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Terrific Classifications from Tramilda Holsteins

Tramilda Holsteins, the Troy Yoder family from Montezuma, GA recently classified and would like to share the following results:

  • Tramilda Atwood May  EX-91 3y
    Atwood x Donacin Durham Marme EX-94
  • Tramilda Atwood Renita  EX-91 4y
    Atwood from the Roxys
  • Pencroft-Ammon G Chiffon  EX-90  92-MS
    Believed to be Gold Chips first EX daughter!!
  • Tramilda Atwood Iris  EX-90
    Atwood x 12 Generations VG or EX
  • Tramilda Observer Lynn  VG-88
    Observer x Tramilda Socrates Lil Lynn VG-88
  • Groffdale Atwood Reececup  VG-88
    Atwood from 14 generations EX


  • Cottoncrest Dempsey Amy  VG-87  91-MS
    Dempsey from the Adeen Family
  • Ms Tara GC Tahiti  VG-86 VG-MS (Jr 2 fresh 2 weeks)
    Gold Chip x Werrcroft Goldwyn Tara EX-94
  • Ms Boyana Uno Brinley  VG-86  87-MS
    Uno from the Barbie Family
  • Ms Brocade Uno Brie  VG-86 VG-MS
    Uno x Regancrest G Brocade EX-92
  • R-E-W SL Chardonay  VG-86 87-MS
    Super Large Gr Dtr of Chassity
  • Sandy-Valley McCutchen Betsy  VG-86 87-MS
    McCutchen from Barbie Family
  • Dymentholm Sunview Selma  VG-85 86-MS
    *RC Epic x Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk EX-90
  • Ms Dreary Destiny  VG-85 86-MS
    *RC Alchemy x Ronelee Boliver Dreary VG-86
  • Navs-SG Syrah  VG-85
    Supersonic x Goldie Sanchez Chardonay EX-93
  • Ms Emily Emarion  VG-85
    Supersire x Tramilda-N Baxter Emily VG-86
  • Ri-Val-Re Petrone Abiga  VG-85 86-MS
    Petrone x Ri-Val-Re Goldwyn Nadine VG-87
  • Butlerview Daddy Shene  VG-85 VG-MS
    O Daddy from the Adeen Family
  • Tramilda Goldwyn Marme VG-85
    Goldwyn x Donacin Durham Marme EX-94
  • Tramilda Highway Lynn  VG-85 86-MS
    Highway x Tramilda Socrates Lil Lynn VG-88
  • Tramilda Gold Chip Maria  VG-85 86-MS
    Gold Chip x VG Laramee x EX-94 Durham
  • Tramilda Magnus Ritz  VG-85 VG-MS
    Magnus x VG-86 Atwood
  • Nisly-Gen Abslt Desire-Red  VG-85 86-MS
    Absolute from Dellia Family
  • Royal-Vista Armitage Emi VG-85 86-MS
    Armitage from 10 generations VG or EX

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