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100,000 Euros for world-class calf SHA Guave at Masterrind Exclusive Auction

Topping the Masterrind Exclusive Auction (Germany) at €100,000 was SHA Guave, who displayed unmatched figures of 171 gRZG, 2876 gTPI and 3569 gLPI. The Benz-Rubicon-Balisto heifer comes from the Gale family of WEH Holsteins.

When at the MASTERRIND EXCLUSIVE – DIE AUKTION, you will frequently hear people talking about “excellent dairy type”, “fantastic mothering abilities” and “world-class potential”. Exclusive Holstein cattle are sold at this event that is held by MASTERRIND GmbH from Verden. This year was the second year that the top-class livestock auction took place at the exhibition grounds “Emslandhallen” in Lingen.

The whole evening was a huge success! The atmosphere was inviting and yet full of excitement. Numerous spectators from all over Germany and neighboring European countries showed up at the auction ring and auctioneer Michael Hellwinkel once again didn’t fail to entertain the audience with his jokes and comments.

The “unchallenged queen of the night”, SHA Guave, entered the auction ring quite timidly at first. It goes without saying that many superlatives are used when talking about her. This light-colored, typey heifer calf is in the leading position amongst all elite cows in genomic cattle breeding worldwide. It was the first time that an animal with such exorbitantly high American and German breeding values was sold at an auction. The crowd was buzzing with enthusiasm and the ringmen couldn’t catch a break. First the 30,000 euro, then the 60.000 euro mark was crossed – it was hard to contain the excitement. Auctioneer Hellwinkel’s hammer finally fell at the incredible amount of 100,000 euros, with thunderous applause and drum rolls.

Mayday, who is also sired by Benz, accompanied SHA Guave in the “super league“ of the event. These two calves were able to demonstrate just how special this auction was. Every single animal at the auction was a temptation. Some had impressive success stories in the show ring, others impressed with their great dairy type, excellent pedigree or their outstanding breeding values – just like Mayday and Guave. Mayday had no problems whatsoever to convince the connoisseurs of the scene of her qualities. She is taking leading positions in all of the different breeding value estimation systems for cattle. It is any dairy farmers dream to add an animal like this to their herd. In the end, three breeders from Lower Saxony, Germany were able to purchase this outstanding heifer calf for 30,000 euros.

MS Cidre Kacidre, another animal with excellent genomic breeding values, easily crossed the 10,000 Euro mark at the auction and ended up being the third highest selling animal at the event. Cord Hormann, who was reading out her pedigree, could hardly stop praising her outstanding bloodlines and was thereby only further encouraging interested bidders. A breeder from the Netherlands recognized this calves potential and invested 14,000 euros in her. Coming in shortly behind her with a sales price of 10,000 euros were two calves of great type and high performance – Bingo and RS Pace Carmen. These two are definitely amongst the elite group of animals in genomic cattle breeding. As future bull dams they will be a great contribution to the world of cattle genetics.

An average sales price just short of 8,000 euros was achieved amongst all 42 heifer calves, heifers and first-calf heifers at the auction.

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