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Classify More, Spend Less!

Holstein CanadaHolstein Canada is pleased to announce a new volume discount program for classification services available as of March 1, 2014. The program follows in line with both the Strategic Plan and Holstein Canada’s commitment to ensuring efficiencies at the lowest cost.

“Holstein Canada is pleased to bring, for the very first time, Volume Discounts to the Classification program,” says Dr. Bethany Muir, Classification & Field Services Manager. “After careful consideration of various options, we feel this program will benefit all clients that participate in the service. The first major benefit will be to retain large herds that were at risk of leaving the program. Secondly, if we are able to keep these larger herds on the program, then all clients have the advantage of continuing to pay the already low cost of $11 per animal classified. Holstein Canada is committed to showing value of the Program and promoting how Classification can improve your bottom line!”

The volume discounts promote the concept – “the more animals classified PER VISIT, the more discount you will receive!” If the number of classifications exceeds 25 (up to 50), a 15% discount will be applied to the number of animals classified beyond 25. If the number of classifications exceeds 50 (up to 75), a 20% discount will be applied to the number of animals classified beyond 25. Lastly, if the number of classifications exceeds 75, a 25% discount will be applied to the number of animals classified beyond 25. The cost of the first 25 animals classified per visit is the same for ALL customers.

All fees will remain the same; the herd fee is $75 per visit, with an additional $100 added to any visit conducted on the Mid-Round, the price per animal classification remains $11; no changes to applicable Branch or Breed levies; and no changes to AI incentives. The discount is applied to the classification animal fees charged for the number of classifications exceeding 25.

While adjusting to new herd size reality, Holstein Canada remains focused on offering classification services at the lowest possible price while maintaining the highest possible value. For more information on the classification volume discount program, contact Holstein Canada’s Classification and Field Services department.

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