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Angus Bull Smashes World Record Price Selling for $1.51 Million

Another world record has been set by Schaff Angus Valley with a bull produced on the ranch named America selling for a record setting $1.51 million.  SAV America 8018 was sold to Herbster Angus Farms for $1.51 million! Congratulations to Schaff Angus Valley! A round of applause at the end was given to America, the bull, and to Charles Herbster of Herbster Angus Farms.

Kelly Schaff, a rancher in Saint Anthony, N.D., says his family is actively involved on the ranch as well as the Schaff’s Angus Valley team and strive to breed the best quality Angus for ranchers all around the country.

Schaff just set the noted world record for breeding bulls.

“Probably a record that won’t be broken in my life time, but you never know. He was our greatest breeding achievement to date, and all the stars lined up with this bull in terms of not only his performance data, but his EPD’s, his cow family, he put everything you look for in a great bull in one package,” said Schaff.

Charles W. Herbster, of Herbster Angus Farms in Nebraska, purchased the bull named America for $1.51 million.

“His value and genetics is strictly for seed stock to produce that will be put into straws and in artificial insemination and breeding programs across the U.S. and the world,” said Schaff.

Schaff says America’s mother was considered a maternal matriarchy.

“This bull happened to be produced from one of her last embryos when she was nearly 18 years of age, so this was the last embryo she produced which resulted in the greatest calf she ever had,” he said.

Herbster Angus will keep 80-percent breeding rights on America, while the bull will remain at Schaff Angus Valley who has 20-percent breeding rights.

“Here is one unique animal that possesses the female’s 4136 and 0075 in the same pedigree, which is not only the top cow at Schaff’s Angus Valley, but two of the top cows in the entire world,” said Herbster.

Herbster believes there is only a one-percent chance that this bull isn’t the best bull that’s ever been bred.

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