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AMMON-PEACHEY SHAUNA – 2012 Golden Dam Finalist

Ammon-Peachey Shauna is an attention-getting star at Seagull Bay Dairy, and a finalist in our 2012 Golden Dam contest. Nevertheless, owner Greg Anderson happily shares the spotlight with others in Shauna’s past, “Congratulations to Shauna’s breeders Mike and Jill Ammon and G Sheldon Peachey for breeding such a fine cow.  The Steiner family of Pine-Tree Dairy also deserves credit for developing the cow family behind Shauna – the Rudy Missy family – into one of the most sought-after bloodlines in the Holstein breed.” That’s where Shauna’s bright story begins.



Shauna`s Got Pedigree Credentials

Shauna originates from the very well respected Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy family. Her excellent sire stack is Planet x Shottle x O Man x Rudolph x Elton x Mandingo. The potential for greatness was there.  On the female side, Shauna’s dam, Sheen, is both DOM and 1 Star, showing her appeal in both USA and Canada.  As well her full sister Shana is VG87 – 2 yr (CAN) and is the #5 GLPI cow at +3400. Her Million sister is VG85 – 2 yr (CAN) and her GLPI is +2022.

AMMON-PEACHEY SHANA VG-87-2YR-CAN VG-86-2YR-USA  DOM - Full sister to Shauna

AMMON-PEACHEY SHANA VG-87-2YR-CAN VG-86-2YR-USA DOM – Full sister to Shauna

PINE-TREE MARTHA SHEEN VG-86-3YR-USA    DOM   1* - Dam of Shauna


Shauna is Flushed with Success

Shauna also excelled as an IVF donor as a heifer.  With 16 sons and 10 daughters, she has shown that she is able to produce and reproduce simultaneously. While working on her first lactation, Shauna produced a very high number of embryos. A rare thing these days.

Shauna Transmits Son-Shine!

Proud owner, Seagull Bay Dairy, reports that “seven of her sons have already been used as contract mating sires, due to their elite TPI and LPI rankings and extreme milk, fat and protein.

Her top-6 sons average +3853 DGV LPI 2445 GTPI 2172 PTAM 72 PTAP .02% 87 PTAF .04%.

  • Supersire (Robust)      Leads the breed in Net Merit and is #2 for GTPI.
  • Headliner (Robust)      3.27 for PTAT and 96 lbs for PTA lbs Fat
  • Shaw (Freddie)            over +2907kg milk and #5 for GLPI
  • Sargeant (Freddie)       +92kg fat, +85kg protein and 2.62 SCS

It doesn’t stop there.  Both breeders and AI companies are putting great trust in Shauna’s ability to produce elite genetics. Greg informs us that “Her top eleven sons are all scheduled for A.I. sampling.” He notes that “Shauna’s Snowman sons will be available soon from Select Sires and Shauna’s Windbrook son Seagull Bay Phantom is currently being used as a mating sire for Semex.” It easy to see why, taking the average of Shauna’s top eleven sons by various sires -Robust; Snowman; Windbrook; Gerard; Pluto; Super- produces these exciting numbers:

  • PTAM 1950
  • PTAP 65
  • P% +.03
  • PTAF 78
  • F% +.03

Greg concludes that it will be very satisfying “to see Shauna sons used on many of the top females of the breed.”  Shauna`s daughters, full sisters to the high ranking sons, also have high numbers with the top two being:  Shauna Saturn (Saturn) +3689 DGV LPI and Miss America (Robust) +3655 DGV LPI.

Shauna Pays Back the Investment

Shauna’s glowing reputation also pays off on the bottom line.  Her progeny are becoming sought after and that’s good news for Seagull Bay Dairy.  Greg updates a couple of sale results. “Last fall we sold Shauna’s high GTPI daughters; one by Robust for $165,000 to Tranquility AG and TAG, and one by Man-O-Man for $87,000 to Elite Dairy Genomics.”

Shauna Generates Genomics

Those who are using genomic results for both selection and breeding will find Shauna is one of the premier genomic transmitters of elite production. Greg looks back. “Shauna was genomic tested as a calf along with her two full sisters, to aid us in making our choice from the pick of a flush at the 2008 Eastern Elite Sale.” Once again, Shauna produced shining results.”Shauna’s genomics were first released in August of 2009 and she ranked as the Number 4 heifer in the breed. She remained in the top 15 for most of 2010 as well.”

Shauna`s Got it All

Greg goes on to report “For us, Shauna is the total package. In addition to making a very impressive 2 yr old record and her VG classification – Shauna transmits her best qualities to her offspring. Not only does she have genomic superiority but she also has production and exceptional type.  News spread fast when she scored VG-87 with VG-88 mammary system when she was only 60 days fresh.  When she was only 100 days in milk she was producing 129 lb. That`s when Shauna’s star-power really started to light up. We had a lot of calls to seller her privately or publicly.”

Shauna Sets the Example

It is exciting for everyone around her to see Shauna’s legacy continue to build.  Her front-running genomic results are the engine that drives her powerful transmission but for Greg Anderson at Seagull Bay Dairy her attraction is much more focused, “Shauna exemplifies exactly the type of cow we strive to breed for.”

Do you think Shauna deserves to win our 2012 Golden Dam Contest?  Let us know. Your vote counts.

The Bloom Is On Oconnors Goldwyn Jasmine

There is always something worth celebrating on a dairy farm.  At Suntor Holsteins, owned by Fred and Ruth Sundborg and family located southwest of Montreal and 20 minutes north of the New York Border this is doubly true this August.  Although, we caught up to him just before a rehearsal for his brother’s wedding, Kevin (son of Fred and Ruth) was also happy to celebrate the blooming of OCONNORS GOLDWYN JASMINE EX-92-CAN.




We don’t know all the details of the happy wedding but we are getting up to date on Jasmine. Kevin wasn’t at the Royal the year his Dad purchased Jasmine at the 2007 Sale of Stars, who’s dam he had seen at Oconner’s and loved her massive frame. However since then, he has been right at her side over the five years that she has made her name OCONNORS GOLDWYN JASMINE EX-92 MS-95 one that is recognized. Let’s start by noting that she is the Goldwyn sister to Oconnors Jay who was the 2nd highest new release bull in August 2012 coming in at #6 GLPI.

Looking back at the purchase Kevin explains what attracted them to her. “That was before the ‘genomic-era’, but Jasmine was by the magic Goldwyn x Durham cross.  Her dam was a massive –framed Durham who my Dad saw before calving at O’Connor’s and Jasmine herself was a very correct-fancy heifer.”   Suntor Holsteins, who earned their Master Breeder Shield in 2000, are always looking to improve their herd. “We genomically tested Jasmine right away, as she had A.I. interest, and she came back very close to her actual PA LPI, and was very high for type.”


Jasmine continues to Bloom

“Since she calved as a 2yr old and is now fresh for the 3rd time, she has really performed.” Kevin reports enthusiastically. “She has grown, moved up in production, moved up in classification and has given us great offspring.” Is it any wonder that he says, “We are more than pleased by what she has done for us.”





Jasmine is Productive

As a heifer Jasmine was flushed to Onward and bred to Ashlar. “Two bulls went to Semex.”  And there were more good things to come. “Fresh as a 2yr old, I wanted to breed her to a high index bull. Man-O-Man was just released so we used him.” That done “We also flushed her to Shottle and Wildthing.” In the barn Kevin notes, “We are currently milking Man-O-Mans, a Shottle and an Onward from Jasmine. She is currently projected 5-03 14,513 kg BCA 291-392-276 SCC 8,000.”


Jasmine Attracts Attention

“Besides selling to A.I., we have sold Shottle embryos to Europe and Wildthing embryos to Australia, to breeders who enjoy working with strong cow families.”


Jasmine Crosses Well

There is much for this cattle breeder to be happy about when discussing Jasmine. “The safest cross was to Shottle, her daughter Josina VG 2 yr MS86, exemplifies the best of her sire and dam.” But there is another side to Kevin’s excitement regarding Jasmine. “The best cross in my opinion was to OMan OMan. Combining a high index bull to a high type female has resulted in Suntor Man O Man Jelena VG 2 yr MS86.” So what’s the big news? “Jelena is our highest genomic animal (Aug ’12 +2157 GTPI +3.13 PTAT, +2828 DGV LPI +16 Conf.) and has passed this to her offspring.”


Jasmine Breeds Amazing Results

As we venture down the path of genomic testing, it is exciting to learn of the success stories. “Jelena’s son by Willrock is going to Semex.” That’s good news but there’s more to come.” Jelena’s sons by Epic came back with amazing results. The highest was 4107 DGV LPI 20 Conf, 2488 GTPI 3.7 PTAT.”  Exciting indeed. Kevin continues to list the highlights, “Jelena herself (Jasmine’s daughter) is consigned to the Sale of Stars.”  She too has loads of marketing ability. “She has “sire stack and genomics (especially CONF +14) but most importantly is PROVEN to transmit high genomics.” He is referring to the Epic bull and the fact that the Willrock is the highest Semex has tested. It isn’t any wonder that Kevin sums everything up by saying, “Jelena is the type I have hoped to breed and we are excited to have her as a consignment to the Sale of Stars.


The Bullvine Bottom Line

Success in the dairy business is achieved in many different ways but, most often, it starts with a good family.  As Suntor Holsteins expands their dairy herd and, more importantly, their extended family we offer congratulations on their achievements and wish them “All the best as you keep on growing!”

Golden Dam 2012 Finalists

Choosing the greatest dam in the world can be very challenging.  Choosing from over 100 nominations that our readers put forward can be almost impossible.  Nevertheless the Bullvine staff is up to the challenge and here are the finalists.

We need your help to assist our official judges, Roger Turner, Brian Leslie, Larry Schirm, and Allessandro Ravanelli.  Your vote counts.  You can win great prizes.  So get out and vote.  (For full contest details visit Golden Dam 2012)

So here, in alphabetical order, are the ten finalists:




When it comes to consistently putting out top genomic animals that have DGV’s that are higher than their parent averages, you cannot beat AMMON-PEACHEY SHAUNA.  The added bonus is not only do Shauna’s progeny top the GPA TPI lists but they also do well on the Canadian lists with 13 of her progeny over +3000 GPA LPI.  Shauna seems to be a cow that can do it all.  Her Robust son, Supersire is the #1 Net Merit sire and the #2 GPA TPI sire.  Again Shauna is a cow that flushes well and she has a great photo to market from!





In 2009 Elsa impressed breeders with her many daughters with remarkable production, type scores, breeding values, genomics and show results.  In 2010 her breeding achievements were equally as strong helping her earn the 2010 Global Cow of the Year Award.  Daughter success includes FG ESLA 12 VG-88 as a 2 yr. old and who is also dam of Broeks Bolton Else VG-86.  Of course you cannot forget her extremely popular son Flevo Genetics Snowman.





Being the dam of five class extra sons is no small accomplishment.  Nevertheless it is not a surprise for GILLETTE BLITZ 2ND WIND who is from the Braedale Gyspy Grand family that seems to do it with ease.  2nd Wind is also able to achieve it on the female side with 10 daughters over +2000 GLPI in her native Canada.  This six times number one LPI cow has been able to pass the torch to her daughter Gillette Bolton 2nd Sleep and her granddaughter Gillette S Planet 2nd Snooze.





Perk Rae is an 8th generation EX, and she is a Red Roxy.  On top of that she is polled.  What more could you ask for? She has a Durham daughter scored EX-92, as well as 8 VG daughters.  Perk Rae has been a popular contract cow with sons in AI and embryos exported around the world.  Perk Rae has seven EX sisters and her dam is an EX Rubens sister to Scientific Debutant Rae.  She is also the winner of the 2012 Red Impact Award from Holstein International.





The “million dollar cow” Lila Z has now produced 11 VG first lactation daughters. She was All-Canadian Jr Yearling, Jr. 2 YR, and HM Int. Champion at the 2004 Royal.  As well she was Int. Champion at Quebec Spring show in 2005. She was Reserve Grand three times:  at the Atlantic Spring Show in 2007, Ontario Summer Show 2007, and Autumn Opportunity Show in 2008.  Lila Z daughters include Goldwyn Lilac VG-89, Comestar Goldwyn Lala VG-87, the dams of Genervations Lexor and Gen-I-Beq Lavaman, former #1 and #2 genomic sires in Canada.





Daisy does it all.  She has high production, fitness, longevity and outstanding type.  This Excellent Durham granddaughter of Markwell Bstar Raven EX-95, who as a young cow made many waves at Madison, also transmits it all.  Numerous daughters, granddaughters and their sons distinguish themselves in the genomic rankings.  As a bull dam in 2010, Daisy had some fabulous results with the high-ranking O-Man sons Dakota (the Netherlands), Duke (Germany), and Osaka (Spain).  In 2012, Daisy’s first progeny sampled grandson, Danillo, provided an impressive sequel with top position in the Netherlands.





Atlee’s sons, with their super-high genomic numbers for type, the bulls Atwood (by Goldwyn), AltaAmazing (by Goldwyn), and Aftershock (by Shottle) are now as well known in the Holstein industry as any daughter-proven sires.  Atlee also has extreme conformation herself, winning reserve Int. champion at Madison in 2005.  She comes by it naturally with her grand dam being MS Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94 (the full sister to World Champion Shoremar S Alicia EX-97).  Atlee’s daughters include Madison Junior Champion MS Atlees Roy Autumn VG-89, MS Atlees Gold Abigal VG-89, MS Atlees Goldwyn Ariel VG-89, who sold for $1.5 million, and the outstanding MS Atlees Shottle Aubry.





In addition to 7 EX daughters, Fudge is dam of the proven O-Man sons Cricket (Netherlands) and Focus (US), as well as the Goldwyn son Confirm (US).  Her grandsons include Gold Crown and Goldwyn Coach (from her O-Man daughter Christmas Cookie), Shottle Chariot (out of her EX Finely), and Twin-B Cassino, (a high genomic Ramos out of her Shottle daughter). Her show winning September daughter Crystal EX-93 had a full sister that is the dam of the Bolton mother of Sandy-Valley Colt P-Red.





REGANCREST PR BARBIE is the sixth generation of the Regancrest breeding program combining both the Dellias and the Brinas.  Eleven of her daughters are ranked in the top 25 of the American type index list.  Barbie’s offspring consistently generate top prices at international sales. In 2009, granddaughter and fellow finalist, Regancrest S Chassity EX 92, sold in a package with her offspring for $1.5 million. Barbie is the dam of 14 EX & 16 VG daughters and one of the breed’s leading type sires – Braxton EX-95.





Chassity was the world’s top selling cow of 2009, selling along with offspring for $1.5 million. In 2010, Chassity’s daughter Goldwyn Cash was the world’s top-selling individual, being purchased for $205,000.  The full brother to Cash, Mr. Chassity Gold Chip, has been the #2 GTPI sire in the US.  Sky-high genomic numbers on Chassity’s progeny, especially for type, help keep this granddaughter of Regancrest PR Barbie constantly in the news and helped her tie for the 2011 Global Cow of the Year.


The Bullvine Bottom Line

This year’s finalists represent a great cross section of the Holstein breed.  We have some of the greatest cow families in the history of the breed as well as some of the ones that are still starting to make their mark.  Which cow do you think has had the greatest impact?  Let us know. Your vote counts.

The Sensational 6 Top North American Genomic Holsteins We Would Invest In

Having trouble figuring out who genomic cattle are worth investing in?  Not sure what cows are the real deal and which ones are smoke and mirrors?  The Bullvine decided to imagine we had $1,000,000 to invest in genomic cattle.  With that incentive, what cows would we invest in?  The following is the top six North American high genomic cattle we would choose.

To ensure that we would be making a wise investment, we looked at the following three key factors: genetic merit, marketability, and flush history.  We took the top GLPI cows as well as the top GTPI cows and considered their Direct Genomic Values (DGV’s), Their 4 generation sire stack, and their family’s ability to outperform their predicted transmitting ability generation after generation.  Once we had our short list of cattle that we knew could be the sound genetic base, we then said, which of these cattle are the most marketable?  Do they have a great photo to market from?  Never underestimate the value of a great photo (read Patty Jones: Picture Perfect!)  Is the family consistently selling animals for high dollars at the top sales?  (Check here for the latest sale results)  And lastly, through personal experience, we know that the greatest animal in the world means nothing, if she cannot flush well (read What Comes First The Chicken Or The Egg).

The following is our million dollar-shopping list.




There is nothing more marketable than being #1.  Combine that with the marketability of one of the top sires in the world on the top side and Lila Z on the bottom side and you have OCONNORS PLANET LUCIA.  Proof that this family is hot is the recent sale of Mapel Wood Sudan Licorice at the International Intrigue sale for $200,000 (read more International Intrigue – The Secret Exposed ) What is also evident, and very key, is that this family can flush.  Looking at Lucia’s progeny shows multiple daughters by each cross. This is a strong indicator that Lucia is a profit machine.




While being #1 in Canada is nice, being #1 in the USA is even better.  That honor goes to LADYS-MANOR PL SHAKIRA.  We are still waiting to see that great 2yr old photo that will put her marketability over the top.  Of course, being the full sister to Shamrock, former #1 genomic sire of the breed, does not hurt.  Purchased for $50,000 by De-Su Holsteins at the 2010 National Convention Sale, Shakira is already paying dividends with 10 daughters on the top genomic lists.




If you can’t be #1 then at least be the top sire producing family in the world.  That honour goes to the Braedale Gypsy Grand family and is represented by GILLETTE S PLANET 2ND SNOOZE on our list.  Planet 2nd Snooze completes 5 generations of proven bull mothers.  With sires such as Windrook, Windhammer, Stanleycup, Goodluck, Final Cut, Freelance and of course Goldwyn coming from this maternal line, their ability to produce top sires is almost unprecedented.  Unlike the challenge with some members of the Gypsy Grand family, Planet 2nd Snooze appears to be a pretty good flusher with 3+ progeny being registered from each cross.




When it comes to consistently putting out top genomic animals that have DGV’s that are higher than their parent averages, you cannot beat AMMON-PEACHEY SHAUNA.  The added bonus is not only do Shauna’s progeny top the GPA TPI lists but they also do well on the Canadian lists with 13 of her progeny over +3000 GPA LPI.  Shauna really seems to be a cow that can do it all. Her Robust son, Supersire is the #1 Net Merit sire and the #2 GPA TPI sire.  Again Shauna is a cow that flushes well and, man, does she have a great photo to market from!




How many top 100 GLPI cows can say they come from 4 generations of EX dams?  MS Planet Cheri can.  Combining a strong type sire stack (Planet, Goldwyn, Durham, Charles, Chief Mark) with consistent production has led to Cheri being the #2 DGV LPI cow in Canada who is scored VG or higher.  Purchased by Zimmer and Wendon in the Magic of Maui Complete Dispersal for $78,000, Cheri is still needing to prove that she’s a significant flusher, but with a pick already selling for $23,000 at the International Intrigue sale, she is well on her way to paying the bills.




When it comes to marketability, you cannot beat MS CHASSITY GOLDWYN CASH.  The full sister to one of the most popular genomics sires in the world, MR Chassity Gold Chip at Select Sires, she is also the dam of the popular FARNEAR-TBR-BH CASHMONEY at Jetstream genetics.  Goldwyn Cash is in high demand, not to mention the popularity that is coming from her brother MR CHASSITY COLT 45 RC the #1 RC Polled Bull in the world.  This family just drips marketability.  Goldwyn Cash’s dam REGANCREST S CHASSITY, completes 7 generations of EX with Goldwyn Cash well on her way to being the 8th.  It’s a marketer’s dream, combining high genomics with the Regancrest name. What more could you ask for?

The Bullvine Bottom Line

In order to maximize your return on investment, you really do need to buy into cows that are the triple threat.  They need to be on the top of the genomic lists with a great pedigree, but they also need to have a great photo and ability to flush.  Sacrifice any of these factors and you are limiting your million dollar potential.

What is your top list?  Please share in comments box below.



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World Records Are Not Only Set at the Olympics

She won’t bring home a gold medal from the 2012 Olympics but Gillette Emperor Smurf EX-91 like her human counterparts proudly represents the best in a record setting achievement.  She too has been globally recognized for surpassing all her peers.

She Stands Apart

Even though everyone at Ferme Gillette would gladly spoil this star who is recognized  by the dairy industry and The Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific milk producer in the history of dairy cows Eric Patanaude describes how she quietly sets herself apart in attitude as well. “Smurf is a trouble free cow who looks after herself. She has character.” The Patenaude’s really enjoy spending special time with their animals says Eric and learn their individual traits.  “Most of our show cows love to get petted.” He goes on to describe another unique characteristic of Smurf, “Even though she’s very approachable, she just shakes her head at you if you try to pet her.”

Training Program: Eat First. Milk Hard. Eat Again. Rest.

Nothing extraordinary is ever achieved accidentally or by doing what everyone else does.  This holds true with exceptional dairy cows as well. “Smurf loves to eat.” Big output requires big input and her energy consumption is one of the keys to her incredible story. “She’s always the first one at the manger during chores just waiting for us to give her TMR.” Another key is her ability to calmly manage the day-to-day schedule.  “When milking time comes she knows the routine. She gets up in her box stall and walks right over to where she has to get milked. We don’t even need to tie her up. She just stays there until she’s finished eats a bit more and then goes to lay down.”

Breaking Records.  Pushing New Limits.

The Motto of the Olympic Games is “citius, altius, fortius”, which translates to “faster, higher, stronger”.  We thrill to the stories behind Olympic athletes who strive to fulfill this dream, especially those who achieve success in more than one area, over more events than any others and throughout longer careers.  We all have our favourites. Clara Hughes is mine!  For Eric Patenaude, of course, it’s Smurf. “She’s unbelievable! At almost 16 years old and now fresh 2 and a half months she is milking more than ever!” Could he be biased and looking through rose coloured glasses? Not at all. “To be more precise she’s producing 70 kgs a day! She just keeps adding to her record” and becoming a legend.

Smurf’s Performance Advantage

If there’s anything that informed observers understand it is the basic truth that the greatest performers don’t achieve the pinnacle of success without the right support around them.  “Of course at this point, just like an Olympic athlete, she has everything she needs to perform.”  Years of working with dairy cattle at three generations of Ferme Gillette have produced many insights into the best treatment. “Smurf has a private box stall, her own fan, ample straw and TMR and just recently we’ve added peat moss to the bottom part of the box stall where she walks. This makes it a little softer and comfortable for her to walk on.” That’s the physical side but there is a human factor too. “It is not possible without the efforts of our 24 hour knowledgeable staff. “says Eric and then specifically adds more names that have had an impact on Smurf’s specific achievements “I would like to give a special thanks to Amanda Cowan, Christina Crowley and Crystal McKay for their support and advice.”

Gillette Emperor Smurf EX-91

Gillette Emperor Smurf EX-91

A Legacy of Champions

As so often happens when athletes, dairy farmers or cows excel in ways that seem almost impossible it often comes back to an entire family that have special attributes.  Eric feels that “Smurf’s longevity makes her special” and then goes on to give what he thinks are the reasons this has been possible. “She is a 6th generation VG or EX. Her dam, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dam all lived to be at least 10 years old. Her only daughter at the farm an EX Champion, Gillette Champion Sally, is now fresh at 9 years old and she looks like she will reach the 10 yr milestone as well. Sally has been in a freestall pretty much her whole life.” Exceptional history. Exceptional care.  Exceptional results for Ferme Gillette. “Smurf traces back to Maeford Starbuck Chrissy EX 17*, who has played a big part in us getting our Master Breeder Shield back in 2005.” And nothing stops at the podium. “Since getting this recognition, we have brought Sally over to our tie stall barn where we do our flushes and she has been in demand constantly.” But decisions are made on an individual basis, “Smurf is not a cow that we intend to flush at this point.”

Attention from Both Sides Now

The story of Smurf has reach out to people outside the dairy industry. Media attention has been both positive and negative.  Eric is philosophical. “That’s ok. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.” Statistics show that a very small percentage of the population works to provide food and that means there can be a disconnect between producers and consumers. “I don’t expect everyone to understand or like what we do. I mean how can you? Some of these people who criticize may have never stepped out of their downtown apartment or office to visit a farm or take the scenic route outside the city.” Farming can fall into a storybook world populated by villains. Eric admits, “To certain people we are obviously the bad guys and the only ones that don’t see it is us!” He doesn’t expect to change the world but he knows the facts. “I can probably name you at least 20 farms right off the top of my head, including ours, where the cows are better treated than some humans!”

Shared Enthusiasm Builds Success

The story of Gillette Emperor Smurf EX-91 is far from reaching the final chapter.  Eric enthuses, “I am happy about all the positive feedback that we have received from our community and surrounding region.” Like Smurf’s achievements, it continues to grow. Eric acknowledges that the support is amazing “Including some from Ottawa, our nation’s capital.” Canadians supporting Canadians.  “People in our amazing dairy industry truly understand what we do and how hard we work for our cows.”

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Even though she won’t bring home a gold medal from the Summer Olympics, Smurf has definitely earned her special place in the sun.  Loved and admired, she is simply, “The World’s Best!” Incredible!

You Can Bank On Amaze To Pump Up The Volume

She`s Set to AMAZE in 400 Ways. Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze VG 87 2YR, with BCA’s of 236-253-240, leads the field by a huge margin when it comes to producing embryos. On June 23rd, 2012 she produced her 400th embryo! These numbers are even more amazing when you consider she did it in a mere three years!

This Embryo Machine is a Bank Machine

There are a number of ways to make or save money by raising high quality Holsteins. It could be production of fat and protein. It could be milk with low somatic cells scores. It could be progeny that sell well in sales. Each of these is effective but Amaze shows the way to do it by producing embryos that convert to cash.

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy - Grand Champion WDE and Royal '11

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy – Grand Champion WDE and Royal ’11

Amaze is Surrounded by Success

Amaze is not only a prolific producer of embryos, she comes with a great pedigree and that makes the embryos very marketable. Her full sister is none other than Lewisdale Eastside Gold Missy, the Madison and Royal Supreme Champion and title holder All American and All Canadian. Her dam is Stadacona Outside Abel 26 Stars and nominated for Canadian Holstein Cow of the Year.

Amaze is Reaching for the Top

Amaze`s genetic indexes place her in the top 20% of the breed for production, top 2% for SCC and top 1% for conformation. Her Direct Genomic Values reflect her own performance with high values for conformation, feet and legs, SCC and Herd Life.

Around the World with AMAZE

Amaze embryos have been used extensively in North America and in more than 10 countries around the world including: Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and UK.

Great Cows. Great Breeders. Great Future.

Great cows are bred by great cattle breeders. In Amaze`s case, she was bred by two PEI Holstein breeders, Lewisdale and Eastside. At less than four months of age she was sold to Abelaine and Sudview for whom she had a Baxter daughter that is now VG 88. Her original breeders bought her back during her first lactation. And thus began the record-breaking flushing program. The 400 embryos are from 24 flushes by 17 different sires, all of whom are high genomic bulls or bulls with high genetic conformation indexes.

Don`t Miss the AMAZE Take Home Message

Of course elite Holstein dairy cattle can enhance your farm profit margins. Using all the available tools and technology, these rewards can come by extra milk in the pail, trouble –free cows that require less labour or genetic sales around the world.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Success in the Holstein business comes in many different ways but Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze gives a whole new meaning to the term cash cow. There`s no business like embryo business! You can bank on it!



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Great Show Cows: Can they pass it on?

We see these huge sales prices for great show cows all the time. We recently saw RAINYRIDGE TALENT BARBARA EX-95 sell for $230,000 or Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95-CAN selling in 2009 for $1.2 million . They only way to support sales prices like that are to breed great cattle from these cattle.  With that, we decided to take a closer look at how some of the great show cows from the past have done.

In our article Show Cows: All Type and NO Action?, we look at the pedigree of the current crop of show cattle.  In this article we are going to look at how some of the great show cows of the past 20 years have done on the breeding side of the equation.

Success Stories




41 Classified Daughters 21 (52%) are Excellent 19 (46%) are Very Good 8 Excellent Sons

Notable progeny:





Notable progeny:

  • STANHOPE SOVEREIGN                 EX-96-CAN    ST’07
    Gibson son at Foundation Sires
    1496 DAUS 82% GP+ 57 EX
  • WEDGWOOD LARAMIE                 EX-96-CAN    ST’08
    Lee son at Foundation Sires
    1017 DAUS 75% GP+ 10 EX



14 DAUS 100% GP+ 4 EX

Notable progeny:




26 DAUS 100% GP+  11 EX

Notable progeny:





Notable progeny:

The Bullvine Bottom Line

These five cattle are excellent examples of great show cattle that were able to pass it on.  In contrast, however, there is the great ACME STAR LILY EX-94-4YR-USA 8*, who despite being a 3 time grand champion at the Royal and probably one of the greatest show cows of all time, has been unable to pass that legacy on.  Others who have had this challenge include LAUDUC BROKER MANDY EX-96-4E-USA      5*, who despite have a great daughter- LAUDUC ASTRE MANILLE EX-CAN 6* (ALL-CANADIAN SR.2-YR 1997) – was also unable to pass it on through her sons.  This just goes to show that just because a cow may be the greatest show cow walking the planet at that moment, it does not guarantee that she will be able to pass it on.



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It’s in her genes…..

There is no question that strong maternal bloodlines are the foundation of any good breeding program. But what top female possesses the best bloodlines and what bloodlines are the ones to watch in the future? In order to determine this, we looked at the top GPTI, GLPI, Polled, and Red cows and heifers. The following is our analysis.

Top GTPI Cows

Leading the way is LADYS-MANOR PL SHAKIRA VG-85 2YR-USA is also a full sister to the #1 Genomic Sire in the breed, Ladys-Manor Shamrock. She and her full sister LADYS-MANOR PL SHANDRA-ET VG-85-2YR-USA, who is #4 on the list, are from the seventh generation bull mother, Ladys-Manor Ruby D Shawn. The most impressive sire stack on the list (#6) goes to SULLY PLANET MONTANA-ET whose sire stack of Planet x Shottle x Justice x BW Marshall leads the way. Montana is also the most genomically gifted on the list, just slightly edging out the extremely popular genomic bull mother Shakira and AMMON-PEACHEY SHAUNA-ET.

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Top Genomic LPI (GLPI) Cows

Planet daughters dominate the list occupying the top 17 spots and 23 of the top 25. Topping the list is COMESTAR LAUTAMIRE PLANET who is from the Laurie Sheik family. She combines a solid sire stack and genomic values with a maternal power that is the Laurie Sheik’s trademark. The most impressive sire stack on the list goes to the SULLY SHOTTLE MAY daughter SULLY PLANET 935-ET VG-86-2YR-CAN who combines Planet x Shottle x Oman x BW Marshall. When it comes to genomically gifted, none can top ALEXERIN OMAN 993. This Justice daughter has DGV LPI of +3395, which is almost 2000 LPI points higher than her parent average.

[csv2table source=”” icons=”true”]


Top GTPI *RC and R&W Females USA

Setting the pace is KHW SHAMROCK ARALYN. This Shamrock daughter is from the popular RC bull dam KHW Goldwyn Aiko VG-89-USA and is among 6 Shamrock daughters to top the list. In fact, the top three spots are all trace back to Kamps-Hollow Altitude-ET EX-95-USA 2E DOM, who has had every bull she put into stud return to active service and is also the dam of the 2010 World Red Holstein Champion, KHW Regiment Apple-Red. This family has dominated the Red and White scene, demonstrating that they can get it done in the show ring as well as with genomics. The genomic leader of the list is CURR-VALE OBSERVER DELTA-ET. This Observer daughter traces back to Pineyvale Outside Apple another cow family that has it all, type, numbers and red factor. The strongest sire stack on the list belongs to MD-HARMONY SMRK CHRIS V1-E, Shamrock X Gold Chris X Shottle.
[csv2table source=”” icons=”true”]


Top GTPI Polled Females USA

There seems to be nothing more popular these days than polled genetics (read They’re Sold On Polled) and, with that, the demand for genetics from chart topper VER-HAGES TNT SABLE-P-ET could not be higher. This daughter from the Glen-Drummond Splendor family possesses an impressive sire stack – Shamrock x Lawn Boy x Lou – with strong genomic values. The only member of the list to surpass Sable-P for genomics is HICKORYMEA MANOMAN OPINE-P who also poses the most impressive sire stack on the: list Man-O-Man x Shottle x Bosco.
[csv2table source=”” icons=”true”]


Top Genomic Females in the U.S.

Shamrock daughters dominate the list with 18 daughters of the top 25 being sired by this outstanding son of Ladys-Manor Ruby D Shawn. Leading the way is a pair of Shamrock full sisters from the Genomic powerhouse herd De-Su. In the number one spot is DE-SU 1438-ET followed by DE-SU 1439-ET at #2 and not to be forgotten is DE-SU 1451-ET who is #6 on the list all from the popular genomic family Clear-Echo Hershl D Rac-822. In fact it’s 1451 that possesses the highest genomic values in the family. This family has proven to be genomic giants and, with these members topping the list, demand just continues to grow. Of interesting note is the 4 animals on the list owned by Select Sires (S-S-I SHAMROCK MENNA7392-ET, S-S-I SHAMROCK MAGIC7368-ET, S-S-I MOGUL MAYHEM 7963-ET, S-S-I SNOW MALENA 7514-ET) demonstrating this AI center’s strong desire to produce their own genetics (for more read Should A.I. Companies Own Females).
[csv2table source=”” icons=”true”]


Top GLPI Heifers

Similar to the US list, the CDN list is also topped by a pair of full sisters, Velthuis SG Snow Event and Velthuis S G Snow Evening. These Snowman daughters are from the Whittier-Farms Lead Mae family who has 6 daughters in the top 25. Event and Evening are from the extremely popular bull mother Calbrett Planet Eve VG-CAN-2YR. In fact, it’s interesting to note that 16 of the top 25 females come from three main families, (Lead Mae, Lila Z and Gypsy Grand). The Event and Evening sire stack of SNOWMAN X PLANET X SHOTTLE is also the highest on the list. With a DGV LPI of 4406, the split embryo sisters Event and Evening are also the highest genomic females on the list.
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The Bullvine Bottom Line

No matter how you look at it, when marketing top females, it comes down to their genes. Whether you are looking at LPI or TPI, genomics has put the spotlight on the females that truly have the best genes.

For more information check out The Bullvine Bull Book or our Genetic Evaluation Resource Center.

Shooting For Planet Buffy

Dany-Pierre Rondeau bought FARNEAR BROCADE P BUFFY at the Regancrest sale in May 2010. He explains how it came about, “Before the sale, we went to Farnear farms and had the chance to see Brocade herself.” This visit turned out to be a determining factor. “We were extremely pleased with her and she had many good looking daughters on the ground.”  Rondeau gives several good reasons for why they were interested in Brocade. “We really liked the fact that she combines extreme type, high index and an irresistible sire stack. The popular bull Braxton is confirming that type is being transmitted into this family. By adding Planet to Goldwyn and Durham, we thought that was the perfect mating to increase production and healthtraits. The Barbies are a hot commodity and we are thrilled to work with arguably the hottest branch of the family.”

Set To Shine



With such a good start, you might expect that Buffy’s owners would rush her to market but that isn’t what has happened. “So far, we haven’t over-advertised Planet Buffy. We did sell some of her embryos as a heifer but we liked her potential so much that we wanted to have calves on the ground as fast as we possibly could.  Currently, she is 2/2 with her daughter being #1 GPA LPI Windbrook and her Hill son going to Semex!   Now being 87 points as 2 yr old only 64 days fresh, she is confirming her elite status and we look forward to working intensively with Planet Buffy.”

Pretty, Polished and Persistent

As she matures, Dany is quite pleased. “Planet Buffy is a youthful cow with a tremendous mammary system. She has a lot of Brocade in her, which is a good thing. She is the kind of cow that will always look good even late in the lactation. Mostly black, she has style, length and great feet and legs. Her udder is the best part about her: perfect texture with exceptional height and width and a strong median suspensory that translates into an ideal teat placement.  With her strong appetite, we are confident that she will have a great persistency throughout her lactation.”



To Infinity and Beyond

Buffy is set to get lots of attention.  Dany reports, “Recently, Oakfield Corners in NY sold an AltaIota heifer for 140 000$ from Buffy’s full sister. Since then, the demand has been increasing. Buffy will have her own indexes in April and more people will be aware of her unlimited potential.”  In the meantime he outlines her progress. “We have used Windbrook and Hill on her. So far, the best cross has been Windbrook. Her daughter Cleroli MP Windbrook Bluffy is #1 GPA LPI Windbrook at +3155 DGV +3489 and she is also tied at #1 GTPI at +2257! Using Windbrook on Buffy was a “perfect match”, Planet has tremendous health traits and Windbrook would protect the feet and legs and adds strength. We have flushed her twice as a heifer and will start a flushing program shortly into her lactation.”

The Mating Plan?  Aim Sky High!

We will decide which sires we will use after reviewing April’s proofs. We will keep an eye on milk because this is only thing we need to protect on the Barbies.  Secondly, we will use bulls with great sire stacks that will help us to create the next generation of outstanding individuals with sky high indexes. Bullvine followers can provide us mating suggestions!

We will try to develop the next generation of outstanding individuals with sky high indexes.

IVF, GENOMICS — focus on the best branch available

“With technologies like IVF and genomics, it is crucial to have the best family branch available. Also, we put a huge emphasis on sire stacks and proven cow families. Furthermore, we still think conformation matters and having high scoring 2 yrs old like Planet Buffy VG 87 and Baxter Caramel VG 89 2yrs old will always remain attractive. Those 2 elite young cows will stay appealing for a longer timeframe because they proved to be outstanding individuals.


“The market always wants to go faster and reduce the generation interval but at the end of the day, we are all in this business to work with cows like Planet Buffy!”  Out of this world.



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Lindenright Morty Delicio: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

Naming offspring of great cow families is partly marketing, partly alphabetical and often quite fun. When Lindenright Holsteins of Antigonish, Nova Scotia was faced with naming a heifer from the influential Daurel family, they foresaw great things ahead and chose the uniquely descriptive name “Delicio”.

Delicio and Goldwyn Are the Lindenright Recipe for Success

Lindenright Morty Delicio EX-93-2E-CAN 8* never disappointed owner Jason Van der Linden when it came to successful breeding. “Like most cows of this decade, Goldwyn daughters have been the best from Delicio.  They are her highest scoring daughters and also her highest ranking daughters on the GLPI list.” He adds, “We also really like the Toystorys.  They are her best producing daughters.”



Stirring Things Up with Delicio

It is always a good idea to push the envelope and Lindenright Holsteins are up for that too. “We use a wide range of bulls on the Delicio family.  We are trying to develop branches with different and/or unique sire stacks.  We typically use more genomic bulls then proven bulls and try to do only one or two flushes with any one genomic bull.”

Delicio Brings Genomic Ranking to the Table

Lindenright watches the changing cattle industry.  Jason notes. “With the introduction of genomics it seems the higher the GLPI, the higher the demand for sons/ eggs.” Says Jason. He points out. “Goldwyn’s have been very popular along with Lindenright Toystory Destiny VG-97-4YR-CAN.  This past year granddaughters like Lindenright Baxter Delish VG-86-2yr-CAN, Lindenright Planet Discovery VG-86-2yr-CAN, Lindenright Manifold Delighted, and Lindenright Super Dedicated have been creating interest.”  The process is ongoing. “Beacon Discover, a daughter of Planet Discovery is our next Delicio to work with.” Jason’s confidence is born out by the statistics. Delicio and her descendants have risen high on the genomic charts.  With twelve daughters in the top 1000 on the GLPI list, Delicio is tied for second for most daughters. Delicio herself is the highest ranking nine year old with her position at #253.



Delicio is Heating Up on World Markets

Change happens all the time and Van der Linden has welcomed this latest development in Delicio’s career. “Being nominated for 2011 Cow of the Year has brought global and national recognition to Delicio and her descendants.” That’s pretty great on its own Jason admits but he goes on to say, “It has also raised the popularity of the La Presnetation Daurel 55* family.  Canada’s all-time leading star brood cow.” Business thrives on word of mouth and it is working for Lindenright Holsteins. “Initially we sold some Goldwyn embryos to Quebec and marketed some bulls to Semex.  In the past year we have sold some family members in the Maritimes and are beginning to market eggs internationally.  In the beginning of developing the family we held on to members of the family to create branches at home.  Now that the family is gaining popularity and size we are selling members and eggs.”



Delicio’s Got Milk

Attention for your great cow families is highly sought after by dairy breeders.  However the bottom line always comes back to producing milk.  Jason is more than pleased with Delicio in this area. “Delicio produces incredible volumes of milk.  She does it consistently and easily in our free-stall set up.  She is a dream to work with herself and she is transmitting her abilities to her offspring.”

Delicio Daughters are Chart Toppers



Delicio Delivers the Complete Package

Jason points with pride to her achievements. “Delicio has excelled at everything measurable.  She has calved 4 times and is scored Ex-93-2E. In 2010 She was the honor role leader for six year old cows in Canada, for total performance.  She is top cow in Canada for most daughters in the top 1000 on the GPLI list.” For him the proof is in her perfection “We think that Delicio is one of the most complete cows ever to be nominated for Canadian Cow of the Year.”

Make Your Vote Count

Over the next few days we will be profiling the nominees and encourage you to get your vote in before Fridays deadline.  There are 4 ways of voting— Voting options include mail in ballot; faxing your ballot; emailing your vote to; or voting online through your Holstein Canada account.  Check out the other nominees; Stadacona Outside Abel, Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind and Smithden Allen Alison.

Stadacona Outside Abel: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year NomineeGillette Blitz 2nd Wind: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year NomineeSmithden Allen Alison: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

Smithden Allen Alison: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

There was a time when certain dynasties were described as empires on which the sun never sets. It works for special cow family’s too especially if they are led by Smithden Allen Alison VG-88-5YR-CAN 17*. The matriarch of this dynasty is still active in the Smithden herd, owned by Jim, Pat, Jeff and Sarah Smith of Woodstock, Ontario and continues to extend her global reach. “Generation after generation of this family produces extremely well.” says Jim Smith naming just a few of the countries that they have sold Alison’s genetics too. “Breeders from Italy, Argentina, Spain, Estonia, France and Germany have all been satisfied customers.”  Smith takes pride in the excellent product that has made Alison so sought after. “Everyone has benefited because of this family’s ability to transmit quality udders and correct structure in their feet & legs.”

Alison’s Daughters are Also Rising Stars



Popular daughters include Smithden Goldwyn Alexandra (VG-89-5yr-2*), a Goldwyn full sister to Admiral and Aaron. Alexandra is the dam of Smithden Bolton Alexandria (VG-86-2yr) —the #3 GLPI cow in April 2011. Alison also has milking daughters by Titanic, Modest, Pagewire, Shottle, Goldwyn and Salto including a VG-88 Shottle in Germany. Alison’s daughter Dairyno Royal Goldwyn Pinta (VG-89-3yr-ITA) has become a prominent bull mother in Italy!



Alison Shines as a Star Brood Cow

It is great when you have the right product and she’s a great producer too! Jim looks back at some of Alison’s achievements. “In her first two lactations she averaged 12 embryos per flush.  To date, she is a 7th generation star brood cow all with the Smithden prefix.” The list goes on as her daughters and granddaughters are consistently proving themselves with the attributes of top genomics, type and performance.  “She has 17 brood stars and has proven that she knows how to work.  In three lactations, Alison has produced more than 74,556 kgs of milk with a 4.0% F and 3.6% P. with two Superior lactations.” Alison is obviously built to last and has transmitted these qualities to her offspring.  “Alison has 20 daughters with an ME average over 14,873 kgs of milk.” That’s great. “Fourteen of the twenty daughters, score VG or EX.” That’s awesome Alison all right!

Alison Sons Also Shine

Alison has four sons in AI with a total of six VG at 2 years old. Smithden Admiral (VG-88-5yr EXTRA’11) was the #1 LPI sire in August 2011 and continues to rank high in the LPI chart, along with Smithden Aaron (EX-91 SP’11), who ranked #18 on the December 2011 LPI listing. The Smith family is justifiably proud. “These Goldwyn sons have now become sires of sons — proving what was transmitted from Alison will now be passed on to further descendants of her offspring.”

 Alison Strikes Gold with Goldwyn



The accolades for Alison continue when you consider the bulls she has worked well with. “The best mating on Alison” says Jim “has been undoubtedly Goldwyn. That mating resulted in three 89 point 3 year olds, an 89 point 2 year old in Italy,  three more 2 year olds that have scored 87, 86, 85, and two more 2 year olds that are 84, 83.  Admiral and Aaron are VG and EX Goldwyn sons respectively.” For offspring of Alison the Smith family have several they’re working with. “We are currently using Sudan, Snowman, Mural, Numero Uno, Artes, Windbrook, Stanleycup.” Demand for this family his high. “At Smithden the largest demand is for Alison’s daughter, Smithden Goldwyn Allegra, and her granddaughters, Smithden Shottle Autumn, Blondin Planet Arcadia, and Blondin Planet Alexandria. They are driving the largest demand these days.” Jim highlights a growing list. “Other popular donors are Alison’s daughter Smithden Goldwyn Alexandra at Blondin, granddaughter Smithden Bolton Alexandria at Zimmers and daughter Smithden Goldwyn Ashley at Hanalee.”



Award Winner Alison Also Lights up the Marketplace

The Smith family who earned their second Master Breeder shield in 2010 give a good share of the credit to the success of Alison and her family members. “She has had a tremendous impact on our herd in terms of genetic advancement and the attention that the herd has received both domestically and internationally.” Jim is happy to add, “She is doing it again with her nomination for Cow of the Year!”

Alison Puts the Spotlight on the Canadian Kind

Smithden Holsteins recognize that Alison’s achievements go well beyond Woodstock, Ontario. Jim describes her far-reaching impact. “It still surprises us how many International people come to Smithden to see Alison.  Many times they want to get in the pen with her and have their picture taken with her.  With her width of chest, depth of rib and femininity, she has been referred to as a truly “Canadian Cow”!  She has become an international star and an ambassador for Canada and the Canadian Holstein.”


Make Your Vote Count

Over the next few days we will be profiling the nominees and encourage you to get your vote in before Fridays deadline.  There are 4 ways of voting— Voting options include mail in ballot; faxing your ballot; emailing your vote to; or voting online through your Holstein Canada account.  Check out the other nominees; Stadacona Outside Abel, Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind and Lindenright Morty Delicio.

Stadacona Outside Abel: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year NomineeGillette Blitz 2nd Wind: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year NomineeLindenright Morty Delicio: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

When the competition is fierce, every true competitor hopes to experience the second wind that will propel them to victory. The Patenaude family of Ferme Gillette in Embrun Ontario doesn’t have to wait. They have bred their own Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind VG-88-3YR-CAN 34* and again and again she breezes her way to the top of every competitive list. In a herd that is renowned for exceptional cattle she holds her own and thus has earned her nomination as 2011 Cow of the Year.

2nd Wind is First Class Time and Time Again

Eric Patenaude points with pride to a list of 2nd Wind’s achievements:

  • Five times in five years she made the top 10 of the GLPI/LPI cow list (May 2005 to April 2010).
  • Six times she was the number one LPI cow.
  • Four times, she was the leader for type.
  • Three times, the leader for milk.
  • Five times, she has been the leading dam of top 1000 GLPI daughters. with up to as many as 14 daughters appearing in any one proof round.

Bolton Number One for 2nd Wind

In the cattle business a great cow needs to have great mates and here, as well, Eric feels she is exceptional. “I must admit pretty much every mating has worked well on 2nd Wind but by far the best has been Bolton. Gillette Bolton 2nd Sleep and Gillette Bolton 2nd Motivation two full sisters are both 89 points and Gillette Bolton 2nd Rain (split sister to Sleep) who is now deceased was 87 points but I’m pretty sure she would have moved up to 89 as well with another calf.” His confidence in breeding to 2nd Wind sends him into rapturous descriptions. “These Bolton daughters are just beautiful to look at with big dairy frames and a tremendous will to milk in those incredible udders which have become 2nd Wind’s trademark!.  We love them so much that we have IVF’d her to Bolton again and now have 5 more beautiful heifers to work with.” The 2nd Wind comes through on the bull side as well for the Patenaude’s. “Stanleycup and Windhammer are examples on the bull side of how well Bolton has worked on her. Having said that, FBI has worked well too producing also exceptional son Gillette Windbrook.”



Making the Most of 2nd Wind

It is hard to see any downside to this cow even when Eric explains, “Unfortunately 2nd Wind wasn’t a big embryo producer. That is why she only has about 15 milking daughters. And also a reason why she has so many split offspring. We tried to make the most of her. Once we sent her to Transova she responded pretty well to IVF! We have about 40 heifers from this. With bulls like Garrett, Super, Aftershock, Evolve, Ross, Niagra, Observer, Jordan, Lauthority, Bolton, Iota, Shamrock, Sudan, Triumphant, Levi and Hero.” Talk about getting a second wind!

The Impact of 2nd Wind

The two Bolton sisters are now 5 years old  and are still in continuous demand. They are on a steady flush program with IVF in between. There is an FBI daughter in Japan that is apparently transmitting really well with daughters scoring high and putting bulls into A.I for our great partner in 2nd Wind and 2nd Snooze Toshiaki Yamada of T-wave Holsteins..  Her “Bolton” daughter, Gillette Bolton 2nd Sleep (VG-89), was the number one GLPI cow in April and August 2010 and is currently tied as the top cow for conformation in Canada at +19 and she was Res. Grand in Kemptville this past year.



Split 2nd Wind

Progeny from 2nd Wind keep making exceptional headlines such as this one: “Split Embryo Twins Burst onto the Scene Emerge at #5 LPI!” This refers to identical twins from a split embryo – Gillette Wildthing and Gillette Willrock – who made their Top 10 LPI entrance at position #5. The twins became the first under the new rule to have their progeny pooled to generate an equivalent proof for each bull (2377 LPI).

Extra! Extra! Unprecedented Five Class Extra Sons Plus #1 and #2 LPI Daughters

“Not to take anything away from the other nominees as they are all great cows but with 5 class extra sons that came out this year which has NEVER been done before, 2nd Sleep being #1 in august and 2nd Snooze being #2 right now what 2nd Wind as accomplished this year alone to us is what truly defines a cow of the year.  Her genes will have impact for many years to come and her name will appear in most major pedigrees of the world!

Since we own the cow with Mr. Yamada, much of the embryos she produced that were not implanted at the farm went to Japan.  Some have gone to Europe. But the good news is with the bulls she is putting out now the whole world can benefit from her genes!”

And so 2nd Wind’s record of achievements will continue to be as prolific as she is. Eric notes “At 9 years of age and still alive she has already matched Gypsy Grand at 37*. With 40 more daughters on the ground that haven’t calved yet and 2 more bulls awaiting proof who knows how many stars she will get?  It would surely be nice to surpass the 50* mark.”  2nd Wind Second to None!


Make Your Vote Count

Over the next few days we will be profiling the nominees and encourage you to get your vote in before Fridays deadline.  There are 4 ways of voting— Voting options include mail in ballot; faxing your ballot; emailing your vote to; or voting online through your Holstein Canada account.  Check out the other nominees; Stadacona Outside Abel, Smithden Allen Alison and Lindenright Morty Delicio.

Stadacona Outside Abel: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year NomineeSmithden Allen Alison: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year NomineeLindenright Morty Delicio: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

Stadacona Outside Abel: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

Modest beginnings to Happily Ever After!

Once upon a time, Stadacona Outside Abel  VG-88-4YR-CAN 26* was purchased for $5200 by Bloyce Thompson of Eastside Holsteins and Jamie Lewis of Lewisdale Holsteins. In 2002, they were mainly considering her for the show ring says Bloyce. “Abel was bred by Stadacona Holsteins of Quebec and had had some early show success.  We were looking to build on that at the fall shows.” Until then this big, strong calf’s future value had been discounted because she had two GP cows behind her VG dam. However, soon enough, they could see that Abel had potential. “She calved out with an Integrity heifer that was a successful show calf and then a Champion heifer that was nominated All-Canadian.” Her brood cow career which didn’t begin until she was three years old was largely an “after-thought” says Thompson. Today, he would probably call it a happily-ever-after-thought.

Abel Goes From “Nearly Missed” to “Never Misses!”



Looking back, it is hard to imagine Abel as anything but the belle-of-the-ball. With 26 VG 2-year-old daughters, she is leading a super-princess lineup that includes 11 VG 88 daughters, 2 VG 89 daughters and an amazing 3 EX daughters. Her proud owners foresee that “Abel could challenge for the title of the most EX daughters in Canada.”  Having said that, there is no need to wait to start recording Abel’s outstanding lineage.  Her daughter, Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95-CAN, hasn’t missed a step in her year-after-year march to the podium.

  • 2008    Missy undefeated on the show circuit
  • 2009    Missy first junior 3 at Madison and Reserve Intermediate Champion
  • 2009    Missy sold for 1.2 million in November
  • 2010    Missy produces 30 daughters and 24 sons from IVF flush program
  • 2011    Missy Grand Champion in Madison
  • 2011    Missy Grand Champion at Royal Winter Fair


Abel has the Formula for Mating Magic

There are many reasons that Thompson and Lewis love the success they have had with Abel.  High on the list they point to her breeding ability. “She just one of those cows that has been able to mate to any bull and throws a good one.” The numbers certainly support this claim. Abel has sixteen high scoring daughters scoring from VG-88 to EX-95.  Four Champions; Three Goldwyns, Three Dundees; Two Damions; Two Astronomicals; one Integrity and one Magical.  Currently they have a sire plan they are using on the Abel family. “Stanley Cup on the Goldwyns.  Numero Uno to add some index.  And we’re adding Goldwyn on the members that don’t have Goldwyn in it.”



Abel is always in Demand.  Perfectly Amazing Internationally Too!

Abel’s success story has been shared with many very happy cattle breeders.  “As embryo producers, the family has been phenomenal.  Abel produced over 150 embryos while she was alive.  Since the border was closed we sold most of them throughout Canada. There is huge demand these days for Missy’s full sisters Eastside Lewisdale G Perfect, and another full sister Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze.” Amazing is right! Bloyce continues “Amaze embryos have been sold to more than 20 countries around the world. We have had over 350 embryos from her and just had 23 in a flush last week. She came along when Missy started gaining notoriety and has ridden that wave.” Of course he adds, “Perfect took up where Amaze left off.”






A Crowning Achievement for Abel

Looking back at Abel, who passed last year, Bloyce says “She is every dairyman’s dream cow. She could have been in anyone’s barn and she would still have achieved what she has accomplished.  She has so many offspring all across Canada in many, many different herds.  Her legacy was totally out of our hands and yet the success achieved in all those herds, attests to Abel’s breeding ability.” With so many successes already in the record books, Bloyce and Jamie agree, “It’s an honour to have Abel nominated for Cow of the Year. This will be the last jewel in her crown. We are very proud of her.  She has a lot of friends out there so we are hoping for the best.” It would be a classic fairy tale ending.


Make Your Vote Count

Over the next few days we will be profiling the nominees and encourage you to get your vote in before Fridays deadline.  There are 4 ways of voting— Voting options include mail in ballot; faxing your ballot; emailing your vote to; or voting online through your Holstein Canada account. Check out the other nominees; Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind, Smithden Allen Alison and Lindenright Morty Delicio.

Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year NomineeSmithden Allen Alison: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year NomineeLindenright Morty Delicio: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

Lylehaven Lila Z : Was She Really Worth $1.15 Million?

When the hammer dropped for $1.15 million for Lylehaven Lila Z  EX-94 9* at The Triple Crown Sale, many in the crowd wondered was she really worth it?  Or was it a marketing ploy?  As someone who was involved in the marketing of the sale, many came and asked me if she really did sell or was it all BS?  My answer was, “If anyone can make her worth that, it’s Albert Cormier and Dave Eastman.”  When you add to that team Comestar, Whittier, ADI, and Kelser Hill, you have some pretty big names backing a big sale tag.  In the end, you could argue that she is worth twice that.

Having worked first hand with Dave and Albert in the promotion and sales of Calbrett-I H H CHAMPION, I knew the potential this team had to maximize the revenue.  They had a semen distribution and marketing engine that was taking the world by storm, combined with a proven track record of maximizing the revenue of top females as well.

Love at First Site

According to Albert Cormier, it was love at first sight when he saw Lila Z and her dam Laura at a Quebec show in 2003.  He loved her conformation.  He loved her cow family.  He recognized that he had found the right cow at the right time.

In Lila Z they saw the next Skys-The-Limit Claire  EX DOM 12*.  Like Claire, Lila Z came from a great pedigree with generations of performance.  However, unlike Claire, Lila Z came from a family of great embryo producers.  Something that will make or break you in the genetics game.

With 67 registered progeny in Canada alone, you cannot really doubt her ability to flush.  Lila Z has eleven sons in AI.  Globally there are another 35-40.

Some notable highlights:

#28 GLPI Cow in Canada


Daughter of Lexicon

#29 LPI Sire in Canada

Let’s look at the numbers?

When we are talking about $1.15 million, the only numbers that matter are the ones that are on the profitability column.   When it comes to Lila Z, there is no shortage of that.

Using our return on investment calculator, we took a deep dive into the numbers. Let’s assume the following:

  • Boarding fee per day $10
  • Years of productive embryo production 6
  • Flushes per year 5
  • Flush strike out ratio 25%
  • Base cost per flush $650.00
  • Cost per embryo $150.00
  • Recipient price $1,500.00
  • Conception rate of recipients 45%
  • Sale price per embryo $5,000.00
  • Sale price per live heifer $50,000.00 (Very conservative considering CALBRETT GOLDWYN LIZA VG-88-2YR-CAN 2* sold for $175,000 in the ADI 2nd edition sale)
  • Advertising expense/year $4,500.00
  • Other promotion expense $1,000.00
  • Number of embryos per flush 20 (Flushed 21 embryos in her first flush Cedarwal, Bradner Farms and T&L Cattle when they first purchased her)
  • Ratio grade A/B embryos 70%
  • Ugly duckling rate (they can’t all be pretty) 40%

The results are as follows:

  • Total Revenue per flush $52,500.00
  • Total cost per flush $10,400.00
  • Total profit per flush $42,100.00
  • Total heifer sales per year $111,780.00
  • Total boarding expense $23,722.50
  • Total promotional expenses $26,000.00
  • Total Revenue $1,933,680.00
  • Total Profit $733,957.50
  • Return on investment 64%
(Please note: these are our estimates and not the actual numbers)

The Bullvine Bottom Line

When you see that Lila Z can generate $1,933,680 in revenue over 6 years, and that allows for keeping half of the females for the next generation and no semen sales, it’s easy to see why Lylehaven Lila-Z could easily have been a steal at 1.15 million.  The reason? High demand combined with a prolific ability to flush.  That is the magic combination when dealing with such extreme cattle.



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What do you think? Was she worth it?

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