program with Westcoast Holsteins as the contender.

Two Modesty daughters with approx. 2850 gTPI of View-Home Mrdian Iowa where the second highest sellers at $70,000. Their dam is a +2543 Meridian daughter who is a maternal sister to Monterey and Powerball.  They are from the great Pine-Tree Martha Sheen family.  That has produced such genomic powerhouses as Ammon Peachy Shauna.

The sale was co-manged by PEAK Genetics and The Cattle Exchange.  With Roger Turner doing pedigrees and David Rama auctioneering.

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