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GDT event up by 1.2%

Today’s Global Dairy Trade Event 257 has concluded with the GDT Price Index up by 1.2%.

Key results are as follows:

AMF index up 0.4%, average price US$4,345/MT

Butter index up 4.5%, average price US$4,263/MT

BMP index down 11.9%, average price US$2,446/MT

Ched index up 0.2%, average price US$4,395/MT

LAC index up 4.4%, average price US$959/MT

RenCas index down 2.6%, average price US$9,717/MT

SMP index down 0.8%, average price US$2,514/MT

SWP index not available, average price not available

WMP index up 2.1%, average price US$2,820/MT

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