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Milk Futures Keep Falling

Dairy products are continuing to fall from their all-time high prices set last year. On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, milk futures were mostly lower, while cash dairy prices were mixed. Class III milk fell $0.08 to $17.70 in March. The month of April was down $0.01 to $17.61. May was $0.06 lower at $17.84. June was $0.01 higher at $18.32. Contracts from July to January remained unchanged, with the exception of August, which fell $0.04 to $19.31.

Block Cheese fell 7 cents on the CME Spot Trade, finishing at $1.8450. Barrel Cheese increased by 3 cents to $1.6675. Dry whey dropped 34 cents to $0.4375. Class III milk futures averaged $17.93 in the second quarter, down 8 cents. In Class IV markets, butter remained stable at $2.3450, while NFDM fell to $1.1650, losing 1.25 cents along the way.

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