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150 Cows Dead in Quebec Barn Fire


Bad luck seems to happen on dairy farms in recent weeks. A farm was destroyed by fire early this morning in Saint-Alexandre. The main building of the farm Jébelle Lapointe was completely destroyed by fire.

The fire was merciless. 150 cows died . The young owner is inconsolable.

” It is discouraging . What do you want me to tell you . 80-90 working hours per week . You come here and everything is gone ,” said sobbing Jerome Lapointe , a young owner .

18 animals were rescued from the flames. But they had to be euthanized because they had inhaled smoke.

” We were taken to euthanize 18. The animals were burned by … ,” he stopped talking, unable to stop crying .

The young father is the third generation of this family farm Lapointe . He was struck by misfortune. His grandfather died just a few days earlier.

” His grandfather just died. The funeral is this weekend . He said that his grandfather picked this morning he had gone. It’s terrible ,” book with emotion stepmother Jerome Hélène Thiboutot .

Forty firefighters battled the blaze. Two homes were evacuated. Nobody was injured and the amount of damage is unknown. Jérôme Lapointe plans to rebuild .

” We’re going to rebuild. This is our life.” Said this is the third generation. “We’ll take it day by day ”

The cause of the fire is not known and may never be because of the extent of damage.

Since April , it is the third dairy farm to be burned to the ground in the regions. In the other two fires, one hundred animals were burned to death and the origin of the fire was electrical in nature.

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