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Canadian Holstein Evaluation Highlights – April 2013

Three Bulls with their First Official LPI Explode onto the Top 10 LPI List!

Already having over 2,200 registered daughters born in Canada, Badger-Bluff Fanny Freddie (O Man x Die-Hard) hits the mark with his first official domestic evaluation at #3 LPI. Another U.S.-proven bull with his first official LPI also starts off well as End-Road O-Man Bronco-ET (O Man x BW Marshall) debuts at #6 LPI. It is Regan-ALH Diplomat*RDC (Mr Burns x O Man) that takes the spotlight as the highest young sire graduate this round at #7 LPI and the new leader among red carrier sires proven in Canada. Even with the powerful arrival of these three elite newcomers among the Top 10 LPI list, Man-O-Man (O Man x AltaAaron) and Gillespy (Bolton x Shottle) remain firm as the breed leaders at #1 and #2 LPI, respectively. Other former Top 10 LPI bulls keeping this renowned status are Planet (Taboo x Amel) at #4 LPI, the highest new arrival last round, Freurehaven Niagara (Bolton x Goldwyn), now at #5 LPI, the second highest new recruit last round, namely UFM-DUBS AltaEsquire (O Man x AltaSam, now at #8), and the popular Gen-I-Beq Brawler (AltaBaxter x Shottle) at #9 LPI. To round out the Top 10 LPI list this round, Sildahl Jett Air-ET (AltaBaxter x BW Marshall) climbs up from #14 to take #10 LPI. Given the implementation of the new LPI scale, which halves the range but now includes a constant of 1700, essentially all bulls increase in their LPI value so it is change in LPI rank that is most important to compare this round.

A List of Strong Newcomers is Unveiled, Including a Splash of Red!

Among the 138 bulls with their first official domestic evaluation, of which 123 were young sire graduates, a remarkable group of 10 enter the list of Top 30 LPI, 18 enter the Top 50 LPI and 35 enter the Top 100 LPI this round. Among the elite newcomers now on the Top 30 LPI list there are four sons of Dudoc Mr Burns*RDC, all of which are new sources for Red & White fans. As mentioned above, the highest ranking of these is Diplomat*RDC (out of O Man daughter A-L-H Destiny-ET) at #7 LPI, while the others are Delaberge Democracy*RDC (out of Delaberge Shottle Regine) at #22 LPI, Hylltop Presley Red*RW (out of Lorka Salto Piata*RW) at #23 LPI and Emilane Larkin (out of Charpentier JCR Shottle Liza) at # 28 LPI. Three O Man sons that were first proven in the United States also debut among the Top 30 LPI with their first official domestic proof. In addition to Freddie at #3 LPI and Bronco at #6 LPI, Schillview Garrett (out of Schillview Mtoto Gift-ET) takes #21 LPI this round. Golden-Oaks Medford-ET (AltaBaxter x Goldwyn) hits the scene big, just missing the Top 10 list at #12 LPI. The Top 30 LPI list includes another son of AltaBaxter with De-Su Bowman-ET at #30 LPI (dam is the well-known De-Su Oman 6121-ET), who is a full brother to AltaGator and Burnish and maternal brother to the popular genomics young bull, De-Su Observer-ET. Lastly, another new recruit to enter the Top 30 LPI list, who also comes from an outstanding prolific cow family, is Wabash-Way Eureka at #25 LPI. He is a Bolton son out of Crockett-Acres Elita-ET, daughter of the family matriarch Crockett-Acres Mtot Elly-ET.

Maternal Sisters Lead the Breed at the Summit of the Top 10 GLPI List!

The highest newly index cow this round is Mapel Wood M O M Lucy, arriving at #2 GLPI right behind her maternal sister, OConnors Planet Lucia, who stays firm at #1 GLPI. Lucia and Lucy are daughters of Comestar Goldwyn Lilac with Lylehaven Lila Z as grand dam. Lucy’s outstanding debut forces Comestar Lautamai Man O Man down one spot to take #3 GLPI this round. At #4 GLPI is one of the first three daughters of De-Su Observer-ET indexed in Canada, namely Stantons Observer Extreme, who is a daughter of Wabash-Way Bol Elizabeth-ET with Wabash-Way Emilyann-ET as second dam. Two additional newly indexed cows this round reach the status of Top 10 GLPI, namely Velthuis SG MOM Alesia (#7 GLPI, daughter of Allyndale-I Goldwyn Albany) and Leothe Manoman Delphine (tied at #10 GLPI, daughter of Leothe Baxter Daphnee). Benner Planet Jakova (#5 GLPI, #1Fat) and her maternal sister, Benner Manoman Janesse (#8 GLPI), stay solid among the high ranking cows while a full sister to Janesse, Benner Man O Man Jarianna, makes gains to reach #9 GLPI. The other
members of the elite Top 10 GLPI group are Stantons Manoman Ezra at #6 and Comestar Lautamire Planet tied at #10 GLPI (#1 Protein).

Five outstanding brood cows currently have 13 or more daughters among the Top 1000 for GLPI, of which two are daughters and two are granddaughters of the famous Crocket-Acres Mtot Elly-ET. Granddaughters and full  sisters, Wabash-Way Emilyann- ET has 15 daughters among this elite group with an average GLPI of 2921, and Wabash-Way Evett-ET has 13 averaging 2948 GLPI. Their dam, Crocket-Acres Elita-ET, also has 13 daughters among the Top 1000 GLPI, averaging 2900, as does her maternal sister, Crocket-Acres Echo-ET with an average GLPI of 2828. Another up and coming family also makes this elite list as ZIJ002 Goldwyn Doreen also has 13
daughters and they average 2826 GLPI.

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Source: CDN

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