The Snowbiz Dispersal realized an unofficial $10,692 average on 139 lots. The sale featured a line-up of offerings from the Snowbiz I.G. partners, as well as lots from guest consignors. The Snowbiz group was a unique offering of the original purchase
of 14 Snowman heifers from some of the breed greatest families – representing top genomics and sire stack.

Top seller at $200,000 was Snowbiz Ladd P Sunshine, a May 2013 “Ladd P” from the Glen Drummond Splendor (VG-86-37*) family who is backed by eleven Very Good or Excellent dams. She was purchased by Agriber Srll, Italy, from consignor Snowbiz, I.G., Bethany, Ont. This calf is the number  #1 GPA LPI Ladd P daughter and #1 GTPI PDC PO heifer in the world with numbers of GPA LPI “Ladd P” daughter with +3155.

MS Chassity Snow Carrie-ET, a June 2011 “Snowman” daughter with a +3003 GPA LPI and +2186 GTPI sold for $100,000 to Stanton Bros. Ltd., Ilderton, Ont. She is a daughter of Regancrest S Chassity-ET (Ex-92-DOM-GMD-7*), followed by seven more generations of Very Good or Excellent dams in the Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET (Ex-92-DOM-GMD-6*) family. Carrie is fresh October 17th and has a “Numero Uno” and “CashCoin” sons at Semex. This calf was consigned by Snowbiz I.G.

Agriber SRll also paid $70,000 for another “Ladd P” daughter, Snowbiz Ladd P Marshmellow, born April 2013 from Venture Snow Muse P, who is backed by five generations Very Good or Excellent dams.  Marshmellow is the number 1 GTPI and GPA LPI Homozygous R&W heifer in the world, and number 2 GTPI Homozygous in the world, with +2772 GPA LPI and +2138 GTPI. This consignment came from Snowbiz I.G.

Segment#AVG LPIAvg Sale PricePrice/LPI Point
>3000LPI503288$63,004 $19.16
>2000 LPI <30001032571$13,221 $5.35
<2000 LPI381514$7,691 $5.08