AMMON-PEACHEY SHAUNA – 2012 Golden Dam Finalist

Ammon-Peachey Shauna is an attention-getting star at Seagull Bay Dairy, and a finalist in our 2012 Golden Dam contest. Nevertheless, owner Greg Anderson happily shares the spotlight with others in Shauna’s past, “Congratulations to Shauna’s breeders Mike and Jill Ammon and G Sheldon Peachey for breeding such a fine cow.  The Steiner family of Pine-Tree Dairy also deserves credit for developing the cow family behind Shauna – the Rudy Missy family – into one of the most sought-after bloodlines in the Holstein breed.” That’s where Shauna’s bright story begins.



Shauna`s Got Pedigree Credentials

Shauna originates from the very well respected Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy family. Her excellent sire stack is Planet x Shottle x O Man x Rudolph x Elton x Mandingo. The potential for greatness was there.  On the female side, Shauna’s dam, Sheen, is both DOM and 1 Star, showing her appeal in both USA and Canada.  As well her full sister Shana is VG87 – 2 yr (CAN) and is the #5 GLPI cow at +3400. Her Million sister is VG85 – 2 yr (CAN) and her GLPI is +2022.

AMMON-PEACHEY SHANA VG-87-2YR-CAN VG-86-2YR-USA  DOM - Full sister to Shauna

AMMON-PEACHEY SHANA VG-87-2YR-CAN VG-86-2YR-USA DOM – Full sister to Shauna

PINE-TREE MARTHA SHEEN VG-86-3YR-USA    DOM   1* - Dam of Shauna


Shauna is Flushed with Success

Shauna also excelled as an IVF donor as a heifer.  With 16 sons and 10 daughters, she has shown that she is able to produce and reproduce simultaneously. While working on her first lactation, Shauna produced a very high number of embryos. A rare thing these days.

Shauna Transmits Son-Shine!

Proud owner, Seagull Bay Dairy, reports that “seven of her sons have already been used as contract mating sires, due to their elite TPI and LPI rankings and extreme milk, fat and protein.

Her top-6 sons average +3853 DGV LPI 2445 GTPI 2172 PTAM 72 PTAP .02% 87 PTAF .04%.

  • Supersire (Robust)      Leads the breed in Net Merit and is #2 for GTPI.
  • Headliner (Robust)      3.27 for PTAT and 96 lbs for PTA lbs Fat
  • Shaw (Freddie)            over +2907kg milk and #5 for GLPI
  • Sargeant (Freddie)       +92kg fat, +85kg protein and 2.62 SCS

It doesn’t stop there.  Both breeders and AI companies are putting great trust in Shauna’s ability to produce elite genetics. Greg informs us that “Her top eleven sons are all scheduled for A.I. sampling.” He notes that “Shauna’s Snowman sons will be available soon from Select Sires and Shauna’s Windbrook son Seagull Bay Phantom is currently being used as a mating sire for Semex.” It easy to see why, taking the average of Shauna’s top eleven sons by various sires -Robust; Snowman; Windbrook; Gerard; Pluto; Super- produces these exciting numbers:

  • PTAM 1950
  • PTAP 65
  • P% +.03
  • PTAF 78
  • F% +.03

Greg concludes that it will be very satisfying “to see Shauna sons used on many of the top females of the breed.”  Shauna`s daughters, full sisters to the high ranking sons, also have high numbers with the top two being:  Shauna Saturn (Saturn) +3689 DGV LPI and Miss America (Robust) +3655 DGV LPI.

Shauna Pays Back the Investment

Shauna’s glowing reputation also pays off on the bottom line.  Her progeny are becoming sought after and that’s good news for Seagull Bay Dairy.  Greg updates a couple of sale results. “Last fall we sold Shauna’s high GTPI daughters; one by Robust for $165,000 to Tranquility AG and TAG, and one by Man-O-Man for $87,000 to Elite Dairy Genomics.”

Shauna Generates Genomics

Those who are using genomic results for both selection and breeding will find Shauna is one of the premier genomic transmitters of elite production. Greg looks back. “Shauna was genomic tested as a calf along with her two full sisters, to aid us in making our choice from the pick of a flush at the 2008 Eastern Elite Sale.” Once again, Shauna produced shining results.”Shauna’s genomics were first released in August of 2009 and she ranked as the Number 4 heifer in the breed. She remained in the top 15 for most of 2010 as well.”

Shauna`s Got it All

Greg goes on to report “For us, Shauna is the total package. In addition to making a very impressive 2 yr old record and her VG classification – Shauna transmits her best qualities to her offspring. Not only does she have genomic superiority but she also has production and exceptional type.  News spread fast when she scored VG-87 with VG-88 mammary system when she was only 60 days fresh.  When she was only 100 days in milk she was producing 129 lb. That`s when Shauna’s star-power really started to light up. We had a lot of calls to seller her privately or publicly.”

Shauna Sets the Example

It is exciting for everyone around her to see Shauna’s legacy continue to build.  Her front-running genomic results are the engine that drives her powerful transmission but for Greg Anderson at Seagull Bay Dairy her attraction is much more focused, “Shauna exemplifies exactly the type of cow we strive to breed for.”

Do you think Shauna deserves to win our 2012 Golden Dam Contest?  Let us know. Your vote counts.

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