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The Bloom Is On Oconnors Goldwyn Jasmine

There is always something worth celebrating on a dairy farm.  At Suntor Holsteins, owned by Fred and Ruth Sundborg and family located southwest of Montreal and 20 minutes north of the New York Border this is doubly true this August.  Although, we caught up to him just before a rehearsal for his brother’s wedding, Kevin (son of Fred and Ruth) was also happy to celebrate the blooming of OCONNORS GOLDWYN JASMINE EX-92-CAN.




We don’t know all the details of the happy wedding but we are getting up to date on Jasmine. Kevin wasn’t at the Royal the year his Dad purchased Jasmine at the 2007 Sale of Stars, who’s dam he had seen at Oconner’s and loved her massive frame. However since then, he has been right at her side over the five years that she has made her name OCONNORS GOLDWYN JASMINE EX-92 MS-95 one that is recognized. Let’s start by noting that she is the Goldwyn sister to Oconnors Jay who was the 2nd highest new release bull in August 2012 coming in at #6 GLPI.

Looking back at the purchase Kevin explains what attracted them to her. “That was before the ‘genomic-era’, but Jasmine was by the magic Goldwyn x Durham cross.  Her dam was a massive –framed Durham who my Dad saw before calving at O’Connor’s and Jasmine herself was a very correct-fancy heifer.”   Suntor Holsteins, who earned their Master Breeder Shield in 2000, are always looking to improve their herd. “We genomically tested Jasmine right away, as she had A.I. interest, and she came back very close to her actual PA LPI, and was very high for type.”


Jasmine continues to Bloom

“Since she calved as a 2yr old and is now fresh for the 3rd time, she has really performed.” Kevin reports enthusiastically. “She has grown, moved up in production, moved up in classification and has given us great offspring.” Is it any wonder that he says, “We are more than pleased by what she has done for us.”





Jasmine is Productive

As a heifer Jasmine was flushed to Onward and bred to Ashlar. “Two bulls went to Semex.”  And there were more good things to come. “Fresh as a 2yr old, I wanted to breed her to a high index bull. Man-O-Man was just released so we used him.” That done “We also flushed her to Shottle and Wildthing.” In the barn Kevin notes, “We are currently milking Man-O-Mans, a Shottle and an Onward from Jasmine. She is currently projected 5-03 14,513 kg BCA 291-392-276 SCC 8,000.”


Jasmine Attracts Attention

“Besides selling to A.I., we have sold Shottle embryos to Europe and Wildthing embryos to Australia, to breeders who enjoy working with strong cow families.”


Jasmine Crosses Well

There is much for this cattle breeder to be happy about when discussing Jasmine. “The safest cross was to Shottle, her daughter Josina VG 2 yr MS86, exemplifies the best of her sire and dam.” But there is another side to Kevin’s excitement regarding Jasmine. “The best cross in my opinion was to OMan OMan. Combining a high index bull to a high type female has resulted in Suntor Man O Man Jelena VG 2 yr MS86.” So what’s the big news? “Jelena is our highest genomic animal (Aug ’12 +2157 GTPI +3.13 PTAT, +2828 DGV LPI +16 Conf.) and has passed this to her offspring.”


Jasmine Breeds Amazing Results

As we venture down the path of genomic testing, it is exciting to learn of the success stories. “Jelena’s son by Willrock is going to Semex.” That’s good news but there’s more to come.” Jelena’s sons by Epic came back with amazing results. The highest was 4107 DGV LPI 20 Conf, 2488 GTPI 3.7 PTAT.”  Exciting indeed. Kevin continues to list the highlights, “Jelena herself (Jasmine’s daughter) is consigned to the Sale of Stars.”  She too has loads of marketing ability. “She has “sire stack and genomics (especially CONF +14) but most importantly is PROVEN to transmit high genomics.” He is referring to the Epic bull and the fact that the Willrock is the highest Semex has tested. It isn’t any wonder that Kevin sums everything up by saying, “Jelena is the type I have hoped to breed and we are excited to have her as a consignment to the Sale of Stars.


The Bullvine Bottom Line

Success in the dairy business is achieved in many different ways but, most often, it starts with a good family.  As Suntor Holsteins expands their dairy herd and, more importantly, their extended family we offer congratulations on their achievements and wish them “All the best as you keep on growing!”

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