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Agolin is Acquired by Alltech

Alltech, a Kentucky-based feed and food additive firm, has purchased a controlling stake in Agolin, a Swiss company that specialises in sustainable animal nutrition.

“Alltech is committed to assisting farmers and ranchers with holistic sustainability: producing more nutritious milk, meat, and eggs with less environmental impact while ensuring their business’s profitability,” the firm said in a statement announcing the purchase.

Agolin, which was founded in 2006, has developed and manufactured plant-based animal nutrition solutions that make use of high-quality essential oil blends. In 2018, one of its fundamental products, Agolin® Ruminant, became The Carbon Trust’s first feed additive certified for methane reduction in ruminants.

“Agolin’s essential oil blends complement Alltech’s nutritional technologies, and we believe that even greater benefits to producers can be achieved through the synergistic use of our technologies,” said Alltech. “These advantages include improved animal welfare, increased feed efficiency and conversion, more milk and meat, higher profitability, and a lower environmental footprint.”

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